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Found 82 results

  1. Inspired by the episode "Party of One" And it's the AVATAR above you, not user. (I'm not throwing the first party, Toy Chica is because she is my avatar) Why don't you wanna go to Toy Chica's party?
  2. I can't stand them. I see no entertainment in being in a room of people socializing with them. I prefer a much more relaxed celebration, doing something with only 1 or 4 guests is okay with me. I hate being in a group of more than 10 people, its hard to get your say in a conversation and it makes it more harder for me to participate.
  3. Here is OST Collection: Maps for Mario Party 3 on the Organ (Disclaimer: This is Version 1. Future updates to this will be made in the future). Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here:
  4. Here is OST Collection: In-Game Themes for Mario Party 2 on the Organ. Enjoy. Special Thanks to my patron, (Ultimate Fan) Juke Denton, for supporting me on Patreon. Join him here:
  5. Here is OST Collection: Lands (Boards) for Mario Party 2 on the Organ. Enjoy. Special Thanks to my patron, (Ultimate Fan) Juke Denton, for supporting me on Patreon. Join him here:
  6. So I've been at university for 2 terms now and i have been clubbing about 5 times in this period. The first 4 times i really enjoyed it but the 5th time i didn't really like it at all, especially looking back at the night now. So i was wonder, do you guys like to go clubbing? If so then why? is it the people, the music or the place that makes in fun? If not then why not? and what do you do instead?
  7. you have to spend it in 24 hours . If you wish you can either wait until you have a day off or pretend that you boss has given you today off . You can not invest it or use it to pay off debts or house payments or to put down a down payment on any thing in other words it must be used for fun .
  8. Hello everypony! I was wondering if any bronies out there are aware of today's religious holiday. In the past few days we've had Canada Day, then Independence Day. Now today we have Eid ul-Fitr. Heck, "Eid Mubarak" is among the top 5 hottest trends on Twitter today!! Also, any Muslim bronies out there? If so, Eid Mubarak to you!
  9. This is an invite to anypony that wants to be apart of a message party. The theme will be Pinkie Pie because I think she would like a party in her honor. Comment below if you want to join and put on a Pinkie Pie or Pinkie Pie theme icon. It'll be a 5 day event starting tomorrow. It'll have art, a bunch of people digitally dancing, quotes and more. Don't forget snacks! I'm bringing punch!
  10. Only one week, people. Next saturday we'll have the season premiere, after all these weeks of waiting. I'm getting so excited already. The super-duper party pony is getting ready, too. I wonder how many creamy, creamy frosting she'll have today. I hope you're watching previous seasons until next saturday. It's good to keep in touch with what happenned to date Twitter! deviantArt!
  11. Prepare your snacks, Everypony. people. Also, I love the new forum design. It's much more easy to upload images and stuff. Well done staff Twitter! dA!
  12. Hello. I am glad to announce the official scheduling for my very own Christmas party Watch2gether celebration. This Watch2gether will consist a pony video playlist I created myself. I will also host a Group Skype call to stream with the videos to those who have skype. (I'll message some for those who want to do that) But If you want to just watch videos, feel free to join the stream. I will post a link on the forums this Saturday December 10th
  13. I just want to say that I'm a very sensitive individual and I don't like movies with a lot of shock factor. I just felt like posting a thread on this. Anyone with me?
  14. Is anyone hosting (or does anyone know of someone that is going to host) a public party at the hotel on Thursday night (a "day-0" party)?
  15. Well, I must be slow or something. It only took an uncounted number of rewatches of "The Cutie Mark Chronicles" and "Secret of my Excess" for me to connect the dots and realize that when the girls are celebrating Spike's birthday in "SomE" they should also be celebrating the day they all got their cutie marks! Unless the ponies celebrate his birthday on the day his egg was birthed, but I seriously doubt any of them actually know what day that is, and that includes Celestia. So my point is Pinkie Pie should have thrown an even more epic party than she did in "Secret of my Excess", because they're not only celebrating the day Spike hatched, but also when they all found out their destinies. Plus Rainbow Dash did the first Sonic Rainboom ever. Totally epic day! Here you go - epic Spike for an epic day!
  16. So the other day I shared a MLP cake my sister made. Over the last 4 years she has fallen in love with crafting homemade cakes, dinners, desserts, and crocheted items. This prompted me to find all the pictures we have taken of her creations, as well as some of the other projects my family members have created. *Unless otherwise stated: ALL OF THESE ARE LEGITIMATELY FROM MY FAMILY! NO JOKE. My participation has been photography...haha and taste-testing! **I've edited over most of the names she has written onto the cakes ==================================================== I'd love to see what other things your families have created, if you have pictures of course! So feel free to share what you can! PIRATE CAKE, Cupcakes, & Cannons This was the first cake that she made so it's a little rough around the edges! We had a pirate party for Halloween 3 years ago (we've actually had 3 now...we like pirates! ) The Captain Barbosa toy on the deck, the masts, sails and string-rail, and flags were the only non-edible parts. My father created the little cannons and cannon ball piles out of various candies (Tootsie Rolls, mini Oreos, Hershey Buttons, Sixlets, Milky Ways and I think Whoppers) ==================== Giraffe *I don't know who Aspen is so I figured I could leave that name there. ==================== 50/50 Split She made this one for some twins: ==================== MLP: FiM - Rainbow Dash ==================== Gingerbread Houses My mom and another sister made these a few Christmases ago:
  17. Roof, hanging from the stars on a blue night with a party cannon full of marshmallows and a mix of candy bars :3 P.S. Those with the best answears win a hug from the CMC
  18. is today's party link. post the name you will use, and to make sure nopony uses the same name to avoid confusion. I will post a new party link every other day. Mine is "Pegasus Break" without the quotes. Now I'm waiting for you!
  19. Hey everypony! Note Wise here! Made a new song for my favorite pony. I'm quite happy with out it turned out! I sure hope you enjoy as well, just something fun to dance or jump to I feel. Thanks for all the support! If i could hug you all, I would!
  20. So have you ever attended some wild, crazy parties, Pinkie Pie style and all? Well what are you waiting for? share your experience Which was the craziest, funnest party you've been to? And most importantly, what made it so crazy and awesome?
  21. OK, welcome back everypony to another addition of "Batbrony Reviews." Today's episode is a... perplexing one. Not so much because of the shenanigans, that's to be expected with almost any Pinkie Pie-centered episode, but largely because of the pacing and the execution of the "moral," if you want to call it that. That's not to say it was a bad episode, just kind of puzzling. Without further ado, let's take a look at "Party Pooped." Beaver-yak is best yak. So to start, let's address the elephant in the room, and possibly the best example of just how bizarre this episode was: the Yaks of Yakyakistan. I both loved and hated things about these guys at the same time. On the one hand, their designs were great, they're basically, as I saw one brony describe them, an entire nation of Hulks (in both size and mannerisms), and dear Lord is their pickiness legendary!!! I mean, my gosh, these guys overreacted at everything, and every time they went on an epic smash rampage, even though I knew they were being gigantic douches, I couldn't help but laugh. What infuriated me, however, wasn't their behavior so much as it was the ponies' reaction to it. Let's be clear: the yaks were being gigantic douches from start to almost the finish, there is no denying that, anyone would say. Anyone EXCEPT apparently the ponies of Equestria. Because my gosh, from start to finish they kept blaming themselves for the yaks' terribly undiplomatic behavior, and for the life of me I couldn't figure out why! The ponies are smart, and they've stood up to jerks before, so why all of a sudden were they chalking up the yaks being colossal douches to their failure to exactly reproduce the culture, mannerisms, and aesthetic of a country completely foreign to them as a country could be? It was terribly infuriating and really took away from the effectiveness of any message that was here (because trust me, there was a message here, it was the message I expected, it's just it wasn't executed like it should have been), especially when the yaks threatened war over... actually, I still don't know what they were threatening war over, that's just not how diplomacy works, DHX. So yeah, I have no idea why the ponies not only put up with the yaks' crap but also blamed themselves for it; it's incredibly silly and it took away a lot from the effectiveness of the message. But that said, the yaks were still incredibly entertaining to watch, and for that I mostly forgive this episode. BUCK YOUR TABLE!!!!!!!!!!! PARTY HARD!!!!!!!!!!! Next, let's cover the main character of the episode, Pinkie Pie. Like the rest of the Mane 6, she never really blamed the yaks for any of the ponies' troubles, and like I said, that was frustrating to watch. But besides that, she was perfectly fine. She was incredibly, furiously productive in her efforts to put together the perfect party for the yaks, and of course she went on a zany journey across all of Equestria and foreign lands even in a single afternoon (while running into Cherry Jubilee on the way, falling down a ravine, forming the Beatles, going through an entire career with them, and breaking up in the Crystal Empire because of creative differences, and then proceeding to Yakyakistan only to be flung by the craziest breaking of the laws of inertia ever all the way back to Ponyville, again, in a single afternoon, as you do when you're Pinkie -_-). The revelation that she has a Secret Party Cave was too funny, her mannerisms were spot on (even if at a few points they felt just a tad forced), and she saved the day as only Pinkie can. All in all, a solid episode for Pinkie, even if again I wasn't buying how the moral was executed. Sergeant Pinkie's Lonely Hearts Club Band!!! Finally, the Mane 6. Besides the already aforementioned idiocy with how they kept blaming themselves for the yaks being the biggest douches ever, the Mane 6 were fine too. Panicky Twilight is always fun to watch (though we are seeing a lot of her this season, it seems), they all maintained unwavering faith in Pinkie to do what needed to be done, which was fun to watch, and their interactions with the yaks and each other were too funny. Fluttershy had the single best line of the episode with her deadpan delivery when she asked how the buck they were supposed to get out of Pinkie's Party Cave, we learned that Twilight apparently has a fear of quesadillas, and Applejack took fiscal conservatism and the phrase "waste not, want not" to a whole new level when she said she'd rediscovered a set of Granny Smith's dentures under the Apple family's farmhouse. Also, Spike got body slammed by a yak, that pleased me very much. Overall, they were fine, besides, again, the problems with the moral itself. The other supporting ponies were cool as well. We've now seen both Princess Celestia and Princess Cadance three episodes in a row, which is some kind of record, it was cool to see Cherry Jubilee return, the Beatle ponies were absolutely epic, and the little yak calf at Yakyakistan was absolutely adorable! Quesadilla: Not even once Overall, like I've said throughout this review, this wasn't a bad episode, it was incredibly entertaining, more so than other episodes this season. But that said, I really didn't buy its message, because the writers had the characters behave extremely uncharacteristically and, at times, stupidly in reaching this moral. Diplomacy simply doesn't work that way, and the yaks should've been called out on their crap at least at some point. It was like if the United States blamed itself every time North Korea did something irrational or refused to come to the table to discuss diplomatic matters, and it made just as little sense as that would. So yeah, that's a big complaint, and it makes for an episode that's more entertaining than smart or thought-provoking, but all the same it was still so entertaining that I can for the most part forgive its shortcomings. That's all I got for ya, everypony, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit* Yakity Yak, don't talk- on second thought, I'll just stop.
  22. Ryzu

    Pony Party Plaza

    After hearing a lot of people complain about how they don't feel they fit in anywhere here, or how they were pushed away by other groups I created a group (Skype) in order to provide a place where they can feel accepted and free to be themselves due to some strict but easy to follow rules. So if you ever feel lonely, rejected, unnoticed, or ignored, then you should come join! All that's required to join is a promise to follow the rules below and then sending me a request in Skype saying you want to join. Rules: 1. Hatred towards others here (ranging from insults to gossip) is not allowed whatsoever, although constructive criticism is allowed as you are pointing the flaw out and suggesting how to fix it. 2. No Profanity or disturbing images. Swearing is allowed but please keep the chat clean from full on profanity. 3. Use common sense. This group is based off of love and tolerance, and I would prefer to keep it a happy place and a safe haven from life's troubles for it's members. There is a lot more pain going around then you may realize and I want to help people relieve some it. 4. No triggering others by reminding them of trauma or terrible past experiences. As far as you know there could be people who self-harm in this group. Due to an event in the past any death, suicide, war, and any kind of joke deemed downright wrong such as racism is not allowed and will result in warnings or a ban. 5. No trying to set up relationships. This isn't a dating service it's a skype group made for fun. If you have a connection with someone feel free to talk one on one with skype by sending them a friend request. But please no asking others out in the group chat or flirting. (There's a huge difference between flirting and giving a compliment to brighten their day.) 6. No spamming. Some of us don't like to be woken up in the middle of the night after their phone vibrates so much it falls off of a shelf. Keep message sending at a minimum as much as possible, you can fit a lot of text in one entry. 7. No changing the group picture without permission. 8. No adding members without getting them approved by an admin first. Breaking any of these rules will result in a warning or a ban depending on how many warnings you have been given or how drastically the rule has been broken. My Skype is treef0x (the 0 is a zero), so all you need to do is send me a request, agree to the rules, and you're in.
  23. What should I do to throw her the best mlp party!!!! She is a mlp fan like me. So far I got R.D balloons and rainbow streamers. Any good songs to play at that party? Name things I can add to make this party better.
  24. really Like it said if anypony is plaining to party I'd love to know when and were. Thank you
  25. I would appreciate it a ton if you guys would help me get some hype for my PonyParty 2k15 pleaseeee