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Found 34 results

  1. Well? Do you have it over or under ? I think I prefer it under, even if over means more accessible . It just feels weird to me having the paper hang closer to me...
  2. i was on a camp and i was bored during the only free time they gave us so.. what did i do? i drew some tanks XP the first 2 (an M103 than a tiger 1) where rubbish than i drew a tiger II which was ok... than the jagdtiger which i think i drew best than the maus.. i screwed up the shadow big time but.. meh.. i also feel that i should mention i didn't have any form of reference, its was all off memory XP (ima post other tank drawings down below )
  3. RealityPublishing

    Trying a New Style (Updated)

    Wow, it's been a while since I've started a topic. Anyway, I'm thinking of doing a comic strip and I've created an art style for the project. As of now, I'm playing around with it, but I was hoping for some feedback. Please let me know what you think in the comments. Twilight Sprackle Apple Jackie I still regret inking this one. I'm working on the style with the rest of the Mane 6, but please feel free to give me any feedback (something that isn't, "your inking sucks" or "Get a drawing tablet") "The Quick Trigger" Thanks! -RealityPublishing
  4. Yep... that's right, I'm closing up shop. But have no fear!!! I will be opening a commissions shop after I finish these requests. I feel like it is time for me to move forward in my drive for bigger and better things! This is a good spot, I have developed and grown quite a bit in almost a year that I have been part of the forums. So please, do not post any more requests here, I will have to turn them down or ask you to wait until I get my commissions shop opened up. I will be finishing the requests that have already been made up to this point, those are: reader8363 WhisperingDreams Tech Reel MtnDew88 SoulHarmony Twilight Sparkle :3 power strike Deviousnights Thank you all for the support, if I had not opened this thread, or even my art thread I wouldn't be the artist that I am today. I owe it all to you for keeping me motivated and dedicated to my passion!
  5. Miku Hatsune

    MLP Papercrafts

    I wanted to see everyones opinions on how it turned out! The photo did change the colors a bit, but I digress.
  6. redshell

    Red's fan art

    Hi there so I've got a sketch book I'm not using much so I decided to draw pictures and post them here. Please let me know what you think
  7. CP3_P0n3

    Visual Art Amy Rose Sketch

    I've started to draw recently, I had a hard time to make this look like Amy Rose from Sonic The Hedgehog. This was done with as little reference as possible while sprinkling my own style into it. The body looked like that because I used to practice drawing human anime instead of anthros. I would love to read some opinions. Sorry for the flashies, my phone cam suks
  8. Well, here's my first ever attempt at a serious paper drawing, just so happens that my first drawing attempt was that of a pony It's nothing professional, but I like to think that I did alright... Also tried my hand/mouse at retracing and colouring it in Paint Tool Sai, it's a little shaky. Hoping to improve in the future, but I figured I'd share with you guys my first attempt, heh. The pony I drew isn't really anypony specific, just sorta drew the first thing that came to my mind.
  9. Pencil J. Doodle

    Request Shop Taking Drawing Requests

    So, i really need more motivation to draw my art/cartoons, so i'm taking art requests from you, the public. Here are some examples of my previous work: If you're interested just link (or even just describe) your OC/character and if you want them to be doing anything specifically.
  10. Now, all art starts somewhere right? These are drawings that are gonna be Remastered, once I get around to it. Paper Back Pencil drawings Old Tumblr: *Warning NSFW* DA; Other Art post links With ponies with out ponies
  11. Hey guys. I just took pictures from my notebook to proof that I pay lots of attention to my teachers. You guys know that I am kidding hehe Let's go to the sketches. And tell me which was the best, okay?! And my best in opinion, of course...
  12. I have this amazing Idea for a Gamer Pony OC. Sky Heart ! I need someone who would be willing to help take these ideas and put them into a digital or traditional(sketched) version of this pony ! Her color scheme~(Codes) Her actual main hair color is light brown~ ba6836 Her secondary color (Which is the two strands of hair being pulled back and the bunch of hair in a wrap)~ F9FFA3 Her eye color is just a dark blue (Her eye style looks like Twilight Sparkles) Her body color is a green~ 8BB07D OKAY SO here is what her mane looks likes (Side, Front, Back) In her mane, the two sections that are pinned back will be blonde,(Including the wrapped bunch of hair) She has semi wavy long hair. The wrap color is black. The tail wrap ends with a pokeball attached to it. (The wrap is really just string like, it's not covering the entire section.) The back of her mane is attached with a Legend of Zelda symbol. This is her cutie mark~ Thank you SO MUCH if you do this.. and if you need a photo reference of her colors, just ask ! BUMP
  13. catnet

    Sweetie Belle drawing

    Took me a few weeks to get around to uploading this, mainly because the quality of my snapshots of this weren't entirely up to scratch... not that this is either, I mean... -_- You may be wondering, 'why Sweetie Belle? What about your favourite pony?' and the answer to that is, laziness. She's easier to draw than Fluttershy, and I need easy when I'm just getting back into drawing. If I do another drawing like this, I'm gonna have to forget about adding a background, even if it's just pure black like here- I feel like it's affecting the quality of my photos, but maybe I'm imagining things. :/
  14. Hello guys, I was a bit bored and draw a winged man two weeks ago. After editing it on, it really became cool! Rate it: If you want to know how I draw that good, contact me. It isn't so hard as it appears to be.
  15. TheSupremeLeaderOfChaos

    Request Shop I'll Draw Your OC!

    Hi there! I would like to improve my drawing skill, and shall henceforth take requests for the drawing of OCs! If you'd like me to draw your OC, please leave a reference picture and, if you want, an idea of the pose you would like. I would also be willing to draw characters from the show if you'd like. Here are some examples of my drawings.
  16. Doz2nd

    Humanized Applejack

    Heej everypony, I started drawing a regular female face. Then after a while it kinda started to look like Applejack. What do you think, is it AJ ? "The pencil went through the left eye, which was a first time"
  17. One of my projects that are in the making. The basic model is finished. Edit: His name is Michelangelo, misspelled his name in the topic
  18. I wrote this paper in 2012 for my media studies class. It's a 9 page Word doc I wrote on the study of Bronies as a subculture and as a fan culture. Brony Analysis Paper.docx
  19. Nameless Knight

    Rock, Paper,Scissors,Can,Train

    It is simple You just respond to the object that the person above you post like Me: noob You: Train Me: I like trains kid You: potato Me: foot ECT. like rock paper scissors... just randomer
  20. Linux Distro

    My O.C. (Criticism Needed)

    This is a little thing I did for my avatar-icon-thingy. Please say what you like/don't like so I can improve and learn what works and what doesn't.
  21. Its really simple, and I made it quickly Took 15-25 minutes Its my OC Shining Snow I really don't know why I made this, I just really needed to draw something Some critique? Thank you
  22. Blue Lightning

    Lets Play Paper Mario LP

    So here is my lp of paper mario and the thousand year door so far, for anybody that is interested. I think you might get a good laugh from it, give it a shot. episode 2 should be out shortly
  23. I just thought of a great idea for a video game... It would kind of be like Rock, Paper, Scissors, except with more battling. There would be three classes in this game: The Rock, The Paper, and The Scissors. The Rock class would specialize in defense and health, but would be slow. The Scissors class would specialize in speed and attack, but would be low in defenses. The Paper class would be evened out between the two but would include more strategic tactics. Like the original game, Rock would be weak against paper, Paper would be weak against Scissors, and so on. From there, it would kind of be like Call of Duty with respect to the playing field (Except it would probably be much larger). Weapons could vary between classes, like a Pebble Machine gun for the Rock class or Dual Blades (Which look like each of the two parts of scissors) for the Scissors class. For paper, it would probably include a lot of origami themed attacks. If it wouldn't be like an online combat game, it could also work out to be a kind of iPhone app. It would work exactly like the original rock, paper, scissors game, but with awesome scenes where the winning side demolishes the opposing character. There would be a character to represent the rock, the paper, and the scissors, and they all leap out from behind a little bunker on one side of the playing field. The playing field would consist of two parts: Your side, and the opponent's side. Each having their own special colors to allow people to know which side is which. When both sides have chosen the thing that would supposedly counter their opponent's choice, the character representing each choice would leap out from their bunker to attack, and if one side is victorious, you will see the scene where one of the charater gets demolished by the other character. Game rules can be set as well. You could choose how many times out of whatever number a player would have to win to win an entire match. There shouldn't be any kind of way to determine how skilled a person is in this game, since the mass majority is based on luck. This would also have two game modes: One where you can fight other people online, and another where you can just fight with a computer that randomizes its choice for rock, paper, or scissors. The app would be free in my eyes, since you can do pretty much the same things with anyone on your hands, but with many kinds of micro-transactions that would allow you to buy special kinds of custom items to give your rock, paper, and scissors characters your own special style, along with your half of the playing field. Knowing how people love to mess with that stuff, it might be able to run pretty well off of that. The idea for it to be an app would probably be better than a full-on game, since it is Rock, Paper, Scissors. It would be a good way to pass time. For the full-on game, it wouldn't really be much different from other combat games.
  24. Jonke

    Paper Mario Assemble!

    Wut now? We've so many of them aboard. x) (The eeveelution force is strong... the transformation won't last long.) Members: (Jonke) ~ Vivian @Champion RD92 ~ Bowser (Cota) ~ Bombette (Twiliscael) ~ Koops @Kenny ~ Goombella ~ Hooktail @PoisonClaw ~ Sir Grodus @Mario(Pilot) ~ Mario (Flipturn ?) ~ Admiral Bobbery (Zoop) ~ Lady Bow (Feld0) ~ Yoshi kid (Blue) ~ Count Bleck
  25. Dashabel

    Watercolour Luna

    Credit goes to Adelind for allowing me to use Luna's majestic pose: Here's my water coloured Luna, I think she's kinda pretty. :3 the crinkles were unintentional, I used regular paper and then decided to paint her :/ But you can't see them when she's up on my wall.