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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 4 results

  1. I’m a person who constantly over thinks almost every aspect of my life. I overthink things as simple as gaming or TV to something personal, which usually leaves me feeling confused or a bit down. Does anyone else have this problem?
  2. So how does the ecomomy of Equestria work? I know what your thinking "oh your just overthinking a kids show' and yes i'm aware. But really makes me wonder how the bit works. For example, the history of money is really in depth but i'm just theory here. Could the Bit be gold standard...well i'm not sure how considering that unicorns and such can remake things into other things. sure High level magic but still if you can turn rocks into gold you invalidate gold as being well rare and hard to make. Not to mention the unexplained matter of gemstones that apparently can get you an industrial pet hair dryer for such a tiny little gem. Rarity hands those things out like candy in Rarity takes manhattan. So it is like modern time and the bit is just worth X amount because everyone says it is. So anyway overthinking what do you think?
  3. TheLeastEvil

    Season Themes

    I was thinking about the different seasons of MLP and I noticed that each one seems to have a large theme to it related to friendship. Season 1 - Starting friendships and getting to understand each other. Season 2 - Learning from mistakes to form stronger bonds. Season 3 - Dealing with adversaries as friends. Season 4 - Forming smaller friendships and guiding others towards better relationships. Season 5 - Rebuilding old friendships and forgiving adversaries. Season 6 - ??? I'm wondering if anyone else noticed this occurrence. Does anyone have any predictions for what season 6's theme may be.
  4. VelvetDivan

    Classism in Ponyville

    I thought it might be interesting to discuss classism in Equestria. I think we'll leave out the whole alicorn issue since there are so few of them, and focus on the earth, pegasus, and unicorn divisions. Unicorns are the only ponies really suited to fine manipulation of their physical environments. They all seem able to use telekinesis handily, and anything beyond that is probably tied to their cutie mark. Who needs hands and fingers when you can just levitate things around? Because of their equivalent to fine motor skills, you'd expect to find unicorns working as fine artisans, in clock repair shops, tailor shops obviously...anywhere fine manipulation is required. Pegasus ponies have no fine motor advantage over Earth ponies, but with their wings, they're able to do all kinds of tasks neither other group are well-suited for. Whether it's courier duty, repair work several stories up, weather control, or dragon combat, you'd have to be pretty hard-up to consider anyone but a pegasus for the job. Finally we come to Earth ponies. As far as we know they have no special aptitudes at all, and before you say strength, remember that Pinkie is an Earth pony and never exhibited special strength that I can recall. Strength came to Applejack and Big Mac through their daily work, as it would come to anyone who does that sort of labor every day. Any time an Earth pony wishes to use a tool, they either have to use their mouth to grip it, or potentially bind it to a hoof (I've never seen this done, but I don't see why it couldn't.) There's never any suggestion that Earth ponies aren't useful, because (The Hearth's Warming Eve episode certainly suggests) the other two types certainly don't want to plow up dirty old fields and plant vegetables. Because the Earth ponies grow food for the rest of the pony population, perhaps that's reason enough to believe there will never be an unemployment problem for them, despite their relative shortcomings. Would you be happy in this system, as an Earth pony? What if your cutie mark had nothing to do with farming? Or you had yet to earn one, but disliked working in the fields? What if Applebloom hated apples? Does she have many alternatives? Sure, the Cakes have a bakery, but what would happen if a unicorn baker opened up shop in town? They would be able to turn out treats in a fraction of the time and make more delicate confections, perhaps even magical desserts. There'd be no competing with them. Flim and Flam almost put the Apple family out of business in a couple of days. If they'd had a bit more sense... (Yes, I realize I'm overthinking the show, But since a number of us do roleplay in the universe the show spawned, I don't think it's a bad idea to spitball some ideas back and forth, and reinforce the framework.)