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Found 13 results

  1. Here is Saffron City from Super Smash Bros. on the Organ. Enjoy. Special Thanks to my patron, (Ultimate Fan) Juke Denton, for supporting me on Patreon. Join him here:
  2. What do you guys think of it? <3
  3. Need some cheering up today? Then watch today's episode. If you've already done that and still need more, here's a picture of Pikachu and a Tardis. Enjoy. photo by Bimmi1111
  4. i want to know what everyponys favorite pokemon is it can be from kanto johto hoenn shinno or even unova here are mine 1 pikachu 2 mew 3 latios and latias 4 zorua and finally zekrom MOD EDIT: Feel free to also include your favorite Pokemon of each type.
  5. Pika Pii :3 This is just a quick (15 min.) doodle of Pikachu done on scrap paper. It's not great, but it did turn out better than expected. Anyway, I'd like to hear your feedback and critiques. Thanks for checking this out.
  6. Alright! Rant time! I love Pokemon. It's something that I've long been a fan of and it'll always have a place near and dear to my heart. When I was a kid, I played the games, read the comics, and watched the anime as much as I could. But at this point, I think I'm done. I think I've hit a point in my life where I'm just done with Pokemon altogether. One might argue that I've simply outgrown Pokemon. I'm not going to bother ever playing a new generation of Pokemon again. Hell, I haven't even played the 6th generation, although from what I've seen, it looks pretty sweet. But after about 14 years of being an active fan of the series, on top of considerable gameplay makeovers that make you relearn the game every time a new generation is released, stack it on a college budget, and I'm just done playing Pokemon. My roommate (who is my best friend from junior high and high school and who has also been as avid a fan as I) is also done with it. He's thrown in the towel as well. I'm not sure of his reasons, but I have a couple to list. Grab a cup of coffee because this might take a while! First, for an old school gamer like me, the game just isn't what it used to be. When I was like 10, I played a lot of Pokemon Stadium 2. A LOT of it. It's a surprise to me that my Nintendo 64 didn't burst into flame from running so long with the passive cooling system it had in it. But I guess a 90 MHz processor doesn't produce all that much heat. I digress. I learned everything I knew about Pokemon from Earl's academy in that game. And up until the release of Gen 4, I was the go-to guy about anything to do with Pokemon with the exception of EVs and IVs, which I knew nothing about at the time. I could match any Pokemon, build most any team, work STABs and hold items, and so forth. I was pretty much an expert at it because that's pretty much all I did with my life. I maxed the clock on my Pokemon Blue, and I had well over 250 hours of play time on my Pokemon Crystal version. Gen 3 didn't add all that much except things like abilities and natures, which I didn't know too much about, but it didn't mess with the way I played the game. But when Gen 4 was released and most everything I knew about the game was thrown askew, I instantly sucked at it. And Gen 5 didn't help my case any more than the last one. Secondly, the point of the older games was to catch all of them. You didn't get the data in your Pokedex until you actually caught what you saw. The idea was to see, to catch, and to conquer. In the first generation, 151 was a challenge since you had to have a link cable and a friend with the corresponding version. The same went for the second, but you just had 100 more to collect. Gen 3 was just the same, but now with 135 more Pokemon. 151 wasn't bad. 251 was a challenge. 386 was hard. When we got to Gen 4, 493 was downright difficult and 649 was next to impossible. Now with 700+, this idea of the game is essentially lost. Completing your Pokedex isn't fun anymore. It just feels like a chore now. Sure, the thing you get was crappy. But it was still cool being able to say you finished it. I've never done it myself, but I did end up at 148 in my Blue version (until I made the stupid mistake of catching Missingno...) Thirdly, versus battles just aren't the same anymore. Not for me. It's too complicated. And don't get me wrong. I'm a pretty bright person (or so I tend to think). I've tested with an IQ at 127. I tend to pick up on things, and the things I'm good at...well I'm damn good at them. But there's genius in simplicity, if you ask me. Sure, I understand that they had to shake things up a bit in order to keep players interested because if the battle system had stayed the same over nearly 20 years, then people would have been bored with it long ago. Because let's face it, the story has remained relatively unchanged over the years. But I'll put it in the spoiler in case you've never played the game and I'm ruining the story for you. But back to the point I'm trying to make. These days, battling other players just downright sucks. Just like in my first point, the mechanics aren't what they used to be. And online battles just aren't fun anymore. It's so technical and there's so much work to put into formulating the perfect team that the fun was lost at minute 2 of playing the game. I applaud them for making something so vastly varied that there are millions of possibilities, but at the same time, the game has lost the charm it once had. Well, for me, anyway. I remember having to link up two Game Boys and figuring out who was on the right end so Cable Club would work right. And once you were in the battle, it was a fun and engaging experience because the person you were playing against was right there. Online battles are just...not my thing. Sure, call me a nostalgiafag, but how do you heckle and mess around with someone over the internet without them getting all butthurt about it? That's what my friends and I used to do all the time in our wired battles. If the other guy was losing or just had a Pokemon go down, we'd rip on that guy. And it was all in good fun. Sure we hated each other while we were playing, but at the end of the day, we were all still good friends. Like, where did that go? Let me add a note that I am not, nor have I ever been, a genwunner. To say that Gen 1 was the best is just not right in my opinion. Gen 2 was perfect in every way for me. No overabundance of legendaries. Night/Day cycle. Mom saves your money. You get to explore more than one region and collect the badges from there. And Umbreon. Freaking Umbreon. Gen 2 was perfect despite that one glitch where you can clone your Pokemon and make the game tons easier Finally, let me add one more thing that I'm not throwing this out there as fact. I'm not saying that the game you prefer is garbage. The way the game changed has just left a sour taste for me, and I'm not a fan of it. I liked it when it was a lot simpler and the learning curve wasn't quite so steep. If you like Gen 4-6, then power to you. I just lack the same appreciation for them. Anyway, this is all just my opinion and reasons why I don't play the game anymore. As a whole, the game just isn't as enjoyable as it once was for me, and thus, I'm throwing in the towel The game has had a good run for me, but it's time for me to move on.
  7. Pretty easy to understand, Post your pumpkin that you've made, or, if you haven't made one. Look in awe at people who have WAY to much time on there hands. Here is mine:
  8. I can draw too! I can't take request because my printer recently broke down! NARGH! I just want to show everypony how much of a terrible artist I am. First Picture: Second: This drawing is pretty much twilight from lesson zero. Eeyup. Might be changing fav episode later.
  9. These are some drawings of Pikachu that I did quite a while ago. The pictures are terrible but I'd have to find them again to take better ones. I drew the first one without Ash's hat then someone requested I do the one with the hat...but I never ended up giving it to him.
  10. It all began when I was just browsing Facebook and I noticed on my newsfeed that the Pikachu 3DS was going to be released in North America by Nintendo's Facebook fanpage. My interest was drawn in for an upgraded 3DS and I thought I'd call Gamestop to pre-order it. The next day, I call Gamestop... Gamestop Clerk, " I'm sorry were sold out." I was like, "that's okay, I'll try another." And I did..they were sold out too... I started calling multiple Gamestops, a Best Buy, a Futureshop, and I couldn't get any pre-orders. I got worried and panicked. I called all different types of stores that weren't even in my town. I called over 10 places that would sell it, but everyone, was sold out.... I waited a week and a half, then I was waiting for 12 am for Best Buy/Futureshop/Gamestop to release it online. I was waiting and I saw it open and I took my chance entered all my payment information for just my card to decline. I was confused why the transaction didn't go through. I tried other sites, but was still in trouble of losing the 3DS. I couldn't get anyone to help me buy it online. They were probably asleep or not going to do it. I stayed up at least 2 hours trying to enter the same payment information in case I had entered it wrong. I concluded I was going to call Best Buy as soon as they opened to see if I could reserve it or try buying it early in the morning online. The day continued to a late morning. I was deprived of sleep, because I went to bed late. I check the Best Buy website for the 3DS and they sold out.... I was fairly upset I didn't know what to do. I decided to go to Target the next day and see if they possibly have it. I go to the Target the following day just in case because you never know until you try. I was looking, and had asked, but they didn't have it either. I felt defeated, and was sure I had no hopes of getting one. Unless, I paid the high ransom of $500+ to buy one on Kijiji, Craiglist, Amazon, or EBay because sick people were buying them to make money out of people who are desperate to get one. I had even considered the idea and found one for a low of $320. (sarcastic) I thought I could cheer myself up; by buying Pokemon Heart Gold. I had never played Crystal/Gold/Silver and I was looking to have more fun with Pokemon. I asked for the sales clerk and she had opened the locked case to grab me the game I wanted. Although, I noticed something weird about the game. It had the Pegi instead of ESRB, (European Rating Organization). I thought that was weird and asked to inspect the package before buying it. It looked alright... Then I continued to the counter and bought it and went home. As, I returned home I noticed the game was in FRENCH! I started laughing thinking to myself, " Woaaw, I'm blind. Ahaha! " I knew there was something wrong with it because it had the Pegi license on it than the ESRB. Except, I felt so stupid at staring at the pictures then reading the synopsis on the back of the game. Still concerned about my loss on not getting a 3DS. I look on the internet and stumble across a blog of listed places this person had gave for others to try. I gave it a shot and called ToysRus. I had broken into excitement and found out they had some at their store. The guy said he would reserve it for me. I tried thinking how I was going to get there. The store was on the other side of town, and the distance was about 10 km. I was going to take the bus. However, one of our family friends had work in that same direction, and I took a ride with him and was going to have to walk back afterwards. I hopped in his car all excited to get it.I had also brought my French version of Pokemon:Heart Gold because when I walked back Target was on the way. As we drove off, I couldn't wait to get there. We had arrived at ToysRus, I had thanked the my friend Carmine for the drive, and I had ventured in looking for the electronics/entertainment section at ToysRus. The employee had the package ready for me. I had asked if they had Heart Gold, but they didn't have any in stock. So, I just bought the 3DS and decided to go across the street to go get Pokemon: Heart Gold at Gamestop. When I got to Gamestop I noticed an old friend, who was buying a game. I had asked him if it was okay to drive me home and go to Target to return something.. He didn't mind, I and him both jumped in the car, and I had received my refund from Target for the French Pokemon game. After, I had thanked him for the drive, and hoped to see him soon again. Finally, all my hard work payed off. I had called so many places to secure a Pikachu 3DS and failed. I hadn't gave up just yet, and I finally got one myself.
  11. Rainbow Dash versus Pikachu...FIGHT! Now, we must take everything into consideration. The Basics: Rainbow Dash is a black belt in Karate. Rainbow Dash can fly fast enough to produce a Sonic Rainboom. Rainbow Dash is just that cool. Pikachu has fought many Pokemon (with various skill sets) throughout his entire lifespan. Pikachu is at level 120. (20% above 100) Pikachi is just that cool.
  12. Ok, I was asking a group of people for an idea to draw; the first person to say anything said: A Pikachu riding Rainbow Dash while they battle Godzilla. And Godzilla has a jetpack. I thought that was so awesome, it needed to be drawn!
  13. Hey I needed a new wallpaper for my computer so i decided to make one It's really simple but i think it looks good anyway say what you think and give tips on how to improve