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Found 5 results

  1. I want to show you my drawings! I just started a shop in this forum. I want you to see what I have to offer. And that I love drawing and making interesting orders very much. Please, rate them and give me some tips or advice. I want to be the best commissioner. Purchase here! This is the OC of my friend. This OC is very familiar in our fandom. Despite the sweet face, she is very arrogant and honest.
  2. There's SO many "artists", whether they're people who make/ sell music, make movies, tv shows, ect. out there, and more flooding through the doors each day. Content is being churned out to the masses at whiplash speeds, and there's quite literally something new coming out every day- if not from one "artist", then from another. But what i don't think many people bother to question anymore is if what they're watching or listening to is made with love and passion by the artist- for the many who dare to call themselves that. Is what we're being supplied by these artists really a work of art, by someone who has a passion for what they're doing, and the content they release is expressive and moving, and brilliant, and just make you FEEL, as art should? There's far too many sellouts who no longer (or never really had, to begin with) passion for the "art" they create, and sell out to make a quick buck; while likely losing the love and passion they had for what they were doing, once someone puts them on a leash and tells them what to make and how to make their 'art'. What do you guys think? Are passionate projects from music, film, tv, ect 'artists' something that you see as a rarity, now, or are they steadily being delivered? Or is there more "muck for a quick buck" amongst all the media that gets bought up, with the more passionate artists to truly consider their craft an art form being largely unheard of and/ or ignored?
  3. Well? Personally, it's one of my older cousins, why? He saw I was watching ponies and said that they need to be shot without giving the show a damn chance. He called one of my favorite actors a f*ggot. (Neil Patrick Harris, I know he's gay, but I despise that word.) He assumes that girls who wear boy clothing are lesbians and are ugly or fat. He wanting to know why the hell I was on Facebook all day when I literally just opened the app just to see if my friends were on. He makes fun of me for being vegetarian. I was watching Bleach during Easter and he went on a religious rant about how I shouldn't watch ghost stuff on Easter. And there are a multiple of other things. My parents, grandmother, and MAYBE my sister are the only family members I give a shit about. But even my sister is starting to piss me off. I dislike my brother since he hates everything I like, (Pokemon, Portal, among other things). How about you all? Anyone in your family?
  4. All right, I just really want to get this out there. A lot of people seem to think that having a cutie mark would be holding them back in some way, that it controls what you do. That's not the case, at least I don't think so. I think they've gotten the idea from Magical Mystery Cure, but the way I see it is not that the Mane 6's cutie marks forced them into these jobs, but that, since those were their cutie marks, what they represent must have been what they were good at and chose to do... so why didn't they enjoy it? Why couldn't they do it right? But anyway, what I wanted to talk about, mostly, is talent. I've noticed a bit of talk about how you could get a cutie mark in something you don't like. True, you can be good at something you don't like. You can try something and be good at it, but the thing is, if you don't enjoy it, you won't put the time and energy into it that would make you truly talented. For example, I'm a writer. I know my cutie mark would have to do with writing. True, the ability to be a good writer was in me most of my life. But if I didn't enjoy writing, I wouldn't write or strive to become better at writing, and without that, it's not talent- simply potential. So while you may have potential in something you don't care for, you'll only get a cutie mark if it's really what you want to do.
  5. Responding to @SCS's questions is a good start. WARNING: There may be unpleasantness in this post. I speak of the happy and the unhappy sides of rescue and pet ownership, so if you're sensitive, you might want to avoid certain parts that are set to a spoiler format. "How did you get started doing this?" Because of Clifford the Cherry-headed Conure with funny feet (splay-legs)... I had a Dusky Conure named Elly*. I got her from Petco. At the time, I wasn't too fluent in the ways of larger birds and the concept of animal adoption. Many people aren't, and actually, that's why I do what I do - I teach people in order to give better lives to both the pets and the pet owners. I've had misc. pets all my life, but never really a social, goofy, that wants to cling to you and give kisses. I had mostly doves, quails, fancy pigeons, budgies (which are actually very smart with cuddle-potential, I was just too young to embrace this fact), and because of this, I wasn't going to get an animal I wasn't going to take care of. Many people don't take to that concept unfortunately (again, why I do what I do). Many people get a pet on impulse, then they loose interest and So Elly got me hooked to the cuteness that was conures. So I wanted one as wallpaper for my work computer. I was linked to I saw they had conures for adoption. I thought "Who would want to get rid of their conure?" That's when I saw Clifford. He had a heart next to his name, indicating he was a Special Needs pet. My mom's home all the time, so if there was a special need that had to be monitored, she was there to tend to the buddy when I wasn't. I got more information about him from the wildlife center and went to pick him up... or so I thought. I had to fill out thorough, but necessary, paper work. I even needed to have a home inspection. This was very unlike Petco where all I had to do was sign a paper I didn't read. I had a pre-visit with him, and all was well. That's how I learned about proper adoption protocol. This is to make sure animals aren't given to breeders, hoarders, people who smoke excessively, who have anything that could effect their sensitive respiratory systems, kids that want to poke and prod the poor thing, and so on... I had to get him a shorter-yet wider cage, low set bowls and perches, bird toys, and I had a towel I would have to change and clean often to keep his booty and tummy clean. Funny thing: We didn't tell my dad about getting Clifford, but when I finally got cleared, Dad came home, and instead of the usual, "Why did you get that? We don't need it." He smiled, pet his head, and asked "Aw, how you doing little guy?" I had discovered my dad's weakness. He was a bird person. *More about Elly She ended up being adopted by my dad when I moved out because she's madly in love with him and now likes to pinch my finger and do her evil laugh. This sometimes happens when you get younger birds and after age X (depends on the bird) they go all hormonal and prefer one human gender or another - aka stuff pet stores don't make you aware of.