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Found 9 results

  1. So this is the official fan club for the bestest Wonderbolt there is. The paragon of perfection, the pony that all mares strive to be. The fastest of the blue fast, and the best of the best. On the frontlines when Tirek invaded the kingdom, one of the first out the chute when Spike was terrorizing Ponyville. She is the embodiment of perfection, valor, and civility.
  2. What gave you nightmares in courage the cowardly dog? Sorry guys, but king Ramses didn't really scare me, but one thing scared me sooooooo bad, I stopped watching the show for years. I was absolutely terrified of that blue fetus thing from the episode perfect. Fun fact: the blue thing could possibly be a manifestation of eustaces broken trumpet from earlier in the episode, but totally distorted by courages mind.
  3. Just to be clear, I'm not saying she's a Mary Sue or anything like that, but she has really changed a lot since becoming an Alicorn---so much so that I kinda feel like I was lied to by those saying that she would remain the same character she always was. Aside from that humorous burger scene in Twilight Time, her adorkableness seems to have largely vanished, as has her tendency to freak out. Sure, I should commend her on her development, but these were traits that I found made her really relatable to the audience---traits that made me like her so much. In addition to this, her flaws appear to have been greatly toned down and she doesn't make mistakes like she used to. She only had two journal entries in season 4: one in Three's a Crowd and one in Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3. However, the one in Three's a Crowd was not really based on any flaw on her part, so that's really only one legitimate lesson she learned all season, while the others learned several. Two specific scenes in question that particularly concern me is the "breezy transformation" scene in It Ain't Easy Being Breezies and the scene where she rigged up the portal in Rainbow Rocks. Something about the breezy scene just really rubs me the wrong way. Twilight is a magical prodigy and that much is certain, but that scene was such a ridiculous dues ex machina moment. And honestly, what kind of goddess has Twilight become that she now has to power to transform any species into something else? Are there any limits to that power? Would the mane six have been breezies forever if Twilight hadn't reversed the spell? I mean, sure there was that scene where she turned mice into horses in The Best Night Ever, but that was just a simple poof as opposed to her actually mixing her and her friends' DNA with that of the breezies to become them. And it was also going to wear off at midnight so we know that the change was not permanent. The portal scene also really turns me off. Twilight has always been portrayed as being incredibly smart, but that scene pretty much implied that she's a goddamn bonafide super genius, as well as a mechanical genius. I know it was just a contrived way of getting her back into the human world, but it's still just hard for me to accept because Twilight was never portrayed as being that smart, nor was she ever portrayed as having significant mechanical experience. She just seems a little too perfect now that it's to the point that I simply don't have much interest in her anymore. When her spells can be used to serve as dues ex machinas and when she can just pull expert-like skills out of nowhere to serve the plot, that's when I just lose interest in her development.
  4. In my opinion, Equestria is too perfect. And that is a problem. I think Hasbro could show the rise of Equestria, against the evil forces that ponies had to combat to expand the empire. It could be more interesting. Showing the perfect economy and society of their actual world would soon lead to boredom. One could say: "But Equestria still has conflicts". I know. But those conflicts don't delevop the story as well as showing the formation of Empire. Let's be honest, 90% of the show are still mystery, and that actual conflicts don't solve less than 11%. Just think about it. I will understand any critics around that topic.
  5. *Thought of when replying to this topic! In the topic, a bunch of guys are talking about how they're too thin. Guys are expected to be big, strong, and bulky. (in a good way) Girls, on the other hand, have to look just like the *airbushed* magazine model. Girls have been known to overwork themselves and stp eating in order to be 'perfect.' But so have some guys. Everyone is under pressure to not become overweight, but... who do you think has it worse??
  6. I think life is generally cool, but some things take life's coolness up a notch. I'm talking about those moments where everything feels perfect and what ever stresses us out doesn't matter, at least for that brief moment in time. For me its... - Going clubbing: I love the nightlife and going out with friends. I can easily dance the night away, get lost in the music and forget what ever stresses or worries I may have for that brief moment. I've always enjoyed myself whenever I've gone out to clubs and when I leave, I feel this (not drug induced) sense of euphoria for lack of a better word. -Exploring the city I live in and taking pictures: I love walking around and taking pictures and find my city stunningly beautiful. When I'm walking around, I feel like I'm apart of something bigger if that makes sense. There's so much life and stuff to do here. - Drawing, listening to/ playing music and playing sports also can put me into my own little world for a bit. So, what moments make your life 20% cooler ?
  7. HELLO PPL my name is PONESLAYR i hate PONEIS but IM also a TALNTED ARTST so pls c my comx ISSUE 1 ISSUE 2 ISSUE 3 ISSUE 4 ISSUE 5 ISSUE 6 ISSUE 7 ISSUE 8 ISSUE 9 ISSUE 10 SPECIAL ISSUE 11 ISSUE 12 ISSUE 13 ISSUE 14 ISSUE 15 ISSUE 16 ISSUE 17 ISSUE 18 ISSUE 19 ISSUE 20 ISSUE 21 ISSUE 22 ISSUE 23 ISSUE 24 ISSUE 25 ISSUE 26 ISSUE 27 ISSUE 28 ISSUE 29 ISSUE 30 ISSUE 31 ISSUE 32 ISSUE 33 ISSUE 34 ISSUE 35 ISSUE 36 ISSUE 37 ISSUE 38 ISSUE 39 ISSUE 40 ISSUE 41 ISSUE 42 ISSUE 43 ISSUE 44 ISSUE 45 ISSUE 46 ISSUE 47 ISSUE 48 ISSUE 49 ISSUE 50 SERIES 2 ISSUE 51 ISSUE 52 ISSUE 53 ISSUE 54 BRONEY COMIX SERIES 1 HELLO PPL my name is now PONELUVR i luv PONEIS ISSUE 1 ISSUE 2 ISSUE 3 ISSUE 4 ISSUE 5 ISSUE 6 ISSUE 7 ISSUE 8 ISSUE 9 ISSUE 10 ISSUE 11 ISSUE 12 ISSUE 13 ISSUE 14 ISSUE 15 ISSUE 16 ISSUE 17 ISSUE 18 ISSUE 19 ISSUE 20 MLPFORUMS BIRTHDAY SPECIAL ISSUE 21 ISSUE 22 I MAK MOR REGLARY SO CHEK BACK PLS *So this is an idea I got a while back but finally went through with. All over the internet, we see haters, sure. But what if there was a person who hated ponies and bronies so much that they actually spent all their time in a festering pit of rage? And this person focused his hatred into making pony hate-comics? Behold, this thread. In it, I play the role of an over-the-top hater. This is just satire. I really don't mean to offend anybody, since I highly doubt anybody like the star of this comic actually exists. Any time I don't act like PONESLAYR in this thread, I'll mark it.
  8. Here's a remix of "The Perfect Stallion" from the episode "Hearts and Hooves Day" Hope you like it! Since this was a eurobeat, I did not put on the sound enhancer/HD simulator.
  9. The Fan-art Portrait, these ponies inspire me soooo much, it would be a shame not to make them some fan-art. H8 seed, Glaze, Living Tombstone, are all my musical inspiration, I wish to become a very well known musician like them. Solrac and Rina-chan inspire me in acting and comedy, Solrac inspires me a little more everytime I watch a video. And Abluskittle is an awesome graphic designer, I wish I was as amazing as he is in drawing. and last but not least, BronyDanceParty, this guy is an amazing animation artist, I want to make amazing videos like he does one day, hopefully soon. These ponies are amazing and there is no reason for you guys not to love these guys, they’re my heroes. EDIT: FFFFFFFFF NOOOOOOOO!!!! I FORGOT MIC THE MICROPHONE AND ALEX S…. ill make them custom fan art soon to make sure they dont feel left out