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Found 1 result

  1. Before I start, no, this doesn't have to do with my XBOX. I just named it "XBOX FEET GRINDER" because "meat" rhymes with "feet". A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away... I broke my feet. Well, not exactly "broke", but pretty close. So a while back, just about half a month, I had to get some ID Card things done so I could go traveling for the summer. Now, the office was a good half mile or so and even though the weather was scorching hot, I figured I'd be able to slip by without a problem. No, that wasn't the case. The real issue was that I was wearing flip-flops, and by experience, you can't run with flip-flops. That was out of the question. Being the gullible pony-loving kid I was, I took off my shoes and decided to run as fast as I possibly could on the burning hot pavement. The first few hundred meters were fine, slapping my feet against the hot concrete so I could get a good running speed while maintaining a decent temperature at the bottom of my heels. How's my running? It's fine, really, it is. At least, it was until a sharp pain burst from below. I toppled over, rolling down a hill at the same speed I ran. Finally returning home, I sought to see the damage done. Upon my feet were the largest blisters I'd ever encountered. Three pockets of air, about the size of a half-dollar, sat swimmingly upon both feet (six in total). I squinched, being locked outside my own door and suffering with fried feet while having to perform, what I called, surgery on the blisters that haunted me. I had no knives or scissors at my disposal, so I used my recently clipped nails to cut a hole in the skin, washing it down with a garden hose afterward. But the burning pain still wouldn't be comparable to when I applied the alcohol. Eesh. I got over it in a few weeks, which; by that time, I was in the states, hobbling around my vacation like some kind of zombie who got ripped out of Konami's Metal Gear Survive (What a fresh meme). Lesson of today is to not drink and drive while cutting holes in your heels. Seriously, don't do it. -RealityPublishing