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Found 6 results

  1. Had a short discourse with a member earlier, and it got me wondering: how tall do some of you prefer your romantic partner to be? Taller? Shorter? About the same? I'm really curious to see what the community likes. And while the poll doesn't take into account all genders, sexualities, etc., I'd like to see some of the stats on males vs. females in terms of how tall they prefer a partner. I'm also doing stats based on posts, so if you don't fit the bill for any of the poll options, just put up a post! I'm male and prefer about the same or taller. I was married to someone a few inches shorter than myself, so obviously there's flexibility. DISCLAIMER: Just as a note, it should go without saying that there are a multitude of factors that go into what a person likes in a partner – subjective ones, objective ones, values and qualities that hold greater and lesser importance than each other. People also have varying strength sexual drives; physical attraction bears different importance amongst everyone, and for some, it can be non-applicable. There's also the matter of each person's love language: some people are more receptive to touch, others to words, and some to gifts or gestures. This is just a poll to query a preference in a specific area, namely physical height. So don't worry, voicing one way or another doesn't mean you're glossing over all the other things. Also, please be mindful of the language you use. We don't want to involuntarily oust anyone here who might feel one way or another about, well, anything honestly. This thread is just to collect input on where each member stands about the subject, not their thoughts about others' views.
  2. So folks, if somebody introduces some to you as their 'partner' what do you immediately assume they mean? I honestly want to know what the majority of people think because I immediately think of a business or work partner and have introduced other people as such which has led to very many misunderstandings and assumptions about my romantic statuses. When I think someone is about to introduce me to a romantic partner I just naturally expect them to say 'boyfriend' or 'girlfriend'. You guys?
  3. So this is a relationship thread - basically to discuss your relationship partner, post pics of them etc. I will start This is my partner richard - we have been dating for 2 and a half years - he lives in albany ny and I live in hamilton ontario, so we have an open long distance relationship - consists of visits whenever time and money allows - it works He is german swedish and lebanese background. the pic below shows him 4 years ago when he was heavily into powerlifting - his last relationship went sour and he got really depressed, started drinking and stopped going in the gym and gained a lot of weight.. that's what the second pic shows since he has been dieting and had bariatric survery (had his stomach stapled) and has lost a lot of weight.. now he just has to go back to the gym and bulk up.. it's been a tough relationship - he has a lot of things wrong with him physically, arthritis, sciatica, bursitis, synuvitis, etc. He's often in pain - the weight loss has helped alleviate that somewhat fortunately. He is an aquarius so he doesn't open up much and I am a libra so I find that hard, but I know he cares, I just wish I could see him more.. eventually the goal is for him to move up here.. I am 32 and he is 52, so there is a big age difference too, but as you get older, age becomes less of an issue - heck when I was 18 I didn't want anyone who wasn't outside my age range.. but that changes hehe.. feel free to post relationship pics and discuss your partner here
  4. Not entirely sure if this is the right place to post this, but I'll try it out anyway. To those that are unfamiliar with the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series, the games are about the player- ie, you- taking on the form of a Pokémon that matches with your personality and waking up in a world inhabited only by Pokémon. Throughout each game, you are helped by your friend (the first Pokémon you see, who you choose from a selection of them) and gradually, your reason for appearing in the Pokémon world is explained. What I'm asking is, what would your adventure be like if this happened to you and you entered the world of ponies instead? This can be in a parallel world to the FiM one, so feel free to modify its timeline if you want (e.g. changing how Nightmare Moon is defeated or how Fluttershy met Rainbow Dash) Here's some things you could think about for this: ~who would I be? (OC or character?) ~what would my cutie mark be? (would it relate to your purpose in that world?) ~who would I want as my main partner? (OC or character?) How do you become friends? ~would you be honest about being a human? ~what would you two do? ~what would your relationship develop into? Best friends... more than friends? ~who would you encounter along the way? What kind of friends and enemies would you make? ~why were you put into this world? and, most of all, ~once you've fulfilled your purpose, would you stay in the pony world or not? -and so on. If you have any other thoughts, feel free to give them In my case, I guess I'd probably be Fluttershy (very similar personality to her) and have Twilight as my partner since she's my second favourite pony, and her library would probably have something on prophecies like dimension travellers (ie, me). I wouldn't say at first that I'm really a human, I'd want to earn her trust first and get a better idea of what's going on. As for what we'd do, Twilight would have some research to do that involves travelling into dangerous locations, and I'd follow her... reluctantly Edit: had some more to think... in regards to whether I'd leave that world after fulfilling my purpose or staying, I'd most likely stay. There just seems to be more contributions possible to make there, as opposed to this world where, at times, very little seems to go on around me at all. What are your ideas?
  5. I put this topic as Movies/TV as it is the most relevant topic. Anyway, Maker Studios are now doing a referral program for their partners, i'm partnered with them so here is my referral link: Clicking that link will allow you to see if you channel is eligible to be partnered by Maker Studios, there are two outcomes that you will get after it checks your channel either: or The former means you cant be partnered, the latter means you just need to continue with the application. I'm partnered with the Maker RPM network though Social Blade, money wise i'm getting paid about 4x more than i was with just AdSence (my contract forbids me from telling you exactly how much i make), it also comes with all the partner features like Partnership banner, scheduled uploading, custom thumbnails etc. And, being partnered with Maker gives you access to their extensive music collection. Feel free to ask any questions, i'll answer them as best i can
  6. Hey! So, I was wondering if anyone is up for a collaboration..? I am a producer of all sorts of music (even though only EDM has been produced) I have experience of mixing and mastering, so if your song lacks flare or if you just want to kick a few ideas around, go ahead and reply! Best regards and wubs, WiponCat