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Found 38 results

  1. If you could write a small note to your past self, what would it say, using only 2 words? Mine: "Go outside"
  2. There are many games that I wish would never end but alas, they have ended and they've been over for a while now. I wracked my brain for the past hour for good games I miss playing. Here are a few of them: There are so many more games I miss. The ones above are the games I miss the most at this moment. What about you all?
  3. So I was reminiscing about the weird things me and my little sister did as kids together. I was wondering about what weird things everyone else did as children as well! Here are some things me and my little sister did. Weird thing #1: We made up a game called "Spanky the Baby". One of us would play the mom and the other would play the baby. The baby is hungry but confused the word "food" for "spanking" so the mom thinks the baby wants a spanking instead of food. So basically, me and my sister would spank each other as baby or mom characters.... Weird thing #2: We would stand at the kitchen sink mixing soap, old food, dish water and other things and pretend we were making food for "bad guys" in jail. We called it "bad guy food". Weird thing #3: We picked our noses. Instead of eating the boogers, we wiped them on our dad's shoes as revenge for stuff. We were only 3 years old doing that. XD There are hundreds more weird things we did but I'll save those for later. lol
  4. Because I have. Let me tell a bit about my life. My early years (up to age 6 I guess) was a pretty bad time. I didn't have any friends, I had to attend to preschool twice (which is still a bit of a mystery to me nowadays) and overall felt bad, my mom and dad were always arguing and my dad was a bit scary those times. It ended up in my parents to divorce, and we moved far away from my dad. Since then, I've visited dad now and then from all the way up here. Ever since we came here, I did actually make a friend or two, each of them during primary school (classes 1-6), where my longest-known friend came on the 1st class. He is still my friend these days, much like someone else, but I'll tell more about that shortly. Ok so it was the 6th and final class of the primary school, at which moment I was the oldest pupil of the whole school (caused by attending to preschool twice, meaning that I'm basically a year behind). Moving to middle school (classes 7-9), and that was the worst time of my life to remember so far (can't remember much about my childhood). I was constantly bullied and I hoped I could make friends, but they were basically all just bullies. After I made it through all those years, it was time to move to college, my choice was a business college. It started nicely, the class was nice, but just recently (about 4 months ago) I had thoughts about leaving the school, because the education line I chose (IT & Customer Service I guess) wasn't really made for me. I also turned 18 (October 15th), and shortly after that, we moved again. To the city where the college is, while we had been living in the town for like 10 years. So now that I'm here, I desperately hope to enjoy my studying more in the new school, as well as get more friends - I don't have anyone close to me right now. Now, some info out of the school life. I've NEVER ever done paid job, only the necessary parts throughout school, with the easiest way possible. I'm very antisocial and I'm still a bit anxious about the thought to work someday, I'm still not sure. All this packed together reminds me of how pitiful I am. I have two older sisters, who both have succeeded in a lot of things, while I, desperately wanting friends, is struggling inside. I haven't done anything remarkable, keeping a low profile my whole life. In other words, breathing, and that's all there is to it. But no matter how bad my life has been, I still believe and wait for the better future; as an infant it had been said I couldn't have had a future at all; my life was at risk but thankfully the doctors kept me running. TL;DR I'm weak. Share your weak points of life here!
  5. I am very interested in history, and I spend quite a bit of time reading history books (Especially Horrible Histories) and watching historical television. I saw there wasn't a Topic on this so I decided to make one! So what is your favourite historical time period? It can be from any time and any place! Mine would be either Owain Glyndŵr's Welsh rebellion or Republican Rome.
  6. Has you're past been effecting you?,You can tell me you're past what happened. I have a past that has been effecting me since I became 16 year's old and I'm currently 16 in a half but probaly my past started too effect me when I was 13 year's old. If anyone wants too help,Us too stop are past from effecting us then you may help .
  7. Well? I'm 15 but when I was younger and I misbehaved, I would get beaten with a belt. Nowadays, I get screamed at when I misbehave. I'm a goody-two-shoes, so I never got beaten much. I get good grades in school and I usually keep my mouth shut, mostly due to my shyness. How about you all?
  8. Since there are quite a few threads about individual childhood memories, why not make a thread where you talk about parts of your past you hold dear.
  9. I hate trolls. Almost everypony does... but which one is the worst? I'm not talking just about banned users from this forum. I'm talking about the entire internet! Tell us about your experiences! Before we start, be sure that if the troll you talk about is still on this forum please don't mention them. Keep them anonymous unless their trolling is really bad. Thanks!
  10. A long time ago, there was this show called Soul Train on T.V. during the 70's. I randomly found reruns of it on a cable channel a few years ago. I fell in love with it! The people, the dancing, the bright lights... the music are all so magical. I collected old dvds of the show and kept them safe for years. Here are my favorite clips: If you don't know me by now and Me and mrs. jones and Line Dance Sometimes... I wish I could time travel to the 70's and be with these people... what about you all?
  11. You wake up to find that you are a pony and you have traveled back in time before Luna has turned into nightmare moon would you try to warn the other ponies about what is going to happen or not .
  12. So if you went back in time and told your past self that one day, they would enjoy a show called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, how would they react and take it? Mine would either laugh or ask "WHY???" So discuss away!
  13. This is something that is personal to me, and I believe many others may need to hear this as well, for it is something that can torture and give the worst types of emotional pain to us, both in public, and in secracy as well. Of course I am not asking for your secrets, but more for your ears in understanding. For many of us, the past can be of both joy, and as well, sadness. Some of us, or I would more beleive that all of us have done things in our past that we are not proud of. Some things that even a lot of us may feel so ashamed of or feel so badly about, that we can or do let it affect us now, and may never even tell another soul of. Its natural, but is it a good thing for us to do? Not exactly. I'm not asking for your big bad secret. I don't want to know what you did. If you wish not to tell, then not do so. If you feel you can and it will help, then do so. The choice is yours. But here is what is even more important than that. You must realize that no matter what you've done, it does not make up who you are now. You can be something better, and something more, just as you can be the complete opposite. Ask yourself what and who you want to be. Wish for it, think about how to make it a possibility. Can you do it? Yes you can. How much will it cost? No money. Just determination, and realization. Your past does not define you. You did what you did. Accept it. Learn from it. Forgive yourself. Then change. In which direction? Thats up to you. Which way do you choose to go?
  14. Well I couldn't think of a better title for this post. Anyway, what are some of the darkest headcanons you've come across when it comes to the Mane 6's backstories? With that said- I'm looking for stuff that's not too outlandish and just out of nowhere. I bring it up because I found this comic giving a glimpse of Fluttershy's past- Which I never really put much thought into before seeing it. When I saw it I was like all at the same time In my opinion, it's scary how well it seems to fit. I think it helps explain why: she's a nervous wreck all the time she's always so worried about upsetting anyone she can just fall out of the sky one day and just stay there in Ponyviille forever after we don't hear anything about her family Also It makes Putting Your Hoof Down seem less "out there"... It could go along with the end of Dragonshy too. Now remember this is just a discussion about headcanons you think fit well, maybe too well. I just thought the comic had an interesting perspective about Fluttershy possibly being raised in a household with a father who was abusive toward her mother.
  15. I see certain people in the fandom speak up, from time to time, about wanting an episode around the Royal Sisters. And while I, too, am one of those people– although not much a fan of Sunbutt- who would like maybe a Sisterhooves Social or Family Appreciation Day episode around Sunbutt and best princess and champion pollbreaker, Luna, I have to wonder.....what about Philomena, Sunbutt's pet bird? Does anyone care about HER? Sure, she got an episode (Kinda), in “A Bird in the Hoof” (it was mostly a Flutterbutt episode, let's face it), but we haven't seen her since. Does no one wonder just how long Philomena has been with Sunbutt? My own personal opinion is that Sunbutt got her- either raising her from an egg, or finding her near dragon territory, as a hatchling that fell out the nest, and was abandoned by its parents- after she banished Nightmare Moon. Perhaps taking egg/ hatchling Philomena in to try and ease her lonliness from losing her sister, and to serve as a personal reminder from the phoenix’s nature that when hours seem bleakest (as the phoenix dies), a new light of hope is sure to come (from the phoenix's rebirth), and hold to that hope for 1k years that her own sister wasn't beyond saving. Or maybe Philomena was (or supposed to be) a gift and apprentice to Sunset Shimmer from Sunbutt, before she abandoned her studies, but Sunbutt kept Philomena around after Sunset Shimmer left for the human world, and cared for her as her own pet, in memory of her former apprentice. Sunset Shimmer does, later reference- and gain phoenix wings and a tail- in “My Past is Not Today”, short by Hasbro. And moving on from Philomena's past to her future, do you think we'll be seeing more of her in future episodes? (along with Tiberius, Luna's pet possum?) Do you think we could find out more about Sunbutt through Philomena, herself? (since some say that owners starts to look like their pets, and vice-versa, after a time. We've seen Philomena behave playfully, like Sunbutt herself) I think a Philomena and Owlicious episode could prove to be entertaining, since it seems like Owlie doesn't have a playmate. Or maybe a Philomena and Spike episode, since we've already seen Spike with Owlicious a few times. Where Owlicious acts as sort of a conscious for Spike, perhaps Philomena could act more as a mentor, somehow; silently guiding him through what character development some people say that he needs to work on? Or Philomena and Pinkie hijinks? An episode centered around competitive sport with Rainbow Dash and Philomena (can a phoenix fly faster than Dashie?). Perhaps just a Philomena slice of life episode where we can see how Sunbutt might be, through the actions of her pet, as she interacts with each of the Mane 6 and Spike? What are your thoughts on Philomena, her past, her (potential) future, and how Sunbutt might be portrayed through the pet's own actions?
  16. Looking back throughout the years there were certain songs I remember better than others. Some albums that stuck out to me more so than others as well. For me a album that has always stuck out to me was Breaking Benjamin's: We Are Not Alone album (2004). My older cousin gave me his copy of this CD in that year. That was the first CD I ever had of my own and that album helped me see what genre of music I loved most. Up until that time I didn't really know anything about music or what I truly liked. I used to listen to that cd all the time on my old CD player I had at the time. So whenever I listen to this album it always brings me back to those days when I was in middle school and hanging out with my older cousin, who was like a big brother to me at that time. Was there any artists, albums or songs that you hold close to you from the past? That give you nostalgic memories of sorts?
  17. And I mean as a spirit, sort of like the Christmas carol. Like you saw what was going on but couldn't be hurt or affect anything, and nothing would change when you went back home.
  18. "Look back, and smile on perils past" - Walter Scott
  19. "Look back, and smile on perils past" - Walter Scott
  20. Hi, this is my first post. Wondering your opinions on time travel? Like if it might be possible, a good idea, etc. Personally, I think it's a bad idea, and couldn't be possible since we have no proof of visitors from the future. So what do you think?
  21. While I was looking at the armor in Castle Mane-ia, and I notice something about the armor. The muzzle piece of the helmets are pointed and curved, like a mare's, not blunt and straight, like a stallion's. With this observation, it seems that most, if not all, of the guards were females. Also, all of suits also have horns, giving the impression that they were all unicorns as well. This brings the question of when did they change from a female, singular race system to the male, multi-race system the currently have? I guessing shortly after the Nightmare Moon insentient, but feel free to give my your thoughts and theories.
  22. So, just want some people to talk about Past Sins, the most amazing story I've ever read with some of the brony community. I know for sure that ever since then I've been comparing everything I've been reading with that, and so far nothing's beaten it. The writer's amazing and tells this story like he was actually there. I really appreciate his work and if you HAVEN'T read it, here's the link:
  23. Hey its done! Look at it and bask in its glory
  24. SO I've been working on this animaiton for a while now and its finished now please check it out haha!