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Found 1 result

  1. Several weeks ago, I was watching one of my favorite anime: a series of OVAs called Karas. Think of what might happen when you cross Batman with the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Mix with a lot of blood and add plenty of dazzling animation, and you pretty much have Karas right there. Somewhere down the line, I started wondering what MLP would look like if it was made in the art style of Karas. Then, I started wondering if anybrony on dA or FiMFiction or any other place had beaten me to the punch. Nothing. No My Little Karas, nothing. And that was when I realized I could be onto something promising here. Last week, I started laying the groundwork for what is possibly the first-ever crossover with Karas and FiM. (Well, I dunno about a crossover--the way I have it thus far, its like Karas with ponies, but eventually I want to put enough elements of my own in it to where it can hopefully be something close to a stand-alone work of fanfiction instead of some rip-off of a fantastic work of animation.) Anyway, at the time of posting, I've got two rough chapters and a modified screenshot from the OVA that I probably won't be using as the cover art for very much longer (because I can't hardly draw for *squee*), but in the interest of completeness, I'll be posting it here too. Here's a synopsis of the story: And attached is the poor, poor excuse for cover art I've been rolling with: TL;DR I am in unfamiliar territory; is anybrony willing to offer me some suggestions here?