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Found 1 result

  1. We're so close to 70 members, and with your help, we can achieve that! On the main category when you first join, we have: Main Chat. Birthday Chat. Fan Art Chat. Writing and Story Advice Chat. Gaming Chat. Comic Chat. Book Chat. Movie Chat. Audio Chat. TV Show Chat. Anime Chat. Music Chat. Shipping Chat. Stream Chat. Poll Chat. Meme Chat. Memorial Chat. Lyrical Chat. OC Chat. And Veteran Appreciation Chat. Two more categories include MLP; with chats related to all nine seasons, movie, EQG and past gens. And the other category related to my fanfic; all seasons, specials and movie added. An AJBS Shipping Category, related to all pairings involving Stardust/Jack. Finally, the RPs: Equestria Roleplay - Taking place five years after the events of the show and fic. Twilight Academy - An extension of "Equestria Roleplay," where everyone can have their characters trained the magic of Balance and become warriors of both united Harmony and Chaos too. Canterlot High - An AU of OCs as high school students, living out the mundane lives of teenagers while a certain group of girls get everything handed to them on a silver platter-! *Coughs into hand.* Sorry. RWBY: Equestrian Remnant - AU, where we follow the events of the not-an-anime anime itself. If you're a fan of RWBY, have your OC join in the fun! Star Wars: Clones of Twilight - AU, what if events in the Clone Wars occurred differently, during the First Battle of Geonosis? Let's find out. Kingdom Hearts: Equestrian Dreams - AU, where all OCs gain their own Keyblade. Travel along the Disney worlds, and restore the fallen places of Equestria and so many others. Pokemon: Hoenn Battles - AU, pretty self-explanatory. Except, what if the offsprings of your OCs went on the journey instead? Follows the Emerald storyline. Pokemon: Sinnoh Warriors - AU, once again, pretty self-explanatory. Followed along perhaps the coldest region of the PokeWorld. Follows the Platinum storyline. Pokemon: Unova But Better - AU, except we're not going along with the terrible anime adaptation, because why would we? Pokemon: Light & Dark - What if Equestria was a Pokemon region? All creatures and characters we've known, re-designed as trainers, Professors or Pokemon alike? Let's find out. Full story included. - So yeah, please come join us! We just need to grow bigger!