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Found 62 results

  1. This is pretty self-explainable. I'll start.
  2. Well, I've always been fascinated with animals. As a small kid I was never allowed to have a pet (actually I did have a gold fish that I had won from a carnival game but that was it), so I was always jealous of my classmates because most of them had a animal companion. Fast forward 15 years and now I live with the most amazingly wonderful, smart, playful and loyal cat I could ever have. To me he is my furry child. He is more than just a pet, he is my best friend and my companion. If it were not for Domino I doubt I would have survived the last few years (addiction, mental illness among other things). Every time I wake up he is right by my side, every time I come home he is waiting at the door. Yes there are bad days when trashes my apartment, but overall I am glad that I live with Domino. Here is a picture of Domino: Just as the title states, I would love to hear your stories and see your pets. I hope you are all well, Abaddon.
  3. seriously, MY GIF'S WONT ANIMATE!!!!!!! can someone take a screencap of how they do this??????????????????
  4. The title is self-explanatory, post a picture of your headphones. With the amazing amount of music this fandom generates, you need something to listen to the music with. So what do you use, either post your own picture or simply find one on the internet. If you like you can add a little about your headphones, maybe information on them, or maybe how you got them. Let me start, I have had around five headphones, I take good care of my stuff. Three of them are earplug headphones, one of them samsung. Although, the over ear headphones I got are only two. First there is the sonoko HP-80, the first over ear headphones I got really young and they have lasted for a long time. Then there is the Sennheiser HD 202, my newest headphones, that I got for christmas last year. The sonoko, probaby have a sound pressure level of 80 dB, but they don't block the environmental sounds too well. But they're ok, they're really old. The Sennheiser, has a sound pressure level of 115 dB, which is really good and the frequency response is 18-18,000 Hz. The sennheiser has Neodymium magnets that provides powerfull bass. They are perfect, except that the caple is way to long on them. They block the outside noise very well.. The funny thing is, I got them mostly because of the fandom, with all the music. I started to get more interested in headphones. So post a picture of your headphones. Here is a picture:
  5. Answer is very simple. I looooove music. EVERY music. And I love anime. That's why I chose my avatar("That's why they call me Loyalty" :3 ^^)
  6. Hello everypony! Id'e like to make a thread for ponies to post videos of their rooms! (<---redundant and pointless comment) So, please, do a room tour and post it here! I feel like it would make us closer Here ya go! its gettin real personal up in here!!Here you go!
  7. Post here some pictures of your MLP Stuff! Tips: You can just text the thing, if you don't want to post a picture (But it will be more cool if you post some picture ) If you don't want to take a picture, you can put a image from google! Well, at this moment i don't have any stuff of my little pony, i'm waiting the Easter week to buy a easter egg and get a little doll cheapest (because in my country those dolls are very EXPENSIVE). So i'll leave here Fluttershy and Twilight waiting new threads.
  8. Rules: please keep it SFW and limit the description to two sentences MAX. EDIT: no extremely violent gifs and no vulgar language or swearing
  9. Be warned, this may not be easy, Leave if this test makes you feel queasy You may have noticed all the time, A certain zebra speaks in rhyme In the middle of a forest called Everfree, she lives in a hut surrounded by tree To rhyme is not an easy task So only this is what I ask To play this rhyming forum game The end of two sentences must sound the same I have started, as you may see Now this game to you I leave
  10. So while the forums are all black and whited out, I thought it'd be a good time to post a new game. You post a picture, and the next user tries to guess what colors it was. Then they post a picture, so on and so fourth. No reverse image searching. That'd be cheating. Lets go!
  11. I just noticed how mess my desk oh you can see my ancient, IBM Thinkpad, Windows XP, 1.6 GHz CPU, 512 Mb RAM, Ethernet only, sh*tty laptop XD Oh you can see my RD figurine and my Nexus 7 tablet. My drawing binder. Man it's messy What does yours look like.....
  12. This is my first topic posted in forum games. This game works like this. I make a word such as: pony Then next pony makes a word from the last letter of my word: yaks Then next pony makes word: sky Got the idea, great. Let's begin! Here's my word. Power
  13. What does this picture make you think of: Just use your imagination.
  14. ive done a new picture on deviantart and made it with shadows The shado version is not Public but will Post it here too just that you can See it too The one without shades and Wings existing on Deviantart And Here is the One what is not Public with all Shades and wings (Original sketch by Ambris)
  15. 1. Rate the weirdness of the video or image above on a scale of... Whatever the heck you want. The rating system might as well be bizarre, too. Examples: 17.5 Nyan Cats / 40 Doges, 7 short-sighted koalas out of 8 hyperventilating gorillas; it doesn't matter. 2. After you've rated the previous post, make sure to post either a video or an image that you think the next poster might find weird. You have internet access; there's all kinds of nonsense out there. I'll start, obviously: I realize I just set the bar pretty high.
  16. THE DAMAGE HAS BEEN DONE. I have now officially invested myself into the vast world of Equestria and all they hold. Yeah, probably. Anyway, the day has finally come to celebrate my very first anniversary of belonging to this wonderful fandom. It's been quite a journey with a few ups and downs, but nothing too noteworthy (yeah right. Read my blog ) But anyway, for those very, very few avid readers who actually spend their time to read my blog would know that it's my anniversary today. Exactly one year today, I snuck out of my home and (potentially) risked my life in order to buy an Applejack Plush. (Happiness with a price, I suppose) Ever since, I've been slowly gathering toys, watching the show, and wishing upon the BronyCon star in hopes that next year will be my arrival. Since my first few days, I've written over 300 pages of fanfiction dedicated to the show, bought over 200 dollars of merchandise, and watched approximately four weeks of MLP and fan-content. Has it been quite a ride? You bet. Is it far from done? You betcha'. What will make this feature special? As I always do, I'll tell you a story. A story of how I came to be who I am now. About a year and a week before today, I was a FNAFer. Cringe all you want, but that was who I was, and who I thought I was going to be for the next three years. I'd heard about the movie and thought my registration would live on until then. Unfortunately, it didn't. On August 24th, 2015, I and everyone else who had bought FNaF4, received a messaged from the developer, Scott Cawthon. To skip the boring details (I'll link it on the bottom), the message stated that the theorists, who I was, weren't doing a good enough job. He said that for some reason, we were all too slow and he was disappointed. After that, I was just stunned. Confused and unsure what to do, I left the fandom. I never looked at he or his games the same way again. For someone who's been met with failure in the past, he of all people should've known not to insult the fanbase. Now looking back, I know I probably took it a little harshly, but I didn't really care. It was OVER. I was depressed for a good month. I didn't have anything to think about, so I just resorted to contemplating alternative life-choices and surfing Youtube. Finally, it's four weeks before October, and I was starting to think about my birthday. I knew this was going to be my worst birthday yet; everything was terrible. While surfing Youtube, I managed to find a video titled, "Top Ten My Little Pony Facts" made by, who is now called, "Lemino". It was an old video and I knew very, very little about MLP. I only knew about G3 from when I was but a toddler. I watched it and after a while, my youtube suggestions started going crazy with MLP suggestions. I didn't watch them all, but I did make a choice. Being very interested in the mental developments of the Mind and how certain material can change the way a person thinks, I gave myself a promise (which I've broken). The promise was that I'd watch the series until I came across Derpy (or The Last Roundup episode). So, I combed Youtube and managed to find a full Season 1 back-to-back episode viewing. I was thrilled. I watched the entire season in a good two days; I found it shockingly good. After finishing The Last Roundup, I paused my player and looked around the room, thinking to myself if I really wanted to cross this bridge. I figured it'd be for research; thus, I continued until I ran short of episodes (my season compilation was missing everything after "Over A Barrel"). I grew frantic and finally found a site where I could download them all in a low 480p for quick transfer. After a good two weeks, I finished Season Three and grew tempted to buy merch. I've seen people around here calling it, "The Brony Craze", or "The Brony-itis". Whatever it was, I caught it really fast; I was unsure of what I wanted to do. It was a threshold that I knew was a one-way road. If I did indeed buy something, there would be no going back from where I was. At that same time I discovered the charm in Applejack; I dubbed her my favorite pony and was excited to see there was a plushie of her at one of the local shops. That's pretty much it. I joined the fandom out of a name of science and never left. I guess I got caught in the hype and didn't care to leave. I ended up buying that Applejack and finished watching the series. After that, I personally declared myself a brony. I told my parents a month later, both of which accepted it. I began writing my own additions to the series, and not long after, I joined a steam group and changed my profile pic to an Applejack. It took a lot to get out, but I think it was the right choice. If people judge, let them be; let them hate, but words will always be stronger than actions. So, now that I've told my story, how will I celebrate this epic achievement? Well, today I stopped by the library and noticed a copy of G3 MLP sitting on the shelves of the movie section. Let's just say I've got one helluva good night ahead of me. Oh, don't worry. You'll hear all about it on Tuesday (potentially Monday for time-zones) Well, that's all folks! I'll see you on the flip side! Links and an extra photo are down below. -RealityPublishing FNaF ANNOUNCEMENT LINK:
  17. i worked really hard on a signature and it wont let me upload it. i used imagur like a previous resolved question said to n tried the link but i think they changed their site since then and the link wont work.
  18. When I returned from BronyCon, I brought some very nice and rather valuable (to me at least) art pieces and want to preserve them in a frame. Each picture is 21.1 cm x 14.8 cm (approximately 8.3 in x 5.8 in). What would be the perfect frame size option for those IF I am not planning to trim them and spend too much? Oh, and is there an option to put them all into a single frame?
  19. Say and / or post something to cheer up the poster above you. For example(s): "I like your avatar." -OR- "Listen to this song:" -OR-
  20. First and foremost, I should say that I apologize if this is in the wrong section; I don't really use the forums much. Anyway, a couple of days ago a friend asked me to draw him a picture involving his OC and someone else's. I managed to get half of it down, however for the other half I need a reference picture for. I remember seeing one that was just what I was looking for a day prior to that, however I can't seem to find it anywhere, and I've been searching for a while. The picture is one of those base pictures. There were two ponies in it; one was sleeping on the ground on their back, and the other was laying over their back, sleeping as well. If you know of a picture like this, let me know please, I'd really appreciate it! Again, I do apologize if this in the wrong section, I'm not very keen on this side of the forums.
  21. I hope you like this image i created for some youtube videos i created. one of my first mlp images (i know it's not all that great)
  22. So I had 20 minutes to kill and decided to redraw a scene from Season 1! Here is the result: Her smile is going to haunt me all night...!
  23. I was bored in math and German Class today so I drew this: First time I tried some 3/4 as well as two ponies at once. I hope it didn't turn out that bad...
  24. With school either already in session for some and on the way for others it's highly likely you've gotten either a new bag or are reusing your old one. I think a bookbag tells a lot about a person. So why not show off who you are with your own bag! Here's mine. Just got it today. Along with some pants, a shirt and a new belt. I really like flowers and lace
  25. Can be a pic of the show, fanmade or anything.Mine: