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Found 6 results

  1. Pony fans have a variety of reasons for why they continue to enjoy pony, with the songs among the most common, but barring conventions many find themselves at a loss for vocally sharing their love of the musical splendor of FiM and all the spin-offs it's inspired. Well, look no further darlings; if you're in the New England area, then the New England Bronytones would absolutely love to make your acquaintance. The New England Bronytones are a group of individuals dedicated to practicing and performing official songs from the show and the movies, with a focus on perfecting those songs with existing group harmonies while modifying those without into harmonic ensemble numbers. As of now, the group has only practiced one song ("Find the Music in You") comfortably enough to perform on a moment's notice, having clocked in around seven or eight solid Sunday practice sessions prior to a few "spontaneous" attempts at Bronycon 2015. Admittedly, our planning wasn't as on-point as it could have been, to include missing the (barely advertised) cut off point for the otherwise-ideal Open Mic event, but even so our efforts were not completely unappreciated and despite varying levels of talent and all-around low-levels of experience, we still view our proto-debut as something of a small success. Unfortunately, though the dream of improved harmony continues to be near to our hearts, a few of our members (including myself, quite sadly) may/will be moving away very shortly, leaving some newfound silence where once there was song. Un-unfortunately, that's where you come in! We found ourselves perhaps over-crowded for roles, with the notable exception of soprano, during "Find the Music in You," but future endeavors should prove much friendlier for larger ensembles, including the current focus song/mashup "Winter Wrap Up/True True Friend." One of our most dedicated members has been hard at work piecing together the sheet music for us to practice with (on this song and many, many more), and even if you can't necessarily read sheet music we have plenty of ways of soloing out your chosen part(s) so that you can tune your voice to it. With nearly an entire year before the next Bronycon, there is an ample amount of time to add and perfect a few more songs to the Bronytones repertoire, and perhaps even enough time to throw some simple-yet-swanky choreography into the mix as well! We have so generated so many interesting ideas in the few months we've been together, from individual song mashup/remixes to a giant seven-or-eight song continuous medley designed to dazzle...but the only way it'll all come together is with your help! The only things we ask from those interested in joining are the following: that you have (at a minimum) enough confidence to sing in front of fellow bronies, that you are committed to practicing and improving, and that you are not so completely tone-deaf that you cannot be trained to at least match a pitch within your range. We are hardly spectacular ourselves (yet), as we began our group in the same manner of welcoming all-comers, and therefore possess a varying range of ability (none of us can be considered even close to professional). That said, time spent paying attention to the notes, working on enunciation, improving vocal range, and learning the sound dynamics of the music has markedly improved the group's sound. If you absolutely adore the concept, but still don't think you can manage what we require for singers, we still encourage you to at least show up to see if you might bring something to the table in terms of arrangements, AV wizardry, costuming, and/or choreography. We're a pretty friendly group, which I suppose rates a "duh, bronies," but even so we try to go the extra mile to make newcomers feel like they can make a positive impact our efforts; plus we try to add some fun social elements to our break times so that it's not all just business. As far as when we get together, practices are currently every weekend on Sundays, with the next currently-scheduled-one on for August 30th, but this is naturally a difficult schedule for many and we are discussing shifting towards a more bi-weekly routine. As mentioned, though I'm the founder of this group and one of the most practiced/enthusiastic regarding singing, I'm also most definitely going to be leaving the area before September ends. In the spirit of keeping the music alive, I started the official Meetup page for the group and as you can see I intend on promoting it wherever there might be interest so as to bolster the ranks and get the name out there. Additionally, I have left some sound gear with the members, including a dual-amp/mixer combo, a 7-unit wireless mic set, a Bluetooth/optical/USB soundbar set, and a Scarlett music conversion tool for PC mixing...we haven't made extensive use of it so far, but with new members comes new ideas for how best to improve and showcase our sound, so I'm sure someone will find it all handy. ...this may have been a bit hasty on my part, as I do intend on starting a new chapter in this musical endeavor wherever I end up next, but perhaps the competition will end up needing the assistance to prevail over my next edition? A friendly challenge, as it were. Y'know, it actually came as something of a shock to me, when I finally got the ball rolling on this idea, that there didn't seem to be much in the way of dedicated MLP singing groups up in the Northeast; the only counterpart I've really seen so far are the SoCal Ponytones out on the West Coast. We would love to rival their numbers someday soon, as well as their number of fulfilled performances, but we can only do that with improved levels of membership, participation, and effort. So please, if any of this sounds awesome (how could it not?), hit up the Meetup group. You may end up being the practiced powerhouse who takes the group to the next level, or the excited newcomer with a chance to finally strut your singing stuff; whatever the case, the New England Bronytones are waiting with open arms. "You're gonna' fiiiiiiiiiind you've got the music, got the music, got the music in YOU!"
  2. hi everypony any brony out there with a performance car? would love to see it
  3. *NOTE:* I am BRAND spanking new, so PLEASE forgive me if this thread has not been posted in its proper location!! Hi My name is Cassie. I am 23 years old and I have been a fan of MLP for roughly 16 months. I. LOVE. MLP MUSIC!!!!!! Last year ('13), when I went to BronyCon, I was surprised and EXTREMELY pleased to hear us Bronies singing these songs in unison :3 Then, I had a thought: What if I were to organize a smallish group of local (sorry, non MD-ers D:) people who were actually to PRACTICE some A CAPELLA ARRANGEMENTS of pony songs BEFORE the con and then wander around, performing for people!! If you are interested in helping me to organize this in time for BRONYCON '14 (fun! fun! fun! fun!): -Please email me directly at (that's Y O U R S O P H ) -Please be a half-decent singer (Beyonce pipes not req'd, just a general idea of where notes should be and the ability to sing your own part even over other dissonant/harmonizing parts) -Please LOVE MLP -Please live in MARYLAND and be able to get to practice (in Columbia) on time every week/biweek/whatever we decide -Please be at least 11!! -Please understand that this is a somewhat serious excursion which will REQUIRE PRACTICE. Please understand and be willing to repeat, change, hone, and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE our songs! I don't want to hear any whining (or whinnying) at practice -Please be willing to vote on issues which may arise while understanding that I as the creator of the group have final deciding power -Please be financially able to attend BronyCon I'd like to have BOYS AND GIRLS of ALL VOICE PARTS, ALL AGES welcome so long as your mom or your dad or SOMEpony can give you a ride to practices! When you email me, please include as much of this information as possible: -Your name (first only is fine) -Your age and sex -When did you get into MLP? -What is your level of interest in this project on a scale from 1-10? -How often would you like to have practice? Choose one ~Once a week ~Twice a month ~Once a month -How reliably will you be able to attend practice on a scale of 1-10? -What is your voice part (if you know it)? If you don't, would you describe your voice as high, middle, low, or flexible? -Are there any songs not on my list that you would like to do? -What special skills could you give to the group (reading music, arranging music ,picking out notes by ear, baking so sweet and tasty cupcakes and bringing them with you to practice etc.) I'm looking for a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 12 or so, so I hope the level of general interest is higher than I'm worried it might be ^^;; here is a tentative list of songs: -Winter Wrap Up -The Best Night Ever -Smile Song -Hearts Strong as Horses -A True True Friend -The Perfect Stallion -Helping Twilight Win The Crown (I know, shut up!) Alright, so, I guess that's it.... let the emails flood in XD
  4. So, figured I just go out and ask all you fellow ponies out there, what are some of the best concerts you've ever gone to? I'm quite a huge music fan and I'd love to find some other music amigos out there. And here's a few ideas to add on to what you reply with: -Who was it? -Why was it so good? -Best song(s) from the setlist? -Any surprises? -Photos, videos, or anything from the show? Share your stories, amigos!
  5. I was just thinking about this while I was playing a racing game. I wonder what other people value most in a car? Well You will start giving Opinions Choose between these values. You can choose more than one. Remember, we are talking about your dream car. Also tell us why to make use of the minimum 100 characters limit Values -Performance (Stats of the Car) -Style (Looks of the car) -Comfort (Difficulty of use) -Economy (Pricing) I tell you mine: Well the value I want in my dream car is Performance. Why? Because I wanted a powerful car. With very fast speeds and very accurate handling..etc . I wanted something that can be used on a race track. I don't like slow and sluggish cars. I actually like to race, because it is fun to beat someone. It's is always nice if car goes fast do a face of O_O. Dream car: Koenigsegg Agera R
  6. As some of you know, i just built my new computer and as the majority of you run windows, i was wondering what everyone's computers score on the Windows Performance Index (found on Windows 7 under start > Computer > System Properties). I know that it is not entirely accurate and it doesn't take quite a few things into account, but it does give a general idea and i'm curious My PI: My PC thread: