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Found 97 results

  1. Hello, everypony does anypony love doing Diamond Painting let me know?
  2. I recently bought another framed piece to hang on my wall so I was wondering if other people do it. I personally find the walls of a house quite empty without something in there to bring life and breath fresh air into the environment. Before I used to only appreciate the art through a computer screen but now that I see those same pieces framed on my wall it really is something special. The experience is completely on a different level. Especially if you have communicated with the artist personally or through any kind of system. I think that only adds to the value of the piece. From the two pieces I currently have I think at the moment the one where I was in contact with the artist is speaking more to me than the one where I wasn't. If you have any thought feel free to say them.
  3. Welcome to Scribblepwn3's commission shop! Interested in purchasing some artwork? Click here for the shop page. If you want to make a purchase, just leave me a comment below, detailing what you would like. Include preferred pose(s), references for OCs and cutie marks and whatever else might help in creating the image you'd like to have done. I'll be asking for your feedback on preliminary sketches as well. This will allow you to give me a better idea of what you want to see in the complete work. All the best stuff takes time! Every piece I do will be scanned at 200 DPI, so the quality will be high enough to print when you receive it. Please keep in mind, if you think these prices are a bit high.. All of this work is done using no computer assistance until the scanning stage. Every piece of artwork is 100% traditional, on paper with pen, liquid ink, watercolour and pencil. All of this stuff requires being replaced at my own expense, so the commission money I get, largely goes back into the cost of my supplies. And without further delay. EXAMPLES AHOY! Examples of the work quality you can expect to see. Pencil sketches. (bear with me on some of these examples, they're not all scanned due to the size of the book I was using. Work I provide will be higher quality, and I will be adding better examples in future as I create more.) Inked line art. Inked, with shading and limited Palette. Full colour work "These are nice and all, but uh.. Can I see more before I decide?" But of course! Check my gallery out on DeviantArt, or on Derpibooru for everything pony. Hope you like what you see! Remember, artwork sold here supports not only me, but also MLP forums. Current commission list (in order from first in line at the top): -Mr. Dash-- Full colour with detailed background +additional oc. Status: Complete -Dark Tempest-- Full colour x2 +additional oc. Status: Complete- Piece1 - Piece2 -JonasDarkmane-- Full colour +additional oc. Status: Complete -JonasDarkmane-- Full colour(full background) Status: Complete -Skysweep-- Full colour inked Status: Complete
  4. This was something I did in Artrage 5. A simple painting of Alex Jones that is definitely as creepy as his personality. I was suppose to do an assignment as early as next week when it came to doing portraits of anything I choose. So I did this in a flash. What are your thoughts on this disturbing picture of the craziest man in media?
  5. I don't have a title for this yet. Need help with that.
  6. Katze

    Luna WIP

    A while back I created a Luna emblem for Battlefield 1. I decided to paint it, work in progress.
  7. Hey everyone! This is my second project in my "World Leaders" series of art, I hope you guys enjoy it! And as always, feedback is very useful for me, since it helps me put it into context in my next art. (P.S, which world leader should I draw next?) (GT is my signature, it stands for my name)
  8. Hey everyone! Sorry I've been really inactive on this site for a while, but recently I've discovered a nick for digital art, so I made no one other than, Vladimir Putin! I'd really like some feedback on my art. Also, who should I paint/draw next? (The Picture I used for Reference) This is my second attempt at making digital art, and this is probably the best art piece I've made in my entire life.
  9. "Spectra Flim-Flam" 18 X 24 X 3/4 inches paint on canvas sides painted signed on the front and back Sorry everyone, it already sold.
  10. I love art! I love to draw and paint in my spare time so here is some of my art work please take a look and tell me what you think please! :3 :3 >^-^< XD hehe!!!!!!!
  11. Friday-Gaming (8:00PM EST) Knuckles Chaotix and Pokemon TCG Online (No Crashes this time) Saturday-Art (8:00PM EST) Godzilla vs Goku Painting Progress + More(?) See you soon!
  12. Hello! this is my first post here! I hope I can make many friends here feel free to message me.
  13. first ever attempt at marceline, done for my best friend who loves marceline :3
  14. Hi there. So recently I've been thinking of Ideas to create my ponysona/OC And I thought using MS Paint would be a thing to start with Trouble is, I'm not that experienced with the program well, And I'm not seeming to get the hang of things just yet. I have a base pony to start with but I again, Haven't got the hang off it yet Do you have and advice or resource for MS Paint? Thank you
  15. Vendi

    Daring Do

    I was trying out a new technique and I made this picture of Daring Do. Could have been worse.
  16. This is a digital painting I made, done in the program GIMP using a drawing tablet, of Fluttershy. It is one of the first I've made using a drawing technique that I have found, so please feel free to offer your opinion on it, if you'd like. I hope you all enjoy it.
  17. Finally finished a character I have been working on, Remedy. Process:
  18. So my sister let me try out her fancy pants art tablet and I made this. Now I want a tablet.
  19. NO IDEA if this is the right place for this. But I'm trying to find a tutorial on the most efficient way of drawing interiors. Practice yes but is there better ways then being too meticulous on backgrounds that would take me weeks to a month to finish? The types of backgrounds I'm trying to make is for my ask blog. However I just want to improve in general.
  20. Hello dear art-lovers, Art is what actually got me into MLP, because there are so many great artists out there who create stunning pieces. Being in love with drawing myself, it was no surprise I had to get into pony-fanarts as well. :') And I LOVE drawing ponies. I don't know why, maybe it's because the anatomy is easier than that of a human or maybe it's because you can choose all these great vibrant colors, but it's just so much fun to me! I thought I might as well share some of my stuff in here, because why not I guess. These are pictures I drew all the way back when I started watching the show in 2012/13: Applejack: My (old) ponysona/OC: Pinkie and Dashie in summertime (I was SOOO proud of this one at the time ) These are some of the more recent pictures of mine : Quickly drawn Twi Chibi: A pixelart of Flutters and Dashie trying to wrap up decorations: (I finished part of this on my laptop in a bus. It was... Interesting XP) A portrait of everyone's favorite princess of the night (also my current avatar ) ... aand a commission for someone on dA (maybe you're on here, too? If so.. Hi! )
  21. edited out to remove from google search options due to alias change
  22. Hello So I just finished building my new PC and all I was able to afford was a boring Black case. I'm tring to figure out what to paint on it and I was hoping that one of you could help me figure out what to put on it.(something profitably MLP related) If you have a amazing paint job on your pc or know of one could you send me a picture of it. Thank you sincerely, Creative Prop
  23. ~ Hes just a big sweetheart when you get to know him ~ Forgive me, but I love this shipping Cx Other people call it 'Fluttercord' but Dizzyshy is much cuter. So what do you think? As all of my digital art, this was done with a mouse.
  24. Okay, so I'm SUPER new here (I'm still not allowed to have a signature yet,) but I figured I'd introduce myself and show off a little bit of my most recent art to provide some basis of who I am. The vast majority of my work these days is watercolors on ATC cards (2.5"x3.5") since I weave my painting into the tiny corners of free time I find in the typical day and those tools were really easy to keep around, though in the past I did a lot of digital painting and drawing, and I still do a little bit. That said, art is a process of continual review and improvement. As such, I'm always excited to hear comments and feedback regarding your impressions of the work; what worked, what didn't, what stood out (good or bad.) In any case, hopefully you'll see me around a bit, perusing your amazing art, and maybe learning/teaching a little as the opportunity arises over in the Visual Art forum.
  25. Description form dA: "I wasn't really too worried about Pinkie (lighting/shading/pose blah blah blah), or the BG, I just wanted to try painting fire. There's gonna be a lot of it in "A Seedy Mare's Tale", so might as well learn now right? I think it looks ok, for my first time ever anyway:p This was just a sketch, so I wasn't trying to make it perfect or anything." Whadda y'all think?