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Found 8 results

  1. Got this idea from a weird dream I had, so I figured I should make a topic about it. If given the chance, would you start your life over right from the beginning? You would be able to relive your greatest memories and do things differently, but at the cost of having to grow up again. Would you do it?
  2. It would be a light mystery Buy Free.wav (I'm not good at music, but I made thing because I bored. I made with FamiTracker. It's not done I don't think it will.)
  3. So I had this gnarly dream where we should build a 7500 mile high robot and take over the world! First, we decide on which Pony, in the Dream it was Rainbow Dash, Which may be related to the plushy I got recently. However it will be open for debate! Second, we need Scraps! Its not easy to make a four mile high robot, Let alone the robots length and width, However, If you are going to take over the world, you need a few eccentric scientists finding ways to make you rich, So that should be taken care of! Third, we recruit. Taking of the world requires people! There will be a questionnaire about MLP that people need to fill in before they can board the Giant Ponybot, We cannot just let any riffraff in our robot! Forth, we will also need an Aquatic Robot, This one wasn't in the dream, but if the main Robot is going to have issues with the ocean (Granted the Robots four miles high, but the ocean happens to be deeper than that sometimes) Then I fear we will need two robots! But have no fear, for we will be rich, that's fairly doable. Fifth, we take over the world, Destroying anyone who hates My Little Pony! Making sure to clean the world of their scummy hate! This will take some time, as the world is quite large, But have no fear, as we can do this! In the end I suspect we will have more than two Robots. Finally, we need to repopulate the planet with a society that worships the Robot as a god, afterall, it is the Robot that spared their ancestors for the new world ahead of them! Now, What will need to be done is the robot will need to have an AI, So that it can communicate, there will be a microphone and speakers so we can talk of course, But the robot needs to say things now and then! For instance, If shot in the face with various missiles, The robot should say this.( I do hope you will discuss my plans to take over the world, and perhaps some day the universe, Good day.
  4. Ponies have taken over my life; all day I'm doing pony stuff. On my computer: I'm on mlp forums, youtubing pony stuff, even on facebook I have a chrome addon that says "ponyhoof". I'm thinking about ponies all day. Ponies have taken over my day-day life... Are you the same? Worse than me?
  5. Dammit, ask me anything the hell you like! Don't go over the borders tho.
  6. I didn't see my post so I just made a new one. Yesterday I had drawn a picture, that is below. And I finally finished it tonight. Tell me what you think. (CLICK) :3 Before: After: (Now the only thing left to do is start the song )
  7. The average steam engine has approximately 8000 horsepower. There are 4 earth ponies pulling the train. Therefore each pony has 2000 horsepower. What the buck.