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Found 4 results

  1. In other words, whenever Friendship Is Magic ends, should Hasbro and DHX Media/Toon Boom Harmony take a page out of Warner Bros Animation Pictures and DC (DC Comics) Universe Animated Original Movies, and create MLP FIM based movies (direct to video) that have stories that are mostly PG Rated, but on occasion, if the opportunity presents itself, can also be PG-13 Rated. Well here I give my thoughts on this topic, and how it could it actually work. Comments are Welcomed
  2. Watched a few vids on this topic and noticed the trend myself, but most PG-13 movies are not that great, dropping bloody violence, mature themes, nudity, and most swears to bring in teens and the family demographic. PG was a very different animal back then. Fun fact: Poltergeist, was a PG film. Temple Of Doom was PG too. But parents complained and Spielberg himself asked that a middle ground was introduced and a long chain of successful PG-13 films were released the following 20 years. But nowadays there's a marked shift in quality. PG-13 films of the 90's are very different then ones from the mid 00s on. PG-13 back then woudl be rated R now. And PG-13 films of today would probably be PG films in the early 80s. And the quality of many films has suffered for it, writers, producers & directors having to work in strict confines and alter a potentially successful work in order to bring int he teenage demographic. Babylon A.D., a film about Vin Diesel in a futuristic dystopia, was cut to be PG-13. It ended up being so bad, the director told everyone to stay away from it. The last two Die Hard films were made PG-13. After being adjusted for inflation, they actually performed the poorest at the box office. The Kings Speech, an academy award winner, was originally rated R, but had a brief PG-13 release. A release that bombed. After Expendables 2 unperformed, Expendables 3 was made PG-13. That bombed worse, in part due to the target demographic not knowing who half the cast were, and alienating the ones that did. Another fun fact: More R rated films have been nominated and won academy wards for best picture, than all of the G, PG & PG-13 nominees and winners put together. My point? Is it time for a new ratings system to be implemented? Should there be more stratification like there is in TV programming? Would it be better to add a PG-10, a PG-15 and a PG-17? Perhaps even stratify the R rating? Cause even the R rating is starting to be treated as the modern NC-17, w/ most studios preferring to avoid it and a number of TV channels refusing to show ads for it. Is it time for a change? Or do you think the old system is working just fine?
  3. Okay, this will be an interesting topic. Often, films receive ratings that are appropriate for their content, but other times, a film might be rated a certain rating for the wrong reasons OR, more importantly, they were miss-rated simply because of the lack of the now common PG-13 rating, which result in some films in the 80's to get a rating that would definitely not be a case nowadays. Except for The Thing, that movie should be rated D for Disturbing. So what are some films that you think should not have gotten its PG rating or perhaps its R rating?