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Found 6 results

  1. Just curious. I never saw anyone else make a thread like this, and so I have decided to start it off for the heck of it. So, as the title of this thread is, what do you call your parents by? For example: In my case, I call my mom: "Mama" and I call my dad: "Tata". "Tata is how kids would call their dads in the Balkan countries and ethnicities (Serbian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Macedonian, etc.). Vote and post away!
  2. Women are the primary caregiver of children, and they have a maternal instinct that children respond to. And let's be honest here, who would you rather watch and babysit your children, a male or a female? There's a reason why most babysitters and nannies are females.
  3. Even though fathers don't want to admit it, women are usually considered the primary caregiver of children, and are more likely to be closer to them than the father is.
  4. Being an assistant instructor in martial arts and working in a public environment I am afforded more opportunity than I would like to see different parenting styles, attempts, and outcomes. Beyond that, my experience in a teaching/leadership role as an assistant instructor has given me opportunity to even try different teaching styles and methods of gaining obedience without using corporal punishment (though I wholly support parents giving their kids a smack upside the head or a spanking if it is well earned). The end result is that I have more parenting experience than I would like, especially given the fact that I loathe the idea of having my own offspring. I had previously drafted a long-winded explanation on my views of raising children, but I found that through all of it, the greatest message was the importance of communication. When punishing or rewarding your child communicate the reason. I wholeheartedly support corporal punishment, but only where other methods of punishment either fail or where the severity of infraction is great. Rewards as well need be measured out such as to breed a sense of work ethic rather than entitlement. As a parent, your rules need be logical and reasonable, and the reason needs to be told to the child. They will learn more from it, be a little more likely to obey. "Because I said so" is not a good reason. Lead by example, and when your children are observing and learning from you, tell them why you make the decisions you do. Don't hide reality from your children because you think they are too young to understand or too fragile to handle it. As a parent your job is too help them understand and grow so as to not be too fragile. If a pet or relative dies, explain what it means. If your child makes a mistake or fails in some task or goal, don't gloss over it or deny it. Let them understand what it means to fail, but encourage them to always try to succeed. As a parent, know your child's strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes. Encourage them to pursue tirelessly what they love, and encourage them to give up on harmful or fruitless pursuits. If your child asks a question, answer truthfully and to the best of your ability. Encourage curiosity and use it as an opportunity to learn yourself and expand your horizons. Teach critical thinking above all. If you are religious, your children will be exposed to it, but don't try to force it upon them. Allow them to have fun. Childhood is about learning and exploring. They don't need to start down the path to becoming a doctor or lawyer at the age of 5. Let them explore their interest, expose them (along with yourself) to new things. Be a teacher and leader in their lives, don't push off the job and hope others do it for you. Be there with and for your child, and know when to give them space. I have seen parents ignore their kids far too often, especially during the early years. They learn language and how to interact with people first from their parents, so teach them well. Angry Birds can wait. That text message can wait. On that note, the type of language you use around them is the type they learn. There are enough mumbling idiots without an iota of linguistic proficiency, don't make more. Just as children need to be interacted with, they also need room to grow. Don't smother them. Allow them to grow their own circles, have their own adventures, and amass a few scrapes and bruises, so long you are there for them at the end of the day when they need you. Parenting isn't easy, I won't pretend for a second it is. As stated before, the take away from all this is communicating with your child. Just as they are growing, it is an opportunity for the parents to grow as well. I have a certain life philosophy that applies also to parenting, as difficult as it may be to adhere to: Relax; there is no gain from panic. If you feel too stressed or overwhelmed or tired, just pause a moment, catch your breath and focus on how to get things done one step at a time. Remember, your children may just be growing and learning, but they are still people.
  5. After talking about internet restrictions for a particular age demographic here, I think it's fair to say that I'll make a separate discussion on parenting. Given that the majority of users here have parents (Everyone should, honestly), but very few are actually parents themselves, I want you to think long and hard on what it means to be a good parent. I made a small list on what good things parents do: Be a Role Model (Teach kids charity and setup chores) Give Up Vice (No drinking or smoking) Establish order (Show them you keep them safe, set bedtimes, set chores). Explain your rules to them in a neutral manner. Be strict at a younger age, more lenient after 13 (Enforcing healthy habits like eating grapes is better than rewarding with candy which can lead to obesity). If you're too lenient early and then try to enforce rules you'll end up with a rebellious child, which is a disaster. After 13, foster child's independence. You should have taught them about self-control by now, and it's time to teach about online transactions, relationships, make them do their own homework. Be reasonable on discipline. Losing privileges for a week is manageable. Hitting children isn't. Hang out with your kid, do something on days off (like theme parks rides, museums, etc) If your kid has good interests (See MLP), don't stifle it! Keep in mind that your kid can't have the EXACT same interests as you. You can never be too loving to your kid. Basically good parenting fosters empathy, honesty, self-reliance, self-control, kindness, cooperation, and cheerfulness. Benefits include intellectual curiosity, motivation, and the desire to achieve. I had a hard life and was neglected before I was adopted at 6 years old by parents who knew what they were doing. This stuff really did help me avoid the anxiety, depression, eating disorders, anti-social behavior, and drug abuse that comes with bad parenting. Yeah I nagged a lot like the typical child back in the day because of the strict parenting, but I really thank my parents for making me so upbeat nowadays. It'll be interesting to hear from you, assuming that you aren't a parent yet. What do you think makes a good parent? Should a parent be strict at first, and more lenient once a child is a teenager? Is it bad to have too strict parents, or is it equally bad to have too lenient parents? Think about it in an objective way, especially if you're a teenager (Teens tend to dislike their parents the most). And I like to hear from parents too. State that you are one if you're in the discussion.
  6. Now I know there are adults here, and teens and the such like myself. However as long as I've been here I can't say I know of any people off the top of my head who are parents. Or if any are here even. I'm just curious frankly. Since i don't know if there are any at all. But regardless maybe if you are here I'll know your a parent after this thread . There's not much reason besides curiosity for this really, so yeah. Are you a parent? And if you are feel free to talk about whatever pertains to parenting I guess that you feel comfortable discussing. Maybe how parenting is, if you like it, what's the hardest part, how many kids you have, and how old they are. Whatever . I guess if your expecting you can also count that. If your not a parent, well then idk, either ignore the thread or um idk I guess as long as it isn't going to cause any issues talk about whatever without straying the topic to if pigs can fly or something... Again just curious but yeah. Hopefully I don't make this only to feel dumb and get 0 people who are parents posting. Oh well, I tried . Ps. (I am 16 in case anyone doesn't know and is curious. I do plan to be a parent in the future though.)