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Found 156 results

  1. What do ya think? Weird Al/Cheese Sandwich making a whole album filled with MLP parody songs he writes and sings, including a polka track? :3
  2. I've been working on the railroad All the livelong day I've been working on the railroad Just to pass the time away Can't you hear the whistle blowing Scattering Derpy's muffins in the morn Can't you hear Lyra shouting "Bon Bon, kiss my horn!" Bon Bon won't you kiss Bon Bon won't you kiss Bon Bon won't you kiss her hooooorn? Bon Bon won't you kiss Bon Bon won't you kiss Bon Bon won't you kiss her horn? Octavia's in the house with Vinyl Octavia's in the house I knooooow Octavia's in the house with Vinyl Playin' on the old cello!
  3. OK, staff members tell me how often AM'I suppose to put artworks with the topics let me know ? Because I thought I told you guys why it takes longer to color the pixels on my tablet and was still drawing the art ! So please tell me how to put my drawing on here if they are not finished so I can correct this debate in the future thank you!
  4. Hi, I've been trying for a while to improve on this drawing. It's supposed to be a parody of that one scene from Marvel's Black Panther but with two of my favorite BG ponies as T'Challa and Nakia XD I'd like to know if you think there's any aspect of this that can improve? I'm specifically most concerned with the background details (like the cars), the foreground interior, body proportions and especially lighting (seriously, it's pretty hard to draw reflections on a metallic car). Also do you think this could use some blur or motion lines to give a sense of speed? Thanks!
  5. LOL, I've finally made something that I thought was worth posting. Well, This is what I thought of I saw that the upcoming MLP episode was called What Lies Beneath. It seemed fitting considering how some of the some of the past episodes of them together have gone. It turned out better than I thought it would too. All I had access to at the moment was a laptop with a touch pad. I haven't seen the episode, so I don't know what it's really about. Here's what the real movie cover looks like.
  6. Hello, hope everypony likes the kickass ponified Metallica lyrics !
  7. Mesme convinces AJ, that it wouldn't hurt to just relax and eat one apple from her trees. At first, AJ wasn't sure, but the very stubborn pony soon felt deeply relaxed by Mesmes eyes, thinking that his idea dosen't sound so bad, making her smile a bit.
  8. When I learned that the makers of FiM actually did research on real-life horse body language while putting the show together, I got curious about how real horses think. So I put in "how do horses think?" into youtube, and found a channel called ThinkLikeAHorse, which contains horsemanship advice and demonstration videos from a former police officer named Rick Gore. The commentary from one of his videos went really well with some footage of Twilight getting soaked in previous seasons, so I put together this youtube video combining slightly-edited audio from Rick's vid (used by permission) and MLP footage, mostly of Twilight from seasons 1 through 3---please let me know what you think! If people like this, I might make a sequel or two, like "Rick Gore Treats a Unicorn With Founder" or "Rick Gore Corrects a Disrespectful Pegasus"
  9. God, this thing is old. I'm surprised I've remembered this at all. It's in spanish, but I don't think you'll mind english subs. Have fun
  10. When I saw this clip in "A Flurry of Emotions", I just had to do that It's simply one of those clips which looks much more funny when you play it backwards So I edited it in KDEnlive and here's the result: Looks like Amethyst Star has some unusual food preferences Sorry that there's no audio, from some reasons it disappeared after reversing it in KDEnlive "\_(*_*)_/" But maybe it's better that way? It makes it less obvious that the video has been reversed. Nevertheless, I'll try to find some other audio clip later which would fit the scene. Or maybe you have some suggestions? :J
  11. As night fell over Equestria, the flaming heart of love continued to burn brightly above the cold and dark cave where the six ponies who founded Equestria were sheltered. Luna could sense the restoration of love throughout the land, which made her tear up. "Indeed this is...a holy night..." She said to herself. The love emitted from the flaming heart brought forth a sweet angelic Melody. Then...Luna...the Princess of the night...felt it deep within her heart...a glorious song rising from the depths...filled with joy, love and peace... Oh Holy Night The stars are brightly shining It is the night that love hath conquered all Long lay the land In hate and disharmony Til they the three Found it all in their hearts A force burst forth in glory and power The magic rose from hearts of unity Sing! Sing it loud! Love has conquered all! Oh night, divine Oh night, when love burst forth Oh night divine! Oh night divine. Change shall it bring To bring the world together In harmony, every kind, form and beast Oh love come forth Teach us to drop all boundaries With open arms accept Others for who they are Hate will not win! With hearts full of purity For where there's friends Love lives abundantly! Hate has no place The heart cannot be quenched! The power of love! Oh the power, it conquers all The power, of love! It conquers all, it conquers all! Sing! Sing it loud! Love has conquered all! Oh night, divine Oh night, when love burst forth Oh night divine! Oh night divine. And it was that night...that holy night...when Luna stated, no matter the aches, no matter the matter how dark a heart greatest...will...conquer all. Song used: Oh Holy Night
  12. Hey, guys, I just posted my most recent story: Ponies Protecting Ponies. The premise is pretty simple: a select few background characters are members of a secret organization acting behind-the-scenes, and this story explores their involvment with Nightmare Moon's return in the first two episodes. Originally I was going to do an episode-like format with each chapter parodying a different episode from the show, but just after writing up the first two I had around thirty thousand words, and I realized that I had something much bigger on my hands. I may still treat this like a pilot or a movie that spawns a TV series kind of thing, but I'm waiting to see how reception goes first. So far I've only got the first chapter up, but the next (and much larger) chapter should be out before too long. If you want more information on what this story is about and the concept behind it, feel free to check out my blog page about it; bit of a long read though. Hope you all enjoy!
  13. Not related to the famous fanfiction. Featuring the talents of: Silver Quill AnimeChristy Lightning bliss Keychi FNGR Tricky Fox Toonkriticy2k Sweetie Bloom Pristine Golden Fox And MangaKamen... duh...
  14. So, years ago, right when the episode Luna Eclipsed first aired, I wrote a parody of the song Going Through the Motions from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical episode "Once More, With Feeling" (youtube, in case you aren't familiar with it) which briefly chronicles Luna becoming Nightmare Moon. A few months back I dug it up and updated it a bit. Thought I would finally post it somewhere. There are two versions: one plain text (inside the spoiler tag) and one "slideshow" made from episode screencaps (which I've uploaded to Flickr). Feel free to peruse either/both. This is a pretty silly little thing, but I like it, and maybe some of you will too.
  15. Welcome to New Harmony, the trees are whispering, reality is braking. Hello, This is a new project I am starting, Based on the ever popular, Welcome to Night vale podcast on the interwebs, more info on it found HERE This is like the top of the hour news reports on the radio, it covers the small city of New Harmony, Equestria, a Perfectly normal town, each podcast is around 3 to 5 minutes handling a number of quirky stories about things around the town. but I can't do this alone....well....I can, But your help will loved, Below it a link to a story submission, you can live a story idea, and ads. Also, looking for a co-writer,if your interested hit me up
  16. Another animation MLP YT : Video :
  17. A funny parody movie poster I made. Took about an hour to make, I'm starting to really enjoy photoshop! CHICKEN THE MOVIE --Coming soon too Ponyville Theaters-- Starring. Scootaloo as Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle as Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom as Apple Bloom, and Babs Seed as Babs Seed.
  18. This was one of my favorite photoshops to do, I did it while streaming on Twitch as well! It's a parody of Abbey Road by the Beatles. Since there's only 4 main beatles in the actual picture, I put Applejack and Fluttershy in the background. *Note I am aware there is already one quite like this, but if you compare the two there are many differences* [EDIT] Fixed the shadows directly underneathe the ponies, had some weird outlines
  19. This is one of my favorite photoshop projects I've ever done. It features Lyra sitting on a bench with pinkie around the corner. I also put two fake advertisements in the frames (The "Chicken The Movie" poster is mine. There are also a few easter eggs hidden around the photo, can you spot them all? Anyways, here's the before and after: BEFORE: AFTER:
  20. I have a parody idea for Saturday night fever, **drum roll** Brony Night Fever, its unfinished but here's a start of the sketch and it will look better once I get used to drawing ponies, and disco balls. Disco Inferno!!! I also want opinions to make it better, (I'm into Disco) P.S I'm not the best drawer, at all....
  21. Pandora radio is great. I thought it would be nice to see what you guys are listening to, and maybe to create a place for folks to find new stations to listen to. Share your favorite Pandora station here and I'll check it out. Right now, my favorite station is The Clash radio. It's got a bunch of great stuff including The Clash (obviously), David Bowie, Elvis Costello, Sex Pistols, Violent Femmes, The Who, The Cure, and even more. All bands I love.
  22. Foreword: This is a dumb parody. I started writing this for no reason one day and may or may not continue it. Points for every reference you can point out and identify! Be warned, some of them are subtle or inside jokes. Others even I may not know what the reference is. Finally, none of this is meant to be offensive. --- Once upon a time, there was a land called Eckstra. Eckstra was ruled by the two Princesses, Celsius and Loni. Princess Celsius raised the sun in the morning and any other time she wanted, while Princess Loni held the moon up sometimes. But one day, Princess Loni became jealous of Princess Celsius. Many ponies raised their hooves in praise when the sun rose, and then said "Well, what is it?" and fell asleep when Loni showed them the moon. Princess Loni tried to bring eternal darkness to the land of Eckstra, but Princess Celsius banished her to the moon with the power of the Elements of Flarmony. Princess Loni became known as Nightflare Doom, and it is written: only after 1000 years can she return to Eckstra. Twite Sperk gasped as she read the last passage in the story. "Spoke!" She cried. "Wat," came the reply. "Nightflare Doom is coming back!" "K," said Spoke. "Take a letter, Spoke. Dear Princess Celsius, Did you know that Nightflare Doom is coming back? Love, Twite Sperk." Spoke wrote the letter and then breathed fire on it. It burned up. Soon enough he burped out the Princess's reply. He read it aloud. "Dear Pesky Plumbers, The Koopalings and I have taken over the Mushroom Kingdom!" "What!?" Twite Sperk exclaimed. "That can't be right!" "P.S.," Spoke continued. "Nightflare Doom got nothin' on me. Quit reading and go make sure the party in Onpyville is ready." Twite Sperk sighed and headed for the choo-choo station. "Choo-choo!" called the choo-choo. Soon enough the choo-choo arrived in Onpyville. "Where's the party?" asked Spoke. "PARTY!?" Cried a pink onpy. She suddenly gasped and ran away when she spotted Twite Sperk. "We'd better go find the food cooker. I be hongry," stated Twite Sperk. Spoke agreed. They came upon Sweaty Apple Farms where a massive gathering of onpies was occurring. "What's going on here?" Demanded Twite Sperk. "Welcome to Applefest 2010!" Called an orange onpy with a heavy southern accent. "Are you Uppelack?" Asked Twite Sperk. The orange pony nodded her head violently, flinging her yellow mane all over the place and launching her hat at Spoke. "Uh huh! That's me!" Spoke tossed the hat back at the onpy and it landed perfectly on her head. "And you make food?" He asked. "Uh huh!" Suddenly, a little yellow onpy showed up at Twite Sperk's feet. "Please try my food," she begged. "Fine," Twite Sperk sighed and all the onpies gathered around cheered. Twite Sperk ate all the apple pies, apple fwittoes, and Apple iPhones until she couldn't eat anymore. "Kthxbye," She burped as she ran away from the farm. Soon Twite and Spoke came across a flock of birds performing onstage. Twite snuck up behind the director and said "yo!" The director, a yellow onpy with pink hair covering her face, yelped and hid her face. "Who are you?" Twite Sperk asked. "I'm Floo..." The pegasus onpy replied quietly. "Wat," said Twite Sperk. "Floosh..." The pegasus onpy stuck her face in the dirt at her hooves. Spoke poked her leg. "You alive?" Suddenly, the yellow onpy pulled her head out and smiled. "Dragon! Whassup?" "Nothin', gurl. You teaching these birds how to make music?" "Yeah, I'm Flooshie. Hey Spoke, what's your name again? Never mind. See ya!" Twite Sperk walked away confused. "How did she know your name?" "Don't worry about it. Look, a unicorn!" To be continued...?