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Found 54 results

  1. Whether it's a rare breed of cat, dog, reptile or the stuff I personally have, feel free to share the uncommon pets you own currently! If you don't have anything uncommon, which exotic pet would you like to have? As for me, I recently got into caring for young land snails and slugs. I currently own: 8 Prairie Rabdotus snails 7 milk snails 7 leopard slugs 1 banana slug Lemonade is my favorite so far. She is the best banana slug ever! Her species is indigenous to Washington state, Oregon and California. Here is a video of her: Lemonade the Banana Slug
  2. Hi Everypony, I'm wondering what was your first pet? Was it a cat or dog? Maybe it was a bird or fish? My first pet was a cat named Noel (I got her on Christmas Eve).
  3. Lucky Bolt’s pet is a black rabbit named Alice (after my irl pet rabbit). Here’s a picture of them together! What about y’all?
  4. I saw that on Steven Universe and it made me think of my pets or animals and what they think of us and what we think of them. So, If we could, begin to be, Half of what you think of us could do about anything?
  5. okay so i have a pet for my OC called Nova she is a fox squirrel like the ones from 'nausicaa of the valley of the wind' here shes is: Isn't she cute i've had a few people tell me that i shouldn't have a pet that isn't cannon :okiedokielokie: so, i ask, what is your opinion? :comeatus:
  6. Birds! Fascinating creatures, descendants of the almighty dinosaurs. There are so many types out there and many types that are also pets. Let's discuss them! What are some of your favorite birdies? :3 Do you have any as pets? I don't know own any, but my brother has some Parakeets and a Quaker parrot. You can also post pics of birds that you own or like. ^-^ I love Finches. I don't own any but my grandma does and they are lovely, I love the noises they make.
  7. According to animal welfare websites, researchers and health experts; there are plenty of plants and herbs that are really healthy plus beneficial to cats. I decided to take things to the next level. I have successfully created 6 different blends of my own homemade tea specifically for our feline friends. There are multiple ways to use my teas which I can explain in further detail if anyone wants me to. The best way I use my teas is to serve them cold to my lovely fur-babies in small amounts. They LOVE the catnip tea the most. haha Here are some pictures of my two best blends. I keep them marinated in mason jars. I'm hoping to sell a lot on my etsy or at the local farmer's market someday. I'm probably too passionate about my teas but oh well. I hope you all enjoy these!
  8. Well, if you've had a pet and gave it a name, have you ever given your pets strange or unusual names? When we had our first cat, we named her "Cuca". The name didn't have any meaning, we thought it just fit her. Much later, when she had her second litter of cubs, one of them resembled a blue Russian cat (her mate was a purebred one) and my aunt named him "Bear" because she thought he looked like a tiny little bear with all that fur. Yeah, Mexico is a country where people often give their pets interesting names. Bonifacio, Capulin, Chamuco, are some of the most unique I've heard.
  9. What pet did you always want from a young age and why you always wanted one. I'v got quite a few pets: 2 Dogs, 4 Ferrets, bearded dragon and a load of fish but from a young age I always wanted a pet parrot but knowing they could out live me put me off... Also what pets do you own
  10. I recently found a catnip farm not too far from my place. They are a completely natural and pesticide free farm so I bought a whole bunch for my kitties. I even made this banana toy with the nip! I sewn the whole thing by hand with pet friendly felt. My cats loved it! I'm gonna make more to trade with other pet owners. I love it when I discover new/high quality supplies for art. I should totally make a beef shaped toy. Lol
  11. The age old question: Which pet is better? Dogs or cats? Personally, I think cats suit me more than dogs. Do I hate dogs? NO! Would I completely refuse to own one? NO! I may feel more connected to cats but that doesn't mean dogs are bad. Same thing with all animals. I'm tired of people going to war online with the "dogs vs cats" thing. ITS STUPID AND RIDICULOUS!!! No animal should suffer because YOU think they should and because YOU think one is superior to the other. Get off your high horse! Trust me, I understand why some people would hate one or the other. Both have flaws but they both have wonderful things about them too! They are both living thing of this world. Treat them BOTH as such even if you like one more for personal reasons. Sorry for the rant. I'm curious, do any of you agree or disagree with me? Which is your favorite (dogs or cats)?
  12. Who is best pet? For me it's either Owlowiscious (Because I like owls) or Opalescence (Because she reminds me of one of my cats). What about you?
  13. Okay, there's a pet thread about what pets you own, but I haven't seen one on strange things/quirks/habits your pets do! Like my hedgehog loves metal. If I am wearing my rings while handling him, he'll bite me trying to get them, but if I take them off and he can get at them, he'll take it, put it under his body, and huff at me telling me "this is mine." Or my one crazy cat. If we have company over, he doesn't want anything to do with the company and instead sits in an adjacent room staring at everything. If I happen to leave the room company is in, he'll follow me and will begin "talking" to me in an urgent manner...But then as soon as I go back to the main room, he'll quietly go back to his area of observation and won't make a peep.
  14. Here's mine in order of 1 being "loves their pet the most" and 6 being the opposite. 6.) Twilight Sparkle. Twilight sees Owlowiscious as an assistant, not really as a pet. Although her love for him is clearly there, I'm pretty sure she loves Spike more. 5.) Rarity. Again, her love for Opal is there, but man are there instances where she treats this cat horribly, mainly prominent in "Sweet and Elite". 4.) Applejack. Applejack loves Winona, of course, just not to the extent of the next top 3. 3.) Fluttershy. Fluttershy owns a LOT of pets, but "Angel" is the one we see her with the most. Fluttershy would do anything this devious little rabbit said in the earlier seasons, but now she's developed into a healthier, if not blander, character. 2.) Pinkie Pie. I try (and fail) to look at Pinkie and Gummy's relationship and not say "Awww...." because they are so cute!!!!! Pinkie's gonna Pinkie, and no where is the craziest of her shown except when she's with Gummy. I think the key episode of their relationship is "Party of One" where she almost forgets her own birthday but remember's Gummy's. Sure, a bit weird for the party extraordinaire, but nevertheless adorable. 1.) Rainbow Dash. What originally was annoyance for this tortoise soon turned into unconditional love. I'm pretty sure you all know the episode that puts Rainbow in this slot. Vice versa: 6.) Angel. He constantly abuses and takes advantage of Fluttershy, and while that has now cooled down, his previous treatment of Fluttershy has still not completely vanished. I'm sure there's SOME love he has for Fluttershy, but this bunny falls short when compared to the rest. 5.) Opal. Opal meets Rarity's actions with usual annoyance, as seen again in "Sweet and Elite". She does show love to Rarity, of course, but I think their personalities match all too well. 4.) Gummy. I'm pretty sure Gummy loves Pinkie Pie... but then again, I'm only pretty sure. 3.) Winona. Winona's a typical, happy lil' dog who loves Applejack jut how a normal dog would treat their owner. I can't fault her for this, but Winona certainly falls flat when compared to our final two. 2.) Owlowiscious. Owlowiscous is practically a second Spike, except more wise and definitely more lucky. Owlowiscous loves Twilight, too bad that love isn't often showcased in episodes now. 1.) Tank. Tank not only saved Rainbow when she was stuck, but also often just looks happy and at ease with her. Also, this: I've died of cuteness. Please help.
  15. Despite the fact that many ponies would consider this weird, I have a feeling more ponies out there have inanimate objects as pets since this isn't Pie family exclusive. Can you at least explain, or give theories, as to why Maud and Mudbriar have inanimate objects as pets? Maybe go a little further and explain why any pony would have such an inanimate object as a pet. I think this is some sort of defect that is a result of an obsession in an area, like rocks or trees. A pony obsesses over such an area soo much that rock and sticks, or whatever, come to life in their minds. That's the only explanation I have.
  16. Intro: Just so you know, even though this fanfiction focuses a bit on interactions between Vinyl and Octavia, I'm not shipping them. I don't have anything against people who do ship them, I'm just not much of a shipper, so if you want romance, you might want to look someplace else. With that out of the way, here's the rest of the intro: I was inspired to write this because I love cats but I've seen lots of stereotypes about them and I want to write about someone realizing the stereotypes are not true. Here's the story: One morning, Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Melody were sitting on their front steps, bored. Because they were bored, they were just saying whatever came into their minds in hopes of starting a conversation, when Octavia said, "I'd like a cat." "A cat?!" said Vinyl, "Cats think they're better than us. We don't want a pet that acts all superior!" "Cats don't think they're better than us," said Octavia. "What about Opalescence?" said Vinyl. "Opalescence doesn't think she's better than us, she's just a bit grumpy," said Octavia, "Just like how that griffon Gilda is grumpy, but she's not arrogant. And besides, Opal is Rarity's cat so she's probably all fancy-pants because her owner is." They forgot about cats, until one day, they were visiting Fluttershy. "Do you want to adopt a pet?" asked Fluttershy. "Well, I was thinking about getting a cat," said Octavia. "Really?" said Fluttershy. "That was just a thought Octy had when we didn't have anything better to do," said Vinyl. "Well, if you mares do want a cat, there's always this one. He's a tomcat. Here, kitty kitty!" Out walked a white cat with large eyes and a blue bow on his head. "Hi there, kitty," said Octavia in a baby voice. "Isn't he the one who tore up your curtains and hissed at Rainbow Dash during the cutie mark incident?" said Vinyl dubiously. "Oh, that was just because he was hungry," said Fluttershy, "If you feed him cat food at eight o'clock a.m and six o'clock p.m., he's as sweet as an angel!" "Why would I want a pet who only likes me because of food?!" said Vinyl. "He doesn't like us only because of food," said Octavia, "He just gets grumpy when he's hungry." By then, the cat had begun to rub up against Octavia and purr. "See?" said Octavia, "I didn't feed him and he still loves me. Don't you, schmookie-woo?!" "Don't tell me that's what you want to call him," said Vinyl. Octavia chuckled. "No, I'm going to call him Jeffrey." "So you're keeping him?" said Fluttershy. "Yes!" said Octavia before Vinyl could say anything else. When they got home, Jeffrey was asleep on Vinyl's sofa. "He'll get cat fur all over it!" said Vinyl. "But I can always dust it off," said Octavia. Vinyl hadn't interacted with Jeffrey until bedtime, but then, he jumped up onto her bed and purred. "You're not so bad after all," thought Vinyl.
  17. Just curious to see what kind of pets everypony has! I have a pet cat!
  18. I couldn't find a thread about favorite cats. What is your favorite breed of cat? How adorable are cats? How cute are cats? How cuddly are cats? How fluffy wuffy are cats? How warm are cats? I love cats! What is your favorite kind of cat? I like domestic short hairs (that's cat speak for "mutt"). I like black cats.
  19. That's nightstar, dark mist is too hard to keep still. She and dark mist are females, 4 months old.. I had four pets, my rabbit died and my adult cat ran away. Show me your pets! PWLEASE?
  20. Hello you guys! isnt it funny how everytime I write a blog it always has to do with new pets? ...ha..ha nah it aint really that funny soooo back to what I actually wanna talk about! This is Nala: (say hello to Nala!) Not even two months ago, a student at my college was giving away a few kittens and this little ball of fur was the last one in the box! I couldnt say no, I mean look at those eyes she's adorbs and is growing up so fast >.< I'll be updating now and then just to show how much she grows up hope you guys liked her
  21. As the title says, this is a thread for sharing just about any and all pet stories. It can be dogs, cats, lizards, birds, even fish. In a similar manner, they can be happy, funny, or sad. I only ask that you keep the forum rules in mind. I have two very troublesome hounds right now, neither being particularly bright: The smaller one who has earned the nickname "princess" (which is another story entirely) is very energetic and spastic. She enjoys running around the yard, barking at squirrels, birds... and what she thinks are birds and squirrels. On top of this she likes to pick up things knowing that you or somebody else will chase her. She once picked up an empty plastic flower pot and began running around outside of the house with it, except the way she was carrying it obscured her vision. She ran full speed into the side of the house with a smack, she ended up only dazing herself for a moment or two, and then she continued to run around the house with it still in her mouth.
  22. I've seen so many polls about best Mane Six member, best CMC member, best princess, best background pony, etc. While I'm sure this has probably been done before, opinions do change and I'm curious as to who everyone thinks the best pet is. If you do choose to vote in the poll, please give your reasoning, especially if you select "Other." For me, I've picked Angel. I know there's the whole running joke in the community, "Angel is the most evil character there is," and while I do enjoy the ribbing and I get my fair share of laughs from it, I just can't help but like Angel. He does have his moments of decency. And it definitely would be inaccurate to say he doesn't care about Fluttershy, because we have seen plenty of moments where he worries for her and supports her. To me, Angel seems to have much more character to him than most of the other pets. Owlowiscious would be a close second for me.
  23. Meet my pups and kitty!<3 These guys bring light to my life. I have not seen them since January, but I will get to be reunited with them in just 3 weeks! So prepare to see them again in a future entry. ;3; First up. The Cat! my baby. First you get to meet my cat! Her name is Juno and she is absolutely adorable. She is just over 2 years old round about. We got her last year in May. My little brother picked her out from a rescue center. He has autism and many other issues so my mom surprised him after getting his blood drawn for genetic testing. He absolutely hates doctors and needles so he was overwhelmed when he got to pick out his very own cat. P.S. He LOVES cats. He has an obsession with them. We used to have a black and white cat named Dale, but he sadly passed about a month after we moved back to Texas a couple years ago. Juno is my precious baby. I love her with all my heart. She doesn't like to snuggle up with me on my bed like Dale did, but she does sleep in my room every single night. She loves laying on my game chair. No one is allowed to sit on it when she's in my room because she gets angry lol. This first picture is when we first got our cat. <3 We don't exactly have a lot of pictures of her because well my family kind of got over her when we got our two dogs later. But it's okay because I still care about her. and so do my two younger brothers. Puppy section! Radar! I have two puppies, one is a girl and the other is a boy. For the first one I will introduce yall to my sweet baby Radar. He's half chihuahua half cocker spaniel. He can be a little bit of a grump in the morning, but other than that he is such a great dog. We got him about four days after we got Juno. He just turned one earlier this year in February I believe. This is when we first got him. He was so tiny and his ears weren't up at the time. Flash forward some time and now he looks like this! As you can see he grew quite a bit in just a year. I love him so much. When I came back home in October for the weekend he got so excited he peed himself lol. Every morning during winter break he would go into my room and check to see if I was awake. If I was he would run up to my bed and give me puppy kisses. As you can see he really loves helping me with dishes. He licks the water off of the silverware while i'm loading it. Such a cutie. >3< And lastly here is him chewing on a puppy bone while my youngest brother kisses his head. <3 Maisy Grace! :3 Now to introduce yall to our teacup yorkie named Maisy! She is so rambunctious and full of energy. She hates going to bed at night and has to be rocked to sleep and snuggled in a blanket. But boy does she love mornings. She wakes up at the butt crack of dawn and runs around the house. It makes my mornings extremely awesome cause she is just so darn adorable. This is the very first picture my mom took of her. At the time I was still in college and had not met her yet. But the moment I did she absolutely loved me. When I came home for winter break me and my mom would take one of the dogs with us to go get the boys from school. Maisy went with us and wanted to sit on the dashboard. She also loves to jump on things. It irritates my mom because she has to keep moving the cat food. She literally was gone for like ten minutes and Maisy jumped on the table and got into the cat food. >.> My sister actually sent me this the other day. My Maisy is getting so big and she is still so cute!! idk why she's sideways... Today she also went in to get spaded. She was very upset. She was crying when my mom had to leave her. -Adios tacos
  24. What are good pets for OCs, I mean what are acceptable pets for OCs?
  25. Can I have some help with a name for my OC's pet ferret? Just keep it cute. Thanks