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Found 2 results

  1. hey guys ive been trying to do some Princess Celestia vectors lately and have been having a lot of trouble getting the colours right as it goes im eye dropping the colours of the screenshots iv'e taken but the colours change dramatically in between vectors so if any one knows where i can find a Princess Celestia Colour Guide with the digital colours and provide a link here it would be much appreciated ** i say digital becuase the colours used int the show are unprintable most times, and celestia's show colours are unprintable thus colours must be changed for printable works but when used to make show accurate vectors the colurs are WRONG ** and Kefkafloyds colour palette for Celestia is for print not digital
  2. Nico

    Peachy Keen

    Okay, so it's time to express my gratitude to yet another person who has showed me love and changed my life drastically from here on the forums! This time it's not a bald man, so don't worry, guys! It's a lovely lady! But she's taken, so there's nothing to get excited about, either! This time around I'm expressing my thanks to the lovely @@PeachPalette! When I first stumbled upon Peach, it was just as she joined the forums. I was a moderator back then and stood watch only over the quaint (read: horrifying) little chat room we had. Peach caught my eye due to her amazingly designed OC pony of the same name. (Here, have a cuteness overload. You're Welcome.) I saw her skulking about in the chat room one day and hadn't honestly given much thought beyond: "Hey, that's a cool looking OC!" Did that stop me from opening up a private chat with her, though? Of course it didn't! I started chatting with her for a bit in the MLP Forums chat room and quickly we traded Skype info so that we could get onto a legitimate IM tool. I mean, it's not like we had any reason to not want logs of our conversations to be available to the staff or anything. But, seriously, we got to know each other pretty quickly, and it blossomed into a rather close friendship. She was a great friend of mine for quite some time, though recently we have grown pretty distant (I should really put in more effort to fix that). Things originally started out with us just being buddies who talked about various interests with one another and such, until it reached a point where I felt unnaturally embarrassed about a certain subject. A good bit of time was spent with her helping me to understand that some things aren't worth being embarrassed about and that it's simply for the best to be yourself rather than hide things. After that bridge was crossed I felt the need to express my gratitude to Peach, because by this point not only had she helped me sort out some personal issues, she had also drawn me an OC based off of my actual appearance. So, in return I did my first ever collaborative work with her, vectoring the original image of her OC. This led on to what would become a partnership between the two of us in which she would draw something, and I would vector it. We would call ourselves NicoPeach, because we're so original. This partnership of ours, however, pretty much came to an end as both of our lives changed drastically. I haven't been nearly as into vectors since I got my job, and she has gotten her own job, too. She does, however, still take commissions, one of which she is making for me soon. I would like, however, to build our friendship up a bit more again to resemble what it used to be. I miss her as a friend, honestly, and nowadays it feels more like she's some kind of celebrity that I order pictures from. So wish me luck in rectifying my mistake of letting us grow distant, and maybe you'll end up seeing more NicoPeach works in the future! For now, though, I'm just incredibly thankful to have had her as such a great friend when I did. No one person has ever turned my views on things around so distinctly before, and she helped me dig out a bit of a personality flaw that would have, ultimately, just hurt me later had I kept it around. On top of this, she was good to me and listened when I had problems, and I tried to do the same in kind and help her if I could. She is an excellent person and I'm glad that in the little I've talked to her recently she seems to be quite happy. Regardless of whether our friendship can get back to where it used to be, I know one thing for sure: I would have regretted not talking to this talented lass in the chat room that day.