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Found 133 results

  1. Long ago I posted a piano cover of A True True Friend I arranged in Finale. Now, here's a live piano cover of A True True Friend. Hope you enjoy
  2. It's been a while since I last posted a pony piano cover, but I finally did one it is: Equestria Land I Love from The Mane Attraction. This one took quite a few attempts to do, but I'm glad this one turned out very well. Enjoy!
  3. If you can play the piano (or want to learn how), "raise your hand".
  4. Thought it would be funny to see what instrument everypony plays if you play any. Here's my instruments:
  5. Well, here we go with another take on Find A Way. This time it’s an extended live piano solo. Hope you guys enjoy.
  6. So...played this gem of a song from the Pixar classic "Toy Story". It was a very fun piece to play yet emotional at the same time. Hope you all enjoy!
  7. A new month means a new song! This is my first crack at DnB.
  8. February...the month of here once again. This time, I present to you an original piano improvisation heavily based around "Love Is In Bloom", "Streams of Blooming Love". Close your eyes and feel the streams of love engulf your soul, giving you peace and harmony on the inside... Hope you enjoy.
  9. So...did something a little different. I took Babs Seed...and changed the key into a minor key and boy...did it have a major difference to the piece...I just hope no one feels like it's a funeral for Babs...enjoy
  10. Hey there! So tonight, I bring you another piano cover. This time it's Rainbow by Sia from the MLP Movie! This is my first ever full playthrough of the song and I didn't have any dry practice runs prior to this playthough! Quite the record, though I've heard the song a few times...anyways, hope you guys enjoy!
  11. Hey everybody! long time no post. I wanted to show off this collab with PegasYs (with vocals by Heather Feathersong)! Get rid of the January Blues below:
  12. So, this year, I've decided to take this Christmas Season and challenge myself to see how many Christmas Piano Covers I can finish and share with you guys! are the first three! More will come soon! Tell me what you guys think! What's your favorite so far?
  13. So...unfortunately because of school, I hardly had time to whip up a sweet Nightmare Night piece. Instead, I give you this sweet piano the dark! This improv is modelled off of WoodenToaster's Nightmare Night. Hope you stallions enjoy it!
  14. So, dd this today before I went to psychology class. it's an improvisation around one the newest regions from the MLP Movie: Seaquestria. Hope you guys like it! Sheet music may come in the future.
  15. So...did this little improv about a week ago. It was a fun one to do. You can certainly get a Pink vibe from it since it's got that hard pop texture. Hope you enjoy! PS. You can hear me count off in the beginning
  16. After seven long years, the wait for someone to transcribe this classic MLP song for piano is finally over. Happy 7th Anniversary MLP! Special thanks to DrSentenial for his video - How to Play "Making Cupcakes". Wouldn't have been able to arrange this score without it! DrSentenial's channel >>>
  17. I felt I needed to write something that apologized for the atonal craziness, that I uploaded to my YouTube channel, last week. Download from my Bandcamp Page!
  18.'s something a little different. It's a piano cover of Through the Fire and Flames BUT, it's in a Romantic Style, incorperating all of the styles of the various composers of the romantic era. For all you classical buffs out there, see if you can spot all the composer styles I do.
  19. This month's song is an electro swing tune rushed to completion for vinyl and octavia day on EQD. Its a little rough around the edges, but I still feel pretty good about it. you can get an mp3 download through youtube or an HQ download through ponyfm
  20. This is my latest piece: a jazz piano song with some chillhop thrown in. I was channeling spike's post-valentines depression with donuts, extra sprinkles. free download link on the youtube page, and HQ download on ponyfm
  21. Hey everyone, I'm back again to hawk my virtual instruments! Seriously though, as someone who really found his passion for writing music through the Brony community, I want to give back. I have a number of free virtual instruments on my site that run through Plogue's free SFZ plugin. My newest instrument is a grand piano, that I recorded in a church, and next up is a synth that will be based on a Casiotone keyboard. I make these virtual instruments for myself, since I can't afford the big name libraries, so I hope my fellow budget musicians/composers find them useful as well!
  22. This is a song that was sitting in my back pocket for a while. I only posted recently because I got together with a buddy of mine and we collaborated to make this song awesome, if I do say so myself . It starts slow, but eventually transitions to a driving bluegrass feel. There is a free download in the description on youtube if you are interested!
  23. So...did this thing tonight... This is the first time I've ever shared a cover of a piece by TSO. Critique is wanted.
  24. Sprinklepie

    MLP songs

    What MLP songs are there? I wan't to do covers of these songs, but I can't think of many. Lullaby for a Princess Luna's Response This Day Aria Pinkie Pies Parasprite Polka what other songs are there?