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Found 16 results

  1. Instead of just organizing a meet up, how about we at MLPF staffers and notable community members host a panel on the biggest network of MLP fan sites? A good chunk of staff are gonna be there, so why don't we make something of it?
  2. So I, your lovable, furry now panel host, will be hosting a discussion at Bronycon on LGBTQ+ things in the fandom. I am posting here (or where ever in the event this gets moved) to get an idea from bronies, what they would lie to see in a panel like this and what things I should talk about. I want a feel for how I should run the panel and of course an outline of what topics I should discuss.
  3. I have a probably stupid question to those of you who came to Bronycon 2016 and visited "The Elements of Harmony" event: The main VA's and some other people were reading some sort of script about Luna breaking her teeth because of Pinkie Pie's stone "ponies". Was that a script to one of the upcoming episodes or what? It's just that I came slightly late and don't know whatever was said at the very beginning. And it is the first time for me to be on such events.
  4. I created this thread before, and I got no replies. I am trying again because I would really like to get at least a couple responses. If you didn't see before, I will be running a panel at Chicago's Whinny City and I need your help on this. The panel I'm running is about the audience (and me) sharing our stories of how we ended up in this fandom, what keeps us here, and the future of it. So I would love for you to answer these three questions if you would be so kind. I plan on taking comments from this thread and reading them out loud during the panel. Don't worry I'll be sure keep you anon, just be prepared for that when you comment. 1. Your Origin Story: What in your journey of life led you to joining the fandom? Tell me your story of how you were first introduced to the show and how it affected your life from then to today. 2. The Hold On You: What has kept you in this fandom all this time? More specifically, is there one (or more) particular thing(s) that have helped keep you here? Like do you enjoy making a type of content or do you enjoy experiencing community content? Or maybe it's predominantly the show? 3. The Future: What do you hope to see or experience in the future of the show and/or fandom? Are there any guests you would like see either at cons or in the series, something you plan to create, or maybe something you'd like to see someone else create? Sincere apologies if this is spamming, but your help would be greatly, greatly appreciated.
  5. Community Workshop Applications OPEN Hey you! Have you got an idea for an event at BUCK 2016? We’re looking for people who do arts, crafts, media, music, or other socially creative stuff and want to share their skills, methods, and work with the community. At BUCK we hate Q&A panels, while a few questions and answers from the audience are great, most of the general questions on subjects we know have been covered many different times at many events. So last year we asked our guests not to simply step on stage and wait for a good question, but to give the audience something to ask questions about. We had Dave Polsky speak about his writing method and inspirations, and he gave a stirring speech about ideas the audience had never considered before. We had G. M. Berrow do the same, and people were thrilled to hear entirely different ideas, and they could compare on contrast different methods to see what worked for them. We also had Heather Breckel demonstrate her digital colouring methods live on stage, showing people how to get started, what tools were needed, and how basic line-art is brought to life through flats, shading, and lighting. So step up and tell us what you have to show to the community! Chosen applicants will be given a designated time slot in one of our workshop rooms to use as they see fit! Send in your ideas using This Google Form, and we’ll be sorting through them as fast as possible!
  6. The road to BABSCon has been quite an adventure thus far. Looking back at how I made my decision to travel clear across the United States to attend this convention I realize that my participation in this event can be traced to one person: Simon. In a move that would make Flim and Flam proud, Simon needled me relentlessly about going. As early as our second Skype conversation the man was pitching the Con as the second coming of Celestia. I heard of nothing else for a time, and finally I relented. I don't know if it was excitement or fatigue that finally got to me. Relentless Simon is relentless. Eventually, I closed my eyes ... and took the leap. As the months drew on, the anticipation climbed. The guests were being announced steadily one after another. Smooth sailing and a quiet con vacation. Then somepony suggested that we offer up cosplaying as a stretch goal for the 2014 Making Christmas Merrier fundraiser. I still haven't made up my mind if my winning have the song polls wasn't some grand Machiavellian scheme by Simon to humiliate me, but that is what I am going with. So yeah, I was bestowed the privilege to give my best effort of pulling off Rarity (or rather Elusive) for our Poniverse panel. All pieces are assembled and I will be posting a sneak in my next Con Thoughts blog. Since then, my travel arrangements have changed dramatically. Originally this was meant to be a huge family vacation. The wife and the kids were coming. The best laid plans of mice and men, right? I am now flying to San Francisco solo and will be sharing a room with three other staffers. While I was initially saddened by the absence of the two people who were responsible for me becoming a fan to begin with, this change does afford me the opportunity to get to spend more time with the people I have come to consider friends, and actually meet some of you. <3 Stay tuned to this blog for daily thoughts on the con activities and events, my thoughts on cons in general, cosplay goofery, and what have you. I would also follow the Poniverse and MLP Forums on Twitter. @Poniverse and @MLPForums for any staff shenanigans.
  7. A friend and I will be hosting a "Match Game: MLP Edition" panel at Ponyville Ciderfest this weekend, which I am super excited about. BUT, I haven't gotten any reaction for question suggestions when I've posted on the convention's FB page. So, I figured I'd ask in a fourm! If you're not familiar with Match Game, it's a game show from the 70's. Contestants are given a fill-in-the-blank question ("Derpy Hooves was so derpy, when she tried to bake muffins, she baked _____ instead."), which they then need to match their answer to as many of (usually 5-6 at a convention) the panelists as they can. Note, this will be an 18+ panel (so feel free to PM me anything that might not be forum friendly) so it's pretty open. I don't need a lot --just a few to get started and hopefully people who come to the panel will be able to supplement as well. Thanks everypony!
  8. Hey there, everypony! I am preparing for Kumoricon, the anime convention for the Portland, OR area. I have submitted forms to host two different MLP panels (among others). In one of them, my co-panelist and I are planning to do a Family Feud game. Here's the thing; we need surveyers. I have collected 28 from con attendees at Sakuracon, but am still in need of 72 more contacts. I am wanting to send the survey questions to those that agree, which will probably happen in June. Since y'all who are looking at this are on these forums, I believe that I can just PM you the questions. Oh, disclaimer: if you help out with the survey and end up coming to Kumoricon, you can still be a contender for the game. Please let me know if you're interested! Brohoof! /)
  9. Good day fellow Equestrian Literati. The Everfree Northwest Writing Track has run into a problem. We have too many writing panels, workshops, and chillouts to run for just one three-day con. And we don’t want to force people to stay up from dusk till dawn. That’s right, even with running events all day in a dedicated room we could not fit everything in without overlapping the events we want to run, or having our events at awkward times. So we came up with a solution, online pre-con panels. This means that we will stream panels once a month until the con using some of the same panelists that will be attending the convention. The first panel, on Setting, will livestream on Saturday April 26th, 2014 at 7:30 PM Pacific Time on our YouTube Stream channel, EverfreeNWStream. We have a crackerjack team consisting of Pen Stroke, Soundslikeponies, and Piquo Pie. Setting, at its core, is "where the story happens," but establishing a convincing setting is difficult work. Here, we'll discuss how to make a believable world, how to take an existing one and make it your own, how to create a culture, consistency, the fanon/canon divide, and when/how to take a story away from source material without feeling forced. A direct link to the stream will be provided on our social media a short time before the panel goes live. Upcoming pre-con panels will feature, Plot, in May, and in June we will feature, Character. And as always, keep up to date on the latest EFNW news (like the direct link for the panel stream) by visiting our website, liking us on Facebook, and following/talking about us on us on Twitter, tumblr, and of course our fimfiction account and group. See you there, -Piquo Pie
  10. Yep, what were things you remember from BronyCon 2013? Anything awesome? Anything fun? What did you all think of Baltimore? Did you meet any new friends? I live in Baltimore and I was pretty lucky my first Bronycon would be here but I only go to go on Saturday but it was so awesome! But the awesomest memory I have was when I went to the VA panel on Saturday, I got the chance to ask a question and then I made a Pinkie Pie impression I dunno if the impression was good but I felt really happy when everyone started cheering My expression was like this all day
  11. left to right: NASCARFAN160, Artemis, Ice Storm, ~Chaotic Discord~, Apple Bloom (Elvis), Marco23p, Feld0, ~Shadow Wolf~ (Vinyl Blade) Here I am, back in my bedroom, typing up a forum post after 14 hours of back-to-back meetings, working on a bunch of new servers, and trying to remember what this mysterious pastime called "gaming" was while making preparations to head off to university for the first time... other words, it was just another day/night in Feld0's summer vacation. It's taking its sweet time to sink in, but BronyCon 2013 has come to a close. Those precious few days, during which the brony community gathered in Baltimore for the largest FiM convention ever, were an amazing opportunity to connect Poniverse to the rest of the pony world - and for many of our own community members in attendance, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make numerous unforgettable memories. Many of us are quite accustomed to talking to each other online, but let me make this clear: nothing compares to the joy of meeting up face-to-face at a fountain to watch me hunt for outdoor power outlets, while counting down the hours to a presentation that will be broadcast and recorded for the world to see. Six months of work preparing for BronyCon alone, built on nearly two years of service to the MLP Forums community... in some ways, our presence at BronyCon was the culmination of our community's and staff's contributions through all this time. But, with the dawn of Poniverse already upon us, it is only the beginning of something even greater. Anyway... eloquent speech mode off for now. You'll get plenty more of those as all the Poniverse projects come online one-by-one. We, as Poniverse, announced quite a few things at BronyCon, and I'd like to take this opportunity to present a summarized recap of all the important sitely stuff that happened! Onwards! The Last Stand of Harmony Revealed to the World During the Poniverse panel, we screened the first trailer for The Last Stand of Harmony, the brony fandom's first full-length feature film. As the official publisher and distributor of the project, Poniverse is working with Writers in Harmony, the wonderful team behind it, to recruit staff, manage resources, and eventually publish and distribute the finished movie. Development on The Last Stand of Harmony began partway through FiM's first season, and production started in early 2013. You'll be hearing more about this project in the future as it comes together! Beta 2 Revealed, with Release Date Even with just a couple of months into beta,, the pony music hosting site, has already attracted an incredible amount of feedback from supportive users eager to shape the experience and features of what's quickly shaping up to be a really slick site. We revealed Beta 2, laid out its improvements over Beta 1 (the current version of the site), and announced our partnership with Celestia Radio. A live demo of Beta 2 was available at the Poniverse booth, guided by the most enthusiastic Nelson I've ever seen. He was on friggin' fire... Beta 2 will be launched to the public in just a couple of weeks, on August 31! More details on what's new will be posted on the blog in the near future, and now's a great time to leave your wishes for the future of the site in the forum! Equestrian Empire Roleplay opens its doors to canon characters Ice Storm's ambitious new roleplay project, the Equestrian Empire, received a spotlight in the Poniverse panel, and made for a charismatic business card frenzy in BronyCon's LARP room and vendor hall. Applications for canon cast characters officially opened up, and many enthusiasts came to the panel and stopped by at our booth to get a taste of what this project will offer. An awesome side note: the research that Writers in Harmony have made into Equestria's lore for their film has come in pretty handy for the Equestrian Empire as well. Cross-pollination like this is one of the most rewarding parts of working with Poniverse, and there will be lots more of it in the future! Detailed and Explained Speaking of all this stuff going on with a Poniverse logo on it, what exactly is itself? We sought to answer this question during our panel, and you're already experiencing its beginnings with unified logins across the network and centralized account management. The full details could make for a few posts all their own, but at its core, will serve as a hub to the Poniverse projects - or as I called it during the panel, your global pony dashboard. Perhaps more excitingly is the upcoming PoniBar: an on-site bar that will unify key functionality across all of our sites, like private messaging, status updates, notifications, and more. Using the PoniBar, you'll be able to keep up with people and content around the network no matter which part of it you happen to be exploring. Progress Report is currently in the process of being reimagined to turn from a weekly forum event into a vibrant video-sharing community all its own. With a variety of content sources to choose from, including YouTube, Dailymotion, Livestream, and, and more to be added in the future, it's well on its way to becoming a place where anyone can invite their friends and chill out with some great company while enjoying their favourite pony videos. MLP Forums gets a spotlight on the world stage Unlike most of our projects, which are currently in various stages of development, MLP Forums has already been up and running full force for quite a while. We spotlit its beginnings during our panel and highlighted the role it plays in supporting the newer Poniverse projects, as well as our friends at BronyCAN. We have a number of ideas we wish to bring to MLP Forums in the future to take the fan forum experience to the next level, but it's too early to announce any specific details on that just yet. Poniverse donates its banner to BronyCAN's charity auction We're donating the beautiful banner that hung at the Poniverse booth over the weekend to BronyCAN's charity auction. On Sunday, the third and final day of BronyCon, we grabbed a few Sharpies and toured it around the convention centre collecting signatures from everyone we could gather. Among them, you'll find everyone from the GCT regulars, to your beloved forum staff, to Odyssey and The Living Tombstone. Who knows how many more sigs it'll get before the gavel comes down! Here, have a photo of the banner in its current state: left to right: Silver Eagle (Ponyville Live!), Vexx3, Alex_Night, Apple Bloom (Elvis), Artemis, Feld0, NASCARFAN160, Ice Storm, ~Chaotic Discord~, ~Shadow Wolf~ (Vinyl Blade), NewCalamity Poniverse gets Larsonbomb'd You all saw the banner that went up Saturday night. On our way to BronyPalooza after the donors' dinner, we posed for a group photo when... ...suddenly, M.A. Larson! left to right: Jonke, Zoop, Chigens, Luminescence, Lurpy (Lady Rarity Pony), ~Lugia~, NASCARFAN160, WingMcCallister, ILetThePoniesIn, Feld0, Marco23p, Morager, Artemis, ~Chaotic Discord~, M.A. FRIGGIN' LARSON!!, NewCalamity, Nelson LaQuet, Thereisnospoon303, Ice Storm, Vexx3, Apple Bloom (Elvis) Booth registrants get a little gift! left to right: Apple Bloom (Elvis), Nelson LaQuet, Marco23p, Feld0, Obsidian Winter Everyone who stopped by at the Poniverse booth and registered an account (or already had one and just signed in) had their account flagged to signify that they met us at BronyCon 2013. Once Poniverse network profiles launch, everyone whose account has this flag will get a special badge - as part of the much-awaited achievement system - in memory of this occasion. I'd like to take this moment to give a brohoof and kudos of cosmic proportions to Obsidian Winter from the BronyCon team (pictured), who invited us to the convention in the first place and arranged for our entire presence there. She's kind of the reason we went to BronyCon at all, and we look forward to working together in the future ahead! And one more thing... for everyone who visited our booth, I apologize if you encountered any technical difficulties with the registration process or the demo. Unlike most vendors who have physical wares to display and demo, all of our "wares" were online - and thus, we were largely dependent on the obscenely expensive WiFi supplied by the convention centre. Due to a bureaucratic mess completely outside our control, we did not receive the dedicated bandwidth we paid for, leaving us with a flaky, temperamental line to the 'net at the best of times. Fundraiser Conclusion The fundraiser we ran to cover travel and other expenses played a huge role in making Poniverse's presence at BronyCon possible. The final amount raised, before processing fees, was $2150.91 CAD. The proceeds from the fundraiser were instrumental in covering several flights, hundreds of business cards, our power and WiFi bills from BronyCon, various printouts like the banner, and all kinds of other supplies. Even though the final costs ran over the estimated $2000 budget, the money that you, as a community, pooled together was able to cover most of the expenses that came up. Without your support, something Poniverse-related may still have happened at BronyCon, but we likely wouldn't have been in the position to keep firing on all cylinders for those three days and you wouldn't have had any fuel for Feld0 memes... The Poniverse Panel Titled Poniverse: Building a Supercommunity, our panel on Saturday was one of our many highlights from Bronycon. We were lucky enough to get one of the larger halls, which Everfree Network was stationed in to livestream and record from. The official recording from them is on its way, but we have an unofficial one already thanks to Lavoaster! Experience Lord Bababa's comic exhaustion and enjoy the Mountain Dew shenanigans in their full glory right here, right now, from the comfort of your home whenever you want. BronyCon left us all feeling pretty bushed, but it was an unforgettable weekend in Baltimore for all of us. Even though only about 70 of our own forum members were there, the community spirit was in full swing with thousands of fans' collective support. Thank you to everyone who came out and did their part to make BronyCon a blast. Thank you to everyone who tuned in online to the events and shenanigans that transpired. And finally, thank you to every single one of you who has supported MLP Forums and Poniverse as we work to bring fans, projects, and talent together in all-new ways. This little presence at BronyCon may have been the culmination of everything we've accomplished as a community thus far, but it also legitimized the Poniverse network as the beginning of something even greater... ...the brony supercommunity. Stick around, 'cause it's gonna be a fun ride!
  12. Just a heads up for those going to the San Diego Comic-Con. There will be a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic panel. Here's the info: Representatives from Hasbro Studios and The Hub TV Network's My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic share details of the making of the popular animated series and how the "friendship" and "magic" are brought to life. Also includes Q&A time. The room will be the same one as last year: Room 25ABC. Yes, it will be that small(Seriously, does Comic-Con know the power of the Brony?).
  13. So seeing as I recently found out a friend of mine was a brony we have been discussing about buck con 2013 in Manchester this year. Seeing as it's only a 45 min train trip away we have been considering it. However the one problem is that I don't know what goes on at pony conventions, on youtube you see all the zany things and the panels. But apart from that what do you do? This could probably be the same as places like Bronycon so the American folk could probably contribute as well to this with it being relevant to the subject. If you could give me any insight on other things apart from those two things then I would really appreciate it, before you say "just get the tickets and see if you like it", the main reason I am throwing up this post is because it's £55 for the standard ticket and I'm only 16 so I don't have an income. However I have £60 still from Christmas and my friend has around the same amount so it is possible but will loose most of our money from doing so I suppose trying to sell it to me is always a good idea but also if you could be as honest as possible then would be appreciated. Thanks in advance if you do give some details about them.
  14. So I've been working on a comic strip version of the Iron Man 3 Trailer. I'm really excited for the movie and judging by the commercials it's going to be really cool. So here's the first panel, tell me what you think! <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  15. Hey everypony, I wanted to introduce you to a potential project that a friend and I have been planning over the last few months. It's actually two/potentially three sub-projects combined into one, with the focus being on a filming project. (It's a wall of text, but a good wall of text! Trust me on this one!) The short version: 1) We want to take the fandom’s long-pondered upon questions and create a massive, pseudo-interactive filming project by driving around the U.S. and Canada, while recording our guests’ responses to your queries. (“Guests” meaning official MLP staff, community members, etc.) 2) Create a nonprofit that’s registered with the U.S. government in order to let Bronies potentially use their donations to charities as tax write-offs. 3) If there’s suddenly a massive interest in this project (and if people fund it accordingly), we want to design a custom, one-of-a-kind MLP themed Ferrari F430 to become the “flagship” car for MLP. (Yes, you read that correctly.) The long version: The Mane (Main) Project: Q&A panels. They're a unique link between the MLP staff and the fans, and you never know what kind of insane hilarity will ensue once a panel starts. For both thefirebreathes (not currently registered on these forums) and I, we've never had a chance to go to a convention. We've always been too busy to attend, so we've always had to watch everything via YouTube. It suddenly dawned on us that we're not the only ones in this situation - out of the millions of MLP fans, not everyone can make it to a convention. Whether people are tethered down by work/school, if they can't afford to go, or if they're simply too much of a Fluttershy to ask a question, there are plenty of people who would like to join in on the conversation, but don't have the means to do it. So a few months ago I started reaching out to various members of the MLP staff and the MLP fandom, asking if they would join us on camera for what we hope will become the largest psuedo-interactive filming project in the fandom - and we got great responses. The idea: You guys give us 1) the names of people (official show staff, other members of the fandom, etc.) that you've always wanted to talk with, and 2) the questions that you want us to ask them, and we'll drive around the U.S. and Canada on an all-out filming expedition to get their responses. When we're done, we'll use the clips to create either a full length film or a series of shorter YouTube videos centered around our interviews with them. (It doesn’t have to be serious questions either, it could be something as random as “Toilet paper: how should it be oriented?”) Now I can probably guess what your next question will be: Who do you already have planned to join you? And can you guys see if ____________ can join? I'm glad you asked! We're always looking for more people to join us, even if they aren't related to MLP. If it sounds like fun, we'll interview them! The current guest list: Michael Anderson (The composer for all of MLP's background music.) Peter New (Voice of Big Mac) Michelle Creber (Voice of Applebloom) Madeline Peters (Voice of Scootaloo)(*Note: all of the listed voice actors have told us that they would like to join, but they have to get approval from their Hasbro agents before they can actually show up on camera. They’ve all agreed to ask their agents for permission if it looks like the MLP fandom supports this project enough.) Amy Keating Rogers (One of the writers, known for creating the scripts for The Best Night Ever and The Cutie Pox, among others.) Kreoss on DeviantArt (One of the official animators for MLP. I'm not sure whether he would mind us using his real name, so I'm not going to post it for the moment out of respect for his privacy.) Dusty Katt (The "Manliest Brony in the World") Tsitra360 on DeviantArt (Known for his famous pony artwork that has been sold via T-Shirts on The Journey of the Spark crew. (The Journey of the Spark will be the first full length, fan made MLP movie, and it's set to be released in 2015 last I checked. Go check it out if you haven't!) Alkili Amethyst on DeviantArt (Known for her stunning "Stained Glass" pony coins that were a huge success on Kickstarter.) Others who have not yet responded/undecided:We've contacted St. Tabitha Germain (voice of Rarity and Princess Luna), and she told us she would give our proposal a once-over, however we have yet to hear back from her. (We assume she kind of, um, forgot to actually look at it...) We've contacted Quinton Flynn (voice of Axel from Kingdom of Hearts), but he has yet to tell us yes/no. There's a ton of people we could still reach out to: EQD, Everfree Radio, etc. We have a few others as well that we're hoping to contact, but we don't want to go too much further without seeing what you guys think. We won't charge anything for this, as we’d like it to reach as many people as it possibly can. However, we will need to raise start up funds via Kickstarter, in order to acquire suitable cameras/mics, etc. Project 2: A Pony Nonprofit I'll make this section short and sweet: we've seen Brony charity work done before, all out of the kindness of people's hearts. We think it's awesome. We'd like to give people one more reason to donate. Nonprofit's here in the U.S. have a unique attribute attached to them: if they're registered with the U.S. government, any donations that are done through them can potentially be used as tax write offs - meaning that there will also be a very practical reason to donate to charities. It increases donations for the charity fund in question, and gives people an alternative place to send their taxes. It's a win-win all the way around. (*Note: This is also a reason why we'll need to create a Kickstarter page for this project. The legal fees for setting up a nonprofit run at about $3500 initially and there's a yearly insurance fee that has to be covered as well.) Project 3: The Ferrarity By this point you're probably saying: "This sounds great Cloud, but where did you get the name Ferrarity from?" Let me first start by saying this: Although this last section is one of our "sub-projects", this is merely an idea - a "bonus" of sorts if the fandom likes the idea enough. This means that although we'll be raising money to get this project off of the ground, we’ll only be pursuing this if we get a massive amount of support. We noticed that anime franchises usually have advertising that's both fun yet functional, usually in the form of vehichles. For example, the Pokemon franchise has an entire fleet of Boeing 747's with Pokemon stuff plastered all over it. However, My Little Pony has...nothing. No cars, no airplanes, no nothing. I happened to be browsing the web when I came across this image done by Kloudmutt a while back, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Basically, it's Ferrari's "Prancing Pony" logo with Rarity's silhouette superimposed over the top, and renamed a "Ferrarity". I promptly messaged Kloudmutt, and he agreed to let us use the name/design for our project. While there have been numerous video game mods featuring the Ferrarity, we’d like to take a real Ferrari F430, relabel it as a "Ferrarity", repaint it to match Rarity's color scheme, and rebadge it using Kloudmutt's logo. It would the coolest 200 mile per hour pony advertisement on wheels. Even better yet, Kreoss agreed to help us with the concept art, so we have custom Rarity designs made just for the car. So in answer to the earlier question: As this project evolved, our focus changed. However, we've held onto the original name of the project out of the hope that we can someday create a real life MLP-themed Ferrari. Final notes: We'll be driving around the entire U.S. and some of Canada, so if you're a convention owner/head of a meetup group, let us know! We'd love to drop by and film you guys as well! We’re doing this for you guys, so the more of you that join us, the more awesome this will be. Never hesitate to ask a question or suggest an idea. Ever. I will ALWAYS respond to questions, and we will listen to any and all ideas that you guys have - because let's face it: the collective creativity here in the MLP fandom is just plain AWESOME! If all goes well, we’ll be filming everywhere from Washington, California, Maine, and Vancouver B.C. That being said, we’re still not sure whether this is something that the fandom would enjoy – so we're wondering what you guys think! For all of you here on the forums, I don't mind which way you contact me, but if you prefer other meathods of communication: Main email (we all see this): ferrarityproject (at) My contact info (just in case): Email: CloudFyreBrony (at) Skype: CloudFyreBrony We also have the framework of a Tumblog ready, but it hasn’t been used yet: So there you have it. Crazy filming trips, practical charity drives, and pony themed Italian supercars. Would you guys be in favor of this? Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Fire away!
  16. im wearing the brony shirt and i am the panel organizer and my friend alix (long hair) was the brains behind the video and most of the panel.