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Found 4 results

  1. So after long last, I finally finished my first comic strip; The Egghead and the Clod! Let me know of any criticisms you have towards it, since I'm always looking to improve.
  2. That's it. You awoke a demon, and now we'll see who the ass is right on this thing. PREMISE IS SIMPLE. WHO'S BETTER? STAR BUTTERFLY? OR PEARL? Come on,is easy to see who's the winner. *cough* Star <3 *cough* THE TIME LIMIT ARE 7 DAYS,AKA ONE WEEK. SHIP FIGHT AWAY!
  3. I redid an old reference of my OC, Pearl Necklace, for an upcoming RP by the lovely Scatcoal that I'm going to join soon. She has a rather unique personality... just one thing: as I said in my last one, do NOT let the fancy looks fool you. Definitely not your stereotypical fashion-loving pony: I also did a bonus one with a background I thought would fit. This one is called Pearl Light:
  4. This is one of my very few OCs that is not based on a person or a ponification. She was invented as a pony from the start. And my mind has already given her an elaborate personality out of nowhere. Just one thing: don't let the fancy looks fool you. She's no stereotypical fancy pony: (Also, no, this is NOT a vector. Nothing I do is a vector.)