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Found 2 results

  1. Should you: listen always to your fans, and let their fanons influence your work? prefer to do almost everything your way, risking their anger?
  2. So I was reading throught he forums as I do a lot now(yes this is another Obsidian Winter Post) and I kept hearing about peer pressure, people being made to give up the fandom because their peers harassed them to the point it was intolerable, etc etc etc. We all have faced it at one time or another and now as Bronies, this is yet another thing for people to tease us about. Obviously not everyone does this, but when it does happen, usually its by people whom are called our 'peers' The dictionary describes a Peer as: Peers: a person who is equal to another in abilities, qualifications, age, background, and social status. Frankly, I would take a stab and say the people who hate on us, who attack out of no where, who make some of us cry, feel worthless, ashamed that we like something that only promotes the finest quilities in people and in ourself...are NOT our peers. They are NOT our equals. They have sunk below that. I know it sounds elitist but is it not true? We call "sinking to someone's level" when we do bad things to people who do bad things to us. And their social status, obviously if they can;t Tolerate and love, we are not on the same social guidelines at all. Yes, I am stating the obvious. THose of us that DO NOT sink to their level, thos eo fus that continue on proudly despite the haters...YES we are BETTER then they are. Not as life forms or by race, greed, orientation, religion, nonme of that. But by principal alone. Anytime we refuse to give in to Trolls, Haters, those that tell us we need to die or our child molesters or 'aren't real men' or 'need to grow up', we have risen above them. To be a Brony to me is all about practicing what the show teaches, loving the community, contributing to the community and so on. WE are each others peers. In a way, its like how communities of old delt with theit own when they stepped out of line and didn't practice the guidelines of their community. So the next time you do something and a troll or hater makes fun of you for it....the next time you are looking at your art on your ipad and some cruel person hurts your feelings so bad you just want to delete it all, leave the community, go home and cry, remember who exactly your peers are. What would your fellow Bronies think? WWBD wristbands! heh....j\k..... No but seriously....when you stand up for a friend, when you do the right thing, when you respect the aspects of Honesty, Generosity, Loyalty, Kindness, Laughter and the Magic that holds it all together, ask yourself which peer group you should really be listening to. Food for thought. Faithfully, Obsidian Winter