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Found 64 results

  1. Bakugou Is My Man <3

    Health Do You Overly Worry?

    Do you find yourself overreacting or worrying too much about everything or small things? I can sometimes be a prime example of this- as I tend to over-think things and I worry a lot about getting sick.
  2. Mine is that I'm a huge coward.
  3. FizzyBubbleTea

    I am lame

    lol I said I'd be on here and then poof I'm gone for 2 years. lol But I provided my discord username if anyone is interested in talking to me. I'm on there a bit more then my other accounts and at this point in time I'm more keen on getting to know people so the anxiety and socially awkwardness is gone.
  4. The Recherche

    Square One

    Starting a blog like this is pretty difficult, since there isn't a good place to start... so with that said, let me just get straight to the point, instead of just meandering about. Ever since I started homeschool in 3rd grade... I've developed a habit of sorts. I'm not sure if going to a public school would have prevented this, bus that's besides the point. Basically, I don't take long-term breaks. Sure, I'll take 30 minutes off of my assignments to grab a meal, but that doesn't mean that I'll stop doing them that day, even during the late hours of the night. Perhaps I'm a workaholic? Who knows. Regardless... this habit always makes me reach the same outcome in my personal interest in hobbies, and I don't want it to happen again. What is this process that I'm referring to? Well, it goes hand-in-hand with how I don't take breaks, and this has become a pretty consistent (and most likely unhealthy) series of events. So, basically... I start a hobby, or take part in some sort of activity, usually specializing in one thing. For example, I'll start watching movies in a certain franchise, play games in a certain franchise... you get the idea. When I develop an interest, I go all out, basically. When I start getting involved in these interests, I start vehemently keeping up with them; I join their Forums, I buy the merchandise, I watch the movies, I play the video games, etc. and etc.. This is where the "no-breaks" tendency of mine comes in. When I stat getting tired of the hobby... I don't take a break from it, I just keep pursuing it. The process goes like this: I do something new, and I love it. I continue to do the thing, and I love it. I continue to do the thing, and I love it. Then my first sign of burnout comes along; I get a little bit tired of it. Normally, someone would take a short break when they reach this stage... but not me. So I continue to do the thing, and I like it. I continue to do the thing, and I like it. I continue to do the thing, and I like it. Then my second burnout phase comes along. Even if someone was pretty persistent, they would probably realize that they needed to throw in the towel for a little bit... but you know me better than that. So, I continue to do the thing... and it's alright. I continue to do the thing... and it's alright. I continue to do the thing... and it's alright. Inevitably, my third burnout phase comes along. At this point, it's pretty much vital to take a break from the activity, or I run the serious risk of never wanting to come back to it... but, worst case scenario... I persist. So, for some odd reason... I continue to do the thing... and I hate it. I continue to do the thing... and I hate it. I continue to do the thing... and I hate it. And then, my fourth burnout phase comes along... but it's different this time. I'm not merely burned out on doing it anymore, I'm absolutely incinerated. Any chance of me ever coming back to a hobby which I've reached this stage with is infinitesimal. This is basically what happened with me and video games; I just kept going at it again and again and again and again... completely ignoring the outright displeasure I was taking in the activity... and it was too late by the time I decided to stop. It has been 8 months since I've last touched a video game... and I still dread the thought on some level. I'll admit that a few games have piqued my curiosity... but those are fleeting at best. Regardless, I'm sure you get the idea by now. I'm sure that you realized that I bolded one of those lines, right? Well, that's what stage I'm in with the Forums. If I don't just take a step back now... I'm going to regret it. So, with that said... I'm going to be taking a break for a while. I can't say how long I'll be away, but I'll estimate a week or so. I want to leave the Forums on a high note, rather than repeat history. I've burned out on YouTube videos, I've burned out on some varieties of music, I've burned out on Godzilla movies, I've nigh-irrecoverably burned out on video games... I'm sure you understand by now. I'm always left a hollow shell after those burnouts as well. Maybe it's just because I have so little going on that any distraction needs to last as long as possible to make me feel a sense of purpose... I don't know. Either way, I've been locking myself in a vicious cycle ever since I was young of becoming a hollow shell, finding a truly fulfilling interest, and then becoming a hollow shell again... which leads to me starting back at Square One. The Forums have been some of the best times I've ever had on the internet... and I don't want to grow sour to them. I don't want them to just be yet another hobby which I'll throw into the recycling bin after I'm finished with it. So, with all that said... ๐“ข๐“ฝ๐“ช๐”‚, ๐“ฏ๐“ช๐“ซ๐“พ๐“ต๐“ธ๐“พ๐“ผ, ๐“ฎ๐“ฟ๐“ฎ๐“ป๐”‚๐“ธ๐“ท๐“ฎ~! ๐“˜'๐“ต๐“ต ๐“ผ๐“ฎ๐“ฎ ๐”‚๐“ธ๐“พ ๐“ช๐“ต๐“ต ๐“ผ๐“ธ๐“ธ๐“ท~!
  5. If you were to pick which Brony Youtuber you like to watch; Which one would it be? Joshscorcher or Vannamelon? As a Non-Brony who occasionally stumbles upon MLP fan content (The Good, The Bad, and *shudders* The Perverted *shudders*?) these two are pretty good despite being MLP Brony Youtubers. I designed this poll intentionally for making it a difficult choice and this is indeed a difficult choice since both of them are really good MLP Youtubers. Vannamelon (Letโ€™s Player MLP Youtuber + Voice Actress) Pros: 1. Likes WaterMelons 2. Aspires to be a Voice Actress (Pretty Good). Can do a good Fluttershy voice + many more e.g. Granny Smith. 3. Cute and Funny Youtuber 4. Consistent when uploading her content and wishes to make them kid/family-friendly Cons: 1. She likes watermelons too much to the point of obsession. 2. While she aspires to make her content kid/family-friendly with her cute/bubbly personality she does have a twisted dark side that is reflected throughout her channel which can deter people off. 3. Possibly a Weeaboo (Filthy Frank Disapproves) since sheโ€™s soo into her love for Japan. 4. She became a Brony from the infamous fanwork Cupcakes. Overall: Sheโ€™s a mixed bag for many, but what I like about her is her motivation to become a great voice actress and the effort shows. Plus she knows how Youtube works so she can consistently upload her videos to be ahead and relevant for her viewers. I just wish she could be herself instead of an MLP Character while occasionally voice acting any other character from other animated shows e.g. a character from an Anime she likes + other, but oh well. If youโ€™re reading this Vannamelon just wanna say this to you, May Vannamelon become the Tara Strong for Future Generations for becoming one of The Best Voice Actresses. Joshscorcher/The Fiery Joker (MLP Fan Critic) Pros: 1. Critiques My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic similar to Nostalgia Critic so his video quality is through the roof. 2. Funny and Charismatic 3. Military Man (No really he is) 4. Heโ€™s straight to the point and dissects the good, bad, and ugly aspects out of a show made for 5 year olds + Collaboration with other MLP Youtubers. Cons: 1. Inconsistent Uploads to his MLP Critique Reviews. 2. His vlogs while necessary for updates to his viewers and whatnot are a bit boring to watch. 3. His videos in general are inconsistent since he also does other MLP Fan Projects and Top 10 things about Games since heโ€™s a Gamer as well. 4. He does have a tough guy jerk side to him that sticks out every now and then in his MLP reviews which can potentially deter some people away from his content (heโ€™s a Military Man duh!). Overall: I like The Fiery Joker. He may be inconsistent when making his videos, but man does the quality of his videos is what shines. My vote would be Joshscorcher since he does put more effort into bringing quality content in his channel. Not that Vannamelon doesnโ€™t do the same, but being a fictional character Letโ€™s Player with moderate edits is nowhere as putting more effort in comparison to Highly Edited Videos + Occasionally Collaborating with Multiple Brony/Pegasister Youtubers to critique a show made for 5 year olds in a Nostalgia Critic like fashion. Just my preference. I still like both. However if you wish to point a gun at me and pick whoโ€™s better, it would be The Fiery Joker. Your thoughts?
  6. Hello, everyone... As most of you might know, a once popular Brony known as ToonKriticY2K had recently been caught grooming a 14-year-old girl from the Philippines. Although the news didn't come as much of a surprise to me, as I have suspected for a long time that the Brony fandom has got a bit of a problem with pedophilia, it did definitely upset me as it confirmed those suspicions when the news broke... I did not really know or care much about ToonKriticY2K before this incident happened, mainly because I haven't really been following the so-called "Bronalysis" community, but after hearing about this incident, I now have a strong feeling of contempt towards him, with the quality of his content on YouTube being completely irrelevant to me now, and I honestly hope he stays in prison, away from any child as I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT tolerate people who do the kind of things he did... Doesn't matter whether the age difference is 5 years or 10 years, if you groom and manipulate children for god knows what, I don't want anything to do with people like him... As for the so-called "Bronalysis" community, as mentioned before, I've never really followed much of the community, except for Josh Scorcher, but I do have a serious problem with how they handled the situation, especially with those in the leaked Skype call, as I personally think that the logs being leaked as well as the Skype call had to happen, and I'm sure Toon would have easily been able to deny any of this happened without the leaks... Honestly, I have made this post because I do really feel like there is a potentially huge pedophilia problem inside the Brony community as a whole, and that we should be doing a lot more to make it clear that this is no place for anyone like that, "horse famous" or not and personally, I am at least glad that the people here on MLP Forums and Poniverse are very disgusted by the actions of this one person, and working on a solution to try to prevent such behavior from happening on this platform, though of course, action does need to be taken elsewhere, such as at conventions, on other websites, at meetups and anywhere else these people might be hiding, so the fandom can actually be the safe place it is supposed to be and actively prevent incidents like this as much as possible... Unfortunately, I still lack any good ideas that could help prevent this clear issue that exists within our fandom, which cannot be ignored any longer, and before I finish this post, I also just wanted to tell the people who have been concerned about our fandom's reputation and what the mainstream media would do with this kind of information if they heard about it that our fandom's reputation has pretty much been negative for outsiders since day one, and I personally don't care what the MSM thinks. Besides, wouldn't actively condemning and getting rid of the creeps and pedophiles in our community help us more in the long run? Because that's what's been going on in my mind for a while since the news broke... Thank you for taking the time to read this...
  7. We all know that MLP started out as a show to learn about friendship and other things but has it succeeded? Has anyone in the fanbase learned anything? It doesn't have to be one of the lessons. It could have been something about the characters or about yourself! I personally have learned some things from the show. I learned that characters like the mane 6 can still be written well. I learned that being yourself is more important then what others think of you. I learned that not everyone has given up on children's media. I learned that sitting down and feeling miserable without trying to get better is not good for anyone. I learned about how my depression worked and how I should beat it! I'm sure I learned a bit more but I can edit that in later. So, what about you all?
  8. Good afternoon, everypony! Well, I have no reviews for you at this time, but what I do have is 110% Grade A adorableness. I'm so sorry, I just can't help but gush over the simply wonderful girlfriend that God has so richly blessed me with that I just had to introduce you all to her (rest assured she knows about this and said she's more than happy to have me introduce her to my pony fam ). So then, everypony, meet Julianna (or just Juli for short as she usually goes by, but isn't Julianna just the most beautiful name!!! ). Right now, this beautiful, wonderful, amazing young woman is the world to me, and being with her has helped the both of us grow happier in general, develop an ever-growing love for one another, and most importantly grow closer to God, knowing He's looking out for us every step of the way, wherever things may end up for us. Nothing's set in stone obviously right now, we're not just naively assuming that we're one another's one true love or anything, BUT we do know we already love each other very much and that we want to see where God takes us as a couple and to make the most out of whatever we'll be blessed with. She's having a very fun time learning more about MLP and you lovely folks in mah pony fam, and thinks the show is very adorable thus far (we haven't been able to get too far into it unfortunately just because we're in a long distance relationship at the moment, but we've watched it most times we've been together). With our relationship about to turn 5 months old next week, I can't believe I've been blessed with such an amazing young woman in my life and wanted the rest of you lovely folks to know all about her. Oh, and ya wanna know how amazing she is? Well, get a load of this; early on we both figured out that one of her big ways for showing love was through gift-giving, so guess what this amazing girlfriend of mine got me for my birthday as early birthday presents??? First, a WHOLE ton of candy, seriously, look at all of that! An AWESOME DC 4-glass set that she found at Target of all places! And best of all... A DERPY FUNKO!!! I HAVE NEVER HAD AN MLP FUNKO TO THIS POINT AT ALL, NEVER BOUGHT WON, NEVER WON ONE, NOTHING, AND EVEN MORE AMAZING THEY STOPPED MAKING THESE IN 2016 BUT SHE FOUND ONE OF MY VERY OWN BEST PONY, NOT EVEN KNOWING THEY WERE SUCH A PRIME ITEM FOR BRONIES, ON AMAZON!!!!!!!!! IS THAT AWESOME OR WHAT???????? So yeah, in short, we're both in a very great place right now. I don't know in the long run where God is going to take us, but I'm so very happy for what we have right now and can only hope things get better and we get closer as we go along. She was a great friend for many years before we ever considered dating one another and I just feel like the luckiest and most blessed guy in the world to have such an amazing sweetheart right now. In short, she is, at the moment, the Catwoman to my Batman (and hopefully that stays the case for a longggggg time to come). I'm very happy I could share this amazing girlfriend-of-mine with ya'll everypony, and I hope there may be only more good or even great things to share going forward. Hopefully will have some reviews up for you soon of some of the recent EQG shorts, but until next time everypony, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit*
  9. Sassy Sweet

    What I Learned from Wisdom Teeth

    I feel like doing a damn essay. What I Learned from Wisdom Teeth are... that they fucking suck! Oh my god! Remember how shortly after I joined, I said that I would likely just go back into lurking mode? I know I haven't really been around long enough for anyone to miss me or notice that I was gone (more than likely) but I didn't mean to drop off the radar for almost two weeks. I also didn't know that your wisdom teeth, which hadn't given you a problem for years, could suddenly just go batshit crazy and make you want to take a drill to your mouth. temporomandibular joints Go to the ER, refferred to an oral surgeon who is out of town. The guy tells me I have something called temporomandibular joint disorder in addition to just having a small mouth cavity in general. Surgery was required. I was put so far under. It was insane. The room they had me in was painted in a sky scene. The walls were blue but I don't know if the person who painted it did it on purpose or not, I assume so, but there were very subtle shades of blue. Some areas looked darker, some looked lighter, some looked layered. They did the same with the clouds. There was also a red and yellow hot air balloon painted towards the bottom corner of the wall I was facing. They gave me some gas first. The gas alone was what made me notice the shades of blue. Then the "sky" started to look like it was moving. Then the IV drip came... they told me to count backwards slowly from 10 to 1. I got to 7 before I got engrossed by the hot air balloon that was now floating. It seemed like I was staring at it minutes on end but the surgeon said I did count down to 5. My jaw had to be dislocated. I had to have all my wisdom teeth removed and my last molar on each side. Cavities and night grinding. The pain pills they gave me had me knocked out for pretty much an entire week. This week, I'm still on one of them, not on two different ones so this week has been a little better than the last. I'm starting to get used to them at least and I can actually form some decent thoughts and keep them on some semblance of a coherent track.
  10. ~Natural Beauty~

    Q&A with Queen Chrysalis Servant

    Hey its Queen Chrysalis Servant but you can call me Mysterious way. Please fill free to ask me questions. I will answer you truthful.
  11. where do I begin? so I have been up and down lately, I have got my forklift license and I am 1 step closer to a job I want to do ... but now I have entered what has been known as the "Christmas Depression" over here ... it goes like this, every year I struggle to buy even the most simplest of gifts for the fam and it makes me want to provide for them, before I moved out it wasnt a big deal, but now that I have bills to pay its a shit-load harder to make a living on what I currently get, but I still manage to get by (even thou I'm not sure how ) I just hope they will love what I get for em this year and still have enough for the rent at the end of the day :/ I also don't know if I will be going to PonyConAU next year ... I really want to, but I'm not sure if ill have the money ... I guess I will need to wait and see hmm? ok well fmd, that sounds fun *types something dark to do to myself here that hurts more then it is fun* its funny really ... whenever I hit a depressive time for me, I use this as a line to make me smile again "A Feeling That I Know So Well, OH Its Got Me In Its Spell" and that is found in a song I love atm and I know everthing will be somewhat ok .... Cash Cash - Overtime
  12. Rebuilt_Dreams

    How i feel about MLP

    So i found MLP by my little sisters watching the first season. At first i thought it was a bunch of nonsense. Then they dragged me to watch it with them. And the whole time i was just groaning. But after that i ended up watching the show on my own. But it was mainly because of the songs and nothing else. And that still somewhat stands. Although after watching the episode of the backstory of how the Mane Six got their cutiemarks i found myself to relate to Applejack the most but that's a story for another time. But what kinda changed that is that the more i watched MLP related content the more i grew attached to it. AND THEN CAME CUPCAKES! I was REALLY into creepypasta back then and while i can still appreciate Cupcakes for what it was. Now it just feels like shock value. But then but REALLY sparked my interest was Equestria Girls.I watched the first movie and while it was horrible compared to the other movies back then i really liked it. Again like the show mostly for the songs which were kinda forgettable. And then Rainbow Rocks which not only spawned my favorite villains in the series (I like Adagio best ;P) But it also made my love for MLP grow and while i don't consider my self a full-time brony. I can say i watch the show a lot more often then i used to. Friendship games and Legend of Everfree were kinda meh for me. I prefer LoE over FG because i mainly watch FG for two moments which were near the end while LoE i can at least watch more than half the movie without skipping scenes. And that's my personal thoughts on MLP.
  13. So i found MLP by my little sisters watching the first season. At first i thought it was a bunch of nonsense. Then they dragged me to watch it with them. And the whole time i was just groaning. And that still somewhat stands.But after that i ended up watching the show on my own. But it was mainly because of the songs and nothing else. Although after watching the episode of the backstory of how the Mane Six got their cutiemarks i found myself to relate to Applejack the most but that's a story for another time. But what kinda changed that is that the more i watched MLP related content the more i grew attached to it. AND THEN CAME CUPCAKES! I was REALLY into creepypasta back then and while i can still appreciate Cupcakes for what it was. Now it just feels like shock value. But then but REALLY sparked my interest was Equestia Girls.I watched the first movie and while it was horrible compared to the other movies back then i really liked it. Again like the show mostly for the songs which were kinda forgettable. And then Rainbow Rocks which not only spawned my favorite villains in the series (I like Adagio best ;P) But it also made my love for MLP grow and while i don't consider my self a full-time brony. I can say i watch the show a lot more often then i used to. Friendship games and Legend of Everfree were kinda meh for me. I prefer LoE over FG because i mainly watch FG for two moments which were near the end while LoE i can at least watch more than half the movie without skipping scenes. And that's my personal thoughts on MLP.
  14. Many of the episodes that have been heavily criticized also have people in the discussion polls saying they liked/loved it, so there must be unpopular episodes that people here like. Which do you like? Personally, I like Princess Spike. I know, objectively speaking, there are a lot of problems with it, but it's so ridiculous and funny I can't help liking it anyway.
  15. Ok so about a week ago now (maybe more, maybe less) as you all would of seen I was in an extremely bad mood, well ... Remember the weather system in my blogs? Well they tell you how I'm feeling, for example, this one, Clear Skies w/ Slight Breeze .... Well, I feel pretty neutral today with a spot of sorrow, nothing too bad thou ..... Pay attention to my forecasting system as it will tell you everything you need to know .... Now I promised I would explain y I was so pissed off .... Ok, it goes like this, for those who don't know I am a depression suffer, a mild one at that, and I had failed my licence exam again, and while yes I was pissed off at me and them (me for failing, them for failing me xD) it triggered a very volatile burst of rage I haven't seen since year 7 back in high school and that was in 2008 mind you ..... And because I'm a depression suffer, ofc depression would have an argument to say, how I'm always a failure, and doomed to be a failure. A failure at making friends, at passing exams, at finding love, at finding work etc etc ..... And so I had to have the biggest fight of my life to stay alive, because back then .... If I let the depression win, well, I wouldn't exactly be here now to post this .... So I stayed pissed off, problem was I so pissed off for so long it was only silly, and I looked like the biggest derpy once I cooled down About my depression, I am finally doing something about it, I spoke to my gp who sent me for a blood test, and I'll get the results on Monday as well as a referral to see a shrink and talk to them about my problems ... I'm doing ok as of right now because of my massive out burst of raw emotion and rage, so yea ..... Well I wanna go, need to look into clan shit .... Catch y'all in the next update .... Stay pony everyone
  16. ChikoritaCheezits

    MLP Forums Pet Peeves

    You ever had those personal issues on the forums that might not seem like a big deal to other people, but you are personally bothered with it? Well, here's the thread to share those forum pet peeves. When people start conversations in my status When a thread gets locked right when I'm about to post in it. When someone replies to me at a time when I don't feel like doing anything So post away!
  17. So I just got back from my party earlier yesterday, but I was hungover as shit .... While yes I did get some pretty empressive shit, the alcohol took its toll on me as I'm even now still sick in the stomach, but coz I'm not in a car I won't get motion sickness so there's a plus, that and in total I got $300 in cash and my own brother bought me the halo 5 limited edition Xbox 1 game, with spartin Locke and John-117 .... Aka Master Chief ..... Along with other goodies as well, however the worst part about my birthday party went like this, me, my brother (19) my sister (21) and my cousin, idk his age, we all went to town at about 1AM and him and my brother were gone, both their fones were dead, mine and my sisters were about 50% so yea, I tried to score alittle pill from my cousin, but it didn't work that way, we got in the club and after about an hour, he got the first tap, but he went inside more (we were at the front near the pathway in the club) then about 10 minutes later my brother got the second tap, they told him he could finish his drink then he was kicked out .... We tried looking for my cousin first, and me having a f**k ton of beer, a few shots, and like 3 cocktails (don't ask) and so I was only making rash decisions, we couldn't find him, so me and my sister then went around the corner to Se if we could find my brother, we couldn't see him, so we tried to go back in the club, but in Wollongong it was already lockout ... Meaning that once u are in, u can't leave coz if u did, u can't get back in .... It's law, it works, but it sucks so hard .... Anyways, we then went towards the train station looking for my brother, and we did find him, pissed off at him, but we found him, I then kinda hit a low point and I finally realised I really do need to see a shrink .... I'm not even gonna go in detail how the trip home was a 2 hour nightmare .... Maybe later, but not now .... Now that that is all typed, I guess I can listen to music and try and get work with a family friend, he needs the help and I need the money, he has it to pay me, and I have information on all the areas he removes furniture, so it's a win-win .... I'm outta here, need some alone time to think ... Baii
  18. So I'm feeling alittle better then earlier this arvo, had a chance to rest, play and clean ... But I still have too much on my mind... While listening to E3 I heard LIMBO .. An R18+ rated game that was about $25AU was free for 1 week, now I have actually wanted to play a different game for awhile. And now that I have played limbo, it is a nice change of pace from the usual driving game or shooting game, I don't mind it, but there are moments when u get stuck easily and it's hard to get unstuck ... But hey, it's still a good game to play ... Well I better bounce, I gotta have a shower and then I wanna fix my gta online ... The problem with that is my social club won't sign in and because it won't sign in, I can't play online ... If there are any ideas to fix this problem, please comment down below
  19. I woke up at 45 minutes ago and I feel hungry, but earlier I looked at the Xbox segment of e3 and can't wait for Forza Horizon 3, that's the sunny half of my weather ... The wet half is I notice I'm drink more, not because I'm 21 but it's because it's my depression, when I have a lot on my mind, I drink alcohol to ease my pain, Ik I shouldn't drink it, but it's better then some of the other choices I could of made ... I could of turned to ice, I could of attempted susicide ....again .... But I don't want that to be me, because I now see a very dim light in dark hours ... The light is simple "we were born to die, and live to get high" the first half of that is from a song that I have taken to heart while the second half I added on coz it rhymed .... And yes I know what getting high means .... Well I gtg, need to eat, then clean a toilet ... Baii
  20. Entry number 2. Ik it has only been like 9 hours, but meh, I feel as if there is a huge pressure on me to preform to the best of my abilities, like I need to make a go of myself, but whenever I try, I always end up failing and feeling even more worse off. Know the saying Calm before the storm? Well the storm is coming ... And it will be real soon
  21. Vera Veil

    Entry: 1 Date: 14/6/16 Time: 1:14AM

    Ok so I have been thinking about this one for a long time and finally decided to start making this, I'm going to introduce who I am before I get cracking into my first entry ... My name is WubZ, on the 9th of June this year I turned 21 and I have a bad case of depression, over time you will understand why I choose to live by my sig of "we were born to die" but for right now it's to early to go in detail about that. I am one of 4 co-leaders in a clan called Clown Army. I will more then happy to tell you what is all about, what we do are is basically a clan of PC gamers who have fun on MTA, if you want to know more about CA just pm me and I'll tell you more there ... I guess now that this is done, let's start the first entry ... Where do I begin? I walk the face of the earth, hoping for a way out other then death. I find it hard to meet and open up to random people, but even harder to meet and open up with friends and family. I always wonder what life would be like if I really was a pony just to escape my only life problems ... I'm just so confused ..... *wispers help me from myself* Well I'm off, I'm so tired ... Gn all
  22. Hi everybody. I know I haven't been here much lately. In fact, this is my first visit to the forum in about two weeks. But life has been pretty hectic lately. Really it all started about a month ago when I learned that my aunt had suffered a stroke and was having a very difficult time. Then I was informed she wasn't expected to make it and was getting in-home hospice care. A few days later I was told the sad news. I think her son put it best when he said "God couldn't let us keep her forever." Indeed. She was 93 and lived every one of those years to the fullest. As with her husband a few years ago, she opted to be remembered in a simple graveside service at the veteran's cemetery. The turnout was phenomenal with relatives including great grandchildren, friends from all over town, and members from the spinning club she belonged to. And despite the sad circumstances, it was nice to see many familiar faces once again. I'm also happy to know that the farm will be staying in the family as a grandson and granddaughter in law have taken over. Since then, it's just been a bunch of little things. First I got sick, then my roommate got sick. And there was stuff going on with SEPTA, an issue regarding the water bill, and a few dead malls I've been keeping tabs on. In short, real life has been keeping me busy. But rest assured I didn't miss the Season 6 opener nor the latest episode on Saturday. I have a few thoughts on them I'd like to express in the appropriate show discussion threads. But for now I'd just like to say that after years of Twilight's parents being virtually silent, I'm surprised they finally gave mom so much to say. Anywho, to anybody who's been wondering how I am or what I'm up to, I'm still here.
  23. Mesme Rize

    Don't be scared of who you are

    You know, i've been here for over 13 Months now and during this 13 months i always had this gut feeling that people judge me for what i am, because i had weird interests and at parts a weird personality and that fear actually went way back before the days of the forums. Not anymore though. I had a very good conversation with one of my best friends last night (who i won't mention, since i don't know if he wants to be mentioned) and he told me something very valuable and that i took to heart. "You shouldn't be scared of yourself." I always had this nagging feeling, being mocked behind my back on this forum. Be it for my hypno and lamia/snake interest, be it for me being a cardiophile, be it for some of the questionable comments i make, or whatever. But i realize you guys aren't like this. You are all so much better then even i could imagine. I love this place, because you guys are all so understandable and so wonderful to me. I know, i said that alot of times in the past. But it's now more true then ever. When you laugh at my antics, i know you don't laugh at me, you laugh with me. And i want to work on myself being more open then ever and not fear with every blog that i write, that it's getting stomped to the ground. Also, do the same thing. Be a bit more braver and go out of your way with being normal. Be a bit more open to us, because i think some of the more quieter people on this forum, have some very interesting personalities and very interesting interests, like i have. They shouldn't be something you're ashamed of. They are what you are. I love you guys.
  24. Lyme Soundstick

    How are you today?

    Just wanted to know how all of you are doing today
  25. Seamore Sandwich

    Show-Off! A game of one upmanship

    This is a game where the goal is simple: one-up the post above you. Basically, post something about you or someone you know that is just slightly more impressive than that of the post above you. But be warned: if you post something that is too much better, I may call you a "Show-Off" and start this game back at the mundane. The game is won when outlandish claims become a necessity to keep up, though the game can still continue for as long as nobody becomes a "Show-Off." Now to start: I can whistle.