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Found 4 results

  1. Perhaps you came down with a fever, sore throat, vomiting, etc. When was the last time you got sick?
  2. Physical injury as in getting bruised badly and such. Note that the term "worst injury" here is relative. Back in the 6th grade (4 years ago), I was playing basketball when I didn't see a pass coming (the ball was travelling pretty fast) and it hit my squarely in the face -- with the impact mostly belonging in between my eyes and just right above my nose. Needless to say, my nose was bleeding like crazy and it took a few plugs to stop the bleeding. I also received a rather big bruise on the bridge of my nose. It hurt for quite a while, but thankfully I was able to not whine about the injury
  3. It's one thing to have unicorn magic and/or pegasus wings. But having built muscle and physical strength can go a long way, especially if you're an Earth Pony. It can be used for any purpose, for work, for carrying things, for sports. and especially for combat purposes. I mean how awesome would it be to see a powerful pony just plain SMASH through an evil army. So who are the most powerful ponies in terms of physical strength in all of Equestria?
  4. OK, first off, I'm no PC gamer and I've been sticking with Nintendo since ever. I've always been on a rather strict budget so it has never been practical to own more than one console for every generation. That said, I'm next to completely ignorant about PC gaming and what Sony and Microsoft have been doing in any comprehensive detail so correct me in any place I slip up. So, digital purchases is becoming more of a thing now. I only first started seeing, hearing and caring about it since the whole WiiWare, Virtual Console thing. Well, nowadays I'm hearing about Steam. Digital purchase of games is more common on PCs these days, isn't it? Speaking of PCs, the used games market on the PC front is pretty non-existent these days. Well, that's kinda the problem I have with digital ownership; you can't lend it out to friends or borrow from another. For one, I am friends with someone who is a Nintendo fan with every cell in his body so it gives me a greater feeling of freedom to look for games that seem more at the fringes that I think I'll like because I can count on the fact that I can turn to someone else for my first party games. As more and more games become available for purchase digitally, well, it throws a wrench into the whole process of lending games. So then since I don't own a 3DS or a Wii U of my own, I've been wondering if it would be practical, let alone possible, to temporarily trade systems to access each other's digitally purchased media. Any thoughts here?