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Found 97 results

  1. I am surprised not to have found any topics on this, though I may have missed one. What are your OC's scared of/fears? Anything including irrational fears, or fears based off your personality would be okay. Honestly I cannot think of much for my OC, Foxy, except that she is scared of heights.
  2. So MLP Forums, I would like to get to know you guys and gals a little bit better, and I think this is a good way to describe yourself. You don't have to put anything personal, just how you would describe yourself to others. Thanks!
  3. Personally, I'm more of a bath person. I hardly (if ever) take showers. Baths are much more relaxing than showers IMO.
  4. I think everyone, even the nicest of people, has a dark side - those personality traits that aren't very nice, positive, or sensible, yet they still are a part of you, embedded deep inside. Some of you maybe have those tricky personality flaws that you have to suppress or control... or maybe some of you choose not to suppress them. Some of us are better at containing our dark side than others, at the end of the day, everybody's dark side is still there somewhere. We're told not to think or talk about our negative sides, but I think it's actually healthier to acknowledge the bad stuff within ourselves. We're not perfect. We all have icky, ugly, embarrassing, vile things inside our minds and hearts. We have issues... maybe really awful issues. But it doesn't make us bad people, and we shouldn't be shamed out of discussing it. So, let's discuss! Describe your dark side. What are your character flaws? The parts of yourself that you aren't proud of? Your persisting negative thoughts of habits? I'll go, but I'll wait for some other people to start. :3
  5. If there was one thing about you that makes you feel less connected from others, what is it? I'm not talking about how we can't meet each other in person or how far we are from each other, but rather about what is it about you that you don't seem to have in common with most members. I titled it this way because not having something in common with people can make us feel more disconnected and isolated from others. For me, while I do play video games at times (FIFA, GTA, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 currently for now until I see another game I'm interested in spending money and trying it), I don't seem to have the same approach to them as the majority of the forums do, which is enthusiasm and strong interest in it along with having a Steam account. In other words, I don't care too much about video games. And I don't know about you, but part of me thinks members and real life people won't find me interesting anymore. Or maybe I'm just thinking too hard. Just something I had to get off my chest now.
  6. What do you value in a person more when in a serious relationship? Their physical appearance or their personality and behavior? Of course that means if you value personality over appearance you don't need to reject the latter. For me, i look for desired personal similarities, intelligence, and similar interests more than physical attractiveness, that being said, it's always a plus if i come across someone who inhibits both positive traits
  7. I have been asked this question quite a few times recently, and I thought I ask you guys. I personally would like to imagine myself as a confectioner in the upcoming years in a fancy restaurant or hotel. Of course still a brony; and preferably in a good relationship.
  8. If somebody were to describe me in general, they would say i'm feisty, nice, helpful, generous, or cool. That's about from what people have called me. ^-^' You?
  9. Hi everypony! you choose three ponies to define your personality by percentage, i'll start I am: -40% like Fluttershy because i understand animals than humans and like fluttershy. i name myself quietly with new people i met -30% like Rarity because i feel creative with my designs and i never end them until i like them -30% like Twilight because i read sometimes and im interested in everithing EDIT: i made a poll! lets see what pony represent the most of our personality!
  10. A rather simple question, but I'm curios to see if only 10% of the users here are left handed. Studies show about 10% of the world is left handed. As for me, I'm right handed. What about you? Edit: Looks like I'm getting shot down for using "hands" instead of "hooves".
  11. If so. What did you get? I got INFP-T Edit: I know this test isn't the most accurate or reliable of test i'm just asking what result you got out of it.
  12. The title explains it pretty well, I've had different avatars in different communities and I've noticed that my personality and the way I post varies from site to site, usually following the pattern of the the profile picture I use at the time. So for me, it affects me quite a lot. In a different perspective, I've had friends who change their avatar on a weekly basis, sometimes changing it simply because of their moods or a new transition in their lives. So in their case , "They" influence their avatars. Anyways , I'd like to know what you guys think. How much does your avatar affect your personality? has it affected the way you type or the things you post?
  13. I hate grating my fingernails on sandpaper, the word 'Wedge' makes me giggle for some reason, and sometimes I can't talk properly when I speak to strangers. I also hate wearing shorts, even when I'm alone or in bed, and I spend a lot of my time going back over my writing and ensuring no little lapses have occured. That's why I prefer typing \owo/.
  14. Fluttershy isn't shy... and never really had been, with the exception of the first episode where she first meets Twilight Sparkle. But even then, it was more of an act of social anxiety, as someone who is shy would still answer to questions, especially when they are in a one-on-one conversation. She has never acted like that since the first episode, so she was more or less out of character in comparison of the rest of the show. Yes, Fluttershy is the following: timid, introvert, meek, reticent, quiet and apprehensive, but she isn't shy; she can, and has on numerous occasions, went up to a stranger or group of strangers and talked to them, without breaking a sweat. She also has stage fright, but this is also not related with shyness. Anyone can have stage fright, but the show just decides to go with the whole cliché "cowered who is scared of everything" stereotype, and uses Fluttershy as the main protagonists that overcomes fears, instead of using other characters to create more unique and realistic character personalities. Although, this is a kids show after all. All the characters are strongly based on stereotypes and each have particular roles within the show. This is used to make it easier for the audience to follow as well as demonstrates juxtaposition between each of the characters. Most people, including myself, would have assumed Fluttershy portrayed as being shy, due to her name: Flutter"shy." However, her name is only to describe her being a pegasus and having an interest in animals. It also describes her butterfly cutie mark, by the use of assonance, consonance and end rhyme. I have done a lot of research in to this subject from books and articles; not just searches off the internet. I'm sure some people may disagree with me or have a different understanding of the word "shy." This this is just my thoughts and knowledge on the subject. I'm not trying to go against anyone who likes Fluttershy being a shy character (I'm aware some people relate to her that way, witch I think is great; there's nothing wrong with personal alterations.) I just wanted to share this information, as a lot of people can get confused with the true meanings and definitions of words. A lot of other forms of media have made the same misunderstandings in their work too. It's a miscommunication made by many people as it's never a popular topic and possibly mislead by varies of social dialect. For those who don't know, the "true" definition of shy, is to feel unconfotable around strangers and find it hard to talk to them. That is it. Fluttershy has never deminstraited this ever (apart from the first episode's "funny" joke with Twilight.) People confuse being too kind and polite, timid, scared and quiet with shyness.
  15. Just a random thought I had. I was wondering which personalities are attracted to each other. For example, out of the mane 6 I'm like Rainbow Dash, but out of all ponies I'm more like Scootaloo (I think I'm less arrogant). But if I would date a pony, I would date Rarity...and RD and Rarity are the opposite sides of the spectrum. What do you guys think? What pony are you most like, and who would you date?
  16. Is it me or does RB seems less cocky now? im saying this after the way she took care of scoots where they went camping. feel free to support or prove wrong
  17. Find your eye color and see if it matches your personality! If You Have Blue Eyes: People with blue eyes last the longest in relationships. Your are kind, pretty or handsome, very good kissers and are really hot. They always fall in love with their closest friends and never understand why. Sometimes their closest friends are the people they don't talk to as much. They are very funny, outgoing and don't care what people think or say. They are very satisfying and love only that one girl/guy. You can be a straight up warrior when necessary. They like books and are very kind to others. They have many friends. Many people find you extremely attractive. There is probably someone out there that really likes you. You need to find that person and give them a chance. If You Have Dark Brown/Black eyes: You are secretive and like books. You have many friends and are kind to them. You sometimes have a strong temper and sometimes get on people's nerves. You do not like being embarrassed and get mad when you think people may do something to bother you. You do not take well to teasing. You do not talk much unless you are talking about something you love. You are good at defending your self. You like romance and mystery books. You only love one person at a time. You feel strongly about your beliefs and will defend them if someone says you are wrong. You can be bossy and prefer to be in charge. Your kind hearted but must take more time to walk in people's shoes. If you have hazel eyes: You are kind and helpful. You are silly and fun and have a bright personality. You find blue eyed people attractive. Once you have a crush it stays with you. You are shy around that special someone but very social with other people. You would like for that special someone to make the first move. You don't like going first. You don't like going last either. You like being in the middle. You are a fast runner and very likeable. You adore animals. You like the computer more than TV. You enjoy romance and comedy movies. Your a nice person and get along well with others. You need to try to do one thing a day that scares you so you can build more self-esteem. If you have green eyes: Your very out there and fun. You like trying new things. Your outgoing and smart. You like a challenge and like adventure. You like watching action movies but can still be romantic. You like animals but prefer humans. You get along with some people although you dislike a few people that do not share your likes or dislikes. You have many friends. Your smart but do not always know that you are. You are very challenging and hate losing. You have a lot to discover in yourself. If you have brownish eyes: Your kind, funny, intelligent and you have a warm heart. You like animals. You are caring and thoughtful. You have almost no temper and can keep others under control. You are not bossy but like to be in control. You are attractive to many people and are girlfriend/boyfriend material. You have a similar personality to the blue eyed people. Your the opposite of black eyed people. You like to get to the point. Contrary to this you are smart, stylish and are a very visual person. I have green eyes: 1. I am a very fun person, considering I love doing anything fun/active and I can get bored easily. Plus everyone seems to compliment me on how fun I am 2. I do love trying new things, whether it being a new type of food I never tasted before, a ride I never been on (I especially love roller coasters, or any other type of daring ride xD) or any type of new activity, I'm up for it. 3. Outgoing? Yep, I enjoy meeting new folks and making new friends, although when I was younger I was very shy. I'm guessing I just grew out of it lol. Smart? Yeah, I'm guessing. Everyone says I'm a very smart person, although I have my doubts sometimes xD. 4. Yep I love any new challenge or adventure, like I mentioned earlier I can get bored easily and I'm totally accepting of anything new. Bring it on! 5. Yeah, I love watching any movie or reading any book that has plenty of action/adventure, just happens to be my favorite. And yeah, I'll admit I can be romantic, it just kinda depends though. 6. Not too sure about this one, I love being around people and talking to people but I love animals, I wouldn't say I prefer humans over animals. I kinda prefer a mixture of both if that makes sense xD. 7. Yeah, I'm kinda guilty of disliking people who don't share my likes or dislikes, but I do try to get along with them, I really do. 8. This is very true, I do have many friends, (and counting xD) but that's good right? 9. And like I said earlier, yes, I am smart, as many people I know say I am, but I do sometimes have my doubts 10. Yeah I hate losing, really bad. And challenging? I am, hehe, a lot of people I know say I am xD. 11. I'm assuming I do have a lot to discover in myself xD
  18. How would you describe Pharynx's personality in his original changeling form vs his new reformed personality? We mainly only see his former personality, but what do you think changed or stayed the same, personality wise, after his acceptance of love and friendship?
  19. I noticed that my favorite pony, Rainbow Dash, is quite different from me. While I am a more introverted, shy person like Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash has a more extroverted, athletic, and outgoing personality. Despite being different, I still love her as my favorite pony. Fluttershy however, as my second favorite, is more similar to me with her shy, quiet personality, which I can relate to. I also noticed people who like ponies that are similar to them, or have personalities that are different, but likeable. Is your favorite pony different or similar to you, and why do you like them because of that? (I tried to search, though there may already be a topic on this. Close this if needed.)
  20. Me? I identify with dogs and feel like if I was an animal, I would be one. Other people see me as doglike as well - my loyalty, obedience to authority figures, and the way I show affection is sort of like a dog. Apparently, I'm also warm and caring like one as a friend of mine told me. I think it is also my openness (well, when I get past my anxiety/anger to show it) to friendship and people that makes me doglike. Plus, I love dogs and have lived my entire life with them, so I understand their behavior and think I kind of emulate it sometimes. Also kind of a dog furry, I guess. And you guys? I'm interested to know your answers.
  21. A Houyhnhnm is one of a race of intelligent Horses from an island south of Australia (not Tasmania to the east). These horses keep a race of barbaric Humans called "Yahoos", named after the Horses' word for "evil". They also practice eugenics (and possibly racism), they never fall ill, their personality is cold and "perfect", and they never lie. Also, they do not mourn or celebrate death; they dismiss it as a trip to the "First Mother". * By contrast, the "sunny" (and "stormy") Equestrians, or "sapient ponies", are in, many ways like us. They live in a different world, they don't have Humans (shut up, Lyra Heartstrings!), they just accept you whoever you are (unless you're a "monster" like Discord or Queen Chrysalis. Or Krastos.), and they do fall ill and die, in which they wail in sorrows. What if a Houyhnhnm (as enountered by Lemuel Gulliver) meets a Pony in Equestria (or vice versa)? Will they start some sort of flame war, between the Equestrian's changeable emotions, and the Houyhnhnm's cold perfectionism? Though it'll be something nice to watch: what will the Equines do to each other? Please come up with your results! Thanks! EDIT: * First Mother - a possible Houyhnhnm deity/goddess, alongside "Law and Reason". This might become a strong debate if this falls into Equestrian ears, which comes with the controversial possible interpretation: "THE FIRST MOTHER OF YOURS IS OUR QUEEN FAUST!"
  22. I would have to say I act a little bit like an Apple Jack because I am southern and Pinkie Pie cause I get very hyper and crazyyy
  23. What are your sin and virtue? My my, what a grim title. I am quite happy about that. So, I will clarify things. This is not a "what is your crime and what is your good deed" thing. It's a bit different. As you may know, seven deadly sins are some sort of the primary evil that is the origin of every other evil in a human/sentient being. They oppose to the seven heavenly virtues, who are their opposites. Here are the sins with their opposites: Lust - Chastity Gluttony - Temperance Greed - Charity Sloth - Diligence Wrath - Patience Envy - Kindness Pride - Humility So, in this thread, you can, if you want (I'm not forcing you xD) to tell, what is your main(s) sin(s) are (imbued with your personality) and what are your main(s) virtues are, describing how they are manifesting. Every other "quality" is said to be derived from the seven sins/virtues, like bravery, altruism, apathy, laziness, narcissism, spite, but you have to tell the "main" sin/virtue from which it is derivedThere is no perfect human, we all carry darkness within us. I could say, some don't even have virtues, but some of those, virtueless, can act as if they have a virtue. I guess it's good enough. Trying not to be that bad is admirable, even if it's only to try to lie to yourself that you are good and trying to escape the truth. So it does qualify. <---------------------------------------------------------------------------------> I guess since I started the thread, I have no choice but to be the first one? Well, so be it. My main sin is wrath. I am normally calm and smiling, but I know if someone hurt those I love, I will unleash my wrath on them, with the sole purpose of destroying them, without thinking of consequences. I would also say my other sin is sloth, because I am lazy because I don't care, because I am extremely irresponsible, because of my apathy towards others and because I make promises that I easily forget later and fail to fulfil. My virtue is kindness. I seek to help those who ask my help, trying to bring a smile on the faces of my friends. I can rarely decline when asked to assist with someone and hate argues and angry disputes and when someone cries. And I like cats. Only kind people can like cats! ... what do you say? Sebastian Michaelis like cats? Well, I guess it makes my argument invalid xD. <---------------------------------------------------------------------------------> P.S.: And now it's your turn. Try not to portray yourselves as totally evil monsters and try to give at least one virtue. But don't portray yourselves as perfect angels too. It is impossible to be perfect. And try to tell the truth, otherwise, there is no point in telling anything.
  24. Which one of the mane 6 are you like? I got Fluttershy. Which is convenient cuz we have the same initials. I also have a bit of AJ it seems. Then PP and TS, and finally RD and Rarity. Full description for FS: Chronically weak and timid, but with a heart of solid gold, you tend to require and depend on the help of your friends in most situations. You enjoy their company, but also enjoy solitude and time away from your friends where you can enjoy the sounds of nature. Just because you know you're weak doesn't mean it holds you back, because you know you're strong where it counts, with your overabundance of kindness, caring, and compassion. You're often worried about saying or doing the wrong things and also fear rejection. Speaking of fear, you've got a lot of it, often times letting your fear hold you back from doing even the most simple of things, such as jumping across a cliff. But in that fear, you can often find just enough bravery to stand up for doing the right thing if your friends need you. You may be naive and innocent, and you're very shy and quiet, but you're also a very good listener and are likely the one your friends blab on about their problems to — and while you may feel powerless to help at times, just listening and cheering them on means the world to them. Yay!
  25. We've seen a lot of reformed villains/antagonists in this series. Some I agree with more than others. But the one that I am not the most supportive of is that of Gilda the Griffon. Now from what I have been led to believe, a number of fans wanted Gilda to be reformed, and got their wish in "The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone". However I on the other hand feel as though Gilda was better off as an antagonist/bully/whatever. So you can probably guess that I don't exactly support this reformation. But I am willing to compromise. Maybe they could have gone through with having Gilda rescue Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie, but instead of doing the 180 and being all nice with them. I would have had Gilda come to some form of reconciliation with Rainbow Dash yet still retaining a fraction her cold, gruff persona. Like if Pinkie Pie tried to hug her, Gilda would shove her off and tell her: "GET YOUR HOOVES OFF OF ME!!" or something along those lines. Yet Gilda would still shake wing/hoof with Rainbow Dash relatively slowly before making friends with one of the other griffons. Thus Pinkie and Rainbow Dash's mission would still be complete. What I'm saying is that Gilda would still be reformed, but she would still manage to keep a small percentage of her antagonistic traits. That way she'd still be somewhat more believable. MLP has done it this way before. Case in point: Discord. Discord may have been reformed, but he still commits various acts of mischief and chaos against the ponies, even after being reformed. What do you think? Should Gilda have kept just a portion of her mean personality traits, even after being reformed?