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Found 50 results

  1. iceestarz

    Screencap Doodle Thread

    I’m gonna make this dump thread for sketches of shots from the show/movie. I’ve been doodling a bit of scenes directly from the show in my own style as a way to get practice on anatomy, posing and facial expressions. Enjoy! More to come whenever I sketch something up.
  2. iceestarz

    Pen doodle mane six

    Rip. I messed up on Dash so I scribbled her out, guess Spike is the element of loyalty again. Sorry Dashie T-T just a messy sketch of a part of the My Little Pony Movie. Haven’t drawn in a while so why not eh.
  3. Preatorian60

    critique wanted So I drew Pinkie Pie

    Hiya! So I drew this little Pinkie Pie and I figured I'd post it
  4. iceestarz

    Ponysona and me! :p

    Small doodle of my ponysona and me! I hope y’all like it may color at some point
  5. iceestarz

    Twilight Sparkle! ^_^

    Yo dudes, did a little doodle of twilight in my notebook for history of psych. Hope you dig it!
  6. iceestarz

    Pen doodle

    So I doodled this while I was at my internship. Most of the department is out sick so it was extra slow and dead. Sketched out in pencil then drawn over in a cheap bic pen. Michelangelo, me and dashie. xD Raph is my favorite turtle, but mikey is chill too! For my outfit it was what I was wearing before I changed for my internship. Skinny’s, boots, a CHVRCHES shirt and a leather jacket I stole from my fiancé.
  7. iceestarz

    Winter gear Dashie

    My fiancé bought me a 150 piece set of prisma premiere colored pencils so expect some colored doodles and stuff over the holiday break! In the mean time enjoy this pen doodle of Rainbow Dash in some winter gear on a sticky note xD
  8. iceestarz

    Sunset shimmer :p

    Waiting for my dad to get to my campus so I can put my stuff in his car. Here’s a redraw of a sunset shimmer drawing I did just now Below is the original from over a year ago. I like both, but my style has slightly changed for better or worse lol.
  9. i was on a camp and i was bored during the only free time they gave us so.. what did i do? i drew some tanks XP the first 2 (an M103 than a tiger 1) where rubbish than i drew a tiger II which was ok... than the jagdtiger which i think i drew best than the maus.. i screwed up the shadow big time but.. meh.. i also feel that i should mention i didn't have any form of reference, its was all off memory XP (ima post other tank drawings down below )
  10. iceestarz


    Dooooooodddlllleees. Have em.
  11. iceestarz

    Ponysona doodle

    Super boring classes today. Ugh. ;3;
  12. iceestarz

    CUTE CHIBI PONIES plus spike

    Still not feeling 100% better. Going to the doctors tomorrow again to find out what's wrong with me. Couldn't pay attention in my zoology class cause I felt awful so I doodled this in pencil and went over it in pen during my 3 hour English class. Enjoy!
  13. I feel like its been forever since I posted something, I was working on something Power Pony related about a week ago. Done with the sketching and inking, just gotta color it. But then I came back and have been sick since Monday. Still feeling tired no matter how much sleep I get, lymph nodes are still a little swollen. Hopefully I'll feel better. Here's a cruddy Dashie doodle I did in history trying not to fall asleep.
  14. So I was bored at school and I drew this...
  15. iceestarz

    Flutterbutt doodle

    Not a very good day. Didn't do too well on my precal test and I did horrid on my zoology test. Now I know my study methods are not gonna work so I guess I'll have to change things to pass classes. Ugh. so have this doodle. I'm gonna drown in homework for the next week.
  16. iceestarz

    DOODLES. Get em here.

    Did some doodlin in class today. In zoology and in English. For a 3 hour class every Monday I have to say English is my favorite class this year. Everyone is so nice and my teacher is just amazing. I'm usually quiet in every class but I actually talk the most out of everyone there. Maybe I'm more talkative and chill later at night. I don't know.
  17. iceestarz

    Zoology just got 20% cooler

    So I'm swamped with homework lol. Got 4 more tests to study for. And a paper to start on. Woo. College. Gonna do a bunch of requests on my request thread this weekend. But this is all I have for now so enjoy this tiny Dashie doodle I did while mindlessly dying in my zoology lecture class.
  18. iceestarz

    School Doodles!

    Some of these are more recent than others. But over three weeks this is what I've doodled in class. Well these are the good doodles. There's more but they're garbage. All done in pen except one cause that's all I usually use in class unless testing. Spoiler cause there's a lot of them.
  19. iceestarz

    favorite waifu stealer redraw

    On the left is a drawing I did a while ago that took me quite some time. On the right is a quick pen doodle that took a few minutes. enjoy!
  20. iceestarz

    tiny Fluttershy pen doodle!

    so this is how i managed to survive history today. I hate history classes so much but ponies make it so much better! :grin2:
  21. iceestarz

    Ponysona pen doodle

    So yeah, I haven't really ever sat down and drew myself a ponysona. I've tried but never really got anything to stick. But here's a little doodle I did just a few minutes ago. Things may change but that's the fun in working out the kinks. Her name is Sunshine Bliss. Her cutie mark is a happy sun with a couple tiny water waves. Happy suns are happy. Still picking out the color scheme for her. so that's why it's totally not colored
  22. iceestarz

    Freehand doodles.

    I haven't ever drawn Gilda so nothing totally unique about this doodle with one of my colored pencils. Also because I do what I want, I'm gonna throw in a couple of doodles of my cat that I did today. Do you understand how annoying it is to doodle a cat that won't stop moving?
  23. iceestarz

    Scribbled Spike

    Bought myself a new diary so I'm gonna start doodling stuff in my old diary. ended up scribbling this up, the pen never left the paper except for my signature. It was pretty fun to do
  24. iceestarz

    Fluttershy pen doodle!

    Bleh, idk. Pen doodle. snap
  25. iceestarz


    Got some doodles out. Basically a really simple pony style I accidentally made when I was trying to purposely make horrible looking ponies. Also, the dude I drew was originally supposed to be that dude who plays Carl on The Walking Dead, but it was really dark in the class so I really had no clue what it looked like until the lights turned on. I hate hands so I gave him 8 fingers. The panda is a character from my storybook I'm writing for my painting class. We're going to make storybooks and give them to the children's hospital.