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Found 21 results

  1. The subject of ghosts has always been an interesting one for me. Not only because of how others react, feel, or believe/disbelieve in ghosts but also for how encounters or situations can be interpreted differently by thoses people involved. I myself feel the idea of ghosts can be divided into a few groups: that of spirits, as in beings that have never had a body and that more often than not have a negative effect over the living. Then there is the impressions or memory left by those who died, not so much the actual ghost of the deceased but more a strong emotional 'imprint' left behind. Perhaps in more rare situations it may actually be a loved one being allowed to come back to deliver a message or bring comfort. Then, finally, there is the deception of the senses that bring one to believe there's something there when there's not. These I believe can all be true interpretations of ghosts and to their existence. Yet, understandably, it is not always clear or easy to tell what a person is experiencing is one of the above, hence why there is so much disagreement and varying opinions on this subject.
  2. I've heard ghost stories and personal paranormal experiences here, but I'd like to know if anyone here has been on any 'official' Ghost Tours. If you have, where was it? Did you encounter anything ghostly or unexplained? Were there many others on your tour? Why did you go and what did you hope to find? Let's have some details!
  3. As the title says,Do you believe in ghosts/creepy stuff/paranormal activities,And have you encountered it before?
  4. Phasereale

    They are real

    Have you ever experience something that is supposed to be not real, but is real? Well, Ladies and Gentlecolts. I'm gonna tell you a scary and horrifying experience I've been through. Back then, when I was in 4th grade in elementary school. I was living in a church apartment at the time, before I moved into a bigger house. The events started happening one night, when I had to use the restroom before I went to sleep. Half way down the hall of the apartment. I had a instinct to stop before passing the living room area and to turn around. It was not the feeling of being watched, but an instinct somehow kicked in. When I turned around. I saw 2 glowing white eyes peaking out through the door it cracked opened. After, seeing for a split second. It closed the door to the heater room. I next went to go wake up my dad, that sleeping on the couch in the living room and told him what I saw. We went down the hall to the small heater room and when we opened the door. The creature wasn't their anymore. It's like it vanished into thin air in order to get not spotted. After my dad checked. He said that he didn't see anything. I could've sworn I saw something and I seen what I've seen. 3 months later, I had a Spider-Man toy standing on top of my tv. I was watching tv at the time in my bedroom and when I got up. I saw that their was a liquid small water puddle underneath the toy was standing on. The weird part is that it came from his lower half of his body. The good thin is that I've noticed that, because it would've gone through the cracks of the tv. I went to go get my dad about it and he thought that it was odd and weird as well. So, we cleaned up the water puddle and put the Spider-Man toy back in my toy box and never sat it on my tv again. In the summer time, when church ended. I went up stairs to hangout in the apartment, but I've got that instinct again. I stopped on the 2nd flight of stairs leading to my apartment with the door wide opened. Nobody broke in, because we have the bottom staircase locked. So that way any children can't go up stairs. When, I stood their for a second. I heard someone breathing very heavy. The sound of someone getting angry kind of breathing. After hearing the first heavy breathing. I rushed down the stairs so quick. That the breathing got louder and louder, until I hit the bottom and it stopped. I went to one of the church people and told him about it. He then said "that was the angel spirits!". I was like "What?" and I told myself that ( it didn't sound very happy at all. ). A few weeks later. We went to the hospital at night to see our paster, because he was suffering from a heart attack ( He's a big guy in a electric wheelchair ). The very nice last thing he did for before he past away is. He gave us his house for free, which is very nice, kind, and generous of him. So, we packed our things at the church and moved into the paster's house. After that, I didn't have any paranormal problems until later on down the road. I'm glad I moved out of the church and i'm glad I survived a paranormal stealth attack. Moral of the Story: Demons are real, but they rarely make a appearance in our lives. They are to be taken serious and they are very dangerous on many levels. So, it's best to stay away from the paranormal and beyond the contacts of it. The paranormal is no laughing matter. I hope you ladies and gentlecolts enjoyed this scary story I've told. I've got more stories that are non-scary later on. Everypony, have a nice day or night! May your favorite pony visit you in your dreams!
  5. I will probably get panned for this, but in my experiences that I have had, there are some things that I couldn't explain away. By natural I'm a very Vulcan-level individual. For those who don't get the Star Trek reference, I'm very logical-minded. I try to explore every angle of something before I come to a conclusion. And this is a thread for those who have had Paranormal Experiences. My first post will be long, but it is one of my most prominent stories, and it is about Shadow People. For those who do not know what a Shadow person is, visit here: Now, on to the story: About six or seven years ago, when I lived in TN there was a state park not too far from my apartment. I enjoyed going there to hike as well as visit the playground. Now I was in my mid-twenties and I would always go there when the kids were either in school, or it was just before dusk and no one was there. I liked the swing-set, it holds nostalgia for me. So, when I would go, I'd take my headphones and sit on the swings. These were tall swings, not those short squatty things only meant for 6 to 8 year olds. These were tall enough that an adult could comfortably fit in them and swing. I know it sounds childish, but I enjoyed the wind in my hair, listening to my music and it taking me back to as simpler time. I'll repeat that I never went when kids were there, that would just be... weird. Anyway, I enjoyed going there so much that when a friend from KY decided to visit, I took her there. It was just after sundown, and nighttime was my favourite time to be out there. We got to the swing-set and just began chatting it up about our usual nerd things and enjoying ourselves. After being there for about 20 to 30 minutes I notice something walking towards us. It's a silhouette of what appears to be a man of about 5 ft 8 to 6 ft tall. A shadow figure that began to approach us out of the darkness. Now this swing-set is situated about 12 to 15 yards away from one of those "shelters" they call them. Just an overhang roof with four wooden posts with benches and tables underneath them on a concrete platform. Next to it is the public metal/iron BBQ grill that they have set up with a charcoal pit. You know, these are the areas were park goers can throw a kids birthday party, or have a family get together and whatnot. Next to it is a light pole. It is on at this time, as it is dark. My friend at this point begins to get nervous. I tell her to just not acknowledge him and keep talking. At first I was thinking it could be a policeman or a park ranger about to ask us what the hell we were doing out here. Since we weren't doing or carrying anything illegal, it didn't bother me. But watching out of the corner of my eye and talking to my friend to keep her calm, this thing began approaching even closer, and though it's legs were moving in a walking fashion, it was so smooth it almost appeared to be gliding. It was at this point that my gut really began raising the red flags and I suddenly got suspicious. If it was a policeman or a ranger, they would have said something by now because we were certainly within earshot. My friend turns to me again, voice shaking, saying she is getting uncomfortable. I said to keep ignoring them, and that I'd protect her. I assured her about the butterfly knife in my pocket and it seemed to ease her a bit. Then the thing began walking again, and approached the pool of light that the pole was giving off. As it stepped into the circle of light, a pit began to open up in my stomach and my protective nature flared. Nothing on this shadow figure lit up. Even standing under the light, it still remained a black mass, shaped like a man. No features were describable and it was just a pitch black thing. Another odd thing to note is that it stood stock still. There was no rustle of clothes or hair in the wind on this figure, no shifting on the feet, no movement of hands, nothing. Instantly, I made up my mind on the thought that had been nagging me for the past two minutes: Shadow-person.My friend didn't have to say much as she asked me if we could please leave, and I agreed that was a good idea. We slowly stood up and began walking towards the path that made a wide berth around the shelter. Taking this path put the shelter between us and this thing. I made sure to also put myself between it, and my friend. She practically cowered on my side, clutching my arm. I told her to keep talking to me as normal, don't acknowledge it, and keep looking at me, just act as if you're conversing with me. I persuaded her to talk about a show she was very fond of at the time, and it kept her distracted as we walked. Every few moments as we semi-circled around it on this path, I would turn my head only slightly and look to the parking lot as if searching for my car. I used this opportunity to cut my eyes to the side and watch it, to make sure it didn't start following us. What I did notice, was that it's head ever so slowly began to follow us. Like the slow movement of an oscillating fan. It kept up with our pace. I tightened my grip on my butterfly knife in my jacket pocket and we as naturally as possible quickened our pace just enough to where we got back to the car without incident. I realise that a knife would do nothing against a Shadow-person, but it was what made my friend feel better, and it kept me grounded. It never moved towards us, it just stood there, stock still, only it's head turning to follow us. My friend opened the door the moment my car unlocked and she closed it behind her, locked it and gripped the sides of the seat. I slid in nonchalantly, and started the car, put it in reverse, then drove out as per normal. Making no indication that we were running or panicked. Again, I didn't feel whatever that was, was human. It didn't feel human, and I've dealt with the Paranormal before. So, while I didn't feel terribly frightened, my friend was terrified. Besides the very clipped conversation we had about it on the short ride back to the apartment, to my knowledge my friend never spoke of it again to anyone. I have since lost touch with her, as our lives ended up taking us in different directions and I haven't talked to her since. There were two reasons I didn't feel frightened that night. One was that I felt I needed to protect my terrified friend, and secondly, I've dealt with Shadow-people before. I have another, but I will save it for another post. What are everyone's thoughts? And have you or someone you know had a Paranormal experience or encounter? If so, please share! While we will have discussions on what it could or could not have been, please do not make fun of, insult or be condescending to anyone. I am making a place for people to seriously talk about their experiences, emotions and instincts on situations that they have encountered. Extra: If you do have any supernatural type questions, please feel free to contact me! While I am not official recognised by any "official" religious order, I am part of a group of practising Pagans who worship and perform either together or individually. Such as, I was appointed the High Priest of my order and have become a confidant and adviser to my group and general community.
  6. Hello everyone I figured this would be a cool idea to see others paranormal encounters. I will start off our stories with mine. Slenderman/The Operator Encounter So this first story takes place when I was 11 years old and on my summer break. I was hanging out with two of my very close friends over at on of their houses. Well when we got in there, Ashlyn; still my friend to this day, her brother was watching a video. Well her and our friend Michael went upstairs and I stayed down stairs so interested in video. Well it was documentary about Slenderman, and I ended up stilling there watching it for the last 30 minutes of it until my friends pulled me away from the chair I was sitting in. Well they day went on has normal as into could be with my friends and I. It was around 7:00 pm when Michael had to leave, so after he left Ashlyn and I played on the Xbox until 9:00pm. By that time, her father said I needed to end home, so I said my goodbyes and left to the short journey home. I as I walked home in the light of dusk, I was passing by a field that is by my house. I looked up at it as I walked by and noticed a tall figure looking at me. Honestly it could have been my mind playing trick on me, but I swear to this day I saw Slenderman. After is good there for a good 10 seconds I ran as fast as I could home not looking back until I was in the safety of my home. When I got home I went to bed and slept with the covers over my head the whole night. Ghost Encounter This isn't what I saw, but someone who pasted away by a drug overdose of what they saw. The lady's name was Misty, she lived with my family for sometim, becuas she had no where to live along with her daughter Meliee. Well it was on night when my parents had gone out and got Panda Express for everyone. As we eat our dinner, my parents began to talk about the weird things happening around the house. As they talked, I chime directly in that I often heard footsteps above my room in the attic and other strange things I saw in my hous. Well Misty began to tell my parents when she was up on the main floor alone she had saw a little boy in ragged clothing, dark hair, pale skin and blue eyes. I was honestly scared after hearing that Andy even more when my older brother said he had heard a little kid knocking on his door late at night. I later found out from one of my friends she has seen the same boy out side watching her walk over to a friends house. I honestly believe my house and the field that is by my house are haunted. It doesn't help that on Tuesday when I was getting ready for bed, my parents, my other brother's door and mine began to get pound on all at the same time. Then theirs stopped and mine continued for the next 2 minutes. So these are mine main encounters I have. I want to hear yours, @WiccanAssassin
  7. Hi there, everyone. Is anyone else here a fan of this 90s cult classic? I wasn't even born yet when the show premiered, but my dad was a fan from the beginning and his enthusiasm for The X Files has rubbed off on me.
  8. After literally nothing for 2 months, i decided to continue my little marathon of Beyond Belief. This time though, after our season 2 marathon went for too long, i decided to break the season into 2 parts. When the second part comes, i can not tell. Anyway, the marathon starts tomorrow at 7 PM CET or 1 PM EST in the Lamia Pit: See you there.
  9. After having alot of fun with our last Marathon, i thought one month later, we continue to do this again with season 2, of the cult show about paranormal stories. At this point, the show has been taking over, by Star Trek Star Jonathan Frakes. Also, there will be no pony this saturday, so there is nothing that is holding you back. Marathon starts this time at 4 PM CET and 9 AM EST in the Lamia Pit: Come in and watch stories that are just...beyond belief.
  10. Sometime last night, I was in a pm chat with a friend, and I remarked how I always seemed to be in certain threads involving shipping right before/after them. I made the joke the games were rigged, but "in the words of the Great Lightwing: 'I ship it'." Normal conversation resumed at that point, talking a little before they left for bed. I noticed he had visited my profile within 10 minutes of me mentioning him in that private chat. He may have just looked at my profile again due to the thread from a few days ago about admins looking at profile causing paranoia, but that timing is too perfect. I recall a few weeks ago I was thinking of something to waste time with because I was done with all my college work. I decided to log into the forums to my profile page (my general home screen), and then opened another tab to go find an old shipfic I wasn't able to finish reading. At a break in the story, I decided to see if there were notifications for me, and I went back to the forums tab, refreshing my page. Lightwing had looked at my profile just moments before. This was long before made that paranoia thread, and I was posting little at that time, so he had to actively search me out. I think I'm onto something here. Only me and my friend could know of that joke at that time. Nobody else knew I was going to go find a shipfic to read but myself, since I never posted anything about it. Lightwing is now a prime suspect for being at least somewhat mutant, with the power to detect ships, possible ships, and the very thoughts of shipping. Be careful who you message, be careful what you think, and keep your eyes peeled, my friends. A (shipping) monster lurks among us. :okiedokielokie:
  11. This is something i came across just this morning, but something that seems to be going on for a few years now. Spectators from all over the world seem to hear strange noises coming from the sky, which kinda sound like a screeching trumpet. Scientists and experts are baffled, not knowing what the cause of these sounds are. Here is a vid of some occurences of this phenomenon: Some people claim that it has paranormal routes. Some say it's the sound of angel trumpets, warning humanity of the apocalypse. Others say that it's by UFOs, ready to come to earth and some other theories. My friends, i will not lie ,but i am kinda scared. I have no idea what this is, but this sounds like bad news. What do you think of it? Are you not so worried? Do you have an explanation? Or did you even hear it?
  12. So, after I have begun watching Most Haunted on Youtube, it has gotten me thinking about things in my past and recent-ish events. In the past, with an ex girlfriend of mine, we decided to do some amateur 'ghost-hunting' after discovering that there were three distinct areas around my parents' house that at night time, and even during the day, that my dog when going even near them, would whimper and cower, trying to get away from them, which is odd, because he was a Golden Labrador and usually very friendly and happy. So during these 'ghost-hunting' sessions, at the first area where my dog would cower, which was a street near my parents' house, we picked up lots and lots of little white orb The second one which was my high-school oval,. we picked up not so many orbs, but they were larger and brighter ones there. And the third one, which was a small playground near my parents' house, the one where I used to go to go on the swings, smoke a cigarette and think for a while. We picked up only two orbs, but they were massive and bright red. At the time, my ex girlfriend told me that red meant evil, aggressive, which obviously freaked the hell out of me. But come to think of things from my past, what I've read on a site about orbs, I am more inclined to believe that it is: So, sadly as this was about 10 years ago, I no longer have the photos, but the white orbs were small, some even barley visible, but the red ones were rather large. I'd say about the size of a cat's head, maybe half.. How-ever, about two weeks later, I find out my ex-girlfriend had been cheating on me, using me and abusing me all along. She soon leaves me because her dad 'made' her choose between me or her cat, but I think that was a cop-out (though her dad was a right royal b@$$T@RD) it is possible I was being protected and not having evil spirits after me. Another thing, apparently, because I am not cis-gender and not with the sexual norms (I am transgender and panromantic), I am more susceptible to the spirit realm and I am more sensitive to it. So my question is, are there any other believers in the paranormal and spiritual here? Have you had any similar experiences or heard of anything?
  13. I know this will sound crazy, but this is a picture I took after I called out whatever was scratching at my mirror in the middle of the night a few days ago. It was followed by a distorted grunt shortly after I took the picture. It happened three times before, but this was the last time I heard it.
  14. I was talking with my friend @FadedSkies the other night and he introduced me to this cool little show called Martin Mystery It runs out kind of like a Scooby Doo episode in the fact they're usually investigating monsters of some sort. The cool part to me is, though, that unlike Scooby Doo, the monsters aren't some dude in a costume, but they're real. Some of them are even based off of folklore, which I find to be fascinating The characters are also very interesting. There's a lot of bickering between Martin and his step-sister, Diana, and Java is a Caveman who they found on a mission once, as seen in one of the episodes somewhere The animation has a bit of an anime style to it, as well, and even though I don't really like anime in of itself, I really do appreciate how beautiful the animation and the art style is. It also takes place mostly in Canada, but that makes sense because it's a Canadian cartoon meant for Canadian audiences. I find that interesting as well, since all the locations in the show are real places (for the most part.) I love that in a show Lastly, the main characters are from Quebec. Go Habs Yeahh. I've been marathoning it for the past couple of days and I was just wondering if there are any other fans of the show on these forums If you're interested in watching it, you can just find the episodes on YouTube
  15. It was like any other day at Sweet Apple Acres. The sun was high noon, and the clouds were busted clean. Apple Jack was in the middle of her daily bucking when, out of the corner of her eye she spotted an apple laying on the ground. Being alone, and not having bucked the tree that it was under confused Applejack. However, not being one to be startled by such trivial things, she picked up the apple and put it in her basket and went on bucking the tree she was working on. About thirty minutes passed, and the thought of an apple just laying on the ground during harvesting was starting to get to her. So she thought logically. Perhaps it fell due to the tree branch it was on getting too heavy of the weight of other apples, she reasoned that apples fall from trees all the time. Which is why she wondered why this one was perplexing her. It was just an apple after all. Apple Jack decided to examine the apple closely but when she went to get it out of the basket, it was gone. Looking around and still knowing she was alone, the probability of her being pranked was increasing in her steadily growing worried mind. Immediately Pinkie Pie jumped into her head, she loves a good joke. But usually when Pinkie Pie is around there is quite a sense of cake in the air. And today the cake was not there. So then where did the apple go? Putting her head up from the basket, she was astounded to see the apple right in front of it. The odd part was she looked around the entire basket beforehand. Then she thought that Twilight may of been using magic tricks on her to mess with her but quickly dismissed the idea since Twilight would never do that to a true friend. A bit scared with sweat slowly trickling down her neck, Apple Jack decided enough was enough! She immediately got away from the apple, not knowing if it had some arcane dark magic in it. Then she looked at it. For a good couple minutes. Nothing happened. Fluttershy was in the distance singing to her animal friends and Apple Jack heard this. Loving the voice of her friend, she went and turned around and yelled howdy. This scared Fluttershy, and she ran off. Turning her head back, the apple was not gone, but instead broken into a bunch of little apples. The colors were all that of a rainbow and she not only panicked but was completely shocked at this point. They then began to float. Being brave but still quite nervous, Apple Jack decided that since nothing else was making sense that she'd try and talk to the apples. "Uh, Howdy there apples, what uh...types are you?" said Apple Jack. No response. Perhaps a different, more direct approach. "Now listen here you voodoo fruit, I demand to know where you came from and why you interrupted my work day!" Still nothing. A thought crossed her mind. Discord. No one loves being a jerk to others than him, but being in stone jail as a result of too much mischief recently made this theory vanish. The apples then ascended towards the sky and multiplied by the dozens. They started moving in formation and Apple Jack didn't really know what to do at this point so she watched as what was happening continued. After thirty seconds, the floating apples had rearranged themselves into a rainbow formation and started shining like golden cider waterfalls. The sight was beautiful but confusing the same. It was at this point Ponyville noticed the apple rainbow in the sky and gathered around to witness the spectacle. Ponies started asking her questions, of which she knew none of the answers. Twilight and the others showed up with mouths flat dropped. As the glowing started to dim on the apples in the sky, Celestia came to wonder what exactly happened. Not knowing, everyone just stared. They exploded into rainbow firecrackers and make it rain rainbow cider. Pinkie Pie screamed party, and Rainbow Dash just thought it was awesome! Where did the first appear, and how did it all happen? No one knows for sure. To this day it remains a mystery, in the Ponyville lore.
  16. It was a sad, and rainy day in Cerulean City, Misty the youngest of four sisters had died at the young age of 20. Everyone was at her burial, except one Ashley "Ash" Ketchum. He was too far away, and nobody knew if he cared. Misty's ghost stood next to her caskett looking around at everyone who had attended this sad occasion. Her sister's were there, as was Brock crying his eyes out, Lt. Surge was there holding back tears as he saluted Misty, Jesse & James + Meowth were there bawling hard, Sabrina was there as were her 3 ghost pokemon who could see her but were still sad, and even Ash's mom Delia and Professor Oak were there both were supporting each other. Misty didn't understand how or why she had died. "You were still very much a child." Misty looked to her right and saw a middle aged man in a suit holding a pocket watch in his hand and he was looking right at her. "Who are you? How can you see me?" The man put his watch away. "I'm your Reaper, Misty." "Reaper? As in the Grim Reaper?" "I'm not Death, he's a very busy man." The Reaper walked towards Misty. "Your death has Heaven and even Hell both confused. I've been told to give you an offer." "An offer for me?" "Would you like another chance at life?" "Are you serious?" "Yes I am. Death seems to like you. But he will still take your soul when the time comes." "What do I have to do?" "If you say yes. You will be brought back to life on another world. But if you say no. I will take you to Heaven." Misty thought for a moment. "Yes, I accept." The Reaper snapped his fingers. And everything went dark. Misty looked around in the dark. She noticed she could breathe, smell trees, and feel cold air on her body. "Where am I?" Then she heard a car horn honk. Misty turned in time to see a car speeding towards her. "WATCH IT!" Suddenly she was knocked to the side by someone. "Ow, that hurt!" Misty looked up and saw someone standing over her. "You must have a death wish or something." When her eyes adjusted, Misty saw who saved her. It was a boy, her age. With black hair that was shaved at the sides (, he wore a white shirt with big black letters that said "BRONY AND PROUD", a black leather jacket, blue jeans and black shoes. "Um....You realize you're naked, right?" Misty looked down and saw she was naked then quickly covered herself. "DON'T LOOK YOU PERVERT!" The boy pulled off his shirt. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Then she felt the shirt drape over her head. "Here put this on."
  17. So after listening to a paranormal radio show call Darkness Radio, found here! , they wete talking about somthing known as Black Eyed Kids, whoch is Basicaly kids that seem normal in every way except their whole eyes are completly back and people feel the sense of evil or dread by them. More reading on them So I thought it would be cool to make them in the mlp universe. Was kinda suprised after searchibg around I found that no one has made them so I decided to put my bad drawing skills to work and made my conceot for a Black Eyed Foal and here it is
  18. In this post, I will discuss ten of my personal favorites of some of the world's greatest mysteries. Feel free to share your thoughts on them here, or post your own mysteries to share with others. The Voynich Manuscript The Voynich Manuscript is considered to be one of the greatest literary mysteries of all time. It is a book written in a language that no one knows. Experts dated it to the 1400s, during the early Renaissance. Experts have attempted to decipher it using modern computer-based cryptography technology, but so far they have been unable to do so. If I understand correctly, the farthest they have gotten so far is determining that there is probably an order and meaning to the text, and that it is not nonsense. But, the mystery does not stop there. This book, over 200 pages long, contains drawings of unknown plant species, astronomical diagrams and pictures (despite the fact that this was written before the invention of the telescope), and other very bizarre images involving females bathing in what are sometimes strange contraptions. You can download the entire book converted to a PDF file that is 53.6 megabytes. Please note that this book does contain drawings of nude women bathing. However, they are not drawn realistically, and are in an artistic and historical context. Therefore, I do not consider it to be inappropriate, but proceed with discretion. Sounds of Saturn On November 22nd, 2003, NASA picked up an intense and fascinating radio transmission from Saturn. It is similar to transmissions picked up from Earth. Due to that fact, it seems that it is probably not extraterrestrial beings talking, but regardless, it is a fascinating noise. The audio recording was shifted down by a factor of 44, so that it would be within the human range of hearing. You can read more information about it here: You can listen to it here: You can download the audio file by saving that page to your computer. The "Wow!" Signal In 1977, a mind-blowing signal was received by Jerry Ehman, who was working on a SETI project at the Big Ear radio telescope. Big Ear recorded numbers representing how far above background noises a recorded signal went. This was on a scale of 1-10. Mr. Ehman saw something astounding: it recorded a signal so high that it went far beyond the 1-10 scale, and had to print down letters to represent it. The signal's intensity rose and fell over a period of 72 seconds. Mr. Ehman was so astonished, that he wrote "wow!" on the paper that the data was recorded on. The thing is, the source was not from a planet or a star. In fact, it was from deep space. So, the implication is that it came from an extraterrestrial space craft. Other theories have been considered, but if I understand correctly, scientists have yet to find an explanation for what the signal is. As far as I am aware, no repeat signals have been found yet. You can read more about it here: The Taos Hum In Taos, and other places, some people report hearing a constant buzzing noise. However, not everyone can hear it, and if I understand correctly, it has yet to be recorded on an audio device. This has had profoundly negative impacts upon people. For example, tragically, some people in the UK who experienced the phenomenon committed suicide. From what I have read about it, it sounds like a psychological condition. But, I have don't know for sure. You can read more about it here: Aluminum Wedge of Aiud In 1974, a group of workers in Romania discovered three objects buried in the ground: two elephant bones that have been dated as old as 2.5 million years, and an aluminum wedge. The question is, is it a hoax? If not, it implies that either there were previous civilizations on earth that were just as or more advanced than we are, or it ended up there from an extraterrestrial civilization. The Baghdad Battery In ancient Persia, there were primitive batteries that were later discovered. The idea that an ancient civilization would have any level of knowledge of electricity astounds me. The 13 Billion Year Old Star Scientists discovered a star, which they called SDSS J102915 +172927. They believe it to be 13 billion years old. As they believe the universe to be about 13.7 billion years old, it is one of the oldest known stars. What makes it mysterious is that, according to our current understanding of science, its existence is impossible due to the elements it is composed of. The Vanishing Stardust Scientists observed stardust surrounding a star. When they checked up on that solar system later, the stardust had simply disappeared. It did not leave behind any planets, or indicators as to where it had gone. Angel Hair Angel Hair is a rare phenomenon that, as far as I am aware, still currently baffles scientists. It is long, silken strands of thread that rain down on the earth. However, if you touch it, it literally just disappears. There are several speculations as to what this is, but one important thing to note is that sightings of angel hair often go along with UFO sightings. Because of its sensitive nature, it has been difficult to collect and study. Pheonix Lights I am fascinated by UFO/extraterrestrial phenomenon in general, but one of my favorite examples would definitely be the Pheonix Lights: Please note that this is neither an all-inclusive list of all mysteries, nor all mysteries that I am interested in. You can share your thoughts on these here, or share other mysteries.
  19. Just wondering if anyone listens to coast to coast am out there, i work overnights so i listen about everynight. Basicaly just wondering favvorite host, guest or show in general. My favorite host currenty is Ian Punnett and my fav guest is Richard C hoagland mainly cause he's crazy and show is always open lines.
  20. Recently I been reading about this a lot that a lot of people from all over the world have been hearing weird sounds that's been coming from the atmosphere and do not know what could be the cause of this strange event. And I was wondering if any of you guys have heard these weird sounds before and if so how did you react to them.
  21. I was wondering if any one can help me out on this situation I am currently dealing with I am not so sure on what is happening around me but its starting to get a little creepy. It all starts at night time when ever I go to sleep when I am sleeping I always feel like some one is holding my hand and I know I locked my door every time I go to sleep so I don't know what could be causing this. Also at times when I am sleeping I can not move my body when ever I am still it feels like my whole body is paralysis and I cant moved at all after couple of minutes has pass. And also this had happened to me lately but once when I had my body very still and was sleeping I felt my whole body being levitated I got so scared I didn't know what to do I started to move a lot so it could stop and eventually it did. So if any one ever had any of these experience before please let me know what I am currently going through I am kinda nervous and afraid to go to sleep cause of it and I don't know if its paranormal or not.