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Found 10 results

  1. My favourite parts are mane tail and eyes.
  2. Gasp! Dear Celestia, what have I done? I have destroyed the fabric of reality! I have doomed the world to complete and total fallout. I..... forgot to write a blog yesterday! EVERYBODY PANIC! No, Im just kidding. Im sure you didnt miss my blog THAT much. But hey, its the thought that counts. Hello, Everypony! And welcome back to the Juggerpony Blog! I am your host, the Juggerpony. And today, we are doing to be going to back and continuing an older post I made about a week ago. That post would be "Defending Kind Sombra". In the post, I basically defended a normally hated villain, and argued as to why he was great. THis villain is none other than the infamous Crystal Tyrant and Lord of Shadows himself, King Sombra. Now, must tell everyone that, since the new Fiendship is Magic is considered non-canon, it will NOT be included in this review, unfortunatley. I read it, and loved it. Still, it is not canon ;( When we last left off We were discussing how Sombra had left a lasting impression on the Crystal Ponies. Still in the first part of the actual Crystal Empire Empire. In this blog, we will be talking about his dark magic, and his final invasion of the Crystal Empire! Ok, so lets skip a little ways into the episode, when we come across Sombras Throne room. This is the scene where twilight uses a spell fueled by hatred and rage to find a secret door. Now, a lot of people have referred to the Hatred spell as "Sombra Magic". If this is the case, than this also shows that Sombra was not just a creature of fear and malice, but also one of hatred and anger, which would also explain his cruel treatment to his subjects. But then there is the door. The door that is opened by the same spell, and reveals your darkest fears. For Twilight, that was rejection from her mentor, Celestia. And for Spike, it is Twilight rejecting him. It makes me wonder, though, what Sombras secret fear is. For a pony known as the Lord of Shadows, and the Tyrant of Fear. What would be his greatest fear? Man, I could answer a lot of these questions if the comic book was canon. Darn you, canon! You are ruining my blog! After Twilight conquers Sombras second greatest weapon (Stairs), she finds the Crystal heart. The Crystal Heart is known to be the instrument that, as said in my first blog, brings light and happiness to the land of Equestria. Sombra, to maintain control of the Empire, hid the heart to where no one could find it. And this is sort of where Sombras villainy shines. He has a Back-up plan. He thoroughly thought his plan out, making sure to get rid of the one thing he knew could end him, and hiding it to where not even Celestia and Luna could find it. But then, he had a back-up plan to his back-up plan. His second back up plan was that if anyone found the crystal heart, an alarm would go off, allowing the dark crystals back into the Crystal Empire, Love shield or not. And I find it interesting that if at least one Dark crystal is within the Empire, Sombra can still control it from the outside. This back-up plan almost gave him complete re-control of the Empire. If it wasnt for Twilights quick thinking, and Spikes bravery, Sombra would once again be the Crystal Tyrant. Guys, this villain is great. That is really all that needs to be said about him. Yes, he looks like an OC at the beginning, and yes, he looks like the cloud monster from Lost. But he is still a great villain. WHile not my first favorite (That honor goes to Tirek) he is still one of my favorites. Well guys, thank you for tuning in. I am so sorry for the lack of blogs, but I have been busy lately with school. i will not be able to bost a blog tomorrow, but I will be tuning in to watch Big Hero 6 tonight! So come on down to the Equestria TV area, and we can watch it together! Great Disney Movie. #StarWars7 Juggerpony out! Previous Blogs: Starlight Glimmer thoughts Season 5 Opener Review! Does the Shipping Community Destroy Lives? Controversy Talks: Bridle Gossip Defending King Sombra
  3. Well, hello. Since im noticed im being a little inactive at the time, because of work and such, i came to the idea to write a blog which will hopefully not be deleted as my older blog on creepypastewiki, who i wrote about my tumblr page as a curse.And my blog entries was about my journey to discover the truths about it.The reason while the Blog was deleted was because : Blogical... i dont even know what that means Well so im starting to post my internetlife a little bit more and maybe someone would find it even interesting All started as i got my first little Laptop, an Acer. The first internetpages i was going was sites about Videogames because that was the only thing i could really talk about.I was searching for Games like Obscure or Silent Hill to help people that had problems with the Puzzles in the games After a little search, i found many Forums that had only one game to talk about but mostly of these sites were empty or inactive for years.I couldnt even register since almost all of the sites, you had to be accepted by an Admin to make posts.And because many sites were dead, it was very difficult. I have posted in some Random Forums short posts about saying hello to people, and posted welcome treads to people or answered them even though the users had registered years before me I never got an answer, so i was sad and bored.In some Forums i have started to spam users with " please come back " posts And i was telling them that they forums were something special and i would really love to talk to them since the big forums had to much users for me. Some answered me back with thanks, that i was still posting in their inactive forums but they said i should better leave and search for a more active and bigger forum and never was a forum really active again. I was even more bored and angry about the fact, that every forum i loved was dead or inactive.So i began to make posts...a lot of posts...i mean really an awful lot of posts And not everyone was really useful I had posted many fakeaccounts, created many discussion treads with me discussion with myself about how shitty some of my other fakeaccounts were or about how shitty the forums were. Many of the Forums was going from zero posts to 120 Posts and 30 treads, all with starring me in self created discussions about self created topics and themes. The site i was using most was Foren-City, since the site was really good to find such inactive little forums. I began to spam immense and was eventually banned at some sites.But since the forums were dead anyway I also got some confusing reactions from some admins about how crazy i was and they asked if i had no life, since i wasnt even really trolling anyone I didnt even cared that much, since it was fun to create posts and write discussion treads. I was even going so far, that i have posted in forums that were privat and had insulted ( well, more spamming than insulting ) other users and trolled them to get banned or to cause as much trouble as possible. But since the sites were pretty dead and lonely i began searching for some bigger and much more active forums...but that is for part 2 ( sry for bad english and keep in mind that i was 11 i think when my internet life started, so i was very young and feel sorry for that today ) ( My entry image was made by masemj on deviant art called nervous fluttershy : )
  4. I had Amelia come into my life at a very turbulent time. Amelia was everything I had ever wanted in a woman. I had found myself enchanted, stricken by her. I knew she had to be mine, but you see, Amelia only deserved the best. I am no barbarian, I am a gentleman. I had to find something to seal our love. Something wonderful, something beautiful, something pure. Some place we could be together forever. I thought I had found the perfect solution. I found a large cabin for sale partway up the Galdhai mountain. It was perfect. All the room we'd ever know, and more. A nice beautiful location, far away from city life. When I first stepped into the front gate, I felt like this was a place where me and Amelia could truly be happy. I knew that she would be mine. I walked inside, and acknowledged the masterfully crafted handmade furniture already in the home. There were two doors on the opposite side of the room from the entrance, one led to the workshop and one led to the basement. I headed into the workshop. Amelia must be mine. ___________________________________________________________________________ Many years later... Jessica and I walked up the rocky slope of the mountain. Galdhai, as they called it. I walked slowly, waiting up for Jessica. After all, this was supposed to be a vacation, I was going to enjoy it. We had to save up a while to save enough money to go to Norway, but from how beautiful the scenery has been thusfar, it is safe to assume that it is well worth it. We came up on a relatively large flat plain after a while, a seemingly out-of-place dip in the mountain. All around us were trees and grass here. This place literally seemed to be some kind of grotto. I was day dreaming, out-of-it while looking at the beautiful trees. "Over here, Jacob!" Jessica yelled to me. Her soft voice made me jump, as I had been lost deep in thought. I followed after her voice, moving between the trees, until I saw what she had found. We had stumbled upon a dilapidated house. The home still retained some beauty, however, in it's serenity. It was clear that nature had begun reclaiming this home, as the trees bent inwards and the leaves brushed against the shuttered-roof of this now long abandoned home. The house appeared to have three floors, with a balcony in front, on the third floor. It was standard in cabin shape. A few yards in front of the front door, there was a statue of a woman weeping. The hands were covering the face, so if this statue was meant to be anybody in particular, I had no way to tell. The place was honestly starting to creep me out a little bit. I walked up to Jessica, putting my hand on her shoulder. "We should really get out of here, we won't make it to the mountain's summit on schedule if we stick around here too long." I said. As if in response to my words, the sky darkened, and heavy snow began to fall. This turn of events meant that getting back to camp would not be an option and advancing further up the mountain would almost certainly yield nothing but death. We had no choice but to enter the house. "I'll go in first." I said, putting one hand on the door knob and twisting it slowly, pulling the door open. A strange cold breeze blew into my face. It was already cold outside, but this breeze was difference. It wasn't just something cold, it was more than that. I took out my flashlight and turned it on, walking inside, Jessica following closely behind me. Once inside, I was relieved, it appeared to be a simple home. Although abandoned and in questionable condition, the sense of dread the breeze had given me had faded away. I looked around the room. Inside was a table, with four chairs, one chair turned over, a fireplace, and two doors side-by-side on the opposite side of the room from the exit. Old wooden shelves lined the walls, some were falling apart with age. I approached the fireplace. It was lit, and it's warmth was comforting. I had Jessica sit down next to it. I knew that she definitely needed some time to warm up, I decided I must as well explore until the storm lets up. I tried the first door, it was positioned left of the other door. I tried to open it, but it would not budge. Looking around it, I noticed that there was a dusty sign above the door. I wiped off the dust and looked at it once more. It read "Workshop", although some of the lettering had faded. I decided to try the other door. It had a sign reading basement above it. I figured maybe I could find some fire wood or something else to keep occupied until the storm stops. I walked down the steps, with each step I took, the creaking seemed louder. I knew that this was just me being paranoid, so I pressed forward. Once at the bottom of the staircase, I could see that the room only really had one thing of interest. In the middle of the room there was an ax. I reached out my hand and grabbed the handle, the handle was cold like ice. Suddenly the room started shaking, lights flickering. It felt like a high-magnitude earthquake. Bookcases and tables were flipping over. I collapsed onto the ground, and everything went black.
  5. This is my newest drawing. Its a new oc for a friend of mine who's gonna join the forums soon. He wanted him tough and badass loking, so I gave him giant hellboy-like hands and an axe. I know its not my best, but I still want your opinions positive or negative. Once again, excuse the crappy photo. Ps. He doesn't have a name yet, so suggestions would be nice
  6. For a while I have been hearing people say that, Keep Calm and Flutter on and Magical Mystery Cure would be better if they were a 2 parter episode, but no one has given a description or told how it could be a two parter. So how would you make it a 2 parter? If you had to make to make Keep Calm and Flutter on and Magical Mystery Cure into a 2 parter episode how would you do it? What would you change, what would the story be? Don't just say a 2 parter would be better and end with that. Explain how it would have been better. If you ask me Keep Calm and Flutter on, it just fine. They told the story they wanted and got the message across. 2 parter would be a waste. Maybe if it was a group episode and not a Fluttershy episode, but still that is what we got. Same with Magical Mystery Cure. I don't think we need a 2 parter episode to resolve the problem. It might have turned into a more of a complicated story and the message would have been odd. Beside Crystal empire was a 2 parter episode and not a lot of people don't like that episode and they had plenty of time to tell a good story, but in the end it was not that great. So that is what I think, what do you all think?
  7. Since I didn't have room on the last Poll for all the background ponies I wanted to include, I decided to make a sequel post. I am curious to see what you all think about this, If ponyville were to have a city-wide argument over Cupcakes and Muffins, which ponies would be on which side? Derpy and Pinkie Pie are already very well established, odviously, but what about the others? (PS. your vote will be very helpful in the development of a FanFic I am working on.) (PPS. Please, Please PLEASE don't just Pick YOUR favorite every time, That's not what this thread is about, it's about what you think THE CHARACTERS would choose.) (PPPS.After you vote here, pleas head over to the original thread and vote there as well!)
  8. December 27th, 2012 Night of the First Day This is a continuation of the same day. I arrived at the forest and ran into it. Following the dirt trail that had been walked upon many times, I eventually reached the heart of the forest. It wasn't very large, but it was secluded enough. To be safe, I walked off and away from the trail and into the thicker forest. I had to be careful to not get hurt or scratched by thorns and branches. But I knew it'd be worth it once I got through. Zombies would first follow the path, and then go hunting for light or sound. So I figured it'd be safer in a darker part of the forest. Still though, the concept of zombies in broad daylight confused me. Being such a clear day it seemed a little odd. I always thought zombies hated light and for that reason went after the source. Looking to the sky through the trees the sun was getting closer to the horizon, meaning it would set soon. I wanted to get back to my house, but at the moment that seemed a bit of a challenge. I decided I would do that tomorrow. Suddenly my phone buzzed. I had received a text message. It was from Caleb. "I didn't need those images at all. I saw it with my own eyes. Where are you now?" It said. I let out a sigh of relief. "I'm in the forest to the side of 160 St. Where are you?" I replied. There was a pause, then another message. "I'm at Mac's, I thought I'd get a slurpy after I saw my first zombie." He said. I couldn't help but laugh lightly to myself. Only Caleb would grab a slurpy during a zombie apocalypse. I sighed and looked around. The forest was thick, but I was hiding under some bushes and roots. The sky was growing dark already, meaning danger was coming. It reminded me of Minecraft actually... at night the zombies would be more common because of their dislike of light. "Try to survive as long as you can. Meet me on the trail in the park." I messaged Caleb. He responded with "Alright" I put my phone in my pocket after checking the time. 4:00 according to my phone. I stood up, stretched and walked out towards the path, making sure to remember how to get back. I only waited about 10 minutes before Caleb joined me. "Good evening sir, i was wondering if you would like a drink!" He said, handing me a small slurpy. I gave him a funny look. He returned an equally puzzled look. "What, if we're going to survive an apocalypse we need some sort of refreshment!" He said in a humorous tone. I smiled and shook my head. "It takes a lot to make you nervous doesn't it." I said. "I wouldn't say that..." He said, his expression changing. "I just do a good job of hiding it." He pointed out. I nodded and looked over my shoulder. "I found a sheltered area deeper into the forest. We can hide there for the time being." I said. "What, not going to hide in a well lit store?" He said sarcastically. "I may be a daredevil but I'm not stupid." I replied jokingly. "What's the difference?" He laughed to himself. Zombie Survival Tip #1: Always have someone to help lighten the mood. With that we turned around and made our way into the forest. "We're going to need to come up with a plan to get out of this alive." I said. "I never thought I'd here you of all people talking about long-term plans." Caleb responded. "Well considering the circumstances... I can safely say that we're going to need it. That was all five days ago. Me and Caleb made a plan, and began working things out. We managed to get into our homes which are three houses apart later, as by a lucky break there were no zombies in the area. Well that's actually not true. There were a couple, but our families were already gone. We each grabbed a backpack, some food, and got out of there. Caleb also grabbed a warmer coat since he would likely need it for the night, no matter how much he refuses to admit it. After that we spent time using our phones to get on the internet and read up on everything happening. It apparently had already begun earlier in the USA. We read that the entire thing was caused by some scientists experimenting with a way to make people live longer and be less susceptible to disease and injury. Well it clearly had some side effects, as this is where the zombies came from. The zombies, predictably, spread by bites. The reason they have to bite you; The 'infection' is in their bodily fluids, meaning things like saliva and blood. Unless you drank zombie blood you don't have to worry about getting covered in it. The plan was made, and we went to bed. The next day, we got straight to work. Based on our plan, we left the area and made our way out into the city, which we assumed would have more zombies in it than our little town or district if you want to call it that. Once we got into Vancouver, things began to get dangerous. With zombies found scattered around all over the place, although fortunately not in large numbers at a time, we had to be careful. We went to an arms store with weapons and such, and stole some things to use. There was no shopkeeper as he probably had higher priorities than selling his guns and getting money during a zombie apocalypse. I grabbed a sniper rifle and a hand gun. Caleb took a bow, some arrows and a hand gun as well. I didn't bother questioning his choice of weapon, if it screws him over later it's his own fault. We figured we had to be conservative of our resources after raiding a couple stores. Now that we were in the city we found refuge with some other people. There were still many people surviving out there, which is good to know. Considering the situation I'm sure people are willing to work together. The next day we did some more research, discovering the same scientists that caused the problem had hunkered down in their laboratories and locked themselves away from the outside world. However they were looking for a cure. We decided that was our destination. Where the scientists were hiding. If they're safe there, surely others can be safe there too. We spent the next couple days preparing for a long journey, with many dangerous stops, and began making our way out of the city. Unfortunately as days went by, more and more zombies were walking around, and less and less survivors were existent. By January 1st survivors were a fairly rare occurrence, and we were making our way out of Vancouver and down south towards California. It's going to be a long journey, but now we may escape and survive. I'm going to write again later. We're about to move on to a new hiding spot, so I better pack up.
  9. Now I know what you're thinking. "Really? An unofficial response to some random grimdark fanfic written by an AMATEUR WRITER at that? Sounds pretty lame :|" It started as just a backstory for my OC, but as I got more and more into it, developed an in-depth plot, and started to receive positive reviews, I just couldn't stop myself. Note that I'm not aiming for a completely grimdark tone, though it can get pretty graphic at times. It's more dramatic than anything. I'm also still in the writing stage, and admittedly, don't work on it very often (Maybe like... one day a month :X), but I'm not gonna give up on it, so if it does happen to interest you, know that the next part WILL inevitably be released. But basically, the story is about a young, teenaged pegasus named Bladewing who had finally reached his final exams in Advanced Flight School. As events unfold, he begins to question the legitimacy of failed ponies' alleged "banishment" from Cloudsdale... Prologue: Chapters 1 and 2: Chapter 3: Chapter 4: Chapter 5: To Be Released
  10. Ok, I know the title is vague, but lemme get into this. You know how there are different parts of the fandom? Like the music part, the fanfiction part, the art part (lolrhymez) and all of those? Well.... What part of the fandom do you mostly spend time in? As for me, I am always in the music section, specifically dubstep.