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Found 27 results

  1. Now, I've seen many MANY OTP threads across the internet, but probably never any threads reguarding NOTPs. What's a NOTP you ask? Well OTP means "One True Pairing" and NOTP means the exact opposite of that? What's the shipping you like the least? If you just flat out find it intolerable that's perfectly fine. Go ahead and let it all out.
  2. I was inspired to create a fan club for this ship by this thread: So this is a club for the most common non slash Rainbow Dash ship SoarinDash. You can post fan art (keep it appropriate though), fan fic links, or just share why you think it's a good ship. So discuss away!
  3. I feel like there was something between them. Rarity called him charming at one point and Capper called her "such a dazzling beauty" in his song. I really love these two together. What do you think of this ship?
  4. It was at this moment Skystar knew, she had fallen for her. (Opinions on this couple?)
  5. so apparently for some reason I have found out recently, people can't comment on here I'm not sure why but a new friend has helped me figure out a new way around it and for this post I'm Gonna ask for many ships give me as many as you want and for my next reply I will rate them all one by one,so give me any ship on your mind and as many are on your mind I most likely will have a feeling for more or less all of them X3
  6. I'd love to see the pictures you guys post! Make sure to mention what show it's from, the characters' names, and the name of the pairing, ie. Pinkie Dash. Anyway, here's mine. The characters are Sweden and Finland from Hetalia, thus making the pairing name Sweland. I'm still working on it, though. So, what about you guys? EDIT: I feel stupid... I found out that the official name for Sweden x Finland is Sufin. Don't ask, it's related to the fandom.
  7. Cual es tu OTP? It can be from any show, tv, movie, book, videogame, anime, ect. It can also be hetero and homo. Before we begin, I'll say mine. (Please tell me where each of your OTPs or where your OTP is) Attack on Titan: EreRi (hint my signature ;P) But I also like EreMin, JeanMarco, Historia(Krista) X Ymir, and Springles. Sword Art Online: KiritoSuna Fairy Tail: NaLu Naruto: NaruSake Ouran Highschool Host Club: TamaHi Warrior Cats: FireGrey Sherlock Holmes: JohnLock Doctor Who: Doctor Rose Free! Iwatobi Swim Club: ReiGisa Hetalia: ItaMany (But I also enjoyed the relationship between Italy and Holy Roman Empire in Chibitalia) Okay, now it's your turn, what are/is your OTP(s)? ENDING MY TURN WITH MY BEAUTIFUL AND MOST FAVORITE OTP ERERI WOOP! -DreamBrony
  8. All the time.All the time I shipped this two ponies,ever since I discovered that Sir Hugoholic's name originated from her actions. But I stayed on silence,waiting peacefully until either of them made a mistake,and I could ship them at full force,and,today,my prayers were heard. This proves my theory that they both are bound to each other,because hugs <3 Ship away! I'm sorry(ok,i'm not)
  9. Hey everypony! I was wondering what everyone's favourite ship is in the MLP world? And if anyone has any recommendations for some good shipping fanfics? Incase you dont know, shipping is where you adore the thought of two ponies together (e.g. Rarity and Big Mac) and so you 'ship' them Please comment!
  10. Welcome to the official @Simon/ Fan Club! This is a club in which we discuss, post fanart, and write fanfictions about everyone's favorite MLP Forum ship. :comeatus: The ship began when Destiny noticed the fact that Simon and Dawn seemed to have a strong hate/love relationship: [12:48:51 AM] Dawn Rider: [12:41 AM] Simon: <<< IDEK know what you're talking about Cause you're clueless. [12:48:55 AM] Dawn Rider: As always [12:48:58 AM] Simon: : 3 [12:49:07 AM] Simon: Nobody likes you [12:49:08 AM] Simon: Go away [12:49:12 AM] Simon: Being all mean and stuff [12:49:13 AM] Dawn Rider: You love me and you know it [12:49:17 AM] Simon: lyz [12:49:48 AM] Dawn Rider: Without me, you'd be nothing [12:49:57 AM] Simon: Just happy [12:49:59 AM] Simon: And that's enough [12:50:00 AM] Simon: : 3 [12:50:08 AM] Dawn Rider: You'd probably still be a regular member talking about chipmunks [12:50:40 AM] Dawn Rider: You know you love me. [12:51:02 AM] Simon: Please if I wasn't a mod the forum would have shut down months ago because all the staff died of boredom [12:51:10 AM] Dawn Rider: Yeah no [12:51:13 AM] Dawn Rider: Probably not [12:51:13 AM] Dawn Rider: [12:51:22 AM] Destiny: On 12/02/2014, at 12:48 AM, Dawn Rider wrote: > You love me and you know it I ship it (heart) weloveyousimonanddawnpleasedon'tkillus Rules: No NSFW art/fanfictions/posts please No SimonxDawn Rider hate plz Other rules later when Destiny isn't lazy Do you ship it? Tell Destiny and she'll add you to the list: SHIPPERS​: - Destiny - - -@Jeric -@Khajiit - -@PathfinderCS - - -@FlitterFlutter - - - -@valor - - -
  11. it's really uncommon and I dont see very many people who ship Twilight and Rarity. does anyone else or am i just weird?
  12. He thought he could escape from me and my shipping. What a fool. ..oh yeah! The shipping! So okay, my contacts gave me information about a new OTP (namely I am my own contacts), and I went into research, and after a lot of browsing, I found out something.. something evil. He has an OTP. Like, a real OTP. I was really shocked at it, because, unlike everything I did in the past, this was more official. He will kill me for this, but here it comes. Disclaimer: even if this is the new OTP, I will keep shipping him with whatever I want simply to bother him, Lightwing doesn't get responsable to punches in the face and broken OTPs because of this single announcement. Ship away <3
  13. My newest piece. I hope you like it. Connect with me on deviantart. Much love <3
  14. I will color this eventually, but this being inktober and all, I wanted to just go ahead and post this now I hope you like it!
  15. This low quality is killing me! x_X Well... I did this... And mabe I'll make a digital version... so... I was bored, and I love next gens... so that's how this was born. Actually, that's how ELECTRIC STORM was born I'll update this post soon and add a bio for him... but for now, I need some rest :/ Really... sorry for the bad quality :/ Electric Storm (c ) ME
  16. So we've got some blaming lately. You know who's blamed? Simon? You know who else is blamed? Obama. So... OTP!
  17. Come and ship this fabulous OTP: Neville x Plant!
  18. By far the greatest ship since @Jeric found romance with Button's Mom comes Khajiit x Birthdays. These two truly belong together <3
  19. Let's face it we all have OTP's even if we don't realize it . My question is go yours make you think of a certain song ? Well gres mine to starts off . Trixdash anything can do I can do better . Scootiara man I think I love her Chryspike toxic love Rainman/ cartdash super psycho love .
  20. (WARNING, SPOILERS AHEAD) Anyone who is even somewhat versed in the world of anime has seen or heard of the "anime about nothing" the wonderful yet pointless series called "LUCKY STAR" Its dry wit and extremely relaxed episodes are not for everyone, but for those who this appeals to this is pure gold. I was one of those people that took to the show with gusto and thoroughly enjoyed my time with Konata Izumi and her friends as they went through the day to day things of life with the comedic flair comparable to the vibe of Seinfeld, with our pint sized otaku as the resident Jerry. I should also note that this art style has a lot of similarities with our cartoon of choice My Little Pony, with their chibi bodies, big heads and eyes, small mouths and appendages, and soft color scheme. Now I am a shipper, and I had been long before I had watched this show. I play a game with it, finding the little bits of evidence I can find and weaving it together to make an organic reasoning why this pairing is my favorite for a given show. Sometimes a thread of evidence runs dry really quick, while others have so much in the span of a few episodes that you have no doubt in your mind that the writers secretly want this pairing to happen but just can't for whatever reason. Lucky Star was neither of these, but to this day I have never put so much effort into putting together the evidence for the pairing as I had for Lucky Star. The pairing I keep referring to is of Konata Izumi and Kagami Hiiragi Konata is the girl with the blue hair and the kitty smirk Kagami is the purple haired girl What is so great about this pairing? Why is it my top one when I have well over a hundred ships I could name off the top of my head? Why did I put so much effort into finding this evidence? The anime didn't have them end up together and it aired years ago so why am I talking about this now? The anime only covers the beginning of the real story of Lucky star, while the bulk of it remains in the manga. However even in the anime the evidence for the pairing abounds, though another blog referenced all of that evidence far better than I had ever could. However he did not have access to the developments that have happened lately between these two, and I have to say its one of the most satisfying things I have ever experienced in my long years of shipping. See the story of Lucky star is actually a REALLY REALLY drawn out romantic comedy about an Otaku who uses her vast experience with dating sims to woo the love of her life. Instead of cutting to the chase though like so many stories tend to do they develop the friendship between the two of them and the budding romance has this "Will they, wont they, is this even happening or is it all in my head?" kind of vibe to it for much of the rather expansive manga and its sequel. No one who would of only of seen the anime would of really known this. They would of figured out the underlying tension between the two of them sure (I mean you don't get much more blatant than waking up from a dream saying this..) However most people just thought that was played up for laughs or obligatory fan service. It was, in part, but there was more to it than that. A lot more. See Kagami is what is referred to as a Tsundere: Someone who has love for another but is to embarrassed to show it. Because of this they pretend to be mad at that person or act like they find them annoying. Whats more Konata's generally snarky and nonchalant demeanor was and is a very difficult thing for Kagami to accurately read. She has no idea when Konata is being serious or when she is kidding, which further adds to her frustration and confusion about her own feelings. Konata views her interactions with other girls as a irl dating sim, including her target interest Kagami. She constantly refers to her interactions with others as "Flags", points in a sim where there is a choice and it is wise to save your progress to salvage your game if you get the "bad endings." She makes no bones about being attracted to girls and Identifies as a male in a females body, but again this could be interpreted as her sense of humor if you go by the anime alone. However as the developments that happen clearly show she is far from kidding about her orientation and gender identity. Konata wanted to be in a relationship with Kagami, but she knew that in order to earn her love the right way she would have to work through the Tsun girls emotional defenses and insecurities. This took the span of the entire manga and its subsequent licensed sequel to finally happen. It kind of reminds me of Family Matters with Steve Urckel going after the girl he loves and saying In fact that is a rather apt comparison. In both instances the girl getting wooed is thoroughly embarrassed that she even finds this person attractive and romantic and tries to cover it up with everything they have, but the nerds are just to dang genuine and sweet at the end of the day for them to really write off. That is the thing to take home about Konata, she isn't playing this "dating sim" for just any reason, she truly and deeply cares for Kagami and just has really eccentric ways of showing it. Not once did she ever try to get Kagami to move faster with her feelings than what she was ready for, considering her deep seated insecurities with every step she took closer to the girls heart. Kagami knew this all to well, and it both frustrated and touched her quite a bit. Years of being friends with Konata and seeing the kind of effort she was putting to win her heart ended up melting away any defenses she had. Not through force, but through playful banter and teasing that said right from the beginning "I will wait for you to say you love me, just know I am going to love you like the goof I regardless of how long it takes you to say it." She had waited so long, both in just how long the manga had been running and the timeline of the manga itself, that it was such a HUGE surprise when she actually spelled it out for the tsun girl. I would be lying if I didn't say I had a had made an actual fansqueal upon reading that chapter. So long I had been following this character in her campaign to get the girl that I thought it was just never meant to be. Lo and behold as the issues progressed something real genuinely blossomed between them. Kagami was still having bouts of being reluctant and not straight forward, but the side of her that was in love with Konata was finally starting to win. And with her turning to the proverbial dark side even the extra art began to reflect the new developments In the most recent chapters they have finally, FINALLY reached the stage where they are going out and are actually in a relationship. Its the longest buildup to two people becoming romantically involved I had ever witnessed in manga and media in general, and to finally see it happen after years of shipping the pairing I thought would never happen to begin with it is thoroughly satisfying to have it be official canon With such a long journey and the depth that was hidden in an otherwise silly and pointless manga series is more than enough to forever earn it the status of my personal TOP One True Pairing. Thanks for reading my ramblings about my favorite pairing, I hope you found it enjoyable.
  21. Just wanted to know what ships you love! Personaly, my main ship is Pinkieshy What about you?
  22. I know that most of everyone has their own opinions when it comes to shipping. But what I'm really curious about is why people choose those ships. Why do [you] personally like Rarity-Twilight rather than Rarity-Applejack, or Cheerillee and Big Macintosh vs. Fluttershy and Big Macintosh-- and so on. And of these, do you reccomend, or argue that some are 'better' than others, why or why not? You can talk about your own shipping preferences, or feel free to speculate on the Brony phenomenon at large.
  23. What am I going to ship this time,will you be asking... This time,I ship,nohing more,and nothing less,than... x :3 *hamster squees* "What's wrong,my love? <3" "I wanna hugs D:" **gives you squiddy hugs* "Thank you... <3" "<3" *and then,another young couple entered the Stuff room,and pulled out a black curtain,to make Squiddy x Hamster stuff,and,suddenly,advance to the next level,and makes sofas <3" THE END
  24. Yeah,I ship SCS and Sir hugoholic.Why? Because they were made for each otheeer.... "lol" "lol" "u wot m8?" "marry me IRL" "wut?" "<3" "<3" *and then they kissed each other,and loled through the forums,and announced their weeding via Mailmare's account,receiving the blessing from all the other admins,but Aquila,who was with Twily <3* THE END
  25. Before you ask, "What is yaoi?" or "What is yuri?", Here are my definitions, Yaoi is Boy X Boy, particuarly in a anime or Japanese media. Yuri is Girl X Girl, particuarly in a anime or Japanese media. Not everyone here is a fan of Japanese works, but I sure am! WARNING: Contains yaoi and yuri in this thread!!!!! Before we begin, here is mine!!! Mine totally has to be this. FRICKIN' THIS!!! Anime: Hetalia Pairing: Italy X Germany Episode: 11, I think... Plot: Italy, the one with the curl in his hair, says "Good morning!" to Germany, the blonde one, and begs for a hug. (I know, weird, huh? He asked for a hug from Japan, too, but Japan friendzoned him. xD) Italy actually tries to lift himself up to reach Germany for a kiss or hug but he sprains his heels from trying to reach Germany and he starts to feel pain. Germany finally agrees to hug Italy, standing still in his current state, and kisses both of Italy's cheeks. Apparently, he doesn't know how to hug people, but he was also probably trying to let his ally Italy feel better(this scene takes place during WWII, and so they are in the Axis Powers together with Japan). Italy gets really worked up because he is 170 cm while Germany is 180 cm, and he tried so hard to reach Germany's level. Opinion: It's very adorable in my opinion. What really got me in Hetalia was Chibitalia, their mini-shorts they had with Chibi Italy and the countries. Holy Roman Empire would always be like, "Italy-senpai notice me!" but at the same time, be strong like a man. He made me fangirl a bunch, especially when he parted ways with Italy to go into the war. ;3; But Italy X Germany are to die for!!! Okay, so maybe I have said too much, but it's just my fangirling kicking in. Hehe! So, what is your favorite? (It doesn't need to really be from a anime, but please keep it boy x boy or girl x girl.) -One favorite is what I'd like to see, but if you have more, feel free to share! -You don't need to be so descriptive like I was! xD -A gif or picture is not required, but if you have one of your favorite scene, you can use it if you'd like! --- Thanks! -DreamBrony