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Found 7 results

  1. Not that I have a phone, but do people still use phones for talking? I ask this after watching the Equestria Girls series... and I'm not crazy about changes in society... and I was getting frustrated getting nothing but 'no one talks on their phone anymore' on Google search.
  2. So the Galaxy Note 9 has been revealed and wow......this definitely will beat apples next 3 iphones this year and yet.....its so expensive xD i might wait till the price drops and save up for it , $1000, for 128gbs with 6gbs of ram and 512gbs and 8gbs of ram ? no notch and has water resistant , wireless charging , 2560 x 1440 amoled display and 4,000mamp battery ? i might get this phone as a wifi device for how powerful it is but as always im always concerned on security and how android keeps everything private.
  3. I couldn't find anything online, so I thought maybe someone on the forums could help: Is there a way to watch the season 6 premier live on iOS? I am currently on a trip, and won't have access to my computer. I really watch to watch the premier. Any answer is appreciated. Anyways, I'm really excited
  4. So who here has t-mobile and thinks that there data is awsome ?!! i do have one problem with them though we have coverage but in our house is spotty and we had to get a signal booster everything was great but a night or two later usually at night around 9 or 10 it goes off to edge and the signal receiver on the window has lte 4 solid bars never drops down but now at night time it switches to edge (on our phones) and we are between the two cell what is the problem here ? its a serious problem.
  5. so does anyone use there phone to unlock it for any reason ? ps. my galaxy s5 is a at&t phone and want my mom to use it becouse it will get better coverage so for my understanding would it be possible to unlock it to use it on t-mobile ? has to be a different sim card of course lol
  6. if something like this exists, my bad. - Linux is more than capable of replacing Windows on the desktop ( already proven for servers ). - the Xbone is the worst console all because of its crappy DRM. - Both AMD and Intel are cool - Apple Macbook airs are the best valued ultrabook ( or flatbook ) you can buy at this point. - I think sound cards are obsolete, uneeded, and expensive. - Gaming laptops are pointless, Why would one need to game on the go? - Smartphones and tablets are pointless since they only consume media, and not really create. Go on ahead, post your unpopular tech related opinions. oh yeah... - Windows 8 UI, while usable, is very counter-intuitive, and thus steering many long time customers of M$ away.
  7. You have maybe heard about phoneblocks. (google it if not) I like the idea but think. It will get very exspensive to produce parts to, and be very big becouse normal phones have the parts pushed as tight as possible. :okiedokielokie: (probably a bit ugly as well) What is your opinion, do you think this idea will evolve into the future?