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Found 151 results

  1. Did a sketch for my partner, did 2 attempts at it with different methods.
  2. This thread will be for any and all original artwork I’ll splash out for this year. Figured I’d keep screencap redraws in one thread and my own personal drawings in another thread to declutter the amount of topics I’ll end up making. Enjoy! Been binge watching equestria girls for some reason. Sunset Shimmer is just great. Here’s some cute drawings minus Twilight. ~honestly was too lazy to sketch her out~ still working on this next one, but I’ve sketched them all out. Here are the boys of our ponyverse! Tbh I forgot Braeburn existed until tonight lol. Also for some reason Flash Sentry has 2 different models in the Equestria Girls universe? I prefer his look in the YouTube series than the movies?!
  3. Tried to ponify the reference pic in the corner using fashion pony. Ran into trouble when trying to translate the legs of the woman. I don't think there's any feasible way for a pony to sit and have their legs positioned like that. So I settled for this: Where one legs is on the stool going straight out and the other off the stool straight down(sorta like the pic.) Which sucks because the legs were a really cool part of the pose Also the Celestia painting was originally a stallion in the reference, it was actually really fun getting her pose in there.
  4. First try at a worm's eye view. She's....suggestively unbuttoning a strap in the middle of her dress. Doesn't seem like something Octavia would do but I couldn't get Rarity's hair to work with the hat Also was wondering if anyone would like to do a traditional for tradional art trade as well. I really like seeing and learning from other peoples' styles. I'd only request traditional because a traditional for digital trade (to me) wouldn't seem of equal worth to the other person. It wouldn't be held here, but was curious about starting a topic in Requestria. Outfit reference
  5. Rainbow with Magnus' armor and Magnus with a Wonderbolt...suit?I'm guessing...? Based on these two posing Funny thing about Magnus, I had NO IDEA what his name was when I wanted references. And the surefire way I KNEW would work was to to simply type "Rainbow Dash x" in Google. This fandom did not disappoint.
  6. A ton of unfinished, or even incompleted pencil thingamajigs. I'm in a situation where I need to rid of these papers, and I probably won't be able to draw, or use the internet in privacy (to hide my shame) for a loooong time. So I dump. TRIPLE CROWN This was supposed to resemble the "Two Sisters" album cover by Fiction Plane, and Celestia is dressed as Helios, then Luna was to be dressed as Sene (Sun/Moon Gods respectively.) a vintage pony and a second vintage pony. if you want to challenge yourself I'd say use a random pony generator when practice drawing, that way you're constantly drawing different hair styles. That's how I came upon these two Forgive me for the left leg, this was a while ago and I had no idea pony legs shouldn't bend that way. again with the leg thing but I got it right this time ALL these pics use a human reference of some kind, so just sayin' that I ain't original and take NO credit for the outfit and poses. If someone wants I could probably post a selected reference if they want it
  7. Most royals presented in the show, if I'm missing anyone please let me know(I explain the lack of Shining Armor below). What I now look back on and find interesting is that this whole idea started due to a 2016 show adapted from a 1992 work, who's music (the 2016 one's) sparked the inspiration. This was done on...basically an A4 fax paper with HB pencils. Yeah.... List of characters and their parallel poser [1-2] Poisoned Lovers (Prince Blue Dream & Princess Golden Dream according to the wiki) [3-4] Celestia & Luna [5-6] Cadence & Flurry [7-8] The Saddle Arabia delegates (Haakim & Amira, or "Ruler and Princess" when translated) [9-10] Sombra & Chrysalis [11-12] Rutherford & Tirek [13-14] Duke & Duchess of Maretonia [15-16] Torch & Scorpan [17-19] 3 Founders of Equestria (Princess Platinum, Chancellor Puddinghead, Commander Hurricane) [20-21] King Grover and King Groto [22-24] Ember, Twilight, & Thorax In hindsight, I don't know why I didn't just take one picture of all three of them. [25] Blueblood At first I was going to do EVERY royal from EVERY media from the current gen because I really wanted Princess Amore and Princess Parabola to pose together. But then I found out there's a King Leo (so somehow I'd have to fit a massive pool of water in there), Princess Platinum's dad (King Bullion), I didn't know whether to include (the fictional) Queen Trottingham, I wondered if that one time Trixie was a queen in the comics would that count, apparently they designed Tirek's mom and dad who were royals too, and I'd still need to find space for the Storm wasn't happening. I had no clue Shining Armor was a prince until recently. When I made a list of royalties I was thinking of those who acted in government. Rule makers, citizen commanders, foreign relation stuff. Shining Armor....commands the royal guard...which is below top level royalties, which is why I didn't think he was a prince. I mean even now he mostly just raises Flurry, I don't see him in big politcal matters (appearances don't count.) And I'm not sure of Pinkie's "official" title was serious in the Yak episode, it was way to late to put her in anyhow. Ugh man originally I had like 11 paragraphs & pictures of thought process/work because these characters were set up from scratch, so planning their positions and pose took 10 fold the time to actually draw them. Like these characters used pose refrences, but this whole set up didn't essentially pardoy something else. I didn't finish it but I did want to include the pics though: This took way too much time, and I overthought this to a useless extent. Definitely NOT going to do numerous character drawings for a while, I've been craving one-two character close drawings again, ones where I can actually add detail and style.
  8. Hello and welcome to the thread that, hopefully, will document my venture into the realm of traditional art. The purpose of this topic is quite simple, really - to post one's attempts at drawing, explain what was supposed to be done, and, if anyone stumbles on it, recieve constructive critique, maybe tips even. Now, Before I present the examples of my, ahem, "current skill level", I'd like to pause for a moment to talk about where I wish to go with all that. Otherwise my presentations would be in a void of sorts. So, I first tackled just a single medium, pencil sketches. My workshop consists of a set of KOH-I-NOOR pencils (12 piece set ranging from F to 8B), assorted erasers and blending stumps, drawn on A4 paper. Just so you know. I try to draw everything freehand, without rulers and such. My "end goal" in this medium could be summed up by this example: Once I become proficient with shapes, I intend to expand into inked sketches, line and shaded, then gradually add color. My weapon of choice would be the dip pen with a lot of nibs and inks (I already write with a fountain pen exclusively, so nib care is nothing new for me). Again, a presentation on what I'd love to achieve one day (I know they're digital but can be as well done with dip pens) Daydreaming section done, so it's time to get back on the cold hard ground. I don't have a scanner in this apartment, so I made pics instead. Each piece will have it's individual spoiler. As you can probably tell, I've got a looong way to the examples showed earlier. I welcome critique and advice, and meanwhile, I will focus on getting consistently good side views, front view portraits and those pesky 3/4's. Later I intend to move into custom poses, and if I won't break the pencils from frustration, expand into actual scenes, with backgrounds and stuff. Hopefully.
  9. Inspired by an IDW cover, but to be honest I didn't read it. This is really old. Outfit and pose source included.
  10. Wow, it's been a while since I've started a topic. Anyway, I'm thinking of doing a comic strip and I've created an art style for the project. As of now, I'm playing around with it, but I was hoping for some feedback. Please let me know what you think in the comments. Twilight Sprackle Apple Jackie I still regret inking this one. I'm working on the style with the rest of the Mane 6, but please feel free to give me any feedback (something that isn't, "your inking sucks" or "Get a drawing tablet") "The Quick Trigger" Thanks! -RealityPublishing
  11. So here's a question for you, how did you learn how to draw? Did you practice over the years? Over a single, seemingly endless night? Or did you pick up a pencil, doodle a bit and discover a hidden talent? Maybe you just have an eye for that sort of thing? Whatever it was, I wasn't a part of it. To be very honest, I am a terrible artist. Complete wannabe who can draw a rough circle in a matter of thirty minutes. Just imagine how it long it would've taken for me to draw my first pony. Yeah, unpleasant memories, at least, it was. All that changed about four months ago when I awoke with the brightest amount of inspiration. Talent comes in all different forms and introduces all kinds of ideas. Me? You'll probably be calling me a talentless hack after this. I learned to draw in a dream. No joke. Really. I went to bed, lay my head on a pillow, closed my eyes, and before I knew it, I was watching a mental tutorial on how to draw Applejack's badonkadonk. Not kidding about that. I was really taught how to draw AJ's tooshie from a dream. What an adventure. Anyway, the next morning, I stared at a wall, dazed in confusion, got ready for school, and once I arrived, I pulled out a pencil and drew exactly what I saw in the dream. Boy, it was glorious. I had to go over it with ink, but it was probably both the best and worst thing I'd ever concocted. Of course, I had to keep it on the down-low considering teachers these days don't exactly tolerate exposed rumps in class. What a trip. Lesson of today goes out to all the students who started out their new year: Pay attention in class and don't follow the happy trail anywhere else but home. -RealityPublishing
  12. So, things happened, and now I have a working scanner! To celebrate this amazing event, I will be posting some of my slightly not sucky drawings from this school year. Don't be fooled; This gallery is kinda like a lesson in all the ways I can screw things up fatally. So I drew my OC, Ironblade. As it turns out, coloring with a graphite pencil and then lugging around a drawing in your backpack for months is a great way to make it blotchy as all hell. I mean, look. At least Iron has a fairly blotchy coat anyway, so it's no big loss, and I used colored pencils for all the others. As it turns out, my scanner is still a crappy one and can't see colors very well. This is Donut Steel, whose coat was originally a peachy cream color before my scanner decided it was going to be blind. At least you can kinda see it in her left hooves, which are darker. Her eyes are supposed to be bright cherry read, with the streak in her mane being much pinker than shown. The black spots are oil stains. This one actually turned out okay, with no obvious horrible flaws other than me accidentally cropping out my signature a little bit. The blue-to-white gradients in her wings turned out really well, in my opinion! I also just really like this OC in general. I don't quite like the accessories on this one, but, being the first time I tried that at all, she turned out mostly alright! Her wings could have been better, but I still don't quite have a style for them. And the scanner dulled out the shading and her colors, but whatever, she still looks nice! These two are technically the same pony, so I decided to try a mirror image-type thing, which absolutely did not backfire horribly on me. This is my most recent color drawing. I kinda screwed up Vermilion's shading, and Mercury's coat looks kind of blotched (not nearly as bad as the first drawing, though.) But that's minor nitpicking; I'm still proud of this one. I'll also post some pencil sketch things, which I drew in a different style. This is Rainbow Dash, with mechanical wings that I kind of messed up terribly and never went back to fix. I didn't quite understand what I was doing wrong with the way her wings are attached to her body, and they don't look that good, which is kind of bad. They were supposed to be the focal point; Mechanical stuff is not my thing, apparently. On the bright side, I really like how her face came out. Sorry about the darkness; It was the only way I could find to actually make the lines visible, because they're not drilling-holes-through-the-paper dark. Even so, some of them aren't the most clear, but at least you should be able to see it. God, my scanner is bad, but it's better than the alternatives. But other than that, I actually really like it. It's not complete; This drawing was supposed to be a cover for a fanfiction I really like, but I'm almost afraid to color it, lest I screw it up. So yeah, look at my arts and give me virtual internet points! Those are nice.
  13. This is my second human drawing and first time when I tried to draw armor. There is lot of mistakes and lot of things that I could do better but It's better I thought it will be. Give critique and all that.
  14. So a while back I pioneered an art style I call "chaos" art - it is entirely subconsciously done. Here's what you go - you get a piece of paper, and a pencil. Close your eyes, and think of an emotion or thing you wish to convey - and then with pencil in your hand, just start scribbling - go nuts - let that emotion flow through you - make sure to cover as much of the page as you can, keep adding if you don't feel satisfied, but keep your eyes closed when you do this. then open your eyes and look at the mess you have made - and then, using ONLY the lines you see, start to see what you can see come out of the mess, and start outlining lines, and then colour it in. It sounds like the results would be retarded, but you might be amazed at what you see.. the first is called the abysmal demon of hair - it was made using anger emotion the second is called the snail- it was made using the feeling of nature. both are copyrighted. also see my other thread - OC my character - which I showcase some of my other work
  15. The kind of difference 3 years can make Would you all like to see more redraws of old stuff?
  16. Just a few doodles I did while I was in anime club the other day. Done while we watched some Death Parade put into a collage for space saving haha.
  17. Just experimenting a different drawing style, I really like how it turned out. I don't know where to put this since it has both pony and non-pony, so I'll leave that to the moderators
  18. I have drawn from time to time, and I've decided that I'll Put a little more effort into it. So I'll just copy some pictures from other people with pencil, and post them here. I've already drawn one a few days ago: has Fluttershy in it. :3
  19. This is a sketch I made, It took me about three days, so I hope it looks pretty good!!! The Princess Luna is my #2 favorite character in the entire show, so I just had to sketch her!!! I hope you all like it!!!
  20. Well now, this was a weird one... The inspiration for this one was very... unusual to say the least. It started out as a pencil with a green eraser and a half broken orange grippie, and to make a long story short, it ended up as a pencil superhero, similar to Batman, named 'Carrot-Man'. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did questioning this thing's existence.
  21. Some of these are more recent than others. But over three weeks this is what I've doodled in class. Well these are the good doodles. There's more but they're garbage. All done in pen except one cause that's all I usually use in class unless testing. Spoiler cause there's a lot of them.
  22. I've started to draw recently, I had a hard time to make this look like Amy Rose from Sonic The Hedgehog. This was done with as little reference as possible while sprinkling my own style into it. The body looked like that because I used to practice drawing human anime instead of anthros. I would love to read some opinions. Sorry for the flashies, my phone cam suks
  23. Sketching up a bunch stuff, have a quick vinyl doodle.
  24. So I'm trying to work on posing, so I snapped a few pics of my cat when she rolled into different positions and used them as references for ponies this is what I got. Pretty happy with it
  25. This is a commission I've drawn for JonasDarkmane hope you like it. This wasn't great but it was my first try drawing any magic effects. Gj iPod... I've tried every position of the camera and it always uploads it at an silly angle...