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Found 141 results

  1. Don't be afraid to critique my portraits. It's well appreciated. Attention: Just a word of warning however. I do not want this thread to become a Debate Pit thread (because that is overall not its main purpose), so please be considerate and respectful with your critiquing. And please be sure to look through the entire thread (including the pages) before you post your comments, because this thread is also a gallery of my work. Thank you. Click here for the most recent update for this thread: This one here is just the 1st of many others I have in mind. I hope you like them! And yes, the guy that is beside Sweetie Belle is me IRL. (Click on them to enlarge the photos to see the detail if you want) Me & Sweetie Belle in colour: Me & Sweetie Belle in B+W:
  2. LOL, I've finally made something that I thought was worth posting. Well, This is what I thought of I saw that the upcoming MLP episode was called What Lies Beneath. It seemed fitting considering how some of the some of the past episodes of them together have gone. It turned out better than I thought it would too. All I had access to at the moment was a laptop with a touch pad. I haven't seen the episode, so I don't know what it's really about. Here's what the real movie cover looks like.
  3. Hey everyone! This is my second project in my "World Leaders" series of art, I hope you guys enjoy it! And as always, feedback is very useful for me, since it helps me put it into context in my next art. (P.S, which world leader should I draw next?) (GT is my signature, it stands for my name)
  4. my very own art thread ✿ hehe so it's been a loooong while since I drew or made anything pony related, so I figured, why not make a thread & share it with others! that way it might motivate me to get back into the creative swing of things right before the holidays~ the type of works you'll probably see here range from drawn pics, to photoshop works, and I'm gonna try to post something new at least once a week, that's my goal for this thread until january rolls around and I'm back in school. all of the artwork here is mine so PLEASE don't steal it or use it, unless I've specified it's okay! I do most of my works either using paint tool sai, or photoshop cc~ artwork anything I've drawn, starting with the most recent first. signatures arranged from newest - oldest. unless I specify, I'm generally gonna lable these as FREE to use, as long as you credit me~ I may also take requests if you ask nicely ;D (drop me a message for those if you want one, don't ask here please) I just really love making graphics & fighting with photoshop x) so yaaaaa that's what I've got so far! let's hope I can get a few more pics up in the coming weeks make sure you follow for updates & more art! ;D ta darlings~!
  5. Hello everyone If you need any help photoshoping i can help I will do it for free
  6. Bit Boss in her new Diamond® Armour. She'd prefer something with stealth mode, radar, and some pockets for her military rations but Equestria doesn't have the technology ...yet. For this, I just modified "Crystal Armour" by jij1993, added a red captain-of-the-guard helmet dress and gave the Boss some Cyborg-Ninja inspired hoof armour.
  7. Hi everyone and welcome to the official thread for my art. I make visual effects, photomanipulation (e.g. PIRLs), and wallpapers in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. Comments and constructive criticism are the driving horses behind my passion, so give me as much feedback as you wish - once it's positive, of course! New artwork from my DA [link] will be posted here. Hope you enjoy. Here's my most recent one:
  8. Here she is, Bit Boss! I edited a really nice base in photoshop (the base is by ) This is what I imagine Big Boss from the Metal Gear Solid video games would look like as a horsie. Hope she doesn't scare the kids.
  9. Hello my name is Framerate, I am looking for a teacher or tutor for learning all Adobe CC products. I know some flash, and a lot of photoshop and i been trying to look for help if anyone on the forums could possibly help me I would appreciate that very much.
  10. If you could get anything in the world, what would it be? Eh, don't answer that; it's not relevant to this story at all. Seriously, why did I put that in there? Meh. So! With the new episode critics simmering down, I now give you a story about trial, error, death, and redemption! The story is called... "BY GOLLY I NEED A NEW COMPUTER" No, that's not the name, but it did happen around the death of my long-lasting laptop. Now, I was starting to get alarms from Microsoft everywhere I went, complaining that "it was time to upgrade". Was I interested in Windows 10? Yeah, just a little bit. Did I want to risk my potato quality copy of Adobe Photoshop CS1? No, and that was the catch. Yes, I would've stuck it out with Windows 10, but I really needed my copy of CS1. It was my bread and butter, y'know? Anyway, I set my laptop down by the internet router and waited... pretty much the whole day. It took forever, and what did I get? NOPE. You need to enter your serial key! Whoops. Having ownership to a program that's older than myself comes at a big toll; I had no idea where the box was. I scrambled around for a bit, but after a while, I got really desperate. Y'see, I was getting ready to go on a month-long trip to the states during that time, and my flight was leaving that morning. The time then? Just about 3AM. I was in full panic mode. I needed to make teaser images, and book covers, and... everything was on the line! I started digging around piratebay and all those other crumby websites just for a crack. I mean, I bought the program, shouldn't I have the right to get a crack? Having been unsuccessful in my treasure hunt, I went back to my CD bin looking for the disk, hoping the box would be nearby. 4AM. Crap, gotta go fast! 5AM. Okay, this is ridiculous; I might as well give up! 5:30AM. Hey, is that CS3? Yep, at those last, suffering, 30 minutes, I managed to pull a copy of CS3 from the very depths of Compact Disk Hell. I installed it onto my beloved laptop, and... it died. Literally that night, my computer sputtered out and died! What is this crap? I ended up installing the copy onto my WinXP Writer's Brick PC. It's a piece of crap, but as mentioned in one of the various threads of this network, it's still better than a console. -RealityPublishing
  11. So today I woke up and was walking into my game room where I spend most of my day right? I hear mumbling on the other side. "Must've left music on in my PC." I open the door to be greeted by this... This one was fun to do in photoshop, since that picture is actually my room! *EDIT* The image is VERY large so you might need to zoom out a bit.
  12. Hey everyone! I just spent the past hour in photoshop making this AWESOME picture! I hope you guys all enjoy, feel free to download it as a wallpaper or something! --This is the best photoshop I've ever made!--
  13. Hello everypony! I was trying to come up with meme ideas until I found the infamous "ghost meme" where he goes "Can you tell me your name" and something funny happens and he screams bloody murder. So I put "my name's twilight" with a ghostly twilight in the scene! Hope you enjoy! I upload daily so feel free to subscribe to my youtube, or add me as a friend! I'm starting to really enjoy video editing! Programs used: Magix Music Maker (Twilight Reverb/Echo) Adobe Photoshop (Ghostly Twilight Picture) Adobe Premiere Pro (Editing)
  14. I guess I was feeling a little dark, so I decided to make Rainbow Dash depressed leaning over Tank's grave. I'm really happy with how it turned out. I added the shadows, the fog, and a lot else.
  15. A quick little photoshop. Requested by Burpy. Enjoy!
  16. This one took me a couple hours since I kept getting stuck with the shadows. But I love how it turned out in the end! (Note there is supposed to be some of the page surrounding her, as if she was cut out of the paper.)
  17. This is one of my favorite photoshop projects I've ever done. It features Lyra sitting on a bench with pinkie around the corner. I also put two fake advertisements in the frames (The "Chicken The Movie" poster is mine. There are also a few easter eggs hidden around the photo, can you spot them all? Anyways, here's the before and after: BEFORE: AFTER:
  18. I spent 2 and a half hours making this in Photoshop! Features characters from seasons 1-6 as well as ponies like Sunset Shimmer and Sunburst. Hope you guys enjoy! Feel free to set this as your wallpaper!
  19. Looks like I'm not the only one who's excited for the harvest ahead.
  20. Hey everyone ^^ I just registered today and saw that people show their artwork here, so I thought I'd join in on the fun. I started working with Photoshop about 3 years ago and have created quite a number of MLP-related wallpapers in that time. But I don't want to bore you with the introduction, here are some of my wallpaers: A pretty simple wallpaper with the mane 6 Cutiemarks: Randbow Dash: The fist wallpaper where I used Cinema 4d for effects: A simple Octavia Wallpaper: Celestia in Armor: Shining Armor again: Fausticorn: I hope you enjoyed what I have to show ^^ If you'd like to see more of my wallpapers, you can visit my deviantArt-page.
  21. It took me a good while to make this but I did it, and I'm proud. I created this as a Final Project to my College Course.
  22. Hello! So yeah. That's the first time I'm actually posting something about me on this website. Some of you may know me from somewhere else. (Maybe Russia, God knows why the Russians like me!) But anyway. I've been doing pony art for two years or so. I ask for nothing in return, although a watch on DeviantArt is always appreciated. It helps me to reach more people, and make their artworks come true. I'm always available for a good chat, or advice. I work with PhotoShop CS6, Paint Tool SAI for lines, and also traditional art. So yeah, that's it. Here's some of my stuff; the artworks are not in chronological order. *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** Alright, sorry for the long thread. And my apologies if I messed up with the rules somehow, I'm new here guys. I won't post my entire gallery, of course. I tried to link each artwork to its own page, but it was taking too long to get all the links and it didn't worked. Sorry for that too. But feel free to check my page on if you wish. Everything is there. The best regards! - Pedro Hander
  23. Hi! I have no idea how this website works yet, so I'm starting very slowly. Here's an artwork of mine I finished quite some time ago. I hope you guys like it! *** *** - Pedro Hander
  24. Hey fellow bronies, Just a quick question - if you photograph or make videos, what camera do you use, prefer to use, or wish to have? And what do you mostly film? Also, what software do you use/prefer to edit your videos/photography? I use Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. I have a Canon Powershot SX60HS and I mostly photograph nature scenery/landscapes, the moon, and birds.