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Found 7 results

  1. So, I couldn't help it, post your MLP movie Parodies here, or any Parody of MLP. If of course, there's not already a thread for this. Remember, this is just for fun, nothing here is super serious or intended to harm or insult, it's all for fun. Here is my first submission:
  2. Figured I'd make a more broad topic since I do a few simple animations and thought it'd be fun to spread them around.
  3. Soo, are any of those mlp parody series on youtube worth watching? a friend showed me .mov and with my mind i liked it. thanks for you help
  4. Hey just thought I would post some cover and parodies I did and get some feedback from everypony. Definitely would love to try to make a "MLP:FiM" parody I hope you enjoy! "I Knew You We're Trouble (Parody Duet W/ NateWantsToBattle)" "Rent: Minecraft Edition (Parody of 'Rent: School Edition')" "The B*tch of Minecraft (Demo) [Parody of 'The B*tch of Living' from the Musical 'Spring Awakening']" "There's A Fine, Fine Line (From the Broadway Musical 'Avenue Q')"
  5. Hello! My name is River, and I need singers! Well, actually just one singer... You see, I have a SHIT load of song ideas, but I'm not a native English speaker (therfore I have an accent) and my singing generally sucks ASS. So what I need, is your voice, to collab, you don't have to be a good singer, but preferably past voice-cracking. You can contact me on my youtube account (add me as a contact and mention this thing so I know you aren't just a random guy), my skype, peleg_burshtein (yes, that's my real name) or my account. My first idea is either, Ballroom Blitzcrank, as in Blitzcrank from League of Legends and the song Ballroom Blitz, or Siver, the champion Sivir from LoL once agian, and the song Shiver by Coldplay. Now not all the songs are gonna be LoL related, but it's a start. So waddaya say? Ya' got the guts? LET'S DO THIS =D (And if you're having second thoughts, just look at my signature )