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Found 9 results

  1. I don't see the appeal of them. Even family parties. They're full of crappy music, people dancing (I can't dance for sh*t), my aunt gets mad at me for not talking (WTF!?), some of my cousins look at me like I'm some sort of weirdo and 98% of the time I don't eat cake. Yea, I hate birthday cake, It's very generic tasting. Problem? I'd rather have pumpkin pie or better yet cheese cake. Why don't they at least have cheese cake? Why is it always the same cake that taste like cardboard? Oh and those stupid little horns they give to kids that make noise, I hate those. But, at least that's a party with family members and not strangers. I can't imagine a party full of people I've never met. No wait I can, and I'd rather go to a dentist appointment or get a shot from the doctor then attend a party full of strangers. The fact that my cousin has been stabbed at a party before TWICE (Don't worry he's OK) before scares the sh*t out of me. So I don't just hate parties, I'm kinda scared of them (just the big ones full of strangers). My worst nightmare would be attending a huge part full of strangers only. I know that sounds crazy but, at least I'm not scared of clowns. I do find them creepy, and at parties... *sigh* Even when I was little I didn't like parties. I only ever went in the jumper when there was nobody in it. The worst part is when I forced to go like if there's a wedding. Luckily I have a way of surviving them. I've been to a few weddings receptions and all I was interested was the food. If the food sucked well that ruins it for me. OK, so I eat the food and do nothing else. It's that simple, while everyone else is dancing and doing whatever, I'm sitting at the table waiting to leave and eating something. That way I'll be to busy eating so I won't be forced to dance. (It happened once luckily it was just side stepping.) So do you hate parties? Do you like them? Do you LUVZ them? Is Pinkie Pie mad at me?
  2. How could anyone look at this: and see a deluded monster? Sure, it looks like it, on the surface. But you know the saying. There's something more here. "My friends don't like my parties and they don't want to be my friends anymore." Pinkie Pie's existence is defined by how happy she makes the people around her, her friends mean everything to her. Pinkie Pie, unfortunately, has spent so much time giving to those around her that she forgot to keep some for herself. The pony who remembers the birthday of every pony in Ponyville can't remember her own because in her mind, it doesn't matter. She hardly matters; she's happy just giving herself to those around her. But this presents a problem, since she's limited in the number of ways she can really communicate with other ponies. While they can talk about politics or their personal hobbies, Pinkie can't do that. When she tries, she often ends up confusing ponies, who often find her random, confusing, or over the top. If she can't talk to people, how else do you get them to know you? How did Pinkie Pie, of all ponies, solve such a complex problem? She threw a party. Parties,telling jokes,practical jokes...they're more than just Pinkie's pastime, they're her identity. It's an ultimate form of expression, a telling of who Pinkie really is beyond her ability to communicate via mouth. A party from Pinkie means many things, chief among them being: I remember you. I want you to remember me. I want you to be happy. I love you. I want you to love me. So imagine one day your friends just decide they hate your parties with no warning. When Pinkie Pie says "they don't want to be my friends anymore", she means it. Not liking Pinkie's parties means you don't like Pinkie; you can't like pinkie. It's an essential part of who she is; it's like liking Fluttershy, but hating animals. But it gets worse. Pinkie Pie now has no way to even express herself to them anymore, since the biggest part of her life is an offense to them. Parties weren't just their happiness, it was hers as well. Through making other ponies smile, she finds her joy. If she can't do that, what can she do? She'd have to spend every waking moment of the rest of her life drowning in sadness and anger at the friends who rejected her. She'd bottle up all that negative energy until she couldn't contain it anymore, and then she'd completely lose it In that situation, she might really do something bad, to herself or to others. Pinkie Pie loves her friends, and she would never do anything to hurt them. But she can't keep holding on to all of this negative energy. So,true to her form, stuck between a rock and a hard place, Pinkie finds a third option. She shuts down. In an attempt to make the pain go away, she closes herself off to anything that might be a threat to her emotionally. That's what "Pinkamena" is; a last ditch attempt created in order to preserve what's left of Pinkie Pie. In a way, her "insanity" was created to prevent her from going insane; drilling a hole into Pinkie Pie's "volcano" to let the magma out before the whole thing explodes. She recreated a world with her friends in it because of how much it hurts to live without them. At her party, she harshly rejects her "old" friends not because she hates them, but because seeing them causes her pain. She desperately wants them to be friends, but she thinks they don't want her anymore. When she's told otherwise, she turns back into happy, bouncy, Pinkie Pie in the blink of an eye. Knowing that her friends still need her is all it takes to turn her back to normal. That was always what it took; Pinkamena is the lock, and her friends are the key. In essence, "Pinkamena" is not some psychotic twisted version of Pinkie; she's not even a bad thing. She's simply a panic button, closing Pinkie off to anything that might hurt her until she's ready to smile again. Pinkie Pie will always be Equestria's happiest pony, but there are sometimes things even she can't just laugh at. When that happens, and she needs extra help, Pinkamena steps in to protect her until her friends can come save her. Because the softest hearts sometimes bruise the hardest.
  3. Is anyone hosting (or does anyone know of someone that is going to host) a public party at the hotel on Thursday night (a "day-0" party)?
  4. At parties I love to do the shuffle! Its so freaking fun to do and my friends love it! I am curious on what you guys do to dance or if you created your own dance!
  5. Wubadubdub Motherbuckers! Vinyl is in tha house! Ask me anything.
  6. So in case you don't know me, I'm a huge fan of Pinkie Pie. I truly think she is the best pony in the whole show. But you might wonder "Chikorita, why do you think this and why do you always fanboy over her?" Well allows me to explain. Pinkie Pie wasn't always my favorite character you know Yes yes it is shocking. At first, it was Spike. I mainly thought his crush on Rarity was funny, then I think it was Rarity, then Rainbow Dash then finally Pinkie. I know it won't change since Pinkie's been my favorite for I think a year in a half. Anyway my love of Pinkie comes from the fact that I have ADHD. This can cause me to be hyper and energetic as well as not have the ability to hold focus on things for that long. Recognize these traits? Yeah, they're traits that Pinkie has in the show. I always seem to compare myself to her a lot of the time more than the others. Also, I tend to annoy my siblings a lot with my constant talking which is another trait that Pinkie also shares. Even how she acts as a comic relief to the other five is something similar. If you were to compare me and my siblings to the mane six, I would be Pinkie Pie because I am always the one cracking jokes. Even her reasons to get sad like from Party of One and Pinkie Pride I find similar to me. When she thinks her friends don't care about her anymore, I can relate because when people don't talk to me for a while or just ignore me, I sometimes think no one cares about me or I'm not truly loved. Finally, she just puts me in a good mood whenever she is on screen. With her happy singing (which is another thing I relate to), optimism about life and always seeming happy, I wonder how one can not be mad or angry at her. She is like the perfect example at how to make an annoying character. You don't make them so annoying they annoy the audience just make them so annoying, they annoy the other characters, causing funny reactions. Yeah she is also in my opinion the funniest character in the whole show, Her jokes are yes, sometimes corny, but corny in a great way if this makes since to any of you. So this is why I hold respect to Pinkie. I hope you had the time to sit through this long blog because I think this is probably my best blog thus far. So I leave you with this song.
  7. "It's not me, it's just my mind." -- George Harrison, Live Concert for Japan. I love it how everybody on the forums manages to take time out of their day to wish a happy celebration to an appropriate recipient. Even if it's just a auto-sent message from Chigens and Kay (XD) But somehow, I've managed to go against everyone's wishes. I truly screwed myself over this time. My family was there, they gave me presents. The cake sat on the table with all of it's overly sugared glory, waiting to attack me with diabetes on the first bite. My mother had the camera out, my brother looked bored, and my father handed me the bag. It was a bag with Star Wars print on the outside. They sure do know what I like Then I opened the present bag. I pulled tissue paper out from the bag, and flinging it to the side with the same amount grace I use when I flop into bed after a long day: none at all. What I revealed was what most people might consider unsatisfactory. Most teenagers get cars for their 16th birthday. I got a pack of Star Wars gummies from 2010, and a nice, blue mousepad. I was disappointed but I didn't show it. This is what shocked me. Not the fact that I got less than perfect gifts, but what I thought about it. I should have been appreciative for what they got me. I should have loved those stale treats and adored the other gift along with the cake. Instead, my first reaction was "Dammit." What have I become? I have never had a happy birthday before. Something always seems to go wrong. This was by far the worst however, as I realized that I am transforming into some sort of greed ridden monster. What the hell was I expecting? Some sort of mansion? A stack of bills? Why would I expect anything in the first place? So I ruined my own birthday, or at least my subconscious self did. Should I blame it on human nature? No, although humans are cruel, they are only natured from their own environment. And I have had many wonderful friends in my life who influenced me in amazing ways. Who is there to blame but myself. TL;DR The thing I am getting to is that I am afraid of myself. Afraid of the way I think and why I think that way. Why do I behave this way? Why am I an unappreciative monster?
  8. In season 1 we looked at Gummy's and Pinkie Pies birthdays and in season 2 we saw Spike and Twilights birthday. So in season 3 who's birthday would you like to see happen in an episode? Now of course the whole episode would not involve just the birthday, it would just be the starting point of the episode to bring in the real the episode. For me I would like to see Rainbow Dash have a birthday episode . It would just be cool to use her and I feel like we could get more of an episode with her then the others. One of her gifts to could a week of training with the Wounderbolts and going on an adventure with them or maybe even becoming one. The other birthday episode could be, Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cakes first birthday party. It would be a super cute episode and Pinkie Pie has most likely been waiting for this day the most . Maybe Mr. and Mrs. Cake could learn a lesson or something. So who birthday would you want it to be and what would happen?
  9. A story I wrote in one sitting. Anybody ever imagined Pinkie Pie in an actual party setting?