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Found 5 results

  1. In the Sombraverse in part one, I saw something that reminded me of something else. Take a look at Rainbow Dash here notice her scar and metal wing. all I saw during that scene was Jet from Cowboy Bebop. This was just me. i don't know if this was intentional or not, but I thought it was a cool similarity none-the-less.
  2. I've been thinking a lot about what i could write about for a while and it ht me! i could write about my Top Ten Jojo characters as i watch the anime and read the manga so i hope i do the series justice and i hope that you enjoy it! 1. Jonathan Joestar Jonathan Joestar is the first protagonist of the Jojo series yet is one of the least known about protagonists and is often over shadowed by the later protagonists but he at his moment is my number one Jojo and is my favorite in the whole franchise. One of Jonathan's biggest quality's is that he always strives to be a gentleman and he always does things to help others and is one of the nicest people in the whole franchise and is described as such by other characters who knew him and he is the legacy that follows the whole series reminding others of his strength and kindness to others and doing what needs to be done even if it risks his life. Over all Jonathan Joestar is a my number one Jojo character but this doesn't mean that i like any of the other top ten any less then him but he holds a special place in my heart and he helps me though some of the hard times i've had and he reminds me that if you try your hardest you can succeed! So until next time!
  3. Well, hello. Since im noticed im being a little inactive at the time, because of work and such, i came to the idea to write a blog which will hopefully not be deleted as my older blog on creepypastewiki, who i wrote about my tumblr page as a curse.And my blog entries was about my journey to discover the truths about it.The reason while the Blog was deleted was because : Blogical... i dont even know what that means Well so im starting to post my internetlife a little bit more and maybe someone would find it even interesting All started as i got my first little Laptop, an Acer. The first internetpages i was going was sites about Videogames because that was the only thing i could really talk about.I was searching for Games like Obscure or Silent Hill to help people that had problems with the Puzzles in the games After a little search, i found many Forums that had only one game to talk about but mostly of these sites were empty or inactive for years.I couldnt even register since almost all of the sites, you had to be accepted by an Admin to make posts.And because many sites were dead, it was very difficult. I have posted in some Random Forums short posts about saying hello to people, and posted welcome treads to people or answered them even though the users had registered years before me I never got an answer, so i was sad and bored.In some Forums i have started to spam users with " please come back " posts And i was telling them that they forums were something special and i would really love to talk to them since the big forums had to much users for me. Some answered me back with thanks, that i was still posting in their inactive forums but they said i should better leave and search for a more active and bigger forum and never was a forum really active again. I was even more bored and angry about the fact, that every forum i loved was dead or inactive.So i began to make posts...a lot of posts...i mean really an awful lot of posts And not everyone was really useful I had posted many fakeaccounts, created many discussion treads with me discussion with myself about how shitty some of my other fakeaccounts were or about how shitty the forums were. Many of the Forums was going from zero posts to 120 Posts and 30 treads, all with starring me in self created discussions about self created topics and themes. The site i was using most was Foren-City, since the site was really good to find such inactive little forums. I began to spam immense and was eventually banned at some sites.But since the forums were dead anyway I also got some confusing reactions from some admins about how crazy i was and they asked if i had no life, since i wasnt even really trolling anyone I didnt even cared that much, since it was fun to create posts and write discussion treads. I was even going so far, that i have posted in forums that were privat and had insulted ( well, more spamming than insulting ) other users and trolled them to get banned or to cause as much trouble as possible. But since the sites were pretty dead and lonely i began searching for some bigger and much more active forums...but that is for part 2 ( sry for bad english and keep in mind that i was 11 i think when my internet life started, so i was very young and feel sorry for that today ) ( My entry image was made by masemj on deviant art called nervous fluttershy : )
  4. For those that haven't noticed I have made a roleplay called, well "My little Pony: Equestria Divided, and this is just me telling the story in a clearer fashion. Also just so you know this takes place in a different timeline as the show. So lets get started shall we. Part 1: Before the war In the year 999 A.B (After banishment) Equestria was in a state of peace. Ponies from all over Equestria would come to see the Sun Celebration in Ponyville. Celestia had sent her student, Twilight Sparkle, to look of the preparations for the celebration. Everything was going perfectly, but on the day of the celebration, Celestia had went missing. Nightmare Moon had returned and planned to bring ever lasting night. She retreated to the Everfree forest. A small group of 6 mares followed her. Nightmare moon did all she could to slow them down but they made it to the castle of the two sisters. After the small group found the elements of harmony, Nightmare moon struck. She defeated the mares before they could try and use the elements of harmony against her. Celestia escaped from where Nightmare moon had imprisoned her. She had a army of 250 Equestrian soldiers go into the Everfree forest and capture Nightmare Moon. She saw this coming and had already recruited over 400 ponies to her cause. The Equestrian forces were easily defeated by the Lunar forces. Nightmare Moon used the small group of soldiers to capture all the towns around the Everfree forest. Soon she had a army 2000 strong. She seceded from Equestria, she called the new nation The New Lunar Republic (NLR). Nightmare moon returned to being Luna but she was not reformed. Luna's army was ever growing and her forces soon grew to 3000 strong. Princess Celestia noticed this growth in her army and signed a deceleration of war. The great nation of Equestria broke into two, the NLR and the Celestial Empire. Part 2: Early battles in the Equestrian Civil War, coming soon
  5. Ok maybe i'm just the biggest sap in the world, but did anyone else cry during Twilight's song about her BBBFF?