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Found 9 results

  1. Well this is weird. That box is the Fast Reply box, which is supposed to be blank. I didn't click on it or anything...but when I scrolled down I saw the forums banner, and discovered a second MLPForums page, exactly the same as the one I had open, inside the reply box. Wat??
  2. When you scroll to the bottom of any page there is a Circle Arrow where if you click it, it takes you to the top of the page. I just noticed that behind the arrow there is a HELP button. It is easier to see if you zoom in. But the Circle Arrow covers up most of the Help button. I would not move the Circle Arrow but maybe you can move the Help button over so it can be used
  3. The right hand side hooks are missing when I use my mobile device Android default browser. If I use chrome they are not missing. I've always used the default browser so I wouldnt like to change it. This is how it looks Default browser: Chrome browser:
  4. Let's just make some jokes/puns/quips about the number 63 in relation to the lounge having 63 pages. I seem to have a r63 gun here but I can't use-*fires*
  5. Navagating to topics from the home page always logs me out, be it from notifications drop down, the "recently discussed topics" area or the "Topics i've participated in". I'd say it does this 100% of the time now. It doesn't happen nearly as much (10% or so frequency) when I go through the corresponding part of the site map when navigating from the home page to specific topic. Also if I post a reply in a topic and the page reloads to update the thread, I get logged out. If this has been repeated a number of times in the forum please delete this post mods, or merge it with acceptable thread. Thanks. =)
  6. Welcome to Art Rivals. this is a contest i have started for one purpose and that is to drive our art community forward. Now for the rules. this is a set of 10 challenges and you have 2 week to finish each challenge. the challenges are #1 your own oc #2 your rivals oc #3 one of the mane six #4 one of the background ponies #5 two or more ponies in one pic #6 youtube video tribute #7 fan-fic tribute #8 short comic #9 non-pony art #10 commission of your choosing Now how to challenge someone to be your rival/ get challenged to be a rival. First off is how to get challenged. what you need to do is post your best pic and a creative challenge to the world Example and now how to challenge someone it is actual vary simple. if you see someone you would like to challenge quote them. then use the challenge to come up with a good challenge of your own. Example IT is I Fanglore and IT IS ON To accept a challenge send both me and the challenger a note of acceptance and a link to the thread that you will be running it on. I will then add that link to this thread under Ongoing Challenges Every two weeks you both will post a pic on the thread and it will be voted on by viewers. You two will also write short critiques on each others pic. Voting will continue until the next pic is posted then the winner of that round will be chosen. After the 10th pic is voted on. The one with the most wins is the winner and in case of a tie you have one week to draw a pic with a topic of your and your rival's choosing. when the winner is announced i will put him/her under the winners section of this thread. Ongoing Challenges Fanglore VS The Dork Lord Winners ps to those who are already amazing artists and are wanting to support this. I need some commissions to be donated for the winners. if your interested in donating one or more send me a note
  7. I made a Facebook page for my OC, Cascade. I feel I may have created a monster. But now that she's there, she'll never leave.
  8. Hey all, another small idea that popped into my head here. I couldn't help but notice that currently each page of tracks contains 20 songs on it. Something i thought may be a handy little feature (and something also seen around many popular websites) would be the ability to change how many tracks are displayed per page, like with a dropdown menu like so; What do you think?
  9. I thought something that would be really useful would be a feature where while you're uploading a track, the upload percentage is displayed in the page title. That way you could go to another tab and without having to change tabs you could tell how far your song has to go before it finishes uploading.