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Found 81 results

  1. With all of the junk that some people spout about it (Overwatch players who claim it's a clone. It's nothing even close. It's like calling Call of Duty a Halo clone, pretty much...), I feel like some of you should at least know of it. Put this thread here because I think there should be at least somebody else on this forum that actually plays this game, and maybe it can be discussed here. I play it on steam, and in-game (I WILL change it to something much better and less nooby when I get the crystals... If only I didn't already spend some on the Infiltrator Pip body skin...) I'm xPurplexx. I mainly play Androxus, Grohk, and Makoa, though recently I've been playing some Ruckus, Mal'Damba, and Drogoz (So that way I can cover most possibilities on my team composition). I've also played a good bit of Pip and Kinessa.
  2. You should all be familiar with the game League of Legends. If not check it out on youtube!So here we can discuss anything about it. What lvl are you, want to join our MLP clan? Need friends?You can all add me if you want too. Im currently playing on EU West.Add: Sir PurrPurrI use to play with Lamii and Freckels, and i enjoy every minute of it.So what do you think of this amazing game?::UPDATE::So a lot of people wanted me to update this post with a few features such as where do everybody on this forum play. I can do that, no problem. But if you want to be on the lest you have to either send me a private message OR quote me.EUW EUE NA
  3. Yeah, this thread is for anyone who wants to talk about the MOBA SMITE with others who play it, of if you're new maybe get tips on playing. But if you're new to SMITE completely and want to know what it is, SMITE is a free-to-play MOBA that is quite different from the well known LoL and Dota 2. It's third-person, and features gods and goddesses from ancient mythology such as Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, and many more from Greek, Egyptian, Hindu, Mayan, and Chinese mythology. If you want to get the game click the link here (Its a link for referring a friend so both you and me get more stuff in-game) So yeah, if you would like to friend me in-game, my username is MAniACKMagee and I'm usually up for groups.
  4. Alright, I'll start by saying let's be mature about this and keep the "PC Master Race" Stuff out of here even if it is a joke. It's a serious discussion and we want people to look at it seriously and objectively. Now that has been said let's move on. I've been a PC gamer for a long time, and in the past year or so I sort of fell off of the bandwagon due to not having funds to upgrade for so long (still rocking that GTX 560 Ti) but I have to say... PC gaming has changed a bit from five years ago. When I got my card even as a low level or even mid range card I was playing the highest end games at max settings for many years to come, that time has sort of changed now. The market at the moment is sort of trash. Unless you are only into indie titles and don't like playing the latest AAA titles when they come out, currently PC gaming is the worst option for you unless you have deep pockets. Now I am not bashing PC, and I recognize these problems are not the result of the platform itself and they may be temporary problems, but let's try and be objective here and admit that PC gaming right now is at its worst time. The market is shot currently: RAM prices are just finally stabilizing and falling after a good year or so of being high priced. The cryptocurrency mining craze has show graphics card prices up sky high. The GTX 1070 at the time of writing this is ranging between $800-1500 on some sites! This card launched for $379. This price hyke has been going on for well over a year now. Game developers are racing to the newest tech way too early. Many cames launching in 2017 and early 2018 are actually more or less requiring current gen cards to even get a moderate gaming experience. Final Fantasy XV is one of the price examples, now ignoring its misleading benchmarks due to HairWorks, the game still basically requires a GTX 1070 or higher to get 1080p60FPS, more if you want to get that 4K30FPS experience. If you were to build a new PC to play FFXV this year you'd be looking at a GTX 1070 or higher which will run you like $800+ on its own. If you wanted to be future proof for when next year rolls around and they have a game that requires higher to max out then you are looking at the 1080 or even the 1080 Ti which will put you out even more. This is becoming a common problem with PC gaming, games more commonly are requiring more and more recent parts. Go back to 2004: Half-Life 2 comes out and the system requirements could run on devices from like... 2001 with ease. Now we've entered an age where if you're 3 years old you need to upgrade unless you were on the top of the line hardware from back then. Look I love PC gaming, but we need to really stop this mantra of it being "cheaper" especially right now. Right now if you want a similar or better experience than the PS4 Pro for Final Fantasy XV you would need to pay well over twice if not 3 times what the PS4 Pro AND the game cost. Now these are temporary problems, full disclosure. The GPU market can normalize again and developers can get their heads out of their asses and stop making games to only run on GPUs from the previous year, but currently we have no idea when that'll happen. PC gaming is great, but right now it's the worst time to get into it.
  5. Ever wonder what a Win GPD is? Well here's your explanation. IT's a full-fledged PC system built into a handheld device for PC gaming on the Go, something I had hoped for earlier this decade. Next month, I'm thinking of laying down $360 or more and buy up a Win GPD. Later on, I also intend on getting a 128GB or higher Micro SD Card to add in additional games and/or other content(Maybe install Source filmmaker on there so I can play around with MLP characters). For those who have this, what's your thoughts on the Win GPD?
  6. Here is mine. Of course, I use my laptop for schoolwork too,.
  7. If you have the game on Steam and play it fairly often, then I would love it if you'd add me! SuitedBrony The main reason I need some PC brony friends is because I used to be a console gamer, meaning all of my friends are console gamers. I converted to the pcmasterrace a few months ago, but most if not all of my friends that play on console don't have a PC. I also just got bo3 last weekend. I don't have the season pass yet, but I'm getting the season pass at the start of next month. Anyway, looking forward to some new friends! (Also, I hope I posed this in the right forum.)
  8. The premise is simple: someone posts a videogame screenshot, and you try to guess it. After the game is guessed you can then post a screenshot of your game in return. Retro and obscure games are allowed. Hints are also allowed. As much fun as it is to stump your opponent it's also fun to move onto the next game to guess so it's relative. I'll start with a shot I think is fair but not too easy. Guess this game:
  9. I don't normally post video game articles on this forum. But I wanted to bring this up concerning Playstation Neo and X-Box Scorpio. Both systems are just minor upgrades to the PS4 and XBone. And yet, I feel as if they aren't even necessary. Source:,news-22823.html I'm basically all-but-done with Consoles. The only thing I have to look forward to is the Nintendo NX. But other than that, the idea of turning video game consoles into a Smartphone-like upgrade model may have been the last straw, and I dunno if I want to buy another gaming console after the NX, Nintendo or no Nintendo.
  10. As an old Disney fan and Unreal 4 enthusiast I'm really excited for KH3, but not willing to buy a console just for one game. Luckily there's a petition to give Square Enix the message to release the game on the PC. Are you planning to sign too?
  11. anyone else SUPER EXCITED for this? from what i'm seeing, the graphics are AMAZING, a huge step up in visual quality, the scenes are colorful and beautiful and the colors are sharp, the coastlines aren't really quite awkward like in previous civ games and the road and land improvement transitions are much cleaner and less awkward than their civ 5 counterparts from what i've read, firaxis is aiming to eliminate the sort of "meta" problem that civ 5 had with certain social policies and wonders standing out from the rest, and now city buildings are kept in districts, which i believe are actually tile improvements
  12. Are there more gamers here waiting for the game? I'm really excited for it .
  13. I don't know how it is here, but generally Halo doesn't have a popular opinion within the internet, unless it's a site dedicated to halo, at least in my experience anyway. Since I'm still not sure where to start on these forums, I figured I'd start with something that's had my interest lately, and Halo certainly has (by this, I mean the very original Halo). I'm not a die hard Halo junkie, or some nostalgia addict, the game is just a genuine joy of mine, and I feel like sharing that joy. So one of my fondest memories is going to a little place called Planet Marstro, with my father, around 2002ish. It was a place where you went and rented time on well maintained PCs, to play games that you might not be able to at home, on a network that was set up for smooth online game play. My favorite game at the time, was Halo. My father was by no means any kind of gamer, but him and I still burned up hours together playing it. Only a few years later, I would go on to have halo night on the xbox, every thursday night, at my neighbors house, all the way up past graduation. While him and I have grown apart, that's something that we both still look back on fondly. Just last year, I was bored on amazon, and I stumbled upon new copies of Halo: Combat Evolved. I was stoked, but positive there was no way to play it considering it relied heavily on gamespy for online play, and windows 10 probably didn't support it. (windows 10 did indeed support it until a recent update, which was fixed by just playing it in vista compatibility mode) As it turns out, however, Bungie themselves had released a patch in 2014, which breathed life back into the online community of a game that is now 15 years old. I was aware that Doom 2 still had a competitive online community, as I'm a part of that, but when I got Halo running I was not expecting the amount of players online. The coolest part is knowing that at least a handful of players probably shared the same excitement that I did when they got everything up and running. Which brings me to my point: Not necessarily out of a sense of nostalgia alone, but rather the wonderful amalgamation of fun and excitement that you felt then, as well as now, is there a game like that for you? Maybe something that's a weekly ritual for you, or something that still gives you chills when you pick up the game case. Something that isn't confined solely to your memories, but something that still brings you genuine joy and fun. OR Is there a game you'd like to bring back into your life? A game that you know for a fact would be worth whatever trouble you had to go through to get it running just like it used to? I won't lie, Halo has even managed to even tear me away from Fallout 4, one of the most visceral gaming experiences I've had in ages. That's how much fun I have playing it, and how much the memories it carries mean to me. TL;DR Is there a game that you loved years ago that still holds up for you today? What game would you go through hell to get back into?
  14. Sooooo I recently bought the expansions to Civ V (had original game for ages) because they were on sale on steam and I love it even more! Buuuuutttttttt... I used to play with my boyfriend but since we broke up a few months ago I have no one to play with anymore D; I get bored easily playing alone... though I have played it all the way through alone and got the trophy for the science tree x'D Sooooo Yeah.... Just wondering if anyone plays it and if you do... wana play a game together? :3 My Steam is PastaSorcerer ?
  15. Hello so my current laptop is getting old and is breaking down and I need a new one. So I have decided to build my own PC. I do not know much about building PCs or what parts I would need, but I am looking for something that I can record footage from my XBOX ONE with the new PC. I also have a price range of about $500 and I just need the pc componits since I already have a moniter and a keyboard. So in other words what are all the stuff that I need to build the best $500 PC?
  16. So while I'm still saving for a proper PC, I was thinking that maybe I could just download bootcamp or run windows on my Mac. The thing is, last time I tried that I ended up getting locked out of my computer all together and had to have it restarted at a store. Could somepony perhaps take me through a brief tutorial of the whats and hows of running windows on my mac so I can actually play some of the games I want?
  17. OK, so this Gaming PC is one I want for christmas, will it play Battlefield 4 at high res settings? CPU and Memory: AMD A Series quad core. A10 7700. Processor speed 4.1GHz. 8GB RAM. Hard drive: 2TB SATA-III hard drive. DVD optical drives: Dual layer. Graphics: Shared graphics. ATI Radeon R7 with . Interfaces and connectivity: 6 x USB 2.0 ports. Ethernet port. Wireless/Wi-Fi enabled. Wired keyboard and mouse. Operating system and software: Microsoft Windows 8.1. Will this cut it? I really want a Gaming PC. It's £450 by the way. What do you think?
  18. PC's had many digital data storages and maybe Blu-Ray could be integrated in PC, but I'm not sure if that would ever happen.
  19. So I know I've been in and out of these boards for like awhile now. I have been meaning to edit this sucker for quiet some time. So as of now let's be official about this! <--- this lovely link right here will bring you to my Live Streaming Page. As of right now because my work life demands it, I can't post a consistent timing of when I shall be live. More or less I play week by week depending on what I have to do outside of my stable. Here is a current list of games we are playing, or are planning to play within the next month; Super Metroid (Hacks and Randomizer runs) Legend of Zelda (Different ones including Zelda Classic) MegaMan Mario There are other games on my agenda, but as a basic rule of thumb plan on seeing mainly Nintendo games atm. Thank you for stopping by, and hope to see y'all soon. (DoctorMcCrimmon is the artist who did my channel and avatar art)
  20. Hello there, I'm waiting for Christmas to get a Gaming PC, and I currently have a Disability Living Allowance pension of £13 per day, And I'm only here at weekends and mondays and half term. My mother says if you want it we can split up the money into two. I was wondering, are there any Gaming PC's that are good for playing Daytona USA 2 60fps on an emulator, good for playing Project 64(N64 Emulator), SFM and GMod for just £400 to £500? I also wish it could play Portal and Skyrim, as they are much better on PC thanks to console command cheats. This is for christmas, which is 5 months away. I want to spend £400($620) to £500($775). Is there anyway I can do this also with a Horizontal PC case? What are your recommendations? I heard about Battlefield 4 ready PC's for £449. And what about Keyboards and all that? any cheap setups including those? One more question, will my PC always run at the same performance? And it will it deteriorate only slowly? I don't want it to be like ''Oh I downloaded 30 games and I deleted them and my PC still runs at 10fps because of permanent deteriation''. Please help me on this. I really need to know. Also, I need parts that are relatively easy to find(as in, can be found on most general online retailers and PC stores).
  21. Leave a link to your profile here if you want to add Bronies to your Battlefield 4 a/c to play with. I'm on Pc so only add me if you are on Pc as well, but people can use this thread for any platform just say which you're on.
  22. System requirements for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pains have been released. According to Konami, they are: Minimum: OS: Windows 7x64, Windows 8x64 (64-bit OS Required) Processor: Intel Core i5-4460 (3.40 GHz) or better; Quad-core or better Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 (2GB) or better (DirectX 11 card Required) DirectX: Version 11 Hard Drive: 28 GB available space Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card Recommended: OS: Windows 7x64, Windows 8x64 (64-bit OS Required) Processor: Intel Core i7-4790 (3.60GHz) or better; Quad-core or better Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 (DirectX 11 graphic card required) DirectX: Version 11 Hard Drive: 28 GB available space Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card (Surround Sound 5.1) I personally think this is fairly reasonable, I can certainly run past the minimum requirements with my budget build. though I don't know how big of a deal it being for 64-bit OS's only will be. Many games now can also run in 32-bit OS's, but I'd assume most people now have a 64-bit OS anyways.
  23. Dark Heart


    Hey guys i made this for my personal use but i might as well share it, so here you go hope you guys like them ill post new ones in the future. These are the png files. if you need to make them in to .ico file you can use this site to convert them to ico files:
  24. would anyone be interested in maybe making a arma 3 brony steam group?
  25. I bought This War of Mine and Shelter 2 andI have not left either alone. This War of Mine is an awesome but depressing survival game, while Shelter 2 is kind of a zen animal survival sim. Both visually beautiful and really fun to play. I am Bread. This freaking game right here! I don't know whether I like it or hate it. It's a funny concept and is fun, if you like to be challenged at to loose a lot of your hair in fist sized lumps. I still have quite a few games that I've bought or been gifted that I have yet to play. Installed and ready to go but not been touched. So what did you get and how are you finding it?