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Found 15 results

  1. ShadowFoxz

    We can only talk with Gifs

    Rules: please keep it SFW and limit the description to two sentences MAX. EDIT: no extremely violent gifs and no vulgar language or swearing
  2. Storm Shine

    Some Nature Pictures

    Hi there, not sure if there's someplace I was supposed to put this kind of thing already or not, if there was I'm sorry and please direct me to the proper place. So I was looking around on my computer and found some sort-of older nature pictures that I took, and some were pretty cool. I separated most of the good from the meh and decided to show what I've got. To give you a general idea of some of the pics: I got some nice pictures of things like: Just nature, a small whirlpool (in a stream) that you could see almost all the way down to it's end, birds(Some common ones(One of which stole nearly an entire tortilla) and some not so common), and a couple of insects(Butterflies and a Dragonfly).
  3. Lightwing


    Omg,what am I even doing with my life... So yeah...if you saw Tokyo Ghoul,you'll probably know him... pics of him...whatever...
  4. Post in here, pictures from where you are! Don't need to name your area, just pictures will do. Like this.... Pictures of my house in Summer: Pics from the 2011 Blizzard: Pics from the forest preserve by me. Pilcher Park: My area last Fall:
  5. CavyShy

    New Ducklings!

    These are our new little frands. Dey very cute. Dey live in a metal bin with a heat lamp. :3
  6. Rainbow Skywalker

    Too Many GTA V Jokes

    The sad part is, its the same dang joke every time. "lol nobodie iz goin 2 b @ skool bcuz their al playin GTA lol" So what can I do to solve this crisis? Well, not much. So if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. (Some of these jokes might be a little stale, I've been searching way back through some of my old pics)
  7. Rainbow Skywalker

    Need a pick-me-up?

    OMGZX U GUYZ WY R US ALL SO DERPRESEED????!1!!! So there's a particular Pinkemena banner that I saw today (COUGH COUGH THANKS LUGIA) that seems to have gotten some people down in the dumps. Why not have some funny pictures to counter that negative energy eh? Share some with your friends, or even just link this thing to them. Everybody needs to smile smile smile every once in a while while while Then again, according to f_ing everybody I'm an emo. So what would I know about that anyway... Have some pics before somebody gets depressed again! Ok, I gotta admit though, Lugia makes a pretty sexy banner. XD
  8. NightJolt


    anybody have any good pictures of magic. I would like a good picture. Every time I look it up I never seem to find any good ones. So if any one wants or has good pictures of magic feel free to mingle and post here. I'm pretty sure im not the only one out here looking for some. But then again I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed if you catch my drift.
  9. Rainbow Skywalker


    Hey! Looks like there are moving pictures in this one! I know that many people are just about tired of the little funny gifs floating around the net nowadays, but just give this post a chance. Speaking of which, I made a new animated avatar which imitates the "Pinkie Pie Sparkly Eyes" situation. Only took me 4 bloody hours. In other news, I need a font for british accents and a font for sarcasm. Seriously. Another interesting fact: There are over 100 pictures in this one. Enjoy! TL;DR: PICTURES! \/\/\/
  10. Rainbow Skywalker

    Darth is shocked

    Uh, yeah. So I made some slippers by sewing together some stuff, and I came out with an astounded Vader. I'm surprised at how well it turned out... So is he.
  11. Rainbow Skywalker


    50. The number of pics in this collection. Yeah I counted them, I guess I couldn't think of a title was being generous. So yeah, have fun, and I gotta go. Because Sweet Child of Mine is on the radio, and you just don't miss a song like that.
  12. I really have no explanation as to why, there just isn't much original humor is there? Well at least I scavenged a little bit. Here ya go.
  13. Rainbow Skywalker

    And I give thee: Stupidity.

    You've got to be kidding me right now. We have pics of stupid, lazy, and sarcastic. But wait! there are some pretty epic pics in there this time around actually. They may have gotten lost in all the stupid, but oh well :3
  14. Lightning Fluttershy

    Pony pics that give you the feels

    Well the concept should be easy to wrap your mind around. All of us have seen pictures of ponies that made is shiver or give us goosebumps or even caused us to shed a tear. You know all of that fun stuff. I just want you to post them and share them with the community. Here are a few of mine that gave me ze feels. Now go nuts, I know you have them, now share them! Don't be greedy!
  15. False Perception

    Whiteshade vs Frenzy Ponypic off!

    Hey everypony. This is a PONY PIC OFF between me and Whiteshade. You can join in, but please don't post pics, that's just me and Whiteshade. C'mon Whiteshade, I'll go first! Hopefully, since this is a forum game, it won't be shut down due to spam.