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Found 15 results

  1. There is a petition that needs more signatures to save Equestria Girls from COPPA and to "hopefully" let Hasbro to upload the rest of the EQG shorts, as well as have end screens for the Equestria Girls: Choose Your Own Ending, and reupload what was taken down/deleted from the official MLP/EQG/and Hasbro YouTube channels.
  2. This Topic has served it's purpose I am giving up on these Petitions G5 looks interesting I want to see it and also these Petitions aren't really that important of a cause I mean it's sad that My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic might be coming to an end soon for people who still enjoy the show but I don't think we should interfere with Hasbro's Plans I think we should just give it a chance so Deleted the link that leads to the Petition I created so you won't be able to get to it here It's still posted on Facebook and Twitter but that's pretty much it and I also decreased the signature goal on these petitions a great amount I'm just going to let G5 happen I'm done worrying about it and you should to Hasbro want's to change things up we should respect their decision and see what we get in the future From NathanW200 I'm done with this Topic I want it locked
  3. Hello, everypony! I'm sure you've all heard of, or maybe even played, a popular forum game known as Count to a million. Well, this is a petition to permanently lock this forum game once the count reaches 999999, just one away from their goal of one million.
  4. Debates. They happen a lot on this forum. So much, in fact, that a whole section was dedicated to it. But nonetheless, it has not stopped its frequency on these forums. Whenever I go to a thread, I just want to post something and move on. It's a good way to let off steam, or maybe start a conversation with someone like-minded. But no. 90% of threads I post on that have some sort of opinion on it will get debated by someone. I used to do this. It was annoying, pointless, and occasionally kind of rude. I apologize for doing it, because it was stupid. There seem to be certain people who are the type to start arguments for god-knows-why, and I'm not going to name them; half out of courtesy, and half because I can't remember things too well. But to these people, I have something to say to you: It is pointless. Now, I know what you're thinking. "Debates are useful. It allows people to see the other sides of disputes, and spread open-mindedness." Let me tell you from experience: this doesn't happen. I wish it did, but the human brain does not do this. If you DO change your mind about something major (I'm talking religion and politics here), it will most likely not be out of a debate. But still, if you insist, there is a debate pit. That 90% figure I mentioned before: that doesn't account for the debate pit, because I haven't been there. It goes to show how much debating is not in the debate pit. It's there for a reason. Keep. It. There. Before posting, think about whether or not you're in a debate-oriented thread. If you aren't, Don't. Post. TL;DR: Debate is pointless. But if you insist, keep the debates in the debate pit. Consider, and remember: this blog post isn't a debate thread . EDIT: 20/04/15: Because I can't do words, I didn't mention in this blogpost that the major sector of this is atheists.
  5. Official Petition link and support here ||| ||| V ------------------------------------------ Hey guys I'm Jeramiah! I have Created a petition that (if enough people support it) will be given to Hasbro as a pull for how many people want a Television show of MLP: EG. I think this would be great and any supporters are greatly appriciated. But... why I am a fan of the show myself, I'm also a member of a couple large fan groups of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I had Recently asked them on their opinion of a Television series spun off of the movies "My Little Pony: Equestria Girls" and "My Little Pony: Rainbow Rocks" I have had very large amounts of positive feed back on the subject and I feel that this would be a very popular show amongst most the fans that I know. By supporting this petition you would be asking Hasbro to create this idea. My ideas that I would hope to bring to Hasbro would be a similar idea of the original series. Rather than having twilight be the main character it would be Sunset Shimmer. I feel it would be a great way to flesh out Sunset Shimmers concept and give good story to what is going on in the alternate universe that it takes place in. They would make friends, solve conflicts and maybe even have a minor amount of cross overs with the Friendship is Magic series. Still not sure? Here are some quick reasons! More Story and Character build Continuation of the Cliff Hanger from Rainbow Rocks Pleasing More Sides of the Fandom We All Need a Little Bit More Friendship So what do I mean? The show would focus on Sunset Shimmers problems with fitting in after the difficulties she caused. It would be also largely focused on how Equestrian magic effected the world (and possibly how it will) It could bring new story to- what happened to the Sirens after their defeat, Sunset Shimmers background and her influences that lead her to attacking Equestria High, and even explaining what the human twilight is doing about the appearance of the pony twilight. I would even love to see what the characters life is like outside of the high school in the similar, but so much different and modern world of Equestria. If you finished Rainbow Rocks, Good. If not I suggest you just skip this paragraph for it might spoil the show. If you were one of the people who waited tell the end of the first set of credits you would remember the scene of twilight investigating the happenings at EHS (Equestria High School) if you missed it then here you go- Well this could be a great influence on the story of the series. It could actually incorporate twilight as a character (mabey not the main character) This would even be a great started pilot for the episode! She could meet up with the others and learn about what has truly happened at EHS. This way we all can still have our Adorkable little friend! While some may be apposed to the idea, a very large portion of the fandom loved these movies, in fact I don't know a Brony or Pegi-sister, personally, who didn't. This could not only be a great money asset to Hasbro, with merchandise popularity etc. but this could also simply please most of the fandom. Doing this could attract the more "Barbie Orientated" fans (because the movies defiantly did) and fan base would increase drastically. My little cousin Kierstan had kind of watched the show but had never really gotten any of the merchandise, but as soon as Equestria Girls was announced she went and bought all of the barbies within a week. Thank You! I would like to real quick thank all of the supporters of this idea and also the whole fandom, whether apposed to the concept or not, because you guys are the ones who make this possible and you guys are the ones who helped My Little Pony get to the point its at. Bro-hoof it and stay cool -Jeramiah
  6. If you like Cartoon Network's old shows or even some of the new ones then there use to be an MMO called Fusionfall just for you! It was amazing, it almost all the cool franchises, characters and universes made by Cartoon Network! But they stopped advertising it so everyone forgot about it and then they shut it down, BUT there is a petition trying to get it back up here: If you want to know more about the game or are now craving getting nostalgic about old Cartoon Network stuff I would suggest looking up Fusionfall OR BETTER YET READ THE NEW AMAZING COMIC Super Secret Crisis War! Super Secret Crisis War is a comic crossover between some of the greatest (and not so great, looking at you Ben 10, you started out cool but turned bad) Cartoon Network franchises ever, including Ed, Ed, and Eddy, The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory, Ben 10 and Samurai Jack. It is a great comic and I think all of you should read it. Here is there cover art. Oh and one last this: if you signed the petition, have any feedback or want to talk about the awesome of old or new Cartoon Network or Fusionfall reply to the post, so then more people will see this!
  7. Please sign my petition. It's very important to me!
  8. We all know Rucka Rucka Ali...... He makes parody videos and posts them to YouTube..... Hes racist, sexist, and just plain crude at times but now he has gone too far!!! This is..... Just...... OMG!!!...... Not only is hes giving gangnam style a bad name, but hes just called us all pedophiles...... We need to let him know this is not ok..... So I've started a petition to remove his video from the internet and have him make a public apology.... The link is below..... I also wrote an angry email to him, and would like it if my fellow bronies would do the same!!!... No1 has to right to do what he did, so please help me take it down
  9. Yes. This is not a joke. Someone out there actually had the bright idea to make a petition to render the Doge meme illegal in all its forms on This might be a troll for all we know, but the petition currently has over 1500 supporters as of today. This is what I have to say about it: Try as hard as you can people, but Doge cannot be stopped. But honestly, if something like this actually did come to pass, imagine the precedent this could set over exactly how much power the US govt could influence over any other part of the inet. Obligatory Doge picture: Mods: Apologies if this is the wrong section or another thread has already been made dealing with this. Feel free to take the appropriate action.
  10. If anyone liked the Karl Urban Dredd movie, the creators of the comic series are having a petition sigining for a Dredd sequel. Sign it so we can get more cool City 17 action!
  11. Who would've thought my next blog post would be about another petition. This one's about stopping CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) from being passed. This is a U.S. bill, so if you aren't a U.S. citizen, you don't really need to care about any of this, nor can you do anything about it I'm sure. Here's a video explaining its problems (please look at this, this is some serious business): Here's a Tumblr post putting it in layman's terms (warning swearing if you care, basically summarizes the video): And here's the actual petition (again, I'm pretty sure only Americans can sign it, so, y'know): I'm really hoping this dies as hard as SOPA did, but the petition needs to be filled out before March 15th! Saying thanks again to all those who participate in this one as well.
  12. So I'm sure there are those out there who've looked forward to Fighting is Magic. For those of you who don't know about it, it is a fighting game using MLP's characters. 'nuff said. Some of you might have heard the recent news as well. Apparently Hasbro didn't like the fighting game, and is working to get it taken down. Now mind you the dev team (Mane6) is not gaining profit from this project. If it's an issue about the concept of MLP's characters fighting each other, namely it being violent, I say that's a lame excuse. The fighting in the game is basically the same as what's displayed in the show itself. Sorry, I'm trying not to ramble... The point of this entry is mainly to bring to any interested party's attention that there is a petition. Yes, it seems that we can help Mane6 save all the work they've done for a great, free game from being callously trashed by Hasbro. This is the petition: Thanks to those who participate!
  13. I've been reading everyone's status updates, and I see that you all feel insulted by Hasbro's choice trying to stop Fighting is Magic development. This hurts me even more because I'm a HUGE fan of fighting games, especially of the marvel vs capcom style. Dissing Hasbro will not take us anywhere, MLP is their property and they can do anything they want to it. But instead of doing this we can use our heads and think and show Hasbro how much we cared about this game, we have to make the see that our fandom and MLP is important to us. Instead of insulting them, why not we start a petition with out signatures and emails, I don't know let's get creative, I was thinking of creating a petition online or perhaps a google document that we can share all over the world. Why don't we start a brainstorming? we need ideas! let's work on this! we can't let this game die, it really shows how passionate we are as a community! I propose we test our ideas here and if it is succesful enough we can extend it to EQD to get the help of more bronies out there. If you have something to share or say, this is the thread! let's work ladies and gentlemen!
  14. If you don't know who Sourcefed is, they're a recently new group that posts five new topics a day concerning news that is popular in general in short snippets that are quite enjoyable to watch. They just broadcasted this video here. We seriously NEED to get Hasbro and Fearless Felix to get together so they can copyright the name for his feat "The Sonic Rainboom"
  15. Hello! I am making this thread to make a petition for a new thread. (Possibly under Octavia's hall[Which i dont like because it suggests DJ Pon3 is lesser to Octavia, but whatever lol]) It would Be called something like "DJ's Club" Or something along those lines where people can make all their music related threads and share their music they have created. I think this would be a nice addition since right now everyone posts their music related things in Everfree forest. This isn't necessarily important, but i think it would be cool and would clean up the Everfree forest a little more. And i understand there is a sub-thread for music, but i think it would be better for it to have its own thing for EVERYTHING music related, not just your creations. (On further inspection, that little button under "Non-pony art" Just brings up a search for music threads.) So, tell me what you think and if you support this idea go ahead and say so! Maybe we can get a new thread!