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Found 26 results

  1. I just wanted to know what video games people think are overrated. NOTE: Just because something is overrated, it does NOT necessarily mean it is BAD. I say this game is overrated: (hate shield activate) Super Smash Bros: Previous. By that I mean any SSB game that is not the newest. Dont h8 m8
  2. All right so recently, a thread was posted for the things you hate that everyone seems to love. Well now lets go the other way around with the things you love that everyone seems to hate. Total Drama: It's more of a guilty pleasure for me. If you ignore all the puke and fart jokes, it can lampoon reality shows pretty clever and have funny parodies. Chowder: It came out at the wrong time so everyone seemed to hated it because it's not as good as the classics. It's got really good 4th wall humor. Wii/Wii U: I'm more casual so I'm gonna prefer more casual games. Plus I don't have a lot of money so the other consoles are gonna be expensive. So post away!
  3. Let's face it. No matter how active is anyone on MLPForums,there're times where we simply go through endless threads without even posting nothing at all. That's why this fan club does exist! To honor those forgotten heroes that don't post on normal threads,and don't level up their post count. Because posting is too mainstream c:
  4. does anypony here doesn't like katara from avatar the last airbender? Please tell me i'm not the only one who detest this girl
  5. I'm curious. Do you think Fallout:Equestria is a classic, one of the great works of the fandom? Or is it overrated and really not worth reading? Me, I'm leaning towards the second option.
  6. Note: Sorry for my fist topic. According to you, what episodes you think deserve more than they got, and what episodes got a lot of overhype.
  7. We sometimes hear about overrated directors and actors who make grandiose films that instead become laughing-stocks, such as Michael Bay, M Night Shyamalan, and J J Abrams. If you want to create an intentionally overrated film, who would you hire to make your film as delightfully cheesy as possible? Also, please tell us who should compose the film's soundtracks! Thank you, and have some Baysplosions.
  8. We all have some classic literature that you had to read because it was required literature. And there are definitely some books you probably didn't like. What are some of those books? For me it's Scarlet Letter because it was so boring to read.
  9. Before I begin let me just say that there is nothing wrong with Eminem. I have major respect for him and his music, I completely understand what hardships he has faced in his past and uses rap to reflect on his past life and also as an outlet. All the props to him for becoming successful, he's earned it and damn well deserves it. Hell my favorite album by him is The Eminem Show. But for me I just feel he's a bit overrated, it seems like every little white kid born after the year 2000 thinks Eminem is the greatest rapper in the world. That's a pretty bold claim and I personally don't believe it. Compared to other rappers like; 2Pac, Eazy-E, Warren G, Biggie Smalls, Nate Dogg, Dr. Dre, Ant Banks, Westside Connection, Ice Cube, and even Ice-T. I just believe he pales in comparison to other rappers of this century. Tell me what you guys think, all criticism and opinions are welcome (just make sure they're constructive).
  10. I don't believe in accepting or escaping reality, I believe in changing reality. This is why I am a brony, someday I want to create stories about people you can look up to and inspire too.
  11. Name one game you think recieves too much hate and one you think recieves too much love. Overhated: ET the Extraterrestrial: This game is fun. I enjoy playing it. Stop bitching about this game. Overrated: Secret of Mana: The mechanics in this game annoy me. Check out Legend of Mana (PSX). It's in the series and fixes (most) of its problems.
  12. I really don't see the popularity with this game. I have never played it, but have seen the Completionist video of it. The only scare factor I see are jump scares. Do they really have to rely on that? Games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill were scary for a reason. Those games had spooky and mysterious environments, unique enemy designs, and the sounds that the enemies made. Look at PT: Hideo Kojima made that, and he actually made me scared out of my mind from playing that. Please don't flame me for this, I just think FNAF is maybe taking the horror genre and making it seem a little less like how it used to be. What do you bro's think? I await my hate. (I did not mean to rhyme, but hey, it was cool)
  13. Hey, guys. This is my first time posting in this forum. I am not a brony, nor do I have a problem with whatever you're doing. I just see Brony/Anti-Brony arguments popping up a lot and whenever I do, bronies claim that the show has merit because of it's good animation. So my question is why do you guys actually believe the show is well-animated? It's not. The cartoon doesn't have terrible animation, but the quality of animation is nothing to start a fandom over. Anyone who believes the animation in mlp is "great" has obviously never watched a well-animated show. The entire basis of it's style is copy-and-pasting the same images over and over and moving them around, an animation technique referred to as “tweening.” It requires little to no talent and only look decent when the images being used are of great quality. Have you guys even seen shows like “Superjail,” “Futurama,” and “Black Dynamite?” You know how it's easy to see how little effort it takes to animate mlp. A constant influx of youtubers have copied the style semi-perfectly. The animators for mlp use an entire crew to copy-and-paste things; yet, teenagers in their basement have mimicked the style without by themselves, in flash. Anyone can use this style. As someone who has spent a lot of time animating, I hate seeing animation as mundane as this used as justification for an entire fandom.
  14. This isn't about the worst films you've seen. Just those movies that were overly hyped and just ended up a disappointment in your eyes or that didn't live up to the hype. Top of my head I can think of two: Cloverfield: often hyped as the next big American monster film, I just found it to be a disappointment due to the lack of actual monsters in the film. James Cameron Avatar: All flash and no substance the love story in there felt awkward at times. Oh, and than there's the comparison with Dances with Wolves. Twilight Series: The plot feels cheap and somehow it's able to attract a fan base that eats it all up.
  15. Does anyone else think that Discord is overrated? Not in terms of power(different ball game), but in terms of personality. I never liked him, and found it incredibly irritating how he became a recurring side character. He's unbelievably stupid, which is normally fine, but Discord's enormous holes in logic are so immense, it's hard to take him as a threat when he acts like an idiot half the time. Part of a good villain is making them threatening, at the very least within context. Discord acts more like a 4 year old with immense power, which would have been a cool idea, were it not for the fact that his malice is rather petty by comparison. Half of it doesn't even seem to be intentional. One could make an argument that they're trying to make him a force of nature, but the fact that he has to be reformed indicates this is not true. Another thing that rather annoys me is his type of humor. I'm sorry, but I just don't find it funny. It seems to be trying to emulate old cartoons like Bugs Bunny or Woody Woodpecker, but, much like Pinkie Pie, they don't take it far enough to be funny(which is understandable, focusing more on the story) and it just comes off as tossed in there so that someone goes "OMG, Discord is best pony for making Twilight Scepter, lol" This is a bit of a rant, I admit, but seriously, what draws people to like him so much. I probably won't post in this thread too much, since all of this is rather opinionated, but yeah
  16. Pretty self explanatory. I hate the word "overrated" with a burning passion. I just find it to be an overused word. A lot of people use overrated just because they personally dislike a franchise or something. Using the word overrated not only makes you feel negative but using it especially with a popular franchise will cause flame wars. For example I don't like Minecraft at all but I don't think it's overrated, it's just not for me and not my taste. I mean everyone has different tastes and calling something you don't like overrated just really bothers me. And I also hate threads with the word overrated in it like "Most Overrated Villains", or "Most Overrated Video Games". I find that they not only hurt others feelings but they make you feel negative if you call something overrated. So what do you think about the word "overrated"?
  17. All right guys, what Pokemon do you think gets way to much praise, and is undeserving of that praise. Mine would have to be Lucario. I never hated Lucario but I never thought it was like "ZOMG, BEST POKEMON EVER!" Also of coarse, I find Charizard a little overrated, considering that as a fire type, it is only decent at best, not to mention, I prefer Magmar for a fire type. Also, Typhlosion for the same reasons as Charizard. Heck, in the Johto games, I use Magmar as a fire type (cause you guys can guess my usual starter in that) So discuss away!
  18. Why do people love Luna love so much? I don't mean her character, that's a matter of opinion and I actually like Luna's personality, I mean why the fans constantly paint her as the better of the royal sisters while Celestia is a tyrant. Let's look at their canon feats Luna: Attempted Genocide Was upset because ponies slept Celestia: Refused to fight Nightmare Moon even when it was clear that Nightmare Moon wasn't her sister Didn't bust out the Elements until she had no choice Now, if you like Luna, that's fine, I like her too. My problem lies in those who justify her actions and glorify her as only misunderstood and that Celestia was evil. So yeah, discuss what you think of Luna's actions and her fanbase's reaction to them
  19. One particular thing that sometimes concerns me is what people seem to identify as familiar sights and sounds of going online. As I’m certain many of you will recall, back when many of us were first going online in the mid 90’s (which might I add was also when many online services began offering access to the Internet), what people identified as familiar sights and sounds included the unforgettable “You’ve Got Mail!”, “AOL Movie-Phone” or “AOL Keyword Nick”. Aside from that, what constituted of the “general” things you would online seemed a lot wider and not as much focused toward a single demographic; much of the stuff we’d do or explore online was playing games on, seeing what candy you could order off, hanging out at places such as or (I still remember the commercial), clicking onto while at school, and heading onto to see Phred (from the Phred On Your Head Show) and do lots of other cool things, all while you asked your parents to call your cable or satellite company to try and convince them to put Noggin on their channel lineup (this was before “Feetface” and “Moose A. Moose”). Now don’t get me wrong; I’m certain even back than the Internet did have some adult/icky places and sights and sounds that weren’t for everyone (I remember when I tried to search for images for my school projects while at school, and the filter system kept blocking the image search engines with “Pornography” as the listed reason; that’s actually how I first learned that word); but at least as far as I’m concerned, those things wouldn’t generally come to the average user’s mind immediately when thinking about using the Internet. But then, after Bush was sworn in and the Twin Towers fell, everything began to change. Eventually, the sights and sounds that people would identify as going online would become more centered on more adult/icky places and activities; and with that eventually came familiar yet icky and/or ridiculous “Internet Memes” that even today people still identify as familiar sights and sounds of going online. I won’t go too much deeper into this; not just because I don’t want this getting too complex, but also because I have difficulty describing my thoughts and feelings (particularly if I have a unique view or sense on something). On a side note, more recently though, while a significant number of these “Internet Memes” and other sights and sounds that people identify as part of going online appear to still holding up (and even giving inspiration for things such as Cartoon Network and the stereotypical “The 90’s are All That”), the ways people are generally using the Internet are changing once more. Take for example The Occupy Movement, and sites like, (though this site has existed for years),, etc. Today, a familiar trait of using the Internet among the general public is using it to embrace collective wellbeing, push for change for the better we can all share and work together make the world a better place. And speaking of collective wellbeing, another familiar trait that going online holds today is of course MLP:FiM and the proliferation its important messages of friendship and collective wellbeing though interconnection, art and music (like “Snowdrop” and “Children of the Night”), all while having fun everyone (not just the “adult” demographic, at least most of the time) can relate to and be nurtured by in appositive way. Anyway, now for this thread’s subject: Of all the “Internet Meme’s” you’ve seen that these days are also considered a familiar sight and sound of going online, what would you consider the most icky and/or most ridiculous (even if you do happen to enjoy them, which I do have all respect for)? Among these 5 listed “Internet Memes”, feel free to vote on which you feel is the most icky and/or most ridiculous: -Rage Comics: Personally, whenever I see an image of a familiar character like SpongeBob or a Pony whose face was replaced that of what they call the “Troll Face”, I don’t laugh, I instead get a bad feeling inside me which sort of gives you the urge to make like this ( If I were a child, I’d be scared of these faces and would want to avoid seeing them. -Rickrolling: There’s nothing really icky about this. The joke generally seems harmless, and the whole music video itself is very interesting; but why do people use the same video instead of something different? -Nyan Cat: Nothing icky about this one either (at least, the original GIF and video). Just can’t see what makes Gen Y and others go crazy over this. Even though it’s not icky, because it is an “Internet Meme”, it doesn’t feel like something “school appropriate”; it’s hard to explain. -The Duck Song (video): What made people go crazy over the well known video adaption of the song in the first place (so much that a children’s book was made from it)? The song is ok, but the illustrations are a teeny-weeny bit icky (but not repulsive). There are other, much better video adaptions of this song; and Songdrops has a lot of other songs that everyone can enjoy. -Taking images and writing something sensitive in that familiar font such as this ( It’s bad enough that people are encouraged to take innocent images and write icky interpretations on them (something I think Fred Rogers would be concerned about); but why do they use the same font?
  20. I'm not surprised if this topic already exists but I couldn't find another one. So I was thinking, MLP FiM is a wonderful cartoon that I really enjoy a lot to watch. However, when I hear other bronies on interviews and such, many of them says that the show has great animation. You can hear it everywhere. I would say that at least 80% of the bronies who talks about the show, mentions that the animation quality is very good. Now this got me thinking.. Personally, I think the animation is decent. To me, it has average quality of a regular cartoon show and it is not significantly better than many other shows out there. The animation technique is pretty basic. The show looks good, it does! But it you compare to a lot of other shows, those have better quality. Now the next thing isn't really something that should matter, all shows has it, but FiM has a lot of animation errors. It's quite easy to notice them if you have seen an episode a lot of times. The animation quality can't be compared to anime shows of course, since they have completely different animation techniques, but without having any particular ones in mind, I do know that I have seen shows with better quality and similar animation style. Now the show's animation quality has been improved since season 3 started, but I still think that people exaggerates. So for the questions, Is the animation really that good? If it is, why do you think so? If not, why are people saying this? Is it because the show has gotten so much attention that people are overrating it without even noticing themselves? Blind quality control..? Either way, I want to hear your opinions. And again, don't worry I <3 the show. It's awesome (but I watch it because it's fun, cute and enjoyable. Not because of the animation quality). S4 GOOOOOOOOOOO TL;DR I like the animation a lot but I think it's overrated. What do you think?
  21. I feel as some characters in the show get too much attention from the fans for sometimes no apperant reason. I see too many people hype about how amazing Rainbow dash and Fluttershy are based on only physical appearance. I am not saying others don't have legitimate reasons, but it seems they get popular for that reason alone! I feel that the rest of the mane 6 get shunned by other characters because of this, Twilight and Rarity espically. What do you think about it? Edit: I guess I phrased this incorrectly, when I said appearance, I meant to say appearance and nothing else. I do agree that it is a person's opinion whether they like a character or not, But I think a lot of the opinions formed are underdeveloped or not given enough though.
  22. Is it just me, or have some of this fandom's memes havebecome way overused. I keep seeing the same jokes over and over again on brony sites such as My little Brony, and EqD. It's all the same thing: Lyra being obsessed with humans and other fanon that's been done 100000x before, chicken and other pony re-imagining jokes, and of course, all this #savederpy bullshit (seriously, it's been a year, and people are STILL butthurt about a cartoon horse!). The worst part is that if you even suggest that maybe, just maybe, that these memes are overused to the people in the comments section, you'll only get a bunch of hate and smartass responses like "hurr durr no fun allowed!" This really annoys the crap out of me. Don't get me wrong, I still like (some) memes. I think that they can be very funny if used for responses and reactions in forums, but only in moderation. But a joke is only funny the first few times you here it. After that, it stops being funny, and you eventually start to cringe every time you here it. Am I the only one here who's bothered by this? Surely I can't be alone. What do you think, MLPforums?
  23. (Somebody Requested that I review this game, I would not have normally done so) Today I'm going to be reviewing what is perhaps my favorite video game of all time (To use as an example of why people today will buy anything regardless of quality), Call of Duty. This is perhaps one of the worst games of all time. It's not a bad game in itself, what really makes it a bad game is how it's rereleased several times a year with minimum changes and people keep buying it. I'm going to go out and tell you that I dislike Call of Duty before you read any further, so if you're a major hardcore fan of it reading further may put you into fits or spasms that only otherwise happen when you're out of Ritalin, I'd recommend not reading it if you have a short temper and really like the game. If Call of Duty was released, say, once every three years it would probably actually be a very good game, but let's take a look at why it's not, shall we? __________________ Graphics The graphics are at the same time, decent and horrible. They're decent in that they're up to par with what we'd probably expect, however, my problem with the graphics lies in how they barely change from year to year, in fact, the graphical difference is only noticeable if you use incredibly far away titles, it was hard to notice the difference until I started comparing Call of Duty 1 to World At War. That's how slight their graphical changes are. Even taking into consideration just one of the game's graphics, they're really nothing special. The graphics didn't really innovate anything and all of the newest titles look exactly the same. 5/10 _____________ Gameplay The gameplay, don't even get me started. The multiplayer gameplay is as frustrating as trying to pack a rabbid racoon into a mini fridge with your bare hands while Hulk Hogan is giving you the Heimlich maneuver. The gameplay has perks, perks seem specifically designed to punish new players by giving old time players cheap tricks. Maybe the perks are the only good thing since they discourage you from buying this horribly frustrating game. If you don't buy it right when it comes out when nobody has those ultra-overpowered perks yet, don't bother, it's not worth it. This game frustrated me, it's impossible to enjoy. All my losses were soul-crushing, and when I did win it didn't even feel that satisfying. I'm not highly into competitive games as a whole so that may be a bit of bias. A huge problem the gameplay presents is it's abundance of glitches. Call of Duty has always been a breeding ground for gamebreaking bugs that annoy the hell out of all involved. Even when the game isn't glitching, the Single player is a frustrating and unsatisfying experience with all but a few exceptions (World At War and Modern Warfare 2 had decent singleplayer modes), when it comes to the rest of the series, I wouldn't even bother. If I had to say something nice about the gameplay it's that it has it's memorable moments, but once more, lots of the game is the exact opposite of memorable. Zombies are the only good thing about this game's gameplay, and even that could have been released as it's own separate game. When a gimmick is the best part of your game something is terribly wrong. However, in part, the zombies at least partially makes up for the lack of an enjoyable experience in most of the series. 6.5/10 _______________ Story The main overlying story is based on real life. I could spend all day critiquing how shitty real life is, so I'm just going to skip this part of the review for the most part. I'll say that as far as character development goes it does okay, I didn't particularly feel attached to any of the characters but they did at least have a touch of personality. 8/10 ________________ Controls Did not find any real problems with these, the game does what it says it does, that's enough for me. They're responsive, well-mapped out on the console, and well, I can't really review the PC controls since you can configure them. 10/10 _________________ Soundtrack Pretty decent, actually. It fits with the over all theme of the games, and I really didn't have any problem with it. it was varied enough to keep me entertained. the easter egg songs on the zombie maps are a nice touch. 8.5/10 __________________ Realism I wouldn't normally cover this but I have to because everybody says it's why the game is so good. No, just no. This game is less realistic than anything I've ever played. Let me explain in detail why. Besides the real guns and military maneuvers, this game is the most unrealistic portrayal of war I've ever encountered. The characters commit handfuls of war crimes every mission and barring that, if the game really did reflect real war most of the characters would have objectives like guarding the base while nothing happens or reading letters from their family and maybe getting into combat and killing a few people, not gigantic military assaults. Those are quite uncommon in war, that's kind of why when a huge military assault happens it's really big news. The whole inner workings of the games are unrealistic, but that's actually good in terms other than realism because games are supposed to be played. It's no fun if it's realistic, but people still continue to say that this game has realism. The guns' clips are too large, at least on the automatics. The full clip of the AK-47, for example, lasts maybe three seconds before needing to reload. I can of course see why they wouldn't make this realistic. I'm not even going to address the realism of the zombie or competitive modes, that would be a waste of time. 1/10 _________ Summary Sorry if the review came off sounding too negative. It's not that I hate Call of Duty, wait, no, that's exactly what it is. I hate Call of Duty because it's an example of how the video game market is decaying. The game itself is not too bad, but it's only decent. It's nothing special. Which is to say it does not deserve to be half as successful as it is because it's not even the best war game there is (That honor goes to Medal of Honor, specifically Rising Sun), yet people throw their money at the game every year like it's some kind of currency black hole. I'd rather spend my time doing things that aren't playing Call of Duty, that's all I've gotta say. It takes the bad elements of realism and combines them with the bad elements of nonrealism. That's not exactly a formula for a fun game. It's a game people by and love, never-the-less, and I still don't understand why. If you feel like telling me why you like or don't like the game in the comment go ahead. It's not a horrible game but it's not a good game either. This isn't to say you won't enjoy it, this game might make you happier than Men Without Hats dancing if they want to and leaving your friends behind, playing it is really the only way for you to find out. This review is just my opinion. Overall Score: 5.5/10 Edit: Somebody said I didn't give CoD enough credit. They're right. Overall Score: -15/10
  24. EDIT: A mod asked me to tone down some of the language, so I cut it down to only one F-bomb and two S-bombs. EDIT: Edited again, cuz mods. EDIT: Had to replace the text after the server crash. Minor changes, but it still complies with mod regulations. As a guy who loves pony fanfic, I am often asked what I think of My Little Dashie. Fact is, I hate it. On my steam group, I even wrote a lengthy rant on everything that was wrong with it. For anypony interested, here is said rant, with a minor edit I made to keep it up to date. Warning: contains spoilers and vitriol. You may be surprised to hear this, but I do not like My Little Dashie. Yup. I am among the <5% of the brony population that thinks this fic is anything less than God's gift to writing. This is especially odd when you consider the fact that Rainbow Dash is my favorite canonical character, and the magnificent praise I give to other fanfics such as Of War and Friendship or Fallout: Equestria. In fact, one could even say that I hate My Little Dashie. Considerably. Every last putrid, manipulative, poorly-written word of it. In some ways, this is actually the single worst fanfic I have ever read. Why is this? Surely there must be far worse fanfic out there, right? Well, take My Immortal, for instance. The infamous Harry Potter fanfic known for its terrible "goffik" writing. During my time with My Immortal, I enjoyed it for the same reason that the Nostalgia Critic enjoyed The Room. It was funnier than hell! I'm serious. You can't conceivably read a line like "And Lupin was masticating to it" without laughing your balls off. And My Immortal was hilarious like that the whole way through. The same goes for other infamous badfics and shitfics. If you're laughing your ass off, you're having a good time. When I read My Little Dashie, I did not have a good time. In fact, during the entire experience I could think of nothing more than how every individual sentence failed so miserably at being considered "writing." But let's not get ahead of ourselves here. For our look at possibly the only instance in history where I can ever justify the use of the word "overrated," I say we begin at the same place that the author did: the premise. Dear lord, this premise. Hey, have you ever looked at the character Rainbow Dash and thought to yourself "I wish she was an orphan in the human world with a creepy weirdo for an adoptive father"? No? Congratulations, you have just passed Common Sense 101. Collect your diploma at the door. Oh, but it's worse than it sounds. The whole premise is that the human, who was never actually given a name in the fic, plays daddy with Rainbow Dash for 15 years before her friends arrive to take her back to Equestria, and the audience is somehow expected to cry, for some reason. There are immediately three core problems with this premise: 1. It's manipulative. There are ways of making your audience cry. I personally cried my eyes out at the end of Toy Story 3, but I can tell you /why/ I cried. I cried because it depicted a massive, heartwarming change in the lives of characters I had grown to know and love for 15 years. I cried because I saw myself in Andy, and was able to relate to him. I cried because the film, indeed the trilogy, had been building up the themes of moving on and growing up since its inception. I cried for all the right reasons, and I'm not ashamed to admit that. And I firmly believe that a well-written, well-thought-out work of fiction can reduce anyone to tears. My Little Dashie is not well-written. And it is not well-thought out. It doesn't explore themes of fatherhood or family, it doesn't develop its relationships effectively. It just leaves things at "wouldn't it be sad if..." and rolls along from there. It's impossible to relate to the characters, or to their situation. You never get a sense that you know anyone from the story, and you are never legitimately moved by their actions. Indeed, the big "you must cry now" moment is a bloated exposition dump with loads of plot contrivance and no actual participation from either of the two central characters. There isn't any legitimate reason to cry. You just feel like someone is yelling loudly in your ear "PLEASE CRY! I BEG YOU!" instead of actually moving you with a satisfying story. It's the "brute force with a sledgehammer" equivelant of eliciting emotion. 2. It did not need to be a pony fic. It takes place in the real world, the main character is human, the only pony character has no actual resemblance to her canonical counterpart (more on that later), and the "adoptive father" story has been done to death by now. Nothing would have changed if instead of "My Little Dashie," it had been titled "Patrick and me," and swapped out RD for Patrick Star from Spongebob Squarepants. The author could have told the exact same story, with the exact same characters (with different names, of course), and had the exact same payoff. Rainbow Dash was only added in, once again, for the purpose of manipulation. Rainbow Dash is a character fresh in the minds of every brony due to her role in the show, and beloved for her characteristics and personality. So, naturally, we've already grown to like her. The author simply took this and said "wouldn't it be sad if..." to create the premise of this story. The story isn't sad on its own merits. The story is sad because it's basically just something bad happening to Rainbow Dash. Now, for a counter-example. A fic that actually uses its fanfiction status for full effect: Fallout Equestria. If you haven't read the fic by now, don't fret, I would be damned if I spoiled even a word of this masterpiece. Fallout Equestria doesn't simply look at the Fallout world and say "what if it had ponies?", it merges and blends elements of both universes together to craft a world greater than the sum of its parts. It doesn't try to seperate itself from MLP, it embraces it, and it repurposes the setting to fit the tone of the story. While it does take creative liberties with characters and such, it always respects and admires the source material, and it even stays true to the central themes and messages of the show, albeit in a much more R-rated approach. This is just one of many reasons why I love Fallout Equestria, and just one of many reasons why I despise My Little Dashie. 3. It's creepy! No extended rant this time. No wall of text. Just a simple statement. Brony culture is already considered... eccentric... by outsiders as is. Imagine their reaction when they discover that the fandom's favorite fanfic is about Rainbow Dash living in a brony's apartment and calling him "Daddy." Oh yeah, and she's only a filly in this story. Thank you for doing wonders to our reputation. So that's the premise. But we aren't done yet. We've still got to talk about the characters (all both of 'em), and the abject failure that is the writing style. But what is it about these characters that makes them so very loathesome? How is it that a duo of an adoptive father and Best Pony could make my personal shitlist for atrocious writing? Well, here's how: 1. FYYHSOSS Mopy McAngstysue. Since the human character is never named, I prefer to go with my own name for him: Mopy McAngstysue, the blandest fucking character you will ever meet. Mopy is, unsurprisingly, a brony. More specifically, he's the type of brony that most bronies try to steer clear from during conventions. He's disturbed, he's depressing, and worst of all, he's boring. His backstory includes every tired sad story cliche you could think of, including dead parents, a hatred for cities, lack of friends, and clinging on to a kid's TV show for dear life. I guess the idea is that we're supposed to pity this loser, but we are never actually given a chance to like him. Mopy is never granted human interaction, and his character is unbearably static. Not only that, but the audience is never shown a different side of him. He never grows to be anything relatable or interesting, and he never grows to become an actual protagonist. He never solves any problems, he never involves himself in the plot in any way, and he really only seems to be there so that he can voyeuristically watch as the filly grows up. To be fair, he and her occasionally share some interactions, but even then the interactions seem to exist only to reinforce the mood, and not actually develop the characters. 2. Little Orphan Blue. I refuse to use the name "Rainbow Dash" to describe this... thing! You thought Mopy was bad? You ain't seen nothing yet. Little Orphan Blue is an absolute disgrace to her namesake. She is wretchedly out of character the entire time, her backstory consists entirely of "magic, durr hurr," and once again, she simply did not need to be a pony. Just like Mopy, Little Orphan Blue never actually does anything over the course of the story, apart from going about her life. As such, every major "event" in the plot is simply another milestone in her childhood. Like when she first learns to fly, her first NASCAR race, etc. Except these milestones never serve to alter her character, including the major revelation that she's a cartoon character, and really serve no purpose apart from buildup. But really, that's the least of my qualms with this character. She has absolutely no relation to the character from the show whatsoever. She's frail, pathetic, easily impressed, and loves to call Mopy "daddy." Yeah, "daddy." As if this shit wasn't manipulative enough already. You don't know how horribly violated I felt the first time I heard Little Orphan Blue mutter that word. Such a complete betrayal of everything a character stands for, while not unheard of, is something I would at least like to think is rare. How is it that Cupcakes is closer to Pinkie Pie's character than MLD is to Rainbow Dash's character? You can't really sink lower than "psychopathic murderer" without trying pretty damn hard to destroy a character. And at last, we come to MLD's most greivous insult to literature: its writing style. There is simply no way to defend this fic's writing style. While we've already established that when your characters never actually do anything, it should come as no surprise that nothing is ever accomplished, the shit still doesn't end there. None of the major events (with the exception of the last one) actually occur "on-screen." We are simply told of their occurrance long after the fact. You may have heard the Anton Chekhov quote "Don't tell me the moon is shining, show me the glint of moonlight of a pane of broken glass." My Little Dashie prefers to simply give you a spreadsheet of lunar phases over the last year. Why is LOB's first flight relegated to no more description than "she flew"? Why does the NASCAR part focus only on the planning, and never let us see the event itself? One might make the argument that it's supposed to be a "journal" or sorts, but then why is the "cry now" scene (which takes up half the damn fic, BTW) written normally? Why isn't that also part of a journal? It really gives you the sense that the author was single-minded, that he just wanted to breeze through all that story stuff to get to the manipulation. That he didn't actually give a damn about having any sort of plot. In conclusion, I despise everything about this fanfic. But though I loathe its very existence, but I'm still glad I read it. I consider myself something of a writer, and as a writer, I need to understand not only how to make a great story, but also how to make a terrible story. And My Little Dashie is a terrible story. It is a cautionary tale for all writers, a wake-up call for anyone who would use cliches and manipulation over legitimate storytelling. I just hope my plea has not fallen on deaf ears.
  25. I know that I'm going to get a lot of back lash for this, but I felt like making it anyways. I used to think that Chuck Norris jokes were funny, but now it's getting really old and it isn't funny anymore. I don't even understand how these jokes came to be. Personally I think Liam Neeson is cooler than Chuck Norris. He's a jedi, Aslan, John Ottway (The Grey), Bryan Mills (Taken), and he trained Batman. In my opinion, Chuck Norris was never that great of an actor to begin with. Who do you think is cooler Chuck Norris of Liam Neeson?