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Found 12 results

  1. Many people one encounters over the internet have/use online personas. Persona : the mask or façade presented to satisfy the demands of the situation or the environment and not representing the inner personality ofthe individual; And if you've ever made a friend on the internet and then met them irl (in real life), you sometimes find you don't get a long with them as well because they are different in person. I'm just wondering if anypony uses an online persona and to what extent ~
  2. 'Sup MLP Forums, how are you all doing? For those of you who may already know me, you may already be aware that my site username also happens to be the name of my Ponysona OC (and the name of my Music Channel on YouTube). However, I have started to notice that: 1. It may not make that much sense to use as a male pony name (despite some pony names literally having names that human beings also use, such as Cadence, Octavia, etc.). 2. I honestly feel a little cringy having my Ponysona OC using my real life nickname (and what I also use for personal real life branding), Jonny. It just doesn't sound right and feels out of place. 3. I did not know how to better name my Ponysona OC back then when he "became alive" back in 2014 when I asked someone to create an OC for me. And so because of this, I have been thinking to change my Ponysona OC's name to something else, such as these potential new names I came up with: - Shining Pipe (this might be a good name for my Ponysona OC) [Note, this name was inspired from Shining Armor and the sound producing part of a "pipe" organ] - Silver Pipe (sounds pretty generic to me personally) - Charming Stallion (according to the "Rum & Monkey" Pony name generator, lol) - Wild Pipe (not sure if my Ponysona is "wild" enough for that kind of name, lol) - Tin Pipe (as in the material organ pipes tend to consist of) - Steel Pipe (same as above) - Silver Whistle (Decided officially as the new name) (The last 4 were found/inspired from the My Little Pony name generator from the Fantasy Name Generators) UPDATE! (new names!): - Lucky Pipe - Lucky Whistle (The reason for "lucky" is due to the association the colour green (my OC's coat colour) has with luck)) If you have any name suggestions or if you happen to disagree with my thought of changing the name in any way, please feel free to share your thoughts, I'll be looking forward to them. Also for reference, you'll see an updated image of my OC attached. UPDATE: As of Jan. 19, 2019, my Ponysona OC's name is now "Silver Whistle".
  3. i recently got the ps2 game persona 3:FES. and i have been rather enjoying it. Tempted to get the rest of the series, but i'm wondering, any persona fans around here? and if so, what makes you like it? my liking for it is the story,and the difficulty, mostly because if i lose a fight, and i know i can beat it. That and i got to name my character Akirrow Hamasaki. which is the full name of my oc Aki x3
  4. So, it's been revealed that Persona 5 has been pushed back to 2016. Can't say I'm surprised considering how far Atlus went to try and convince people that the game was releasing this year with each passing month, despite it being clear that they weren't anywhere near done. I'm disappointed considering this was my most anticipated game for the year, but, again, not surprised. But enough about that, new trailer! Highlights - Reveal of new initial Personas for all party members. If Morgana's isn't either Puss'N'Boots or Zorro, I will be disappointed. The pirate one makes me think of Blackbeard, so including Arsene, maybe all the Initial Personas will be based on vigilantes/masked heroes/criminals. - Enemies in this game will not be Shadows, but Demons from the main SMT games. - Demons can recruited in battle, same as main SMT series. Whether this will involve the negotiation system has yet to be seen. - What appears to be limited platforming sections/alternate routes. - Fully explorable city landscapes with map. - Masks confirmed to be P5's version of Evokers.
  5. It's no secret that Persona 4 Golden is my all-time favorite RPG, however I haven't really explained why. I think that Persona 4 Golden's Social Links are a fantastic way to combine a strong sense of story and gameplay progression. Join me as I take a look at a large part what makes this game appeal to me. P4G starts off slow, it means to construct a framework for the story (such as introducing important characters, concepts, the setting, and the tone), however this also acts as an introduction to the idea of choice. No choices in the first section really impact any stats you have. The changes are purely cosmetic. This isn't the case at all later on, where everything you do or say requires a good amount of thought. P4G's intro lays the foundation for the admittedly complex game mechanics, before giving them the reigns. The first time you actually battle is when you get sucked into the TV by yourself. You feel powerless, but you can't fail here even if you tried. This battle serves the purpose of motivating the player. "I want to know what that is," they think. Back in the real world you go to class, and have a fairly standard day...Until a murder occurs involving a woman hanging from an antenna. Skipping forward a bit we go into the TV world where the biggest theme of the game becomes obvious, acceptance of one's self. There's an unfavorable side in all of us. If we ignore that, we aren't trying to better ourselves, we're running from reality. Since these unfavorable sides are directly tied to the games bosses (which are generally a character's unfavorable side manifested into a bizarre, creepy-looking, shadow creatures filled to the brim with obvious symbolism), you end up personally dealing with the situation alongside. You beat them, and generally a party member joins you due to that creature becoming a Persona when subdued, and accepted. Now, after all this we're finally getying to where Social Links come in. Social Links are events in which either a party member deals with the aftermath of their respective boss, or a side character's own personal story. Each of these characters represent different Arcana. Your character has the unique ability to wield multiple personas, and gets large experience boost when summoning one of which you have the Arcana for. You power these up by hanging out with characters outside of battle, usually helping them through their problems. If that character is a party member they also can learn moves via Social Link leveling. Confused yet? Well, let me explain with an in-game example: Rise is an idol you meet later in the story. She has an identity crisis, and is unable to tell whether her idol, or casual personas are the "real" her. She accepts this is an issue in her shadow's boss fight, and you can choose to hang out with her afterward. As you level up the Social Link Rise's journey of self-discovery progresses. The reasons for why she is who she is revealed, along with the answer she's been looking for the whole time. It's a satisfying experience in itself due to the great writing, yet on top of that gameplay perks are tossed at the player like crazy. Unique moves, abilities, and experience boosts constantly tie the narrative directly to the gameplay. It doesn't feel disconnected like most experiences are. You're there to support your friends, in battle or in life. Hell, quite a few funny scenes are interspersed throughout the story to give the player a break from the brutal difficulty, and meticulous planning necessary to advance. The characters carry these scenes in the best possible way. Anyway, I've rambled long enough. It's just that with Persona 5, as well my departure from the forums on its way I wanted to talk about this. I hope you enjoyed reading this! Leave a comment down below if you want any clarification on this subject, or just wanna leave feedback. I don't bite. Until next time!
  6. With my excitement for Persona 4 Dancing All Night, I thought it'd be a good idea to find out which character is the Persona series is favorited the most. This is probably a silly question but I'm genuinely curious. You can pick anyone from the Persona series (though I'm mostly familiar with P3,P4 and PQ).
  7. I feel like I'm the only one that's excited for the release of Persona 4 Dancing All Night. It's probably already out by now but I'm not too sure because of the different release dates over where I live. It might just be because I love rhythm games and anything to do with music but I have no clue. I admit the premise looks a little silly in Persona standards but that just makes me all the more curious.
  8. I think I'm going to attempt a perfect run of Persona 4. And by this I mean that I want to max every social link, fill the compendium, do all sidequests, do all activities (fishing, gardening, cooking, bug catching), kill the Reaper, and get the true ending, on very hard mode, in one playthrough. First off do you guys think this is actually possible? also if I attempt this should I stream it/would you watch? EDIT: Also I will romance Ai Ebihara, just for the hell of it.
  9. Post your ponysona or persona here you may post both if you want but this is for the pepole too post there ponysonas and personas. My ponysona's:(My ponysona's mane wavy)(My ponysona original mane)(My second ponysona jenny)(My ponysona with my specail some pony jordan)(My ponysona)(My ponysona redesigned)(My ponysona as a filly)(My ponysona in a blanket)(Me and my specail somepony's ponysona's)(Me and my twin sister i call her my twin sister since we decided we can become twins since we had none and we wanted one) Me compared with my ponysona's: My future ponysona shelf getting married:
  10. Today what Persona fans have known for a long time has been made official! Persona 5 is coming fillies and gentlecolts! And we have been given a short teaser: It doesn't actually show much of course but somebody who knows a bit about the previous games could arrive to some interesting conclusions ! The announcement is Japan only right now but once it releases I don't think western audiences will have to go far without it. Except if you happen to be European like me in which case we have a long wait to look forward to. But still, I couldn't be more excited! I'm a big fan of the series. Does anyone share my excitement ?
  11. Has anyone played any of the more recent persona games? Perhaps I should explain: in Persona 3 and Persona 4 (and their various remakes) there is a very important part of gameplay known as social links. Social links are the bonds you make with various characters that go on a scale of one to ten. As you bond with those characters the social links rank up. The social links each correspond to different arcana in a tarot deck. Specifically they represent the right-side up cards. For example: Twilight Sparkle could represent the priestess: which is heavily associated with inner wisdom and knowledge. I'm in the process of making a story somewhat based on these games and felt it necessary to include a social link aspect. The problem is, I'm not terribly confident in my own judgment and often rely on the suggestions of others to fill in any blanks that I tend to leave. So while I also do my own research and such, I've found that making a social link for every main character and picking different characters to fill in the other ones was harder than I thought it would be. So I was wondering if it wouldn't be too much trouble to ask other bronies, who probably have quite a few people who've analyzed the character's half to death. Basically I'm just asking for help, I'm not asking for everyone here to do everything for me, as after I get this part filled in I'll figure something out for the various ranks... hopefully. Anyways, the official cards in a persona tarot deck are: Fool : not a problem Priestess: Twilight Sparkle Empress: Emperor: Hierophant: Chariot: Justice: Hermit: Wheel of Fortune: Strength: Hanged man: Death: Temperance: Devil: Tower: Star: Rarity Moon: Sun: Pinkie Pie Judgment : Also not a problem The World : This one never has a social link No, sun and moon are not as obvious as you'd think. I love these games and I actually want to pay some amount of respect to the level of research and care that was given into the games. That's why I want to have some sort of good argument for what arcana a character should be. Persona 4 also had a social link for each party member, and as such the only characters who would be required to have be a social link would be the mane six and spike, as well as the addition of the main character's dying mother, but I haven't exactly thought out her yet, but if someone could give a good argument for what she should be like, I'd be all ears. I'm asking so much already however. To be honest I feel kind of selfish to be asking this much of random bronies, but I've been told I need to ask for help more. I really hope this is enough information, and also not too much to ask for, but thanks to anyone who would be willing to help in advance. EDIT: Okay after some research, I've uncovered a few good arcana already. I've already explained twilight's case, but the star arcana represents self-confidence, altruism, luck and generosity. So rarity just seemed to fit this one. The Sun arcana represents happiness, joy, energy and optimism. Which seems to fit Pinkie pie better than it does Celestia. So the princess of the sun is ironically enough, NOT the sun arcana.
  12. I did this doodle with a pen and a notepad while I was wasting time the other day. Thought you might think it's cute... Her cutie-mark is a spoon and a foil crossed to show her talent for cooking and kicking ass as Fiora from League of Legends.