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Found 6 results

  1. In the IDW comics, Pinkie Pie has unveiled that she carries live ammunition for her party cannon. She has attempted to do that even NOT AS A VILLAIN, against Iron Will. Thankfully Rarity stopped her, otherwise he'd be dead! I decided to do a few hours of speculation as to consider how powerful her cannon 290mm deliverer of fun actually is! Conclusion: she could destroy any modern tank, as her cannon is about the strength of one found on a WW2 era battleship
  2. My first pony pic I've ever drawn. My favorite picture of Pinkie Pie!! Only reason I didn't color in her hair is because I had no idea how many shades of pink Pinkie Pie even was! I ran out of pinks! I sketched it with pencil then redrew with pen and prisma colors. It has a lot of problems with it but, hey it was fun to draw. Hopefully I'll get better!
  3. So in case you don't know me, I'm a huge fan of Pinkie Pie. I truly think she is the best pony in the whole show. But you might wonder "Chikorita, why do you think this and why do you always fanboy over her?" Well allows me to explain. Pinkie Pie wasn't always my favorite character you know Yes yes it is shocking. At first, it was Spike. I mainly thought his crush on Rarity was funny, then I think it was Rarity, then Rainbow Dash then finally Pinkie. I know it won't change since Pinkie's been my favorite for I think a year in a half. Anyway my love of Pinkie comes from the fact that I have ADHD. This can cause me to be hyper and energetic as well as not have the ability to hold focus on things for that long. Recognize these traits? Yeah, they're traits that Pinkie has in the show. I always seem to compare myself to her a lot of the time more than the others. Also, I tend to annoy my siblings a lot with my constant talking which is another trait that Pinkie also shares. Even how she acts as a comic relief to the other five is something similar. If you were to compare me and my siblings to the mane six, I would be Pinkie Pie because I am always the one cracking jokes. Even her reasons to get sad like from Party of One and Pinkie Pride I find similar to me. When she thinks her friends don't care about her anymore, I can relate because when people don't talk to me for a while or just ignore me, I sometimes think no one cares about me or I'm not truly loved. Finally, she just puts me in a good mood whenever she is on screen. With her happy singing (which is another thing I relate to), optimism about life and always seeming happy, I wonder how one can not be mad or angry at her. She is like the perfect example at how to make an annoying character. You don't make them so annoying they annoy the audience just make them so annoying, they annoy the other characters, causing funny reactions. Yeah she is also in my opinion the funniest character in the whole show, Her jokes are yes, sometimes corny, but corny in a great way if this makes since to any of you. So this is why I hold respect to Pinkie. I hope you had the time to sit through this long blog because I think this is probably my best blog thus far. So I leave you with this song.
  4. How could there be all these master race threads, and not have one for the true pink master race of them all? FOR THE HAPPY PINK PONY IS THE TRUE MASTER RACE OF THEM ALL!
  5. So when I finished my Driver's Ed final early, I decided to doodle Pinkie Pie and her party cannon. I'm not really an artist so it's not the best but this was about the best I could do. Enjoy the poorly drawn Pinkie goodness.
  6. With the San Diego Comic-Con just days away, I figured that everyone's favorite party pony wants in on the action. But, she couldn't come alone. She had to bring her own special edition Comic-Con Party Cannon. This image was just a measly practice on making bipedal ponies. And I have to say, I actually did enjoy doing human poses for Pinkie Pie. I just hope Lyra doesn't take notice.