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Found 8 results

  1. Shame on thee all. To think, no thread on the whole of these forums to glorify that most auspicious of days on this, the February Thirteenth, of the most Perfect of Pastries and fluffy Perfection: The Pancake! In this thread, we glorify all that is the mighty Pancake! The Purpose of our gathering here is indeed Twofold. One: To keep track of The Day of Pancake so that I, and we, may never forget and hold it's time in honor into Pancake Perpetuity! (One must Partake in Pancake Preparation Prior of Pancake-Proliferation!) Two: the Partaking in Pancake Propaganda Posting, Preferably Portrayed Posthaste with Ponies. Three: Alliteration. Now, my loyal Pancake Pilers! As your Grand Pancake Poobah, I wanna see this thread SWIMMING in Pancakes! ...and none of this Waffle Heresay... Firstly! For Pancake Posterity!: On to the Pancake Pones!
  2. OmigoshOhmigoshOhmigoshOmigoshOhmigoshOhmigoshOmigoshOhmigoshOhmigosh SoIjustgotmyfirstfanartpictureofmyDraconequusonaOCandI'mlikesupertidooperytooexcitedaboutitbutnooneIknowisonrightnowformetogushoveritbyrepeatedlyrammingitinto theirfacessoIjusthadtomakethisthreadreallyreallyquicklytopostthepictureandthenitoccurredtomeaboutwhatIwantedtocombinewithmyactualOCwhenIdoputitalltogetherthencameheretoasky'allifyouthinkitsagoodideathentheporrigespilledoverandthen That's How Equestria was founded! *Sharp inhale* *Poofs a paper bag into his claw & hyperventilates into it before accidentally inhaling it, choking to death & falling over dead. Minutes later he pops right back up.* Hoh-kay now! I'm good! Here's the picture! Now, I feel his tentacle oughta be bigger then the claw, but I'm fine with that. As a magical being, I can sorta fiddle with proportions quite a fair bit. Something I've noticed while drawing him is that it seems, like, extraordinarily hard to draw a lobster claw. What's your opinion on how the claw oughta go? More knobbly? More segmented? Maybe smaller or larger then the head? Eh. My original idea was yellow pupils, like the inverse of how Discord's go ( ), but I do kind of like this too. Think full glowing eyes might be a bit too much? Like, when I think of solid glowing eyes like that I think of the magical Forsaken zombies or Death Knights of Warcraft, something that's held together by magic, which he is of course, but would that make him see a bit too much edgy? Wanted to get opinions on that too before I write it into his Bio. Speaking of which! Before you read Widdershin's Bio, you might want to gird whatever you use as loins! As... elaborate as he goes, it's kind of a sinch that a lot of detail would go into his page too. Aaaaand also... I think of him as a fourth-wall breaker that's fully cognizant of his being a character that I created, much in the same spirit as Pinkie Pie, Deadpool & Animalman. Buuuut, that can likely be very grating if not... controlled very well, but being uncontrolled is sort of Widdy's shtick! You can find his Bio page here! In Widdershin's Page! Might come back here much later with my other OCs as I have a habit of making things needlessly complicated!
  3. This video inspires me to eat my pancakes.
  4. Hey there everyone! About 3 days ago, I finished a drawing of Derpy and I though you may be interested I wanted to make something in the same style as my previous drawing, which was called ''Good morning Fluttershy'' For reference purposes, here it is: I developed the concept as I worked on it, and I felt like playing with warm colors for the occasion. And like I said in the description on Devianart, I feel like the journey of a brony artist has to contain a drawing of a pony in socks at some point. And this concept came to mind! I'm not much of a fan when it comes to socks, but I can definitively see why they're popular, it was pretty fun to draw ^^ Anyway, here it is! Source: Some people said that her little beanie look like pancakes, and I have to agree Like always, if you guys think that something doesn't work or anything, feel free to shoot! Helps me to get better ^.^ On that, thank for checking!
  5. So........ If you had these three choices for breakfast every morning, (Which some of us do. Not me, but some of us. XD) Which would you choose? 1. Eggs. They go with everything, and you can make them in twelve different ways. (Give or take. :3) You can make omelets with 'em, you can eat em with sausage or bacon, or even make an egg sandwich. All around fast, filling breakfast in little round balls. 2. Pancakes & Waffles. They taste delicious. You can sprinkle 'em with brown sugar and eat 'em like a taco. You can put anything from blueberry syrup, to chocolate syrup. (Not that I recommend that...) You can use butter and powered sugar, or add extra spices and just eat 'em straight off the stove. Not the greatest cook time, and not the healthiest, but delicious non the less. 3. Oatmeal. By far, the most overlooked breakfast food, Oatmeal is what it is. Oats. You can make it en-mass for multiple people, or pop a bowl in the microwave for you're self. You can use cinnamon and a host of other spices, brown or white sugar, butter, or fruit to give it you're favorite flavor. Great for the mornings when you miss you're alarm clock. Not the most glamorous breakfast food, but "A great part of a complete breakfast." Or another one... Which will YOU chose???
  6. Hello. If you are reading this, you will be told about the legendary religion, Pannakakeaism. I am what is now known as a Pannakakeaist. A Pannakakeaist is very supportive of our might syrup savior and pancake overlord, Pannakakea. Pannakakea is a divine being who has given us the simply scrumptious breakfast food item, the pancake. The goal of Pannakakeaism is to complete the mystic ritual of dressing up the pancakes of society. One must always douse the pancake with the Holy Syrup, so that the love and happiness of Pannakakea is held within the pancake. Then, one must lay the Buttery Crown of the Gods atop the now Holy Pancake, so it is shown that the pancake is the king of all other breakfast food items. Once all has been done, one must bite out of the Holy Pancake, so he or she can ingain the love and trust of Pannakakea. For, when the love and trust of Pannakakea is ingained, the energy of the contents swallowed shall provide to your daily activities, so they do not wear you out as much. So then, my friend, do you accept to us? We shall adore your company, if you so choose to become one of us.
  7. Well I guess I'm going to start drawing again This little oddity was actually inspired by members @, @, @, when I asked for random ideas of what to draw yesterday. Pancakes, a piece of paper, and a skyscraper. So naturally I created one super picture of all three. Thoughts and comments?
  8. It is a well known fact that a large sum of non-bronies assume bronies (or pegasisters, if you're into that term) to be hypocritical individuals. I've been noticing that it's actually true, at least, for me. I watch a show that pushes the notion of friendship, and take part in a community that (generally) pushes "love and tolerance", whenever I really do not partake in much social interaction, and don't make actual friends, really, and judge and hate many other people based on certain qualities, past events, etc. I'm curious to see how many others are hypocritical in this sense, as I am. Also, if you are like me, why do you think the show captivates you so much? I'd say it's really only the innocence that really motivates me to really stay active in the watching of and participation of the MLP show and community.