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Found 4 results

  1. Topic kinda says it. What about ponies like Big Daddy McColt or Svengallop? Any ideas as to what their marks are? Sassy Saddles's cutie mark is never shown on screen, I believe, but AKR said on Twitter it was pins. So fans have been making vectors of her with a pin cutie mark. Any other ponies with hidden marks?
  2. Wow, it's been a really long time since I made another according to MrRiderman, and I think this blog of my is dead. *Checks heart beat* Yep it's dead, does anyone even remember the first entry of this? Oh well guess I'll have to play Dr.Frankenstein, and bring this thing back to life by making long posts that will consume all of my free time. Alright now let's serious here, by the time you read this post I'll be working on another one of these about "Bats!" or "Flight to The Finish". So yeah expect that which will be a toned down version of my old review because I don't feel like going though a entire episode, and commenting on ever little thing in it. It takes a long time to write and I have exams coming up, so yeah I'll try my best fulfill my promises. So now on I'll only be doing those on special events or events I deem special. Finally I won't just focus on reviewing mlp:fim or just cartoons for that matter. It will be on stuff like, well I don't know Blue jeans? Yeah sure why not I don't see anyone else talking about blues jeans, or heck why not red jeans! Why does everyone like the blues and not the reds, why don't most shops have red jeans, is there some sort of plot against them? If so why is there a plot against them, will they take over people legs, and then soon the entire the body!? Oh man I better warn everybody!! Sorry about cutting it sort right here, but I have me some red pants to slay. *Runs off with a sword and shield*
  3. The moment has come. The ultimate showdown of pants. Prepare yourselves, forums. Through this, we will finally know which type of under-body clothing is the best.
  4. I looked through the forums and I didn't find a thread like this, so please let me know if there's already a thread for sewing. Alright, so I love to sew and have been for about 5 years. I make a variety of things, like dresses, skirt, pants, plushies, and home decor. I also have done some cosplays and helped my friends with theirs. Does anyone else sew? I'd love to see what you all have made! Here's a little of what I've done: