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Found 9 results

  1. Okay , it is just curiosity : You live in North / South America ? Or Europe ?
  2. Hi there, not sure if there's someplace I was supposed to put this kind of thing already or not, if there was I'm sorry and please direct me to the proper place. So I was looking around on my computer and found some sort-of older nature pictures that I took, and some were pretty cool. I separated most of the good from the meh and decided to show what I've got. To give you a general idea of some of the pics: I got some nice pictures of things like: Just nature, a small whirlpool (in a stream) that you could see almost all the way down to it's end, birds(Some common ones(One of which stole nearly an entire tortilla) and some not so common), and a couple of insects(Butterflies and a Dragonfly).
  3. So where do you live, and what does it look like out your window at home or work? Here's mine (its a thumbnail, click for full size): I live in Jupiter, FL. About a half hour north of West Palm Beach. This is the view out the window in my living room. Do you live somewhere interesting? Take a picture and share.
  4. I only just realized something. Since the ruler of an entire land is now only a director for a school, who does lead the land that the equestrian humans live in? Is there some sort of president or king for the land? Also, is the land's name still "Equestria?" What is the name of the town the school is in? There are so many things that can be asked about what may or may not be outside of Canterlot High. When one only reveals a minuscule amount of information in a new dimension, I have to wonder what else there is. What do you think?
  5. No! Butter Bean went outside the lines! As Celestia is Butter Beans witness, she vows to never color outside the lines again!
  6. So, here's a scenario which I encountered the other day: I decided to study outside while waiting for a friend. I opened up my calculus 4 book, and started looking over all the complex topics which quite frankly, I still don't completely understand. Regardless, within a minute of starting my attempt at intellectualism, 'PLOP!!', a brown spot appeared on my book. I pondered what the spot could be. A leaf? Perhaps a peculiar insect? I supposed there was only one way to find out. I poked the spot. Goopy in texture. A quick sniff of my finger rendered a pungent scent. Bird feces. Since then, I've avoided studying outside at all costs. Anyone else have any experiences of this sort?
  7. How did your first experience go when you wore your My Little Pony T-Shirt outside anywhere public? What happened? looks, events, conversations, etc. I just now, today, got back from wearing my "Derpy is Best Pony" T-Shirt from school, and it was pretty awesome the whole time. I can recall that I heard some girl say "Why is he wearing a Unicorn shirt...?" while I was walking to the bus. I wanted to say "It isn't a Unicorn it's a pegasis, see the wings? " but I wouldn't say anything like that, and I just kept onto the bus. I met another Brony today, he's pretty cool! and I showed another Brony friend my Derpy shirt and we just Brohoofed and watched Sweety Belle troll on youtube during lunch. T'was a fine day indeed. Didn't get teased or Bullied, but if I did i'd just Love and Tolerate the Buck out of em'. I'll defintely be wearing Derpy again later in the year, when I don't look like Snow Flake with my unwanted Buzz Cut.
  8. What are your favorite outside reference or hinting-to so far? Are there any we may have missed. Your thoughts and opinions here!
  9. Will, actually its more like yesterday Spring is here, since that was the Equinox. But still, I'm so excited that Spring is officially here. I've had winter wrap up in my head all day, and I can't stop being excited. Im just wondering what everyones doing to celebrate!!!