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Found 4 results

  1. You ever had those personal issues on the forums that might not seem like a big deal to other people, but you are personally bothered with it? Well, here's the thread to share those forum pet peeves. When people start conversations in my status When a thread gets locked right when I'm about to post in it. When someone replies to me at a time when I don't feel like doing anything So post away!
  2. Things that just piss you off in TF2. GO! -Haxorz are already in the list, shut up.
  3. I've gone around plenty of profiles, and it's pretty easy to see when somebody takes time to make their profile clean and sharp. Then... there are other profile pages, that may leave you baffled at how you can misspell that many words, using horribly colored text, and backgrounds that probably aren't displaying as intended. Is there anything in particular that you really hate when you see others' profiles? Personally, as long as you can spell correctly, don't flood the page with pics (spoiler them at least, please), and aren't assaulting my eyes with that ungodly yellow text as above, I don't mind.
  4. We all have some chimicherries and cherrychangas that bother us over and over. Here are mine. This is the one place on the board where I will indulge my cynical, opinionated side, so be warned. Believe it or not, I wrote this entirely sober. ^^ 1. We must stop letting parents name their babies! Not forever, just for a little while. Put them on probation. They're starting to have way too much fun with it. I mean, how else do you explain some of these names? Why must every colt's name rhyme with "Aidan?" Cayden, Brayden, Hayden, Jayden...this has gone far enough. Frank, Eddie, Bill and George, we need more of you. Stat. 2. The anti-smoking crusade has gone too far. This is the kind of stuff people complain about when they have no real problems in their life. I agree with keeping the cigs in your pocket in certain places, but when you talk about banning it entirely you're going too far. People act like it's a major hardship to hold their breath for a few seconds while they're leaving a building. Lay off the smokers, they're addicts and they've got their own problems. I don't smoke and if you do I encourage you to quit. But I don't mind the smell, and seeing women smoke is a turn-on. Can you deal with that? 3. Youtube trolls. Not just compulsive anti-Bronies, all of them. Why must they always derail the comment pages with crap? Who is telling them that just because no one knows their real identity, they're not accountable for anything they say? Weren't we raised better than this? The public's inability to hold me responsible does not absolve me from personal responsibility. I still have an obligation to speak clearly and treat others with respect, whether they're face to face with me or a thousand miles away. 4. Speaking of no personal responsibility, political pundits. On both sides. These people get away with spouting the worst sort of verbal effluvia. I avoid them like the plague on individual thought they truly are. It's because nobody wants to hold them responsible. People only listen to them for laughs or to hear their own ignorance reflected back at them as if it were acceptable. -_- 5. I don't get this business about "divine intervention" or "guardian angels." A lady is driving down the highway with her kids, a drunk driver veers across the median and barely misses them and they say an angel was watching over them. Meanwhile a similar lady and her kids are driving down a road, another drunk crashes right into them and they all die. No offense to anyone who believes in this stuff, but where was their guardian angel? Sleeping on the job? Or are there not enough angels to go around? Why should the first person have lived while the second died? God didn't like how the second one did her hair? Doesn't sound like divine intervention to me. It sounds like human ego stroking. "I was important enough for God to save even though others died. Someone is watching over me and made me in his image. The universe cares about me enough to prolong my existence and punish people I don't like." Organized religions preach to us about selflessness, but their messages pander to our most selfish instincts and desires: a world shaped in our image now, eternal life later, and a god who always happens to be on our side. Now that sounds like a cherrychanga to me. Okay, I think I've offended just about everyone by now, so that's it for tonight. Many thanks for putting up with the ravings of a socially repressed man, and may Tails be with you.