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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 2 results

  1. Cedar Woods

    Open Mic Lottery

    How would everypony like to participate in an open mic event? Here’s how it works: 1. On Thursday you go to an assigned location, and pay $15 to buy 5 minutes of time with the mic (there would be more than one mic provided, in case you came with a group). When you pay the evening before, your name is written on a small foam ball. The ball is then added to a bin (or something). You can enter your name as many times as you want (meaning you can put it on as many balls as you want). The more you have in the bin, the more likely it is you’ll be picked. 2. On Friday at some point, a special guest digs through the ball bin for exactly 1 minute, and plucks out balls. They read the names of the people/ bands that have been chosen. Remember the more you have, the higher your chances of getting plucked. You might even get plucked twice. This is especially awesome, because for each ball with your name on it, you get to perform 5 minutes longer. Imagine getting plucked 5 times and getting to play a 25 min set. That’s why it’s so expensive. At most the actual event on Saturday would only go on for an hour and half to two hours, and we want as many fans to be able to participate as possible. 3. If your name/group is called out, you will be asked to come to the front of the room and wait to be harshly judged (I’m just kidding). Actually you’ll be lining up to go through a second round of plucking. 1 minute may not seem like much, but our special guest could potentially get a lot of entries in that time. Therefor the field must be narrowed. All the participants chosen, will be divided into groups that must play a pony based game (to be devised by the Con-Staff). The winners of each individul game, will get to perform on Saturday (some time before The Grand Galloping Gala of course). 4. You are not required to perform songs from MLP. It’s encouraged of course, but not required. If you have original material, by all means share it with the group. The one requirement is that all material must be G rated. If you swear or say something lewd or violent, your mic will be cut, and you will forcefully ejected from the stage. This idea may need some fine tuning by the staff at EFNW, but how does everypony like the basic idea?
  2. So, I figured I need an update to explain what's going on. As for trips: I am going to Washington, D.C. With Geek0zoid for a few days in less than a month, starting April 4. You can still contact me through that time, but I'm not going to be on much in that time. Concerning Performances: If any of you live near my living area in Northern Indiana, I'm going to be doing a live performance of song covers on April 12. On March 28-29th, "Oh Horrors! It's Murder!" Premieres in Northern Indiana, if you all are interested. Due to copyright problems, I may not be able to upload the entire thing. I will, however, at the minimum, upload the song I star in, "A Motive To Commit Murder", if you all are interested. If any if you live near me, and wish to attend either PM me, and I can get you tickets to see "Oh Horrors! It's Murder!" Or tell you where to go for my concert. I hope this was informative for y'all, but, since I feel much better, I wish to post this.