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Found 7 results

  1. Ehhhhh. Personally, I think this is the case for most of the fandom. And I find it kind of sad, really. Front the very first episode, when Derpy first appeared, Bronies saw her, loved her odd derp-eyed appearance, and wanted more of her. DHX obliged and snuck her into more background scenes; eventually bringing her more to the foreground, not only to interact with Rainbow Dash, but to give her a voice! Hasbro also canonized headcanons by giving her the name “Muffins” in their merchandise, after fans became convincesd that Derpy was obsessed with Muffins, from a line that they assumed was hers, in 'Applebuck season'. When fans started making headcanon comparison that Time Turner was Dr Who, again, DHX obliged and gave the fans more of him; canonizing the fans headcanons by giving him the Name of Dr Hooves, in his merchandise. The company/ studio catered to headcanons again with Bon Bon and Lyra being unusually close, in more background scenes. They went so far as to make the entire Rainbow Rocks movie Brony community shoutouts, even including the fan-favorite meme of RD using her 20% line again. Once more, they made a love letter to the Bronies in the hundredth episode of the series. The fans continue to ask, and Hasbro/ DHX delivers. The Bronies have had their way for quite some time, clearly influencing the show and its spinoff- movies. But is the fandom asking for too much? Are they grateful for all that they've been given; all the nods and tributes to them across the comics, across the series, across the movies? Or are they constantly wanting more, as soon as they get what they want? I find that the fandom may be getting a bit greedy, personally. Especially with the issue of Vinyl Scratch getting a voice. It's not enough that Derpy got her voice back. It's not enough that their favorite background characters continue to pop up more prominently in the foreground from time to time, or that they have voices of their own, now. Not enough that for years, DHX has delivered on the background characters and headcanons. Not enough to have not one, but two love letters thrown their way in a major way. Not enough to know just how much they've influences this current gen of MLP. But they still cry for Vinyl, that one last “secondary six” background pony to have a voice, likely losing that trait that makes her all the more unique in a world of already talking ponies- wanting more than what they've already been given. It's not just sad, but the greed and entitlement is just downright disgusting, to me. Especially considering that the staff never had to give as much as they have to the Bronies, to begin with. Why can't we be satisfied with what we have, and allow the staff to take the reigns on their own artistic freedoms, again?
  2. Magical Mercenary - TF2 Pony Keychains - Watch Dogs Party Girl - Terraria MLP:FIM cameos - Magick Chicks (Chastity, Skye, Rosie, Rain, AJ, and Sparkle)
  3. Clichés of every form Pandering All outside references (though a line needs to be drawn on what is a forced meme or reference/true inspiration) Should I purge my writings of such methods as these, for the sake of several people who complain for "originality"?
  4. If this story is meant to pander to Tumblr Feminists or MRA's respectively, how are the characters supposed to behave? How is the story supposed to be like, and how are the evemts supposed to run?
  5. Lately, lots of people have been wondering about the various hints the writers have given us this season, most notably Slendermane. There were also other minor nitpicks such as the Grumpy Cat cutie mark, and references to other shows/musicals. No one can forget Derpy's appearance and Bulk Biceps being canon. Do you think there's a bit too much fanservice there, and the show is starting to direct towards the bronies instead of the original intended audience? I, personally, have no opinion on it. Minor nitpicks, such as these, are hardly noticeable to me, as I'm not a very observant person who looks out for a particular background pony among the main events. I watch the ponies that are actually part of the plotline, so the references don't bother me one bit.
  6. Okay the big argument against pandering is it deprives us of the writers original ideas and intent. No one, no one asked for snow ball to get lines. or more screen time. No really I wanna see some people go "oh no i totally wanted that." This was the writing staffs idea. If they would have pandered to virtually any back ground pony fans had asked for it would be better. ^^
  7. Just a silly little video I made in light of all the "fan pandering" accusations from last week's episode...